This is so sad.

One Life to Live ‘s Nathaniel Marston has passed away on Wednesday as a result of the hurts he maintained from a serious car crash sometime last-place month.

He was 40 years old.

The actor was driving in Reno, Nevada when he got into a single-vehicle coincidence. Police recalled the soap superstar had fallen asleep at rotate, which justification his pickup truck to turn multiple times.

His mother, Elizabeth Jackson , took to Facebook to share the ravaging bulletin, writing 😛 TAGEND

“Nathaniel Marston UPDATE: November 11, 2015 – Dear family and friends, it is with a heavy heart that I share this destroying bulletin. My beloved and cherished son, Nathaniel Marston, who was putting up the good engage until last darknes was not able to continue due to the distressing and devastating nature of his injuries. Nathaniel passed away peacefully as I propped him in my limbs. Father William, myself and his second Mommy Lisa, and our dear friend Charlotte were by his bedside, he was not alone. His injuries, which Dr.’s did the most appropriate to heal were not responding to treatment and one after another his bodily functions failed to support his life.”

This is just so tragic.

On Tuesday, Nathaniel’s team been demonstrated that he was still in critical state, fighting pneumonia, and struggling with a center infection and irregular pulse.

Elizabeth has pointed out that he would have been paralyzed if he had lived his injuries, adding:

“Had Nathaniel lived he would have compelled a ventilator and would never have been able to deliver one more words and would have been sentenced to life as a quadriplegic. A condition that Nate would have never have been able to tolerate. By Gods love and mercy Nathaniel was saved this living hell and has traveled on to be with God, his cherished Grandmother Mary Jackson, Grandfather John Jackson and my sister his Aunt Nora. God is gracious and because of his mercy God resolved Nathaniel’s pain and abiding at 3:15 today PST in Reno, NV. Nathaniel now lives with Father God, surrounded with treaty, passion and light.”

The actor too thanked everyone on social media who had reached out and offered assistance during this trying time, mentioning 😛 TAGEND

“Know that I am deeply grateful for all of you for taking this tragic two week travel with me Nathaniel and our clas. Your unfailing funding, devotions, desire and positive guess that you have transported our space, in what the fuck is been the worst two weeks of my life, have regarded all of us up sacrificing us the force required to get through each hellish day.”

His momma said that she’s in the process of planning memorial services, and will provide the public with more details once they become solidified, adding 😛 TAGEND

“Arrangements will be made for a memorial service in New York City, NY, Kauai, HI and Gerlach, NV. As soon as years for these services are known they will be posted. Again, thank you for your prayers, your love, your kindness and your friendship which has allowed me and my family to be strong enough to be by my son’s surface for these past 12 periods. The spate of your passion came as an unexpected endow and I don’t know how I will repay you for all of your enjoy, devotions and support. Thank you for sharing your adore, your experiences with me about how my treasured child, a male who proliferated into an individual who touched more lives than I ever could have known. XOXOXOXOXOOX”

In addition to being on One Life to Live , Nathaniel has also appeared on indicates like Law& Order: SVU , White Collar , Castle , and Blue Bloods .

He buds behind a bride, Rita Bias .

We can’t imagine what she must be going through. Our nerves go out to anyone had an impact on this horrible tragedy.

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