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Kylie Jenner Surprises Fans With David Dobrik! WATCH! – Perez Hilton


Kylie Jenner surprised a few lucky fans!

Over the weekend, YouTube star David Dobrik posted a hilarious video where he teams up with the Life of Kylie star to find out what people really think of the lip kit queen!

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While driving from the mall, the vlogger quizzes fans about Kardashian-Jenner trivia, as Travis Scott‘s girlfriend hides in the backseat.

One fan even revealed that their favorite KUWTK sibling is Khloé Kardashian, not realizing that Ky is literally sitting behind him!

WATCH the funny footage (below):

As we wrote, Jenner is getting “her groove back” following reports that KoKo broke up with Tristan Thompson after he allegedly had an affair with Kylie’s ex-BFF, Jordyn Woods!

An E! News source revealed:

“She feels like she has finally got her groove back after all the drama she has endured recently, and is happy to have nights out with her friends. She’s really been leaning on her team and a few close friends for support now that she doesn’t have Jordyn around.”

In fact, last Friday, the makeup mogul enjoyed a night out at The Nice Guy lounge and restaurant in West Hollywood with makeup artist Ariel Tejada, friend Yris Palmer, assistant Victoria Villarroel, and another girlfriend:

The source exclaimed:

“They had a table in the back of the restaurant where no one could bother them. They all had drinks and several dinner dishes were brought to the table such as pizza and pasta. Kylie had a few drinks and seemed to be in a great mood. She was smiling while talking to her friends and looked excited to be out and about. It looked like a casual dinner date and they all stayed for a few hours before being escorted to their car.”

Additionally, Kylie appears to have her old body back over a year after giving birth to daughter Stormi Webster in February 2018.

Last week, when a fan asked on Instagram Live how she “got a flat tummy again,” the 21-year-old responded:

“Honestly, it’s all about diet for me… I’m naturally just a really skinny person… like [sister] Kendall Jenner, but not like Kendall—she’s naturally like, model status… But, yeah, I always had a really flat stomach, but I never felt it went back to before Stormi until recently. And I feel like it has a lot to do with diet. Like, I really eat very crazy usually, like whatever I want—pizza, pasta, a lot of diary, and I just kind of cut that all out, and have just been eating better, and I feel like that’s the trick for me, personally.”

She added:

“And I also think after a child, it really does take just as long to get your body back as it did to create a child… Because, I heard that from a  lot of people. Like, it takes a full year…it really does, it really does. I definitely feel back to myself again.”

You go, girl!

[Image via David Dobrik/YouTube.]

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What I’m really thinking: the status of women with breast cancer


I grieve for the family celebrations I may miss, ripening older with my husband, having grandchildren

There are days when Im full of feeling and sadness, and other instants when I acknowledge the miracle of life. Every gesture, ballad or communication now carries a deeper mean. The ferocity of hugging my husband and daughters is often insufferable, and I grieve every day for the life that cancer took away from me.

Stage four cancer sucks optimism, hope and eventually even breather. Its like being in a very slow but inescapable lethal car accident that you replay in your mind over and over. At first, “youre just trying to” navigate yourself through oncology idiom, managements, diagnosis, searches, but later you realise there is no way safety belt or steering wheel to hold on to. I have incredible funding and adore, but I often feel very alone in my thoughts and knowledge. I cant be addressed to others who have special privileges of good health or the power to improve their situations.

In 16 months, my formerly healthy lungs have stopped toiling efficiently. I am reliant on an oxygen machine and drugs. I feel the harmful effects of air pollution, and get angry watching beings drag on cigarettes, as my life is declining away and is willing to vanish soon in a gulp of cigarette. My breather is tightened and even talking necessary struggle. I have a ominous coughing that reminds parties of my condition.

I grieve for their own families observances I may miss, germinating older with my husband, having grandchildren, matching my daughters collaborators. I wait for scans to tell me how close I am to the edge, and every moment is filled with urgency to terminated undertakings while I am able. Ive called my burial site, rewritten my will, and written letters to loved ones. I am prepared for my purpose, but no one can take away my former happiness.

