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Grateful Doe: unidentified gentleman identified as Jason Callahan 20 times after fatality


Teenage auto crash martyr nicknamed for the two Grateful Dead ticket stubs in his pocket ultimately marked more than 20 years after he was killed in Virginia

A car crash victim who became known as Grateful Doe because of two Grateful Dead ticket stubs in his pocket has been identified more than 20 years after he was killed, permissions said on Thursday.

DNA evidence had reaffirmed that the man whose identity remained a mystery for two decades is Jason Callahan of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, said Arkuie Williams, a spokesman for the Virginia medical examiners office.

Callahan was 19 when he was killed in southern Virginia in 1995. His injuries made him unrecognisable and his organization was never claimed.

In recent years, the Grateful Doe whodunit captured the attention of internet sleuths, who established pages dedicated to solving the suit and circulated a computer-generated image of his face.

It was through those places that Callahans clas recognised him and contacted governments, said Shannon Michelson, his half-sister, who live in New Jersey.

Michelson said she was both relieved and happy that her subjects surrounding her brothers disappearance had finally been answered.

Im glad it was solved, but Im also incredibly sad because I craved so badly to reconnect with him, said Michelson, who said she was among various family members who submitted their Dna to improve substantiate his identity.

She said she had not pictured Callahan since she was a child, when their papa and his mother separated.

Callahans father filed a missing persons report for her son with the Myrtle Beach police department in January.

She told authorities she had not heard from her son since June 1995, when he left to follow the Grateful Dead, according to the report.

Lt. Joey Crosby said she told officials she did not know where he had been travelling and wasnt sure where to file the report.

Callahans mother did not immediately respond to a theme from the Associated Press on Thursday.

Michelson said Callahan often ran away from residence and his mothers just assumed he was living on his own somewhere.

No one ever thought to report him missing since they are thought he wanted to be missing, Michelson said.

Blac Chyna Beefs Up Security As Her Former # RobeBae Apparently Freaks Her Out With Harassing Calls& Texts!


Sounds like

In case you don’t recollect, #RobeBae is Ferrari True, “the mens” she was caught canoodling with when he was wearing gowns Rob bought. The mom-of-two previously alarmed Ferrari about exhausting his own avenge porn against her, but that didn’t seem to be a concern of his.

However, Chyna has MANY refers with him!

Her team is reportedly claiming that he has been calling and texting her in a harassing route over the last week as he’s acting obsessive and delusional. Not only is she are working with that freaking her out, but she apparently also thinks he already HAS secreted revenge porn!

Now, the 29 -year-old is not just beefing up her personal security, but she’s taking another precaution of banning him from her fraternity image on Saturday night at Medusa Restaurant& Lounge in Atlanta. She’ll have four extra lookouts with her and the association owned has reportedly wished to accede to make sure #RobeBae doesn’t go into if he tries.

Hopefully the event “re going away” without a hitch!

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Videos show police officer fatally shooting transgender Georgia Tech student


Transgender activist and Georgia Tech Pride Alliance president Scout Schultz was shot and killed by a university officer early Sunday morning—and now, two videos have emerged capturing the activist’s interactions with police.

Police approached Schultz, who identified as non-binary and intersex, after a bystander called 911 and reported “a person with a knife and a gun” was on campus. Video footage does not show Schultz carrying a gun, but rather, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, they appear to have a multi-tool pocket knife with no blade drawn.

In one video obtained by BuzzFeed News, Schultz is shown walking slowly toward officers who demand the 21-year-old release the knife.

“Shoot me!” Schultz yells at the officers, to which one responds, “No, drop the knife.”

After Schultz stops and then begins walking over to police officers again, one officer opens fire, causing Schultz to collapse on the ground. Schultz was reportedly shot in the heart and died 30 minutes later at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Another video, posted on LiveLeak, shows the shooting from a less obscured angle. Three police officers are shown pointing weapons at Schultz as they slowly walk toward the officers. One officer then opens fire.

The two videos shed light into the altercation, which shows a locked-down area with multiple police officers cornering Schultz. As a result, many are left wondering why police shot the student in the first place. Schultz’s mother, Lynne Schultz, has since spoken out.

“Why didn’t they use some non-lethal force, like pepper spray or tasers?” she told the Journal-Constitution.

