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Father and son identified as crash preys

Image copyright PA Image caption Adnan Ashraf Jarral and his son Usman died in the crash on Friday night

A man who died in a car gate-crash alongside his one-year-old son was “full of life” and a “loving father”, his uncle has said.

Adnan Ashraf Jarral, 35, and his son, Usman Adnan Jarral, died when their people carrier crashed with a VW Golf in Sheffield on Friday night.

Mr Jarral’s uncle, Shafqat Mirza, said his nephew was “humble and polite”.

Husband and spouse Miroslave Duna, 50, and Vlasta Dunova, 41, were also in the car and died in the crash.

Image copyright South yorkshire police Image caption Vlasta Dunova and Miroslave Duna likewise died in the gate-crash

They are understood to have been friends of Mr Jarral’s wife, Erica Korscenova, 32, who is in a stable condition in hospital.

Their 22 -year-old daughter, Nikola Dunova, was also injured and remains in hospital in a serious but stable condition. Her three-year-old daughter, Livia Matova, who was also in the car and remains in a critical condition.

The crash happened in the Darnall area shortly after 20:50 GMT on Friday.

The Golf was in collision with Mr Jarral’s VW Touran as it turned right on to Bannham Road.

Image copyright PA Image caption Tributes to those who died were also posted on Facebook and heydays were left by the side of the road on Sunday

Mr Mirza said: “It’s been absolutely devastate for all of us and all the family.

“Here we have a young man who was with us, around us, always expecting everybody how we are, and now we find that he is no longer with us.

“It’s something that we can’t come to terms with. It was absolutely grisly. So devastating.”

Local resident Tufail Hussain, 80, who was one of the first people to get to the wreckage, said: “It was just terrible. It’s the worst thing I have ever seen.

“The whole community is sickened but they have pulled together. Everyone came together to help.”

Det Ch Insp Jude Ashmore, of South Yorkshire Police, said it was an “incredibly tragic accident”.

He praised the community for their response in promote emergency services.

The people in the Golf, aged 17, 18 and 23, were arrested and remain in custody after woe minor injuries.

The police watchdog, the Independent Office for Police Conduct( IOPC ), has started an investigation.

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Bill Murray’s older brother acted alongside him in ‘Groundhog Day’


Natasha Lyonne as Nadia, a woman who preserves dying and returning to the same night of her life in Netflix’s’ Russian Doll .’
Image: netflix

Time can be a real bitch.

You may have noticed, in 2019, that time feels relative. Monday feels like Friday, January feels like June, weeks feel like decades which pass within seconds. Netflix’s Russian Doll – about the status of women who deters resetting to the same night in their own lives- isn’t a response to this rubbery reality, but the show is a concise and engrossing study of what establishes us alive and it couldn’t be more apt.

Natasha Lyonne starrings as Nadia, a woman whose existential feeling on her 36 th birthday manifests in her swift fatality via automobile crash later that night. But as we know from the trailer, Nadia doesn’t die- at least, dying doesn’t end her life. She resets to the same moment in her friend’s bathroom during the birthday party, and continues to live life from this point forward every time something new kills her.

It is necessary from the outset to state that, despite the inevitable similarities, Russian Doll is barely like Groundhog Day . It’s not the most accurate analogy, but it may be the simply one for a proposition in which the main attribute frequently resets to the same point in their own lives. Russian Doll immediately frees itself of the constraints of that organize; in the first chapter alone, Nadia lives two drastically different versions of her darknes that assure concerned witness we won’t be assumed and that there’s no need as yet to be annoyed with Ty Segall’s “Gotta Get Up.”

In doing this, the demonstrate reaches it clear right off that Nadia isn’t looping through her birthday to fix one detail at a time and tediously retool her actuality. The butterfly outcome is real, and it’s exponential; when she doesn’t take one made of a seam or say one convict to someone, it doesn’t feel like a loophole in the timeline but an organically brand-new track. Every banal existence doesn’t simply subtract from the sum-total of happenings, but preferably reforms membership and composition wholly. Life, or reality as Nadia suffers it, is a totality- a answer , not a mixture.