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Here’s How To Get Back Lost Items From Uber, Because The Struggle Is Real


Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Here’s How To Get Back Lost Items From Uber, Because The Struggle Is Real

Let’s face it: Realizing that you left something in your Uber is a pretty bad feeling, especially if that “something” was your phone. (Trust me, I’ve been there.) There’s no shame in the game, though. In my opinion, it’s easy to leave a personal item behind in an Uber, after a stressful day at work or a late night out with friends. If you recently left something in your driver’s car, you might be wondering how to get back lost items from Uber. Thankfully, the process is pretty simple — so there’s no need to panic. Deep breaths, y’all. Deep breaths.

It’s obvious that Uber wants to help you find your lost items, because the company recently unveiled a step-by-step process of how to get your belongings back. First things first: If you have your phone with you, open your Uber app and hit the menu button at the upper lefthand corner of your screen. Then, hit “Help” and locate the ride that you lost something in. After that, hit “Report an issue with this trip,” followed by “I lost an item.” At that stage, hit “Contact my driver about a lost item” and enter your phone number.

After entering your phone number, your phone will start ringing and you’ll be connected with your driver. From there, you can coordinate a time and location where your driver can return your item. Make sure the time and location is convenient, though, because they’ll appreciate that.

To make the process even easier for its riders, Uber created a video outlining those steps. Check it out below.

Uber on YouTube

Now, you all might be asking, “What if I left my phone in the car?” That’s a valid question, my friends. However, the process of retrieving your phone is just as simple. In order to do so, you’ll have to first log into your account on a desktop computer. (You can do so by heading to Uber.com.) Then, tap on “Your Trips.” Once you’re there, hit “I lost an item,” followed by “Contact driver about a lost item.” At that point, you can enter the mobile number that you want to be reached on. (Since you don’t have your own phone, you might want to enter a friend or family member’s number.) After that, you’ll be connected with your driver via phone.

Even if you didn’t lose your mobile device in the car, you can still use your desktop computer to locate your lost item. You’ll just have to follow the steps above and enter your phone number (instead of someone else’s). Therefore, whether you use the Uber app or the Uber website to locate your forgotten item, you’ll be able to contact your driver without an issue.


There is thing that you should take into consideration before contacting Uber about your lost items. According to Uber, drivers will charge a $15 fee to meet up with you and return your precious belongings. (FYI, Uber won’t take a cut of that charge.)

Worth it? I think so.

Read more: https://www.elitedaily.com/p/heres-how-to-get-back-lost-items-from-uber-because-the-struggle-is-real-16818484

Former ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Pleads Down Iowa Crash That Generated Man’s Death – Perez Hilton


Chris Soules , the former ace of The Bachelor , is a lucky, luck follower today.

The reality TV star was in court in Iowa on Tuesday to accept an incredibly sweetened plea slew on

According to TMZ , Soules enrolled a guilty request to one count of leaving the incident of a personal injury coincidence … which, even if they are a guy was killed due to Soules’ failure , that’s only a misdemeanor!

Talk about get off light-headed !!

Now, to be fair, it’s an aggravated misdemeanor, and Soules could still end up doing prison time over this — but whatever prison time he was able to get, it’ll sallow in comparison to what could have been had he not accepted this very, very favorable plea deal.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers ?? Let us know in the comments( below )…

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Klobuchar to make presidential pitch in CNN town hall


(CNN)Sen. Amy Klobuchar will take to the national stage on Monday headlining a CNN town hall in New Hampshire to make her most public case yet for why she should be the next President of the United States.