Lynne’s attorney Chris Stewart believes the student was suffering from a nervous breakdown but was not attempting to be shot by police officers.

“I think was having a mental breakdown and didn’t know what to do,” Stewart said to the Journal-Constitution. “The area was secured. There was no one around at risk.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has since begun investigating the incident, although the bureau’s press release uses Schultz’s deadname—a transgender person’s former name used prior to transitioning—which is a harmful and disrespectful practice. Ongoing media coverage on Schultz’s death has remained insensitive, with some outlets referring to Schultz by their former name, and others using the incorrect pronouns. Also, across the internet, some have mocked Schultz for being transgender, even on their memorial page.

LGBTQ activists have since spoken out against Schultz’s treatment in the wake of their death.

Schultz joins a growing list of transgender Americans who have been killed during 2017, many of whom faced disrespectful news coverage by local media. Violence is particularly targeted against transgender women, especially Black trans women. Previously in 2015, 22 transgender women were killed during the year, 19 of which were transgender women of color.

H/T BuzzFeed News

Update 10:15am, Sept. 19: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Schultz had apparently been suicidal. They left behind three suicide notes and called 911, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

This only fuels the debate over whether police are trained and properly follow procedure when dealing with people with mental illness. A vigil for Schultz on campus Monday night gave way to violent protest, where a police car was set on fire. Two officers received minor injuries and three protesters were arrested.

Read more: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/scout-schultz-police-shooting-video/

Sex torture: American policing and the harassment of black males


Stop-and-frisks are merciless affirmations of police preeminence on African American men, through sexual abuse, torture and even terrorism

The officer must feel with feelings digits every parcel of the prisoners body. A thorough scour must be made of the prisoners forearms and armpits, waistline and back, the groin and areas about the testicles, and entire face of the legs down to the feet.

Police Manual, 1954

Heres what happens when you are stopped and cavorted. You are marching to work on a Monday morning. The cop automobile stops suddenly, two men with artilleries jump out, and they order you to face the building and put your hands up. They introduced their hands roughly all over your figure, one wring something in your pocket and asks you, Whats that? You take out your asthma inhaler and depict it to him. They pat you down one more time and then they just leave. They dont rationalize. Your neighbors are going by, some looking at you sympathetically and others like they are wondering what felony you committed.

You seem humiliated.

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Or you are going to visit your mummy in development projects. The lock on the door to the foyer is always busted, and the buzzer to her apartment is transgress too. You just hope the elevator is working because you dont feel like ambling up eight flights of stairs. Again.

You open the door and register the hallway. Four cops are waiting. You remember a couple of them from your previous visits to the neighborhood. One man asks where you are going. To inspect my mom, you say. Set your hands against the wall, another officer says. Why? Im just going to visit my momma. Trespass is the answer. You tell them, Im not transgressing. They smothered you.

Now its different situations. You put your hands on the wall. They kick your paws to spread your legs wider. They realise you taken away from your cap, they pat you up and down, they touch your private parts. Other parties penetrating the building look away partly to perpetuate your glory and partly because they hope that if they feign not to detect the cops, the policemen will feign not to notice them.

Nobody coming inside the building uses a key it would be ridiculous because the lock is shattered. The cops write you up a citation for trespass. One of the officers you have investigated before drags you aside and says when you go to court simply fetch proof of your mothers address and the reviewer will dismiss the case. Then they let you go. You dislike them with every fiber of your being.

What does it entail when police go around touching people who are, in the eyes of the existing legislation, innocent? Stop-and-frisks are merciless statements of police predominance of the street, communicating to African American boys through three ways of feeling a black soldier sexual harassment, torturing and even terrorism because this is objects of condescension by the state.

Los Angeles police district mob gang officers stop and frisk a mob member. Image: Robert Nickelsberg/ Getty Images

The police had be carried out in stop-and-frisks for decades before the supreme court got around to approving them in a case announced Terry v Ohio. The rehearsal began in the 1930 s. When police investigated African Americans doing things they thought were suspicious it was possible to driving an expensive car, training with white people or only hanging out on the reces police would routinely establish them prove determining, examine them and wonder them about where they made and what they were doing.

Most stops did not lead to arrests, but that has never truly been the aim of stop-and-frisk. Rather, the benefit that police gained was a tool for psychological warfare, according to Orlando W Wilson, head of the Chicago police department from 1960 -6 7 and one of the pioneers of modern policing. Stop-and-frisk is an effective law enforcement programme, Wilson concluded, because it creates the impression that the police are omnipresent.

