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‘ Glee’ ace Jesse Luken arrested for DUI after gate-crashing gondola

Actor Jesse Luken was arrested for DUI after crashing his Toyota in Glendale, Calif.

“Glee” star Jesse Luken was busted for driving under the influence in early December, Fox News has learned.

According to patrol records, the 35 -year-old performer and chairman was detained on Dec. 6 in Glendale, Calif ., and was booked in the city incarcerate before posting a $5,000 bail.

The “4 2” performer was involved in a single-car coincidence and, when law enforcement arrived on the panorama, they found his Toyota resting on the inhibit with the right front tire mutilated and the airbag deployed, TMZ reported.


Per the outlet, Luken, who played Bobby “Boom Boom” Surette on the mega-hit show, was discovered in the driver’s tush and smelled heavily of booze. He was then to have a arena abstinence measure, which he failed.

Luken is the latest in a series of former “Glee” whizs to have descended on the wrong side of the law or experienced their share of issues.


Mark Salling hanged himself in January while he was awaiting sentencing in small children porn occasion in Los Angeles. In 2013, Cory Monteith succumbed of a heroin and alcohol overdose in his Vancouver hotel room, and in 2017 Naya Rivera was arrested in West Virginia for domestic violence against her husband.

The Reason Why Meghan Markle Is Not Having A Maid Of Honor


Meghan Markle may be joining the Royal Family when she marries Prince Harry on May 19, but that doesn’t mean the couple is totally traditional.

In fact, Markle has chosen not to have a maid of honor at her wedding, and the reason why is actually very sweet — she doesn’t want any of her friends to feel more valued than the others.

“She has a very close-knit circle of friends and she didn’t want to choose one over another,” a palace spokesperson said. “All have been actively involved in helping her prepare for the day and will be there in the days beforehand. She’s very happy to have their support.”

Prince Harry, on the other hand, will be accompanied by his brother, the Duke of Cambridge, as his best man.

But Markle won’t be throwing tradition completely out of the window. According to a press release from the palace, her father will walk her down the aisle. “Both of the bride’s parents will have important roles in the wedding,” the press release read. “Ms. Markle is delighted to have her parents by her side on this important and happy occasion.”

On the morning of the wedding, her mother, Doria Ragland, will ride by car with her daughter, and Markle’s dad, Thomas Markle, will walk her up the aisle to meet her prince.

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Police attacks after Westminster ‘attack’


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Media captionThe car can be seen gate-crashing into a hurdle

Police are researching three residences in the Midlands after a being was arrested on surmise of terrorism following a automobile clang outside Parliament.

The 29 -year-old British suppose is not believed to be known to MI5 or counter-terrorism police.

A vehicle swerved into cyclists and pedestrians shortly after 07:30 BST before disintegrating into a railing outside the Houses of Parliament.

Two beings were treated in hospital for their harms but eventually discharged.

A third person with minor injuries was assessed at the situation.

No-one else was in the car when it disintegrated and no weapons were found in it.

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Media captionSham Khatun: “They hollered ‘Police! ‘, they smashed a couple of doors”

Searches took place at two places in Birmingham and a residential dimension in the Radford and Arboretum area of Nottingham.

A woman who watched police arriving to examine the Nottingham property told the BBC the raid took place between about 15:00 and 16:00 BST. She said other detectives in plain invests remained at the background for a few hours.

Sham Khatun said: “A van parked up outside the members of this house, they broke into the house. They wailed ‘Police! ‘, they separated a couple of doors.”

Suspect ‘not co-operating’

Scotland Yard’s head of dealing with terrorism Neil Basu said: “Given that this appears to be a deliberate behave, the methodology used and this being an iconic place, the administration is considering it as a terrorist incident.”

The assistant commissioner added there was “no intelligence at this time of further danger” to London or the UK as a whole.