“I am running because I see that sense of community is getting fractured,” Klobuchar said on Sunday in Iowa. “It’s getting fractured by someone in the White House who gets up every morning and tweets whatever he wants but doesn’t respect the amendment that allows him to do it.”
The town hall format is familiar for Klobuchar, who has found success in her home state — which almost went for President Donald Trump in 2016 — by consciously visiting each of Minnesota’s 87 counties, often to hold town-hall style events.
    A Klobuchar aide told CNN on Monday that the senator prepared for the town hall like she would for a major interview.
    Most of the questions on Monday will come from New Hampshire voters, an electorate which prizes its position as the first-in-the-nation primary and is often known for asking discerning and pointed questions.
    “This is New Hampshire, anything could happen,” she said when asked about the town hall at an event earlier in the day.
    At her event in Goffstown, Klobuchar pitching herself as a candidate who can win independent and lean Republican voters. She pledged “to go everywhere, not just where it is comfortable, but where it is uncomfortable” and outlined a platform that included overturning Citizens United, reinstating the Voting Rights Act, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and getting on the path toward a public option for health care.
    Klobuchar, who announced her presidential campaign during a snowy outdoor event in Minneapolis earlier this month, is the third potential presidential hopeful to appear at a CNN town hall. Sen. Kamala Harris appeared at an event hosted by Jake Tapper and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who is considering an independent bid for the presidency, headlined a town hall hosted by Poppy Harlow.
    Klobuchar is markedly more centrist than many of the other Democrats running for President, including some of her colleagues in the Senate. Klobuchar has a liberal voting record, but she does not support abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency or Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-all bill — instead pushing to lower the age when people are allowed to buy into the government health care program.
    “We must move to universal health care. And I am so proud of the work we did as a party to protect the Affordable Car Act,” Klobuchar said Sunday. “We are to the point now where Obamacare is more popular than the President.”
    Klobuchar’s primary pitch to voters is likely to be electability. The Democrat has been notably successful in Minnesota, winning her three terms in the Senate by an average of 26 percentage points. Klobuchar won re-election in 2018 with 60% of the vote, two years after Trump came within two points of defeating Hillary Clinton in the state.
    “I want to build on the momentum that we saw here in 2018,” Klobuchar told reporters Saturday in Wisconsin. “No one ever thought that the Democrats were going to be able (to defeat) Gov. Walker, but we did it, and we did it in a smart, Wisconsin way with a grassroots campaign with (Democratic Sen.) Tammy Baldwin at the top of the ticket, and we can do it in the presidential, as well.”
    Klobuchar’s electability in Minnesota, which has largely come by taking more politically moderate positions, has some Democrats questioning whether the senator will be able to capture the imagination of a party that has drifted to the left nationally.
    Additionally, a spate of negative headlines about Klobuchar’s demanding management style have trickled out around her 2020 announcement.
      Klobuchar has admitted that she can be “too tough” on her staff in response to the stories.
      “I know I can be too tough sometimes and I can push too hard,” she told MSNBC earlier this month. “That is obvious. But a lot of it is I have high expectations for myself and I have high expectations for people who work with me.”

      Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/18/politics/amy-kobuchar-cnn-town-hall/index.html

      The Fourth Estate review- discover doc tracks an draining year of Trump


      In a sharp-worded documentary line premiering at Tribeca film festival, the team at the New York Times are faced with the task of keeping up with an unstoppable word cycle

      ” Crazypants bullshit” is not a term one might expect to hear in America’s most prestigious newsroom, but the Trump administration has rewritten all of the rules of journalism. The chiefest challenge facing paper of record the New York Times upon the present commander-in-chief’s election was not facing down a political hustler who drew rancour for news media one of the cornerstones of his campaign programme; the real task was to adapt and advance, forging a new methodology of reportage for a time in which good-for-nothing could be taken for granted. Starting in January 2017, there were no more slow information daytimes at the Grey Lady.

      As its closing selection, the Tribeca film festival screened the 90 -minute first installment of documentarian Liz Garbus’s three-part series chronicling the Times’s handling of Trump’s calamitous first time in part. And oh, what a year it was: the first segment undertakes nearly the first hundred daytimes following inauguration, concluding with an foreboding closeup of the word “collusion”, and that age alone wreaked what would have otherwise been a presidential term’s worth of gossip. The gathering gets an insinuate peek at the major players as they make their coverage of possible partisanship in the FBI’s intelligence gathering business, an unsavory link to Russian officials, the White House’s selective obstruct of press from official briefings, and the first few of resignations, to call only a few. It is all invited to take part in the specific practice a good procedural ought to be, representing the process of learning about the nitty-gritty as tense and kinetic as a car crash.