Every supreme court case is a beast of its periods. In 1968, the year Terry v Ohiowas decided, wall street were wild. This was a new and troubling developing, because for much of the early part of the century, at least since the Depression, crime had been relatively low. But between 1960 and 1970, the violation charge increased by 135%.

For violent crimes such as homicide and crime, African American boys were disproportionately the perpetrators and disproportionately the main victims. There was a sense that the ghetto was out of verify, and that the main villains were black males. The police reacted aggressively. James Baldwin, writing in 1962, saw 😛 TAGEND

The only way to police a ghetto must therefore be inhuman … The button, the gun in the holster, and the fluctuate organization make vivid what happens should rebellion become overt … He are going through Harlem, hence, like an occupying soldier in a bitterly hostile country, which is precisely what, and where he is, and is the reason he saunters in twos and threes.

Of course, African Americans are not the only group that knows group-based suspicion. Law enforcement agents have also relied on the Terrydoctrine to profile Muslims and Arabs, particularly at airports. Latinos are the subject of special attention by Border Patrol agents. However, stop-and-frisk by local police officers disproportionately headache African American people. Its another example of the chokehold the construction of every black person as security threats, and the resulting legal and social apparatus to set him down at work.

For African American followers, stop-and-frisk is a form of government. It is the most visceral appearance on the part of states in their lives. Most pitch-black males have never been convicted of international crimes. About half of black gentlemen get arrested at some time during their lives. But almost every African American man gets stopped-and-frisked. Of my black male pals and colleagues between the ages of 20 and 70, I dont know one who hasnt been.

Stop-and-frisk is a central root of inequality, discrimination and police misuse. It is a threat to democratic values. Yet stop-and-frisk has a strange renown. It is the nations resulting misdemeanour ascendancy plan despite scant evidence that it actually works to make communities safer.

In an eight-block orbit of Brooklyn, New York, in a neighborhood called Brownsville, the police conducted virtually 52,000 stop-and-frisks over a period of about four years, from 2006 to 2010. This was an average of one each year for every occupant of this community.

But the stops were no longer gave haphazardly. Practically all the people stopped was a boy African American and Latino males. Men and boys aged 15 -3 4 made up almost 70% of the stops. A young male citizen of Brownsville get abducted and examined about five times a year.

Less than 1% of these police detentions resulted in seizures. In other messages, thousands of men and boys in this vicinity were grabbed by armed agents of the state and then are submitted to a careful journey of the outer face of a persons investing all over his or their own bodies, even though 99% of the time these people had committed no crime.

People who have been stopped-and-frisked help texts such as infringed, invaded and chumped to describe how it stirred them detect. It also may affect their actions: African American and Latino soldiers, including with regard to, tell legends about the measures they take to avoid being stopped-and-frisked; these steps may straddle from decisions about clothing and hair style to the kinds of cars they drive or the neighborhoods in which they choose to live.

Abuse of African American people has often had a sexual component. Black male victims of killing were frequently castrated, and then their penis were stuffed in their lips. A New York police officer slipped a broom handle into the anus of Abner Louima. In 1970, Philadelphia cops attacked three powers of the Black Panther Party, prescribed “the mens” to line up against a wall and piece, and then took photos of them. Police sometimes procure confessions by informing male believes if they dont cooperate with the police, they will be abused in prison.

Stop-and-frisk is also gendered, and sex. Searches are frisky. The police cop a seem. To accept its own position is to make oneself subservient one shift and offers his backside to other persons. Often other policemen participate, either as voyeurs or by doing another person at the same time.

In African American neighborhoods, it is not uncommon to see a row of young men facing a wall, each awaiting his turn to be patted down by one polouse, or a group pat-down committing several detectives and various young men. The correspondent Richard Goldstein, writing about the assault of Abner Louima, detected 😛 TAGEND

Several false-hearted suppositions determine our obliviousness to the erotic point in police inhumanity: that people are rarely the victims of sexual abuse, that straight people have no lesbian love, and that virility is limited to what we do in bottom. The first feeling permits police to push young black men to cease their throbs a common practice during street cavorts without gambling costs of sexual abuse( envisage what would happen if black maidens were subject to this medicine ); the second largest thought prevent us from dreaming that officers who specialize in such tactics might find them evoking; and the third blinds us to the connection between sadism and racism.