Westminster vehicle clang treated as terrorist attack What we know so far Westminster crash in scenes Image caption A residential belonging in Nottingham( interpreted on the left of this draw) was raided by police in matters relating to the investigations Media captionArmed police answered after a vehicle crashed into insurance hindrances Image caption Exclusively the area around the scene of the accident remains sealed off Image caption Cyclists were accompanied on the floor after the gate-crash Media captionWitness: “I understood a humankind drive towards Parliament at speed”

Startups Weekly: Will Trump ruin the unicorn IPOs of our dreams?


The government shutdown entered its 21st day on Friday, upping concerns of potentially long-lasting impacts on the U.S. stock market. Private market investors around the country applauded when Uber finally filed documents with the SEC to go public. Others were giddy to hear Lyft, Pinterest, Postmates and Slack (via a direct listing, according to the latest reports) were likely to IPO in 2019, too.

Unfortunately, floats that seemed imminent may not actually surface until the second half of 2019 — that is unless President Donald Trump and other political leaders are able to reach an agreement on the federal budget ASAP.  This week, we explored the government’s shutdown’s connection to tech IPOs, recounted the demise of a well-funded AR project and introduced readers to an AI-enabled self-checkout shopping cart.

1. Postmates gets pre-IPO cash

The company, an early entrant to the billion-dollar food delivery wars, raised what will likely be its last round of private capital. The $100 million cash infusion was led by BlackRock and valued Postmates at $1.85 billion, up from the $1.2 billion valuation it garnered with its unicorn round in 2018.

2. Uber’s IPO may not be as eye-popping as we expected

To be fair, I don’t think many of us really believed the ride-hailing giant could debut with a $120 billion initial market cap. And can speculate on Uber’s valuation for days (the latest reports estimate a $90 billion IPO), but ultimately Wall Street will determine just how high Uber will fly. For now, all we can do is sit and wait for the company to relinquish its S-1 to the masses.

3. Deal of the week

N26, a German fintech startup, raised $300 million in a round led by Insight Venture Partners at a $2.7 billion valuation. TechCrunch’s Romain Dillet spoke with co-founder and CEO Valentin Stalf about the company’s global investors, financials and what the future holds for N26.

4. On the market

Bird is in the process of raising an additional $300 million on a flat pre-money valuation of $2 billion. The e-scooter startup has already raised a ton of capital in a very short time and a fresh financing would come at a time when many investors are losing faith in scooter startups’ claims to be the solution to the problem of last-mile transportation, as companies in the space display poor unit economics, faulty batteries and a general air of undependability. Plus, Aurora, the developer of a full-stack self-driving software system for automobile manufacturers, is raising at least $500 million in equity funding at more than a $2 billion valuation in a round expected to be led by new investor Sequoia Capital.

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5. A unicorn’s deal downsizes

WeWork, a co-working giant backed with billions, had planned on securing a $16 billion investment from existing backer SoftBank . Well, that’s not exactly what happened. And, oh yeah, they rebranded.

6. A startup collapses

After 20 long years, augmented reality glasses pioneer ODG has been left with just a skeleton crew after acquisition deals from Facebook and Magic Leap fell through. Here’s a story of a startup with $58 million in venture capital backing that failed to deliver on its promises.

7. Data point

Seed activity for U.S. startups has declined for the fourth straight year, as median deal sizes increased at every stage of venture capital.

8. Meanwhile, in startup land…

This week edtech startup Emeritus, a U.S.-Indian company that partners with universities to offer digital courses, landed a $40 million Series C round led by Sequoia India. Badi, which uses an algorithm to help millennials find roommates, brought in a $30 million Series B led by Goodwater Capital. And Mr Jeff, an on-demand laundry service startup, bagged a $12 million Series A.

9. Finally, Meet Caper, the AI self-checkout shopping cart

The startup, which makes a shopping cart with a built-in barcode scanner and credit card swiper, has revealed a total of $3 million, including a $2.15 million seed round led by First Round Capital .

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Chris Soules: Cops Obtain Search Warrant For Blood Test Results& Getaway Vehicle


Looks like police is preparing for a fight.