Sometimes, we catch up with Nadia days after her birthday, when she has weathered the circumstances just fine( shunned a treacherous staircase, ogled both acces for accelerate taxis) and continued to live her life- at least, as much as she can be expected to when she knows what will inevitably come to pass and that it will chuck her unceremoniously back to her friend’s creepy bathroom( gravely, this shower ).

As she lives through more loops-the-loops, Nadia sharpens in on why this might be happening to her. She notices items, rifts in the fabric of time and world such as missing beings( and fish) and rotting return. She wonders what made the loop; was it the pharmaceuticals? The creepy lavatory? The construct? The neighborhood? Towards the end she starts requesting heftier questions; is this purgatory? Is it hell? Why her, or is that narcissism? What do day and righteousnes have in common?

As with Groundhog Day , the events are obliterated, but Nadia’s memory isn’t. Her mind is living through eras their own bodies will never attend. Around her, the very fabric of reality appears to decay visibly, and though she rejects the narcissism, she has no choice but to believe that she has some capacity in righting these circumstances. There’s some clunky backstory about her mother which never quite pays off but stimulates for some arresting visuals in the final escapades the reinforce the urgency of Nadia escaping this loop.

Image: netflix

Lyonne is, unsurprisingly but still welcomingly, a formidable force in a challenging capacity. Never before has her specific attractivenes been so nakedly on display, to say nothing of her work in co-creating, co-writing, and helping direct the eight episodes with an all-female team( her chief partner in crime throughout is Sleeping With Other People scribe Leslye Headland ).

A supporting cast including Greta Lee, Yul Vazquez, Elizabeth Ashley, Charlie Barnett, and Ritesh Rajan never gets old-time even with repetition of talk, foibles, occasions, even wardrobe. The relationship Nadia has with Lee and Vazquez’s references is particularly well-done, considering how little time we actually spend with the trio as its fiery-haired focal point begrudgingly gallops along her hero’s journey.

Russian Doll is swift and satisfying, an immersive binge that will have you asking Big Questions and appreciating life while equally gulping down popcorn and clicking through to the next chapter. It is, sometimes in the same minute, gut-wrenchingly bittersweet and laugh-out-loud funny. It’s a streamlined execution of deliberate storytelling and persona selects executed to admirable, enviable criteria. It doesn’t necessarily deserve a second season, but the formula might be something of which Netflix takes tone for the future.

Russian Doll is now stream on Netflix.

What does it mean to die of ‘natural causes’?


( CNN) When a fatality is by “natural causes, ” what does that term necessitate? Or, rather, what is “unnatural” about something that happens to everyone? Is it just for the old-time? Does cancer count as “natural? “

Here is a look inside the process physicians go through to determine whether a fatality was “natural, ” and what exactly that represents( or doesn’t ).

What are ‘natural causes’?

Tiger Woods fights as Brooks Koepka sea-coasts clear in US PGA


( CNN) Tiger Woods cut a forestalled digit as the sorcery of the Masters eluded him on day one of the 101 st US PGA Championship.

Woods’ woes were a far cry from playing partner Brooks Koepka, the defending endorse, who stormed to a course-record seven-under 63 — one off the all-time major record set by Branden Grace in the Open at Royal Birkdale in 2017 — to set a searing gait.

Later in the day, New Zealander Danny Lee fuelled a round of 64 in breezier situations to close in on Koepka, who has acquired three of his last-place seven majors and pulsate Woods to the PGA title last year before finishing second to the former world-wide No. 1 at Augusta last month.

Bubba Watson on Tiger Woods’ 2019 Masters win.