      Garbus gets a height of access that only come here for a long, reverenced busines and a few Oscar nominations. She moves freely through the Times’s bureaus in both New York and in Washington, often capturing the two sides of a key conference call. The best footage comes from this omnipresence that opens private moments up to the general public; she follows some key reporters home to get an impression of personal lives forever disrupted by a information round that were unwilling to yield. There’s a brief spike of real sadness as Trump expert Maggie Haberman reassures her children that you can’t die inside a fantasy while she hustles to catch a cab at Union Station. In the first installment’s most charged moment, the camera stays with the Washington team as they watch the New York desk rewrite a lede and remained unchanged overall mean right before their gazes. Unfazed by the camera wavering around her, unit director Elisabeth Bumiller curses out the New York shot-callers and threatens to quit.

      These two times give a raw, unfiltered view even as they respectively exemplify Garbus’s major oversights. Involving Haberman in specific- Garbus meets her in a gondola as she takes the flak from a tweet describing Trump as “collected”, with many social media customers thwarted with what they perceive as unduly soft management. Haberman sighs, says she’s tired, and Garbus moves right along without formerly considering that one of the sculptors of Trump’s public profile is also available preparing the bar low-spirited. That instant speaks to a larger hesitance to blame an institution that’s vital, but far from perfect. The undo between the Hill and the Big Apple gleams past the insight that the Times is a large, often fractious arrangement with an op-ed sheet forever, brashly denying its bulletin section. During a Q& A following the Tribeca premiere, the Times’s executive editor, Dean Baquet, confirmed that following occurrences would remain focused on the newsroom, and not address the decision to give a weekly pulpit to the likes of David Brooks.

      But the princely planneds of Garbus’s project predispose a onlooker to cut her a bit of slack on these cop-outs. These are grim meters, as one newswriter writes and then deletes in favor of the more innocuous “bizarre”, and maintaining a house of truth such as the Times’s towering midtown headquarters should be a national concern. An apocalyptic rating from Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor truly drives residence the” honey monarch, the world is coming to an death” atmosphere, even when juxtaposed rather comically with the banality of typing and clicking. Garbus ogles to the Days and their stalwart adversaries at the Washington Post as the final line of defense against an onslaught of crazypants bullshit, and her subjects be better than to buy into their own hero-myths. This real-life Spotlightsans Hollywood histrionics comes not a few moments too soon, though this pundit has uncertainty about the series’ efficacy in winning over the tinfoil-hatted define convinced NBC’s out to get them. If information are the Trumpista’s mortal foe, what use could they have for a meticulously raised “How It’s Made” episode about info?

      The Fourth estate was picturing at the Tribeca film Festival and will start on Showtime on 27 May with a UK date yet to be announced

      Wisconsin man faces at least his 10th drunken driving charge

      This Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019, photo provided by Oconto County (Wis.) Jail shows Douglas Kluth. Kluth is facing at least his 10th drunken driving charge. Sixty-six-year-old Kluth of Green Bay, Wis., was arrested early Wednesday in Oconto County. Authorities allege he had an open beer on the center console of his car. (Oconto County Jail via AP)

      A Wisconsin man is facing at least his 10th drunken driving charge.

      Sixty-six-year-old Douglas Kluth of Green Bay was arrested early Wednesday in Oconto County. Authorities allege he had an open beer on the center console of his car.

      Officials say the State Patrol was helping with traffic when Kluth parked his vehicle and approached a trooper. The trooper saw the beer on the console.

      The complaint says Kluth had a valid driver’s license. He was charged with operating while intoxicated, 10th or more offense.

      WLUK-TV reports bond was set at $25,000 cash Wednesday. If convicted, Kluth faces up to 15 years in prison.

      Wisconsin is the only state that treats a first-time drunken driving offense as a civil violation , not a crime. New Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has said he’s open to criminalizing first offenses.

      Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/us/wisconsin-man-faces-at-least-his-10th-drunken-driving-charge

      Nick Jonas Declined His “Find You” Music Video& We’re All Freaking Out


      OMG, you guys. Today is already a great daytime. Nick Jonas’ “Find You” music video is finally here, and it’s actually, really good. Nick Jonas, the international serviceman of sexy, is always surprising us with brand new music, and this time it’s something totally, absolutely stylish. Jonas’ new hymn, “Find You, ” is the sort of gentle pitch to get you in the mood to dance on the beach with a knot of attractive strangers. Jonas does that in the music video, and it is truly inspiring for me. Can I do that? Is that what a beach day with Jonas is like? If so, sign me up.