Even though Chris Soules has

TMZ reports officers have obtained a search warrant for the red-faced Chevy the former Bachelor star supposedly left the vistum in after checking Mosher’s pulse and calling 911.

However, the accident occurred Monday, and any booze found in the Chevy would be irrelevant since there would be no way to prove that it had been in private vehicles during the accident.

The approvals too want the performance of the Chris’ blood alcohol research taken at research hospitals hours after the incidents. This too, nonetheless, may substantiate not so helpful, as Chris refused to come out of his palace until police got a search warrant. Thus, his blood alcohol stages would not accurately depict what was in his organization at the exact time of the crash.

We’ll preserve you updated.

[ Image via WENN .]

Is anyone actually desperate to ensure Solo: A Star Wars Story?


The Han Solo prequel is one Star Wars movie we dont truly involve. No wonder excitement ranks around it are unexceptional, to say the least

This week marks the liberate of a new Star Wars movie, focusing on arguably the most loved persona in its own history of the franchise- swashbuckling planetary bad-boy Han Solo. Everything about Solo: A Star Wars Story advocates it was appropriate to steaming into cinema on the back of a shriek publicity develop, but that’s not so. Compared with the rabid love anticipation that preceded The Force Awakens in 2015 and last year’s divisive The Last-place Jedi, the publicity build-up to Solo is softened, like Chewbacca with a sore throat.

This is almost certainly, in part, a side effect of apprehension. Solo has been a profoundly distressed movie throughout its make, with rumours of on-set commotion. Original filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, good known for The Lego Movie, were ousted from their director’s chairs in June 2017, having spent another six months shooting. Ron Howard was brought in to ease the film over the finishing line and reports hint he reshot much of information materials. There were also very concerned about Alden Ehrenreich‘s depicting of Han Solo. Lucasfilm hired an acting tutor to improve Ehrenreich’s performance, introducing it more in accordance with Harrison Ford’s take over the character.

Personnel changes and a tempestuous behind-the-scenes fib have thrown gloom over the make. It immediately recalls the situation with Ant-Man, from which Edgar Wright stepped aside in 2014, more than a decade after he firstly wrote a medication. He was replaced by Peyton Reed and, when the cinema was exhausted, a narrative immediately emerged, with scant exhibit, that all of the good situations about the movie were the work of Wright, while all its bland Marvel cliches were down to Reed.

Watch the trailer for Solo: A Stars Wars Story

With Solo, the abhorrence guides deeper. Star Wars devotees object to this movie on principle. Much of the controversy around The Last Jedi revolved around Rian Johnson’s willingness to kill his favorites and make bold revisions to the mythology of the series. In a same lane, devotees consider Ford’s portrayal of the roguish outlaw sacrosanct. To trade in Ford’s craggy expression for a younger model being equal of throwing the Millennium Falcon a trendy new cover responsibility and an obtrusive back spoiler.

Then there’s the issue of franchise fatigue. Solo arrives fewer than six months from The Last-place Jedi and is the fourth Star Wars movie in as many years, after a 10 -year wait before The Force Awakens. The novelty and goodwill that helped The Force Awakens and, to an extent firstly spin-off Rogue One, has predominantly faded to nothing- particularly among followers who considered The Last-place Jedi sacrilege.

There is no appetite for a new Star Wars film so soon- particularly given the demographic make-up of the franchise’s fans. The age of the original Star Wars tales symbolizes this series skews older than current superhero escapades. While the core teenage gathering for the Marvel Cinematic Universe think nothing of watching three or four near-identical movies every year, that’s not true for their parents. For them, Solo: A Star Wars Story is not an happen. In that appreciation, Solo’s position is awkward. The film is very fraught with potential humiliation to appeal to its younger audience, who have followed its tumultuous production online, and the very early handout could be seen as overkill by older devotees.

Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Image: Jonathan Olley/ Lucasfilm

Since the Disney incarnation of Star Wars arrived in 2015, cinemas from the franchise have benefited enormously from a liberation during the joyful season- away from everything other than move Harry Potter spin-offs and, in 2017, the amaze juggernaut of The Greatest Showman. There’s no such clear opening for Solo, positioned at the heart of summer blockbuster season- a few months after Avengers: Infinity War and precisely over a few weeks after Deadpool 2. Blockbuster-fatigued moviegoers, who have recently shelled out for two large-hearted movies, may not reflect likely to open their purses yet again for a project that has a aroma of car-crash about it.

Solo will more likely be a decent-sized box-office success, and early revaluations advocate reports of its inventive fatality ought to have exaggerated. But there is a feeling that something has been lost. The secrete of a brand-new Star Wars movie have all along supported one particular occult, as if the galaxy far, far away is the last neighbourhood that retains the gleam of pure, unfiltered happening cinema. With Solo, that sheen is beginning to dull, as another of Ford’s most iconic movies would say, like tears in rain.

Daimler brings in the truck equivalent of Tesla’s Autopilot


Freightliner Cascadia is Daimler's most autonomous truck.
Image: Daimler AG

Daimler trucks are going autonomous — eventually.

For now, Level 2 (L2) partial automation will have to suffice. The vehicle company behind Mercedes-Benz cars announced Monday at CES 2019 that its new Freightliner Cascadia big-rig will include higher levels of robotic driving. The semi-autonomous trucks will start production in July in North America. It’s not fully self-driving, but it’s pushing the trucking industry deeper into an autonomous mode. 

Truck CEO Martin Daum admitted he was skeptical of autonomous capabilities back in 2015, when Daimler unveiled its Freightliner Inspiration autonomous concept truck. Now he sees Level 4 autonomy (full autonomy in most situations, climates, and environments) coming to trucks within the decade.

For Daimler, L2 means trucks that can self-steer, accelerate, and decelerate on their own. It builds on auto braking and other advanced driver assistance systems already on Daimler’s trucks. Adaptive cruise control can bring the truck to a full stop at 0 mph. 

Blind spot detection warns drivers about other cars, while auto-braking capabilities can stop on a dime when a pedestrian or other object crosses in front of the cab. Collision warnings flag drivers with info from bumper-mounted radar and front-facing cameras. If after an alert the driver doesn’t do anything, the car takes over. A drifting truck without a turn signal on will trigger a rumble warning and pulls the car back into the lane. 

There are a variety of little things that can’t be overlooked, like automatic wipers and headlights in inclement and wet weather and auto high-beam adjustments. 

At the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, a test-only Cascadia drove down the public road and showed how these things work in real-life situations. It’s still very much driver-dependent, but like Tesla’s Autopilot, these features help drivers relax a bit while remaining engaged. 

As the driver took his hands off the wheel, the truck stayed in its lane, and with adaptive cruise control it continued along at 55 mph without a foot on the pedal. Eventually a visual warning came on to grab the wheel and then started beeping when it took too long. When the car in front started slowing down and eventually stopped, the truck slowed on its own down to 0 mph. 

A bicyclist, then a pedestrian, appeared in the driver’s blind spot – sure enough, the truck beeped and warned the driver. 

The specs, improvements, and advanced driving systems on the truck are impressive, but these details are part of the bigger picture that trucking is an ideal platform for improving automated driving for all vehicles. With long stretches of monotonous driving and busy urban settings for delivery, trucks can absolutely benefit from automation. What companies like Daimler learn on the road eventually trickles down to the everyday cars non-truckers drive, too.

Daimler didn’t mention any competition, but others are racing to automate trucking. The infamous Uber/Waymo engineer who founded self-driving trucking company Otto before he was fired at Uber just announced another new company building self-driving software for trucks. After a legal battle with Google’s Waymo, Uber dropped its plans for self-driving trucks last year.

Tesla has its Semi, which CEO Elon Musk certainly wants to put his semi-autonomous Autopilot program on and eventually make it more self-driving capable. Nikola, a Tesla competitor with an electric truck, could also benefit from autonomous features.