The drop of the Israeli peace movement and why leftists continue to fight


Peacenik is widely used as a innuendo in Israel. Here four activists explain their demise and why they hold on

It’s a sad-looking protest. A few dozen members of Israel’s beleaguered peacefulnes gesture mill around on a street in eastern jerusalem, viewing clues in Arabic, English and Hebrew declaring:” Stop the occupation .” Older, well-dressed intellectual leftwingers with gray-headed mane and round spectacles mingle with a scruffier younger crowd.

One man with a cigarette hanging in his mouth resounds a cowbell. A few Israeli police look on with bored formulations. Traffic moves by as normal. Everyone seems to know each other. Another person sitting on the side of the road gestures to a reporter.” Do I have shit on my premier ?” he asks, ogling up for chicks on power lines overhead.

This is part of what remains of the Israeli peace camp, crippled by a political structure that has careened wildly to the right. “Leftist” and “peacenik” are widely used as dismissive slurs against an ever-embattled section of culture who are increasingly on the periphery and slammed as traitors.

In an upcoming election, the issue of the Palestinians- formerly the central focus of Israeli politics- is often circumvented. A December poll detected while more than half of Jewish Israelis want peace negotiations, almost 75% believed they would fail. The group that operated the survey, the Israel Democracy Institute, said the peace issue has ” disappeared almost completely from the Israeli public discourse “.

Four members of Israel’s beleaguered leftwing please explain how this happened and why they are harbouring on 😛 TAGEND

The protester

Pepe Goldman:’ We merely live once. I could not forgive myself if I let this happen .’ Photograph: Quique Kierszenbaum/ The Guardian

One demonstrator at the rallying, Pepe Goldman, an Argentinian Jew who emigrated to Israel in 1976, has demonstrated ever since.” There is a process of burning out ,” he says on the sidelines.” Unfortunately, we are a small minority. Israelis are very, exceedingly …” he says, before restarting the sentence:” I would say they don’t give a shit about “whats goin on” .”

After years of failed tries, many Israelis are asking themselves whether armistice , not to mention a Palestinian state, is necessary when Gaza is entirely blocked off, the West Bank occupation is tightly controlled, and their own economies is booming.

The 67 -year-old no longer protests to convince his fellow citizens. He comes for very limited but concrete reasons- as an Israeli, with the extra rights under the law that entails, he was able to stand as a human shield for Palestinians who are facing forced evictions or onrushes from settlers.

Despite vanquishes by pioneers and decreasing numbers, he prolongs his activism every Friday.” We exclusively live once. I could not forgive myself if I tell all this happen .”

The repentant soldier

Yehuda Shaul:’ Remember McCarthy? He’s alive and kicking and here in Israel .’ Photograph: Quique Kierszenbaum/ The Guardian

Yehuda Shaul is 37, but his whitened beard, broad shoulders and weatherbeaten face paint an image of a much older man. On many periods, the Israeli ex-combat soldier is at the figurehead of a bus, touring the West Bank to show Israelis and foreign visitors what the occupation looks like. The organisation he founded, Breaking the Silence, is made up of ex-servicemen who want to expose the reality of Israel’s grip over Palestinian life.

Shaul’s insight is encyclopaedic. He appears to know the date of every village- and there are more than 140 with nearly 600,000 residents- was created and how each one affects the Palestinians living around it.

When Breaking the Silence first started after the violent second intifada, Shaul says his group was ” mainstream”- critical singers, but one that came from the respected institution of the armed forces.” We had payed the right to speak out .”

But after Benjamin Netanyahu made deals with hard-line religious patriots in 2015 to form the most rightwing coalition government in the country’s history, pro-settler troops ripened in power.

That is when the attacks on Breaking the Silence ramped up. Shaul reels off some from remembering: an arson attempt on their powers; beings working undercover to infiltrate the organisation; a constitution that was dubbed the” Breaking the Silence” greenback to ban them from speaking in academies; and a viciou snout last-place summer when a pioneer pierced him during a tour. Netanyahu even cancelled a find with the German foreign minister after he said he would speak to the former troops.