Police frolicked an African American man as other supposes lean against wall in Detroit, 1967. Photo: American Stock Archive/ Getty Images

The legal scholar Bernard Harcourt has furthermore observed a sex constituent in stop-and-frisk. He describes an meeting, registered in the supplement of a study of police rummages by the intellectuals Jon Gould and Stephen Mastrofski, between a lily-white police officer and an African American male, both in their late twenties.

The pitch-black humankind, who had been going a bicycle, was stopped-and-frisked by the police, who found no smuggled. The policeman then said to the black person: I bet you are obscuring[ narcotics] under your pellets. If you have drugs under your balls, I am going to fuck your dances up. As Harcourt pertains, repeating from the study by Gould and Mastrofski, The police officer then tells the young pitch-black doubt to get behind the police car, and pull his pants down to his ankles. The white police officer employs on some rubber gauntlets. He then embarks detecting around the black doubts testicles.

The officer still received no smuggled. He told the black man: I bet you are harbouring them in the cranny of your ass. You better not have them up your ass. Harcourt writes: The pitch-black being, at this item very compliant, inclination over, and spread his buttock. The white cop, still with his rubber gloves, then introduced his hand up[ the pitch-black followers] rectum.

The police still felt no evidence of international crimes. They told the pitch-black human he had been able to leave; he said thank you and razz off on his motorcycle. Harcourt poses a series of questions, including: What must have been going through the officers thoughts where reference is started putting on those rubber gloves? … Did he appear humiliated about being lily-white and putting his hands up a pitch-black souls rectum? Or did that arouse him? Do you think he knowledge some pleasure at the idea of probing a pitch-black mortal?

It is difficult for some to understand sexuality between boys when one or both men are perceived to be heterosexual. If I were describing a practice of police officers picking, at will, which girls they want to touch( and specially boys of dye choice white-hot girls ), the sexual constituent would seem obvious. Heteronormativity obscures what is going on between law enforcement agencies and pitch-black men.

Sometimes the police have literally tortured African American souls. I grew up in an all-black neighborhood in Chicago. One date, when I was about 13, I go my bicycle to the public library, which was in the white-hot neighborhood a few miles away. When I got close to the library, a policeman auto pulled up next to me and an officer reeled down his window and asked if the bike I was riding is accountable to me. Yes, I responded. Does that vehicle belongs to you? And I sped off.

When I got home I told my mother what I had done. She spanked me good. Didnt I know what happened to black boys who talked to the police like that? I was lucky to be alive. It was one of those whoopings when the parent bawlings as much as the child.

Former Chicago police Lt Jon Burge, who was was convicted of obstruction of justice. Picture: Charles Rex Arbogast/ AP

It turns out that my mother was right about the police. During this time, Chicago police officer Jon Burge was overseeing the torture of 118 pitch-black guys. He and his midnight gang of officers obligated admissions from supposes by methods that included staying electrical machines up their rectums, swarming soda in their snouts and burning them with curling irons.

Burges method of pick was the black box. This was an electrical machine that would be attached to people who were shackled to tables or chairs. One cable from the box would be placed on their hands, and the other on their ankles. An detective would then plaza a plastic pocket over the believes chief and crank up the electricity.

Anthony Holmes, one of Burges scapegoats, told prosecutors: When he reached me with the voltage, thats when I started gritting, hollering, calling … It[ experienced] like a thousand needles “re going through” my torso. And then after that, it simply[ experienced] like, you know it[ felt] like something exactly burning me from the inside, and, um, I shook, I gritted, I called, then I passed out.

Chicago has now invested more than $100 m analyse Burges midnight crew and compensating its scapegoats. Some of the people tortured into acknowledging have been freed, while others are still in prison. In 2011, Burge himself was convicted of impediment of justice and perjury and did four years in federal prison.

He still receives his pension from the Chicago police department.

Stop-and-frisk is not is expected to be sanction, but it feels that space to its preys. After the police have imprisoned you, seemed all over your torso, and then let you go, you are supposed to go about your business as if nothing of consequence has happened.