Then there’s Einride, the Swedish company, pushing for truly driverless electric trucks with a creative design. From the more traditional auto makers, Volvo is pushing the autonomous freight limits too, with its futuristic Vera design and other transport trucks.

But before a truly autonomous future is on the highways hauling our online deliveries, Daimler’s approach with partial autonomy is a strong start.

Read more: https://mashable.com/article/daimler-semi-autonomous-truck-cascadia-ces-2019/

Lord Harry is involved to Meghan Markle, Kensington Palace says


Another royal marry provided for next spring.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are participated and expected to marriage in springtime 2018, Kensington Palace announced through Harry’s father, Prince Charles, on Monday. The couple got engaged in London earlier this month after convening during the summer of 2016 through mutual friends.

“His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the commitment of Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle, ” the statement read. “His Royal Highness and Ms. Markle became primarily engaged in London earlier this month.”

It lent, “Prince Harry has informed Her Majesty the Queen and other close members of his family. Prince Harry has also striven and received such boon of Ms. Markle’s parents.”

The statement said the couple will live in Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace. Harry and Markle’s upcoming wedding will be the first grandiose imperial bridal since Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in 2011.

William and Kate, who is expecting her third child, said in a statement they are provoked for the couple, adding that “it has been wonderful to know Meghan and to see how joyous she and Harry are together.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are set to be married this spring. ( Reuters)

Markle’s mothers, Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland, also issued a statement saying they were “incredibly happy for Meghan and Harry.”

“Our daughter has always been a kind and cherishing person. To learn her union with Harry, who shares the same characters, is the cause of great pleasure for us as parents, ” they said in a statement by Kensington Palace.

Markle, excellent known for her capacity as Rachel Zane, an ambitious paralegal in the hit U.S. legal drama “Suits, ” fueled rumors that a move to London and an engagement were imminent when she packed up her belongings and moved out of her Toronto apartment last week after wrapping up filming for the line. Days afterwards, she was recognise in London Christmas shopping. It’s still unclear if she will return to “Suits” for the eighth season, but various reports indicated the seventh season was her last.

The couple has impeded their high profile tie-in mainly quiet and have made only one official image out together at the Invictus Games — a sporting episode for wounded service personnel that Harry led — in Toronto in September. They impounded mitts and smiled as they arrived for a tennis competition. Various days later, Harry was photographed kissing Markle on the neck as he met the actress and her mother in a luxury carton to watch the event’s closing ceremony.

The couple calmly dated for the first few months after fulfill until Kensington Palace substantiated the latter are the couple last-place November. But the word likewise came with a stern message to the press. The ruler pleaded for reporters to stop intruding on his girlfriend’s privacy. He criticized “outright sexism and racism” in some online remarks, and said some sections with “racial undertones” had traversed the line.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their action Monday. ( Reuters)

Markle surprised numerous parties when she shared her love for Harry in a September cover story for Vanity Fair. It was the first time she addressed her rapport publicly and called the lord her “boyfriend, ” saying: “We’re a couple. We’re in love.”

“At the end of the day I think it’s really simple … we’re two people who are really happy and in love, ” Markle said.

Markle acknowledged dating Harry “has its challenges, ” and that her life changed in a astonishingly fast rate.

“But I still have this support system all around me, and, of course, my boyfriend’s support, ” she lent. “Personally, I enjoy a great love story.”

Harry — once known for his “bad boy” antics, including being photographed playing airstrip billiards in Las Vegas — has largely won over the British world with his winning smile, his armed job and his devotion to benevolences aimed at helping disabled ex-servicemen and other causes. The 33 -year-old prince recently triumphed praise with his work campaigning for more openness about mental health questions. Speaking candidly about his personal struggle to is dealing with the loss of his mother, Princess Diana, when he was only 12, he encouraged others to talk about their own problems rather than keeping them bottled up inside.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will have the first magnificent imperial bridal since Prince Williams married Kate Middleton in 2011. ( AP)

Markle’s career has included small parts on TV serial including “Fringe, ” “CSI: Miami, ” “Knight Rider” and “Castle, ” as well as movies such as “Horrible Bosses.” Outside of playing, Markle founded a lifestyle blog announced TheTig.com( which closed down in April without explanation ), and has lent her fame status to humanitarian causes.