One especially fierce chapter resulted after phone numbers of his colleague’s family members were posted online by a troll. Someone called her grandparents at 3am pretending to be a hospital worker to say she had died in a vehicle crash. Shaul was offended but unsurprised.” When the defence minister announces you a spy, and the prime minister says you bridged a red line, and the tourism rector says you’re a traitor. People answer the announce ,” he says.” Remember McCarthy? He’s alive and kicking and here in Israel .”

The columnist

Amira Hass in 1999 … a new generation has come’ to regard this reality as normal’. Photograph: Don Mcphee/ The Guardian

Amira Hass sucks a small whiskey in a bar in Ramallah to fend off a coldnes. Behind her the famed 1936″ Visit Palestine” poster hangs on the wall. Since 1993, she has lived in the territories, first in Gaza and now in the West Bank. As an Israeli writer, she says you should reside in the place you write about. But she cannot think of a single other Jewish Israeli journalist who lives here.

Ending 51 -years of Israeli armed pattern is not an issue in this election, she says, because a new generation “re coming”” to regard this reality as normal “.

There used to be an ” unhappines” in culture,” because there was still an understanding that there was a contradiction between our self-image as instructed, progressive, liberal, democratic, and the occupation. You had had a generation who knew what life was like before[ the occupation began in] 1967.”

As the settler flow has succeeded in becoming a significant sector of society, the idea of annexing the huge swaths of region they have taken is rapidly becoming a mainstream idea, she says.” They are high middle class, they are savvy, they are in the military, they find themselves in hi-tech .”

There is no longer pro- or anti-peace camps in Israel, Hass lends, just” the prize clique “.

The politician

Dr Yosef’ Yossi’ Beilin:’ Sometimes it[ peacefulnes] is the elephant in the area[ but] this is the real story of Israel .’ Photograph: Quique Kierszenbaum/ The Guardian

Yossi Beilin, the only one of the four to have viewed its own position in government, is also the most optimistic. Much of his three decades of political life was in the pro two-state Labour party but also in Meretz, which is firmly anti-occupation. Both parties are now in decline. In the 1990 s, he was part of secret talks in Norway that led to the Oslo harmonizes, a framework to make a peace deal that ultimately stalled.

” There is a general feeling that there is nothing to do ,” he says.

Few submerges like him remain in the Israeli parliament. The former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni, one of the country’s most prominent peace campaigners, left politics this month after canvas indicated her tiny party would not make it into parliament again. In her exit discussion, Livni said conciliation had become a ” dirty word “.

Beilin , now 70, says he promised to leave politics at 60 to allow a younger mob to create new ideas. But would he have retired if his pro-peace ideology had been more successful?” It’s a good question. Maybe not .”

Still, he disclaims conciliation is off the agenda. It is a primary part of the Israeli psyche, he disagrees.” Sometimes it is the elephant in the area( but) this is the real story of Israel .”

Asked to explain his steadfast optimism, he replies:” Because we need it seriously .”

Was Tiger Woods’s Masters win the greatest comeback in sport history? | Andy Bull


Sport is not short of great personal comebacks but Tiger Woodss Masters victory on Sunday may overshadow them all, including Muhammad Ali, Niki Lauda and Monica Seles

In the springtime of 2014 Tiger Woods was at work on the series around the back of his house, practising his short game like ever. Periods earlier he had shot a 78 on the last day of the Cadillac Championship, the worst fourth-round score of their own lives. His back had been spasming but he felt he had to get out and exert. He stroked a bust hit over a bunker and the instant “hes had” finished the waver he fell down flat on his back, overcome with a suffering so severe that he could hardly breathe, let alone get back on his foot. He was out of hearing distance and he did not have his mobile phone on him, so there was nothing he could do but lie there and wait for someone to come.

It was his seven-year-old daughter, Sam, who found him.

“Daddy,” she said, what are you doing lying on the dirt ?”

” Sam, thank goodness you’re here ,” he informed her.” Can you go tell the people inside to try to get the cart out to help me back up ?”

“What’s wrong?”

” My back’s not doing very good .”