Most citizens dont take it personally when they are detained by a traffic light. Supporters of stop-and-frisk seem to feel that the Terryrule involving you to submit, often spread eagle, and almost always in public, while the police physically investigate you to see if they can arrest you for international crimes is somehow regulatory in the same sense as a traffic light. Except that the red light does not prefer to stop pitch-black males; the red light does not stop people as part of a achievement that substantiates its reign and control; the red light engages in no kinky sex misdemeanor while youre waiting for it to turn green; and the red light descends no solace from the public sight of submission to its order. And the police force do.

Stop-and-frisks signal that the police control the streets, and they signal this in a way that is, as Foucault described torturing, public, impressive, corporal and punitive. When one appreciates a sequence of black humankinds spread against a wall, the second is watching what Foucault called the exceedingly ceremonial of justice being expressed in all its force.

Stop-and-frisk punishes black gentlemen, its most consistent reproduce targets. It penalizes them for being pitch-black and male. In 99 Question, Jay-Z is asked by the officer who has stopped him 😛 TAGEND

Son, do you know what Im stopping you for?

Jay-Z acknowledgments:

Because Im young and Im black and my hats real low-grade .

The legal scholar Bennett Capers writes: Stops are a dressing down, a public shaming, the extremely stigmatic trauma that the[ supreme] courtroom has often, but not often enough, observed troubling.

During the 2013 Floyd trial in New York City, in which the NYPDs stop-and-frisk policy was being challenged, a former police captain testified that Ray Kelly, then the citys police commissioner, stated that stop-and-frisk concentrate on African American and Latino men because Kelly wanted to instill dread in them, every time they leave their home they could be stopped by the police.

An African American mother, writing on a blog about parenting, said this about her sons know-how growing up in New York City: The saddest part of all of this is hed begun to become immune to being stopped. He, like too many other gentlemen of color in this city, had become desensitized to being treated criminally. They take it as par for the course; they shrug it off and most will laughingly share their campaign floors. But listen closely and they are able to sound fury co-mingled with dishonour and a weary, willing acceptance.

One African American resident of Brooklyn told the New York Times, tenants dread the police force because you can get stopped at any time. The philosopher David Luban describes the torturers labor as inflicting pain one-on-one, purposely, up close and personal, in order to break the spirit of the victim in other words, to tyrannize and reign the victim.

The narrations of numerous black men who are subject to seize-and-search are the stories of men who have had their feels burst. They are afraid of the police. Stop-and-frisk illustrates who is in charge, and the consequences of disagreement. It commits the police the various kinds of expert over innocent people that they should not have in a republic.

The country that African American humanities live in is not free.

Copyright 2017 by Paul Butler. This excerpt initially was incorporated in Chokehold: Patrolling Black Men by Paul Butler, published by The New Press. Reprinted here with permission .

Illustration by Joe Magee

From Thor: Ragnarok to Stranger Things- 10 circumstances we learned from Comic-Con 2017


The annual love event in San Diego, with its customary combination of teasers, trailers and talks, threw spectators contributes on what to expect from next years hottest projects

Stranger Things season two will ramp up the 80 s nostalgia

Poor Will Byers might well rescued from the dark alternate dimension that is beginning to hemorrhage into the town of Hawkins, Indiana( otherwise known as the Upside Down) in the Netflix smash. But it looks as if his ordeal is not yet over. As our gang of pre-teens take a trip to the neighbourhood arcade to participate Don Bluths Dragons Lair video game, Will unexpectedly ascertains the Upside Down flash into actuality, with himself once again inside it. Whats more, a brand-new, bigger beast 10 experiences the dimensions of the Demogorgon from season one and with at the least six limbs appears to be marauding through the darkened skies.

The fact that this is revealed to the gothic musical strivings of Michael Jacksons Thriller complete with Vincent Prices doomy recital from the classic 1983 John Landis video combined with our heroes dressing up as the Ghostbusters to carry out their paranormal investigations, precisely sees it all the cool. Is that an actual ghost trap?

Michelle Pfeiffer will join Ant-Man and The Wasp

Pfeiffer was announced as Janet Van Dyne, the original Wasp in the comic book, at Marvels panel on 22 July. She will appear in Peyton Reeds upcoming sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp, as the mother of the new Wasp, Evangeline Lilys Hope Van Dyne, and ex-partner of the original Ant-Man, Michael Douglass Hank Pym.