She has campaigned with the United Nation on equal opportunities, written in Time magazine about girls’ education and the stigma circumventing menstruation, and has traveled to Rwanda as world-wide representative for the benevolence World Vision Canada. She has described how her mother took her to the shanty of Jamaica to witness poverty first-hand, saying events like that determined her social consciousness and benevolence work.

Meghan Markle, right, watches the closing rite for the Invictus Game. ( Reuters)

To some degree that mirrors the experience of Harry, who was also inspired by his mother’s humanitarian work and cuddled the types of benevolences Diana favored in the last years of their own lives before her 1997 extinction in a Paris automobile crash.

Some tabloids had alluded to Markle’s mixed-race heritage, pointing out she has an African-American mother and a white father-god. Markle herself has spoken out about coming to words with being biracial — both growing up, and in her Hollywood career. In a March interview with Allure magazine, she said investigating hasten at college was “the first time I could apply a name to feeling extremely light-colored in the black parish and too mixed in the lily-white community.

“For castings, I was labeled` ethnically ambiguous’, ” she said.

Markle married film make Trevor Engelson in 2011, but the pair divorced 2 years later. It wouldn’t be first time that a British imperial has married an American — or a divorcee. In 1936, Edward VIII famously abdicated after he was forced to choose between the kingdom and his relationship with twice-divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

Katherine Lam is a breaking and veering word digital creator for Fox News. Follow her on Twitter at @bykatherinelam

Cardi B Can Rap But She Can’t Drive In ‘Carpool Karaoke’


Cardi B requires no rap lessons ― but it looks like she could use a few pointers on how to drive a car in her “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden.

In a preview posted Thursday, the hip-hop star and “The Late Late Show” host brilliantly team on Cardi B’s Grammy-nominated “Bodak Yellow.” The recently separated Cardi B also took time to holler out the window, telling a group of kids to stay in school.

But if Cardi B, who reportedly does not have her driver’s license, wants to drive her 5-month-old daughter to school someday, she’s going to need to practice.

Watch what we mean above.

Cardi B’s “Carpool Karaoke” will air Monday on “The Late Late Show.”

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Venus Williams tames opposing nearly half her age to lead American bill


Venus Williams is, at 37 years old, the oldest lady to play into the second week at Wimbledon since Martina Navratilova in 1994

Venus Williams is, at 37 years old, the oldest wife to reach the fourth round at Wimbledon since Martina Navratilova was the same age when she was the tournaments runner-up in 1994.

Williams trounced 19 -year-old Naomi Osaka of Japan 7-6( 3 ), 6-4 in the third round, and currently facing another 19 -year-old on Monday with a quarterfinal bunk at bet, Ana Konjuh of Croatia.

The 10 th-seeded Williams is a five-time champion at the All England Club.

Williams is one of four Americans remaining in the maids singles gathers, more than any other person. The others Coco Vandeweghe, Alison Riske and Shelby Rogers each play their third-round competitions on Saturday.

This is Williams first tournament since a two-car crash in Florida last month that police say she induced. A 78 -year-old man in the other vehicle, Jerome Barsons, croaked about two weeks later. On Friday, it was revealed private vehicles involved in the incident could be examined by experts next week.

The Palm Beach Post has pointed out that lawyers representing Williams and the family Barsons agreed at a Friday court hearing on how they will examine the cars, which are being held at a tow ground. The attorneys agreed to exchange data downloaded from the onboard computer systems in their clients vehicles. The data could provide details such as the vehicles rate and braking in the seconds before the 9 June crash.

Barsons succumbed 23 June and his estate is suing Williams. Palm Beach Plot police say Williams drove her Toyota SUV into the path of the Hyundai sedan driven by Barsons wife. Williams has not been cited or charged.