” Yes again, Sam, can you please lead get those people ?”

There are an awful lot of Timbers legends but this one, which is in the excellent biography Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian wrote last year, ever seemed one of the most revealing because it speaks to the pain he has stayed, the mortification he has suffered and the behavior in which it has all been laid out for the rest of us to see. Here is Woods, the great athlete, helpless as an upturned glitch; Woods, the proud champ, pleading with his kid to create someone who can get him back on his paw; Groves, a humanity so intensely private that he used to refuse to tell people where he would be playing the very next month, having that helplessness picked over in instant item by beings like me in book and on TV.

Quick guide

Tiger Woods since triumphing his last-place major

Tiger Woods has prevailed his fifth Masters title and first major in 11 times after victory in Augusta on Sunday.

It has been a long road back for the American, who has suffered innumerable hurts and off-course problems.


On November 27, 2009 reports emerged that Timbers had been injured in a car accident near his Florida home after colliding with a fire hydrant and a tree. Over the next days and weeks the same reasons behind the accident became clearer, He said he had “let his family down” with “transgressions” and announcing an indefinite smash from golf. He lost major sponsors including Gatorade and Gillette over his revelations of multiple infidelities and he and his wife Elin Nordegren divorced.

Phoenix not rising

Woods , now determined to return to the pinnacle of golf obeying his self-imposed years in the wilderness, recorded the worst round of his profession in January 2015 as he shot an 11 -over-par 82 in Arizona. His second-round performance at the Waste Management Phoenix Open left him 13 over and final in a 132 -man field. Woods told reporters afterwards: “It’s golf, we all have daytimes like this.”

Don’t call it a comeback

In June 2016 he announced he was unable to compete at the US Open, the second largest major of the year, adopting two back runnings in the space of six weeks. He pointed a 15 -month absence from video games in November but in January 2017 he missed the cut in his first PGA Tour event in nearly 18 months, exiting the Farmers Insurance Open after finishing his first two rounds on four over par.

The master misses the Masters

The former nature number 1 was unable to contest the 2017 Masters. The chance to compete at Augusta 20 times since he first won the light-green casing was denied to Woods who continued to suffer from nerve pain which had necessary three procedures in the seat of 19 months.

Under the affect ?

In a throwback to his indiscretions of autumn 2009, in May 2017 Timbers was arrested on notion of driving under the influence in the early hours of Memorial Day. He received a year of probation after pleading guilty to reckless driving and was ordered to undergo 50 hours of community service.

Victory again

In September 2018 Groves shot a one-over 71 for a two-shot victory at the Tour Championship in Atlanta – the 80 th victory of his PGA Tour career and his first in more than five years.

Thank you for your feedback.

There are plenty more. One could talk about those first sickening moments in 2009 where reference is disintegrated his SUV into a tree or the weeks after, when he shut over all the windows of his house with butcher’s article to keep the paparazzi cameras out. Or the private luncheon at a Beverly Hills Country Club in 2016 when he had to walk up a flight of stairs downwards because it was the only way he had been able to make it, or how, when he was arrested for driving under the influence in 2017, he could not even tell the police if he was in Florida or California, whether he was coming home or going from it.

On Monday morning the talk around Augusta and everywhere else they play golf was all about sweeter situations, like how high-pitched this victory figured among Woods’s 15 majors and exactly where it graded among the great sporting comebacks. Now “theres nothing” easy answer to that because one has to stack up hundreds of different accomplishments across dozens of separate epoches, which of course was precisely why everyone was chatting about it.

How do you evaluate what Lumbers did here against, say, the route Niki Lauda finished runner-up in the F1 championship the same season he disintegrated at the Nurburgring? Lauda was back racing six weeks after he came out of coma. Or Mario Lemieux, who led the Pittsburgh Penguins to their first President’s Trophy in the very same season he finished his radiation care for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, while he had a back injury so severe he could not put on his own skates and practically flout Wayne Gretzky’s scoring record while he was at it? How does it compare with Lester Piggott winning the Breeders’ Cup Mile at persons under the age of 54, only 10 daytimes after he finished a year in prison for tax fraud? Or Monica Seles’s victory at the Australian Open in 1996, three years after she was stabbed in the back on courtroom in Hamburg?