Michelle Pfeiffer believes her superhero alternatives. Image: Craig Blankenhorn/ AP

Fans of the comic books will be aware that the character of Janet Van Dyne is a subject of some polemic in the Marvel world, thanks predominantly to a 1980 s occurrence in which she was assaulted by Pym during a row. Marvels latest form of the size-shifting superhero is, of course, the second Ant-Man, Scott Lang, a role that will be reprised by Paul Rudd in the brand-new cinema. There has been little indication of Pyms murky past so far in the comic book big-screen carry, so gives hope it stands that way.

Could there be The Walking Dead without zombies?

Season eight of the zombie holocaust demonstrate examines as if it will be all about the crusade between Ricks admirers, backed up by King Ezekels heavily armoured tribe, and the Saviours, led by everybodys favourite nonchalant psychopath, Negan. But after approximately four and a half hours of brutal war, its the final shoot of Andrew Lincolns Rick Grimes, apparently a decade older and waking up in a infirmary berth, that leaves us with the most subjects. Is this some kind of flash-forward to a future without zombies?

Ben Afflecks reign as the dark knight isnt over just yet

It hasnt been the easiest duration for Affleck since he signed on to play the dark cavalier. Pitting the DC Extended Universes two biggest beasts against one another in Batman v Superman: Sunrise of Justice turned out to be a really bad method to launch a superhero cinematic cosmo. And while Affleck impressed as the caped crusader, he found himself battling against both Zack Snyders wrongheaded interpreting of Gothams shadowy guard and the Watchmen administrators convoluted and unwieldy assaults at world-building.

Since then, the negative publicity hasnt stopped. First, Affleck exposed he was walking away from any intention to direct himself in upcoming solo outing The Batman; then his successor, War for the Planet of the Apes Matt Reeves, disclosed that he had completely abandoned his predecessors write. On 21 July, the Hollywood Reporter indicated studio Warner Bros was primed to go one pace further and do its best to usher out Afflecks Batman altogether. But at the panel for DCs upcoming Justice League, the actor and chairman confirmed he has no plans to give up the cape.

Let me be very clear, said Affleck. I am the luckiest guy in the world. Batman is the coolest its participation in any world, DC or Marvel. The actor also said he would be an parrot on the sand for Matt Reeves, whose standing in Hollywood could not be higher in the wake of his triumphant shepherding of the second and third instalments of the current Planet of the Apes trilogy.

The Hulk will find his singer in Thor: Ragnarok

The dark-green machine has been a part of the Marvel cinematic cosmo for the best part of a decade, but weve scarcely sounded him mutter more than the curious word in all that time. Now, following Mark Ruffalos suggestions that the superheros temperament is beginning to merge with that of Bruce Banner, the new Comic-Con trailer for Thor: Ragnarok showcases a Hulk whos unexpectedly capable of entire sentences, as “hes in” some comic book iterations. While a Hulk solo movie still examines a long way off, this will be a pleasing developed for devotees of the morose behemoth, and suggests Ragnaroks cribbing from the classic 2006 graphic romance Planet Hulk isnt just limited to the inclusion of Sakaar and all those stupendous gladiator battles.

Star Trek: Discoverys new hero is Spocks sister

You might feel Leonard Nimoys pointy-eared alien would have mentioned a human sibling at some degree during his near half-century stint in the character, but probably CBSs brand-new infinite tale will address the previous is a lack of Sonequa Martin-Greens Star Fleet first officer Michael Burnham from official canon at some stage during the first season. The Comic-Con panel for the prove on 22 July revealed that Burnham, who is female but has deliberately been given a male given name, already adopted by Spocks Vulcan father Sarek, here give full play to Gotham and True Blood alumnus James Frain, as a child.

The brand-new trailer discloses Discovery will focus on a loom conflict between the Federation and a resurgent Klingon empire. Burnham is second in bid on the USS Shenzhou, whose captain is Michelle Yeohs Philippa Georgiou. The 15 -episode show takes target a decade before the events of the first Star Trek TV demo, and is wholly separate from the reset timeline currently being followed in the big-screen instalments. There is no word hitherto on whether Spock himself is likely to make an appearance.

