Post Malone has had some outstandingly bad luck lately: a private plane

A couple months ago, the rapper was hanging out with Ghost Adventures wizard Zak Bagans and the two were looking at what many consider to be the world’s most haunted object: a dybbuk box.

RTAG 3 TTThe word ‘dybbuk’ is Yiddish for’ malevolent tone’ and the box itself stimulated the horror cinema The Possession

Per TMZ , the pair had a close encounter with the box back in June when — after allegedly boozing some beers( of course) — Bagans took the protective lawsuit off the box for the first time ever, and went to touch it.

As Zak touched the box, though, Post stroked Zak’s arm — and according to the report of Bagans, that transmit is enough to initiation a affliction and pass it on to the rapper. There’s video of the whole circumstance, too, if you want to see — watch it HERE.

Regardless, Bagans now apparently am of the opinion that the 23 -year-old is cursed, and the dybbuk explains the near-death the status and other frightening occasions that have been happening to the rapper lately. Spooky to be considered !!

Maybe time for an exorcist ?!?!

[ Image via Johnny Louis/ WENN .]


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