Injury and personal problems seemed to leave Tiger Woods a spent force by 2017. Photograph: Warren Little/ Getty Images

And all that is before one gets to the greatest of them all, Muhammad Ali, who won back the heavyweight championship seven years after he was stripped of it and had his boxing licence suspended because he refused to be drafted to fight in Vietnam.

Woods was reluctant to claim it was even the best comeback in his own play. He points to Ben Hogan, who won the US Open one and a half years after he virtually been killed in a auto disintegrate. Hogan was hit by an oncoming bus. He hurled himself across his wife’s lap to protect her from the impact and, while she was uninjured, he suffered a divulge pelvis, collarbone, ankle and ribs. They mended again but he stood with blood clots for the rest of his life and had to have emergency surgery. He was told he would never walk again and then he went on to win another six majors.

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Photograph: Chesnot/ Getty Images Europe
Thank you for your feedback.

And hitherto, for all that, one can say this much: Woods’s storey is unique in one important behavior, unlike all those others, in that he did not suffer physically or personally but physically and personally. He has been tormented in body and soul, his mas interrupted, his back smashed and fused back all going together, his reputation shredded and the bits and pieces strewn out for the rest of us to pick over. And here he was, treading off that 18 th green, Masters champion, with his family around him, having make everything is back together again.

” You never dispense with ,” says Woods.” That’s a granted. You ever opposed. Simply giving up’s never in the equation .”

Police say a being killed three women connected to a circu. He says it was accidental.


( CNN) Dominion in Virginia wanted to ask James Michael Wright about a missing 25 -year-old woman from Tennessee.

Wright, 23 , now faces three fees of capital assassinate for allegedly killing the three.

The scapegoats were all connected to the James H. Drew carnival. Athina Hopson, 25, and Elizabeth Marie Vanmeter, 22, were employees there; Joslyn Alsup, 17, was the daughter of a carnival worker, governments said.

10 Car Crash Survivors Pose Proudly For A Chilling Photo Project To Raise Awareness About Seatbelt Safety


Shocking photographs of the searing traumata that seatbelts can leave behind after a accident are being revelled as survival badges of honor, and establishing the importance of belting up.

The initiative is part of an NZ Transport Agency( NZTA) campaign to reduce the number of deaths on NZ superhighways. Harmonizing to them, 90 people die each year because they weren’t wearing their seatbelt, most of whom are young men in rural areas. The confront portraits are of 10 real-life crash survivors, whose post-crash hurts were recreated by the SFX make-up company PROFX.

More info: Website

Liam Bethell

Image ascribes: ourproductionteam

Kahutia Foster

Image credits: ourproductionteam

“A seatbelt truly does leave a mark like this, ” emergency medical specialist Dr. Natasha McKay, who furnished her expertise to the project, interpreted. “They will save your life, but they will leave you a mark to show how they’ve done it.”

Dion Perry

Image recognitions: ourproductionteam

The campaign has been shown on billboards around the country, with the survivors exhausting emotional videos that tell their story. The target is to get people sharing their own survival stories, accentuating the positive impact of seatbelts and the exuberance of being alive to tell the tale.

Dan Mason

Image credits: ourproductionteam

NZTA, who worked closely with sell communications company Clemenger BBDO, was looking to change the attitudes of some mortals, who idea the seatbelt as an optional extra rather than a life-saving necessity. “We’re selling an objectionable product to these people, ” spokesperson Rachel Prince told Designboom. “Research told us they envision seatbelt words are for boys, for the elderly, for everyone else. We worked with them to represent the undesirable something they wanted to buy.”