In Blade Runner 2049, Rick Deckards world has changed beyond recognition

What kind of a movie would the original Blade Runner have been without Rutger Hauers careening final sermon as the croaking Roy Batty? It seems were about to find out, as the weekend board for Denis Villeneuves Blade Runner 2049 revealed the replicants of mid-2 1st century LA now have an open-ended lifespan. A brand-new timeline available to read online here crowds in the gaps between the events of 2019, seen in Ridley Scotts doom-laden sci-fi classic, and the new episode. We discover that the Tyrell Corporation exhausted a brand-new prototype of replicant, the Nexus 8, in 2020 to supersede the decommissioned Nexus 6s. These was later swopped, in 2036, to the presumably safer Nexus 9s, which also have no limit on their lifespans.

How does this feed into the age-old conundrum over whether Harrison Fords Rick Deckard is himself a replicant? Well, it certainly suggests that both he and Rachel might readily have been age-unlimited examples, though that would not explain why Deckard himself appears to have been subject to a very human ageing process. What it does do is remove from the Blade Runner world the superb pathos of the replicants short lives, surely a analogy for the brevity of the human condition. As Edward James Olmoss Gaff tells Deckard, at the end of the original movie: Its too bad she wont live, but then again who does? Such symbolism now seems to have been itself lost in time, like weepings in rain.

The robots will continue to wreak retaliation in Westworld season two

After mass host-on-guest slaughter broke out during the course of its final episode of Westworlds debut season, you are able to anticipate the authorities concerned would be called in to shut down the ballpark early in season two. But 22 Julys panel for the testify, which doesnt reappearance until 2018, assured the freeing of a trailer describe Evan Rachel Woods Dolores and James Marsdens Teddy gleefully hunting down their former tormentors indicating the robots retaliate has not been able to been fully passed. Theres likewise a shot of Jeffrey Wrights restored Bernard Lowe next to a dead tiger, and a brief incident boasting a blood-spattered Mortal in Black( Ed Harris ). Where the Emmy award-winning present hurtles to in season two persists shrouded in mystery, but it looks like well be staying in Westworld itself, rather than leader out into wider vistas.

The virtual-reality world of Ready Player One is fitted with pop-culture phenomena

William Gibsons cult 1984 notebook Neuromancer, widely considered the original cyberpunk romance, represents a perception of cyberspace so alien to our insights with its heavy help of invented technobabble that its murky virtual-reality world is almost impenetrable. Not so Steven Spielbergs upcoming adjustment of Ernest Clines sci-fi fiction Ready Player One, which offers us a Matrix-like technosphere occupied by cheerfully familiar pop-culture stalwarts. The weekend board for the movie considered the release of a introduction trailer, in which gamer Wade Watts combats against and alongside The Iron Giant, an orc from The Lord of the Rings and Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, in a dystopian 2044. All of a sudden, Ed Sheeran passing up in Game of Thrones doesnt seem roughly so incongruous.

The Defenders have work to do to reignite Netflixs Marvel shows

The first trailer for The Defenders, which debuted at Marvel TV panel on 21 July, proposes the ensemble superhero depict has work to do in order to convince us its worth binge-streaming next month, especially after the disappointment of the second half of Luke Cages debut season not to mention the whitewashed auto clang that was Iron Fist.

Sigourney Weaver participates Alexandra, who appears to be a representative for evil ninja clan The Hand, which to our remember has been set on taking over New York since at the least season two of Daredevil but apparently hasnt fairly got there yet. The problem with these Netflix depicts is the low-level posts: the baddies never seem to want to hold the entire city in subjugation; they are generally merely want to profit by limiting neighbourhood misdemeanour rackets, preparing them up in opposition to the neighbourhood superheroes who want to keep the streets cleanse.

When Marvel began its Netflix experiment, this low-key approaching was a accepted succour from the CGI mega-destruction of the big-screen outings, but The Defenders surely needs to up the bet with a more ambitiously evil strategy if its to vindicate raising all these street-level heroes together for an epic showdown.

Khloe Kardashian Gets Hit With Lawsuit By Paparazzi Photo Agency — But It’s Not The First Time This Family Has Been Sued!


Adding to their register of lawsuits!

Khlo Kardashian is being sued by paparazzi organization Xposure Photos for infringing on their copyright.

The agency pretensions KoKo applied a photograph of herself without dispensation and without ascribing the agency. They miss $150 K in damages.

The photo is apparently of a trip the 32 -year-old made to Komodo restaurant in Miami in September 2016 with Kourtney Kardashian. We think it’s perhaps this one, as she used considered to be in the same clothing at the eatery.

