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A former Olympian has taken a rest day to intention a 52 -year leading fleck of at least one mile every single day.

Ron Hill, who rivalled at the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and Munich in 1972, has put on his running shoes every day since 20 December 1964 – a total of 52 years and 39 periods.

The 78 -year-old prevailed marathon gold medals at the European Championships in 1969 and the 1970 Commonwealth Games.

He said he appeared a sorenes in his chest while out running.

“After 400 m my center started to pain and by the time I got to the one mile( 1.6 km) part I believed I was going to die, ” he added.

“I was in such ache and I speculated ‘no, hang on, this isn’t “re going away” at the moment’, and really in respect of my wife, two sons and friends I need to stop this.”

Image caption Ron Hill finishes Manchester’s 5km Heaton Park parkrun in December 2014

His Facebookpage said he “decided to take a day off” due to illness.

Paying tribute to his achievements on the social media sheet, David Hope said: “An astonishing accomplishment and an amazing and charming fella. Well done, Ron.”

Julie O’Brien wrote: “We’re pleasing you a speedy retrieval Ron, you’re a total lore and induce many numerous people.”

Born in Accrington, Dr Ron Hill MBE was the first Briton to acquire the Boston Marathon in 1970.

In the same year, he claimed a marathon time of two hours nine times 28 seconds in the Commonwealth Tournament in Edinburgh.

Image caption A street in Accrington – Ron Hill Way – was referred after him in 2014

Off the trail he demonstrated Ron Hill Sports, pioneering implement of synthetic cloths in sportswear, and was given the Freedom of Accrington in 2012.

A street in the city – Ron Hill Way – was reputation after him two years later.

When he contacted 50 years of working, the distance recorded in his log book added up to 160,000 miles – the equivalent of running around the world more than six times.

Ron Hill

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Triumphed the English Cross Country Championships in 1966 Represented Great Britain in the marathon at the 1964 Tokyo and 1972 Munich Olympics( pictured ), though medallions evaded him Became the first Briton to triumph the Boston Marathon in 1970 with a age of 2hrs 10 mins 30 secs Won gold at the Commonwealth Activity in Edinburgh in the same time, registering a day of 2hrs 9mins 28 secs Was the first person to use synthetic cloths in sportswear following a busines as a textile pharmacist, contributing him to be established Ron Hill Sports in September 1970 Has moved every day since 20 December 1964 – even with a snapped sternum following a gondola gate-crash in 1993 and for six weeks in a plaster bandage after an operation on his foot


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