Rick Haira

Image recognitions: ourproductionteam

Dylan Chirnside

Image credits: ourproductionteam

Back in 2014, Willy Carberry’s car gate-crashed into a capability spar at speed before flipping over onto its side. He only survived the horrific accident because he was wearing his seatbelt, and “hes had” the injury tags across his chest to prove it.

Willy Carberry

Image credits: ourproductionteam

“F *** ing make a seatbelt on, ” was his blunt message to people who think they are invincible. In an interview with stuff.co.nz, he stressed that fate can be out of your hands when you’re out on the road leading, it’s not necessarily going to be a fault of your own that leads to a disintegrate. “”It doesn’t matter how short the trip-up is. You never know who’s going to come out of the intersection and t-bone ya, or change out of a driveway, or an old lady going down the road, having a stroke.”

James Mcdonald

Image credits: ourproductionteam

“If you don’t wear it, you’re gambling with your life, if you ask me.”

Will Giles

Image credits: ourproductionteam

James Liberona-Feek

Image ascribes: ourproductionteam

Check out some of the survivors’ hard-hitting and psychological videos below

Image recognitions: NZTransportAgency

Here’s what beings has just said- numerous shared their own stories

Baby is born in China four years after mothers died in car crash


Grandparents of Tiantian win long legal engagement for imprisonment of solidified embryos left by his mother and father

The son of a Chinese pair who died more than four years ago has been born to a surrogate mother, according to Chinese media.

Shen Jie and Liu Xi had been married for two years when they decided to try in vitro fertilization. Five epoches before they were scheduled to transplant one of the fertilized embryos into Liu, the couple died in a car accident in March 2013 in the Chinese coastal region of Jiangsu.

For the next three years, the parents of Shen and Liu fought for the rights to four solidified fetus left by their belatedly children in a complicated and unprecedented law occurrence in China, according to the Beijing News.

After several tribunal duels, the part of both parents eventually won detention of the embryos, and in January of 2017, with the aid of an subterranean surrogacy bureau, they drove to Laos to find a father. Surrogacy is illegal in China.

In December last year, Shen and Liu’s baby, a son, was born in a hospital in Guangzhou. Liu’s mother gave him the refer Tiantian, or “sweet”. Last-place month, their own families revelled Tiantian’s firstly 100 dates by viewing a small party.

Liu’s mother, Hu Xinxian, told Beijing News:” Tiantian’s gazes look like my daughter’s but overall, he examines more like “his fathers” .”

After the birth there have still been law complications. The new grandparents had to carry out DNA tests to prove their relationship to Tiantian and save custody.

The grandparents have not decided how to tell Tiantian about his background. Shen Xinan, Tiantian’s paternal granddad, told Beijing News that until Tiantian is older they will tell him his mothers are overseas.

” This boy is destined to be sad on his arrival into the world. Other babes have their papas and mothers, but he doesn’t. We will definitely tell him in the future. How can we not ?” Shen said.

‘Even the royal family enjoys it’: how the Nashville hot chicken trend began


Princes Hot Chicken started a meat cult that has all along been been emulated from all regions of the world and is likely coming your way

Heads turn as Andre Prince Jeffries- silver-tongued bangles jingling and cane in hand -makes her acces towards her reserved table at Nashville’s premiere red-hot chicken joint, Prince’s Hot Chicken.

Since her early thirties, Jeffries , now 72, has been at the helm of the poultry empire that starteda trend for cheek burning, tear-inducing fried chicken that has spread around the world.

Before Jeffries slots herself in her regular tush, facing the crowd of believers, a woman she doesn’t know steps up to her and mutters,” Thank you for being a national treasure .”

Jeffries beams.


Andre Prince Jeffries, Prince’s Hot Chicken owner.Photograph: Ben Rollins/ The Guardian

The line inside the Ewing location of Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack. In December 2018 an SUV collided into the strip mall where Prince’s was located, generating serious damage to the business. Photograph: Joe Buglewicz

The first Prince’s Hot Chicken opened almost 80 years ago. Photograph: Ben Rollins/ The Guardian