      Jonas drooped “Find You” on Sept. 14, 2017, and the entire world started bobbing their fronts. We know where to find you, Nick Jonas. You can find him on the radio until forever because this song is catchy AF, y’all. So what does this music video genuinely make? Who is it about, and why is he driving an expensive automobile so close to the irrigate? Watch out, buster! One of the lyricals says, “I look for you in the center of the sun.” I have no clue what that they were able signify, but do not looking instantly at the sun, beings. It’s not worth it to merely find a whodunit girl that preserves concealing from you. No way.

      This is Jonas’ second song to come out this summer, and we aren’t mad about it. The anthem, “Remember I Told You” was the catchy song released in May. It peculiarity Mike Posner and Anne Marie, and it showcased Jonas’ sultry voice. Mama like. Both songs are completely different, but the two are sensual.

      One thing is for certain, Jonas knows how to connect with his fans. In October of 2016, he told

      Heartbreak is a theme that a lot of beings relate to — the challenges of the next steps in your life, and when some entrances open, and how you approach the next ones opening … I learnt pretty quickly that it was a lot of what my fans could relate to. It’s nerve-wracking when[ the feelings] are as personal as the ones that I shared were. But I feel allayed when I use my writing as a direction to handle — it’s very therapeutic.

      Jonas is getting deep, and I like it.

      Here are more texts to deeply analyze 😛 TAGEND

      I took a capsule but it didn’t help me numb
      I see your face even when my seeings are shut
      But I never truly know exactly where to acquire you

      I taste the words that keep falling out your mouth
      If I could love you I would never put you down
      But I never certainly know exactly where to discover you

      Where to find you
      Where to find you
      But I never really know exactly where to learn you
      Try, try, try
      Try, try, try
      Try, try, try
      But I never actually know where to discovery you

      I’m guessing, based on the music video, Jonas is stumbling through a sweltering, steamy desert all alone, and finally knows the beautiful California coast. Although one would assume the first stop “wouldve been” immediately into the giant body of water, Jonas instead moves with all the beautiful women working in the beach. Hey, we all have our priorities. Is he looking for that special woman he lost long ago? Is he searching for himself? Oh, Jonas. You are a mysterious man.

      At the end of the video, Jonas jumps into a Lyft on the beach and leaves. Yes, he gets into a freakin’ Lyft. I couldn’t believe it either, but it happened. Does that have meaning, or is it inventive concoction placement? Probably a little bit of both, frankly. Although Jonas never seems to find who he’s go looking for, the music video is a luscious treat.

      Now, let’s all get out there and weaken our hips to this sexy little song and find our inner dancing! Afterall, we’re all looking for something.

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      Kim Kardashian& Tristan Thompson Go Ahead And Unfollow Each Other On Instagram!


      Will the other family members follow ??

      It turns out

      But interestingly enough, he still follows the rest of the clan, and they continue to follow him.

      Huh. In speciman you didn’t know, Kimmie actually still followed the leader of two when information of the gossip smashed, but it seems like now that she’s proceeded public, she’s had a change of heart.

      While you can easily identify for yourself on the social media app, you are able to take a look at the proof( below ):

      Kim’s Follower’s

      And Tristan’s

      Dramaaaa! Who will be next ??

      [ Image via Instagram .]

      17 Embarrassed Individuals Share Their Adult Versions Of Calling the Teacher “Mom”


      Nobody’s perfect. If you haven’t done it already, it’s pretty likely you’re gonna try to open your front door with your car keys or tell your boss you love them. You’re not alone. Everyone has those moments where your brain goes on autopilot. Even Tumblr had a discussion about it.

      • 1

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      • 5

      • 6

      • 7

      • 8

      • 9

      • 10

      • 11

      • 12

      • 13

      • 14

      • 15

      • 16

      • 17

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