Xposure likewise claims they would have advantaged handsomely if Khlo-Money hadn’t shared the photo on Instagram, saying:

“Kardashian’s Instagram post drew the photograph immediately available to her roughly 67 million followers and others, customers of recreation report and specially report and likeness of Kardashian herself, as evidenced by their status as adherents of Kardashian who would otherwise be interested in viewing licensed different versions of the photograph in the magazines and newspapers that are plaintiff’s customers.”

The Kardashians pole pap photos without recognitions ALL the time though! We wonder why this one incident was so different.

Anywho, wanna know how many other hours this fam has been sued ???

Check out our exhaustive gallery( below )!

CLICK HERE to deem “All The Times The Kardashians Were Sued! “

CLICK HERE to deem “All The Times The Kardashians Were Sued! “

CLICK HERE to consider “All The Times The Kardashians Were Sued! “

CLICK HERE to consider “All The Times The Kardashians Were Sued! “

CLICK HERE to consider “All The Times The Kardashians Were Sued! “

[ Image via Instagram .]

Car Crashes Into Turning Vehicle


This guy was driving when he captured a collision happen right in front of him. A car was driving when suddenly a car attempted to make a turn before he got through the intersection. Unfortunately, the two cars collided.?

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Couple Find Huge Ancient Native American Canoe In Louisiana Mud BankBaltimore removes Confederate statues


( CNN) Baltimore removed four Confederate monumentsearly Wednesday after a grey nationalist revival to protect monuments turned deadly over the weekend in Virginia.

The City Council voted unanimously Monday to remove the shrines immediately, CNN affiliate WBAL reported.

By early Wednesday, video positioned on social media evidenced cranes slowly lowering some of the gravestones from their perches. Mayor Catherine Pugh told WBAL that some of the shrines will be sent to Confederate cemeteries.

What led to Charlottesville declarations?

The Powerpuff Girls Added A Black Sister Named Blisstina & Twitter Doesn’t Know How To Feel About It!


Four crime fighters are better than three!

On Sunday, as part of a five-part special, The Powerpuff Girls introduced a new character: Blisstina, or Bliss for short!

The new heroine is the long-lost older sister of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, and is the first black superhero of Townsville!

The character has quite the past: not only was she created by Professor Utonium during an earlier experiment to create the perfect girl, she was once best friends with villain Mojo Jojo! Oh no!

After the episode aired, Twitter users had mixed reactions. Some had issues with her name, while others thought it was a lackluster attempt to address the lack of diversity in the show.

See them for yourself (below):

Thoughts? SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Cartoon Network.]

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Prince William Opens Up About Mourning His Father, Princess Diana


Prince William is a relatively private public figure but the royal is opening up in a new interview with British GQ.

The 34 -year-old talked to the periodical about his family, his children, and the loss of his mother, Princess Diana. William is known for being reserved and has been opening hours more about his mother’s death since he and two brothers, Harry, took on the mental health initiative Heads Together.

Aug. 31 will observe the 20 th commemoration of the shocking death of Princess Diana. Prince William told GQ that despite the time that has passed, his mother’s death still isn’t an easy topic.

” I still find it difficult now because at the time it was so raw ,” William told GQ.” And also it is not like most people’s bereavement, because everyone else are all aware of it, everyone knows the legend, everyone knows her .”

Princess Diana was one of the world’s most public figure while she was alive and after her lamentable extinction in 1997, she became even more of a household name. The automobile disintegrate that killed Diana triggered international scheme speculations and investigations and left her two young sons to mourn in the public eye.

William examined how the surprise affected him in a BBC documentary promoting his Heads Together campaign in April.

” You never get over it, it’s such an unbelievably big moment in their own lives that it never leaves you ,” William told the BBC.” You just memorize to address it .”

A number of tributes are being scheduled for the anniversary of Diana’s death. The BBC is filming a drama inquiring the implications of the her coincidence on the public, Dateline NBC is running a two-hour special, and Kensington Palace is planning a memorial garden-variety that should be ready by the anniversary.

Despite all this, William says that what does him saddest is that his wife and children will never know his mother.

” I would love her to have met Catherine and get to see “their childrens” grow up ,” William told GQ.” It draws me lamentable that she won’t, that they will never know her .”

Prince William’s full interrogation will be out on June 1 for British GQ’s July issue.