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The astonishing disappearing act of Beto O’Rourke


#Betomania became #Betofatigue in six short months can the Texas Democrat rise again and see voters what type of president hed be?

When Beto O’Rourke travelled to Yosemite in California to unveil his $ 5tn plan on climate change, a ruffle of amaze traversed America. How did the towering white-hot person with the funny first name known for his punk past, Beatnik road trip-ups and fondness for campaigning atop counters get to be the first Democratic candidate to exclaim on the crisis of our age?

This wasn’t the O’Rourke that the country had grown used to during his battle with Ted Cruz last November for a US Senate seat. Then, the Texas Democrat had propelled himself to within three percentage points of victory, and with it national fame, by making viral discussions about NFL actors takinga knee and by instilling hope through a feel-good but instead wishy-washy call to unity.

Now here he was framed against the attractivenes of Yosemite Falls, delivering a granular plan of action worthy of the most nerdish policy wonk. Coming from a politician from oil-rich Texas who has been criticised for his track record on fossil fuel, his proposals for the largest 10 -year investment in history and a goal of net-zero releases by 2050 caught many off guard.

” We were agreeably astounded ,” said David Turnbull of the climate advocacy radical Oil Change US.” When you accompany person like Beto O’Rourke calling for the elimination of fossil fuel aids and an extremity to fossil fuel leasing on public territories- that’s moving in the right direction .”

There was another group of people hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the Yosemite announcement that day- O’Rourke himself and his squad of safarus consultants. They have been battling with one of the great magical riddles of the early period of the 2020 presidential election.

That is: the astonishing disappearing act of Beto O’Rourke.

Beto O’Rourke listens to environmental proposes on 29 April 2019, in Yosemite national park, California. Photograph: Marcio Jose Sanchez/ AP

Like Houdini, O’Rourke has disappeared from figurehead of stage to a whiff of fume in six short months. #Betomania morphed into #Betofatigue, seemingly overnight.

Look back on the events of 7 November 2018, when he delivered his agreement speech, having lost to Cruz in a jam-packed sports stadium in El Paso, and “youre seeing” the compare. At that time he was lauded as the politician who are likely do the hopeless: challenge a virulent Republican like Ted Cruz in a solid red nation like Texas and is consistent with an inch of victory.

Next stop Donald Trump? But from the moment he launched his presidential bid in March, he has been fighting. Those very qualities that had been the recipe of his relative success in Texas unexpectedly became liabilities.

His charming ways and good looks were thrown back in his face as lily-white privilege. That wasn’t helped where reference is threw Vanity Fair a gift of a one-liner on the eve of launching-” Man, I’m just endure to be in it”- that constructed many Democrats wince.

The mere decision to run for the White House was interpreted as chutzpah. As the Daily Beast callously put it:” Reacting to losing to Ted Cruz by guiding for chairperson is like failing to land a role in a community theater production and deciding to take your abilities to Broadway .”

In the latest poll from Quinnipiac university, O’Rourke is sucking a glum 5% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters. He is being outgunned on 10% by Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who has stolen much of his thunder.

” We’ve seen Mayor Pete take the lead in the newcomer district ,” said Quinnipiac’s Peter Brown who prophesied worse to come.” We’ve got 18 months to go and I gambling this is gonna be other fresh faces taking the spotlight .”

So what happens next to O’Rourke now that the spotlight has swung away from him? Can he complete the Houdini trick and make a reappearance? And if he was able to, what kind of potential president would he present to the American beings?

‘He was always extremely focused’

Examining those questions, it quickly becomes clear that all roads Beto lead to El Paso. That’s the dusty, sunbaked frontier municipality in Texas where he was born Robert Francis O’Rourke in 1972.

His father, Pat, was a businessman and judge, and his mother, Melissa, moved a furniture accumulation. They were comfortably off and formed part of the white middle class elite in a city that is 80% Latino.

O’Rourke’s resists have tried to depict his youth as one of fecklessness and debauchery. Rightwing pundits like to poke him for the identify “Beto”, claiming it is a conceit designed to suggest that he has Latino beginnings, which he does not.

They also point to a drunk-driving episode in 1998, his teenaged flirting with his punk party Foss and to the period when he struggled around in New York City working as a glorified maid. Reuters recently contributed to that pile of potential negative criticize textile with the revelation that O’Rourke had privately belonged to the prominent “hactivist” group Cult of the Dead Cow.

But those who have known O’Rourke for years say they do not recognize this caricature of the bungle wildernes son from the border town. Take Maggie Asfahani, a scribe and El Paso restaurateur, who had a teenaged fiction with O’Rourke when he was at an all-male boarding school in Virginia.

Asfahani clearly recalls their firstly encounter in an El Paso plaza when he was back on holiday. Her memory instantaneously makes to rest any suggestion that ” Beto ” was an adult affectation.” I’d imagined this Mexican kid, given the name, but there was this really tall white guy. I can categorically dismiss all that speculation- he was’ Beto’ at least since I’ve known him in “schools ” .”

Asfahani can also, incidentally, put to rest any scurrilous talk about a much photocopied photo of O’Rourke flanked by his Foss bandmates in which he wears a long floral dress.

” I want to put one over the record, that is my dress he’s wearing ,” she said.” There’s nothing particularly complicated about it- we were all hanging out, and someone thought it would be funny if we swopped clothes, girl children and people. That was all, only being different .”

What struck Asfahani then as now was something that’s been lost amid the presidential chatter – his seriousness.” He was always extremely focused. He was this furiously intelligent, strange person who was into things, ever wanting to learn things, ever with a journal in his hands .”

Asfahani remains in touch with O’Rourke to this day. She contemplates the flak he has taken over unearned right since he entered the 2020 hasten, based on her knowledge of the man, has been unfair.

” It impresses me he is finding his room on the national stage ,” she said.” He’s being open and honest and susceptible, hoping people is in relation to that and view themselves in it. That’s not a glitch: it has been his personality since I’ve known him .”

‘He learned how to take vitality from crowds’

O’Rourke’s entry into politics followed his return to El Paso, the prodigal son, at age 26. Having been largely away since his teens, he re-engaged with the city, setting up Stanton Street, an internet firm combined with a short-lived alternative newspaper.

His political intuitions modelled around his ambitions for El Paso, which in the late 90 s was economically depressed and suffered by a brain drain of young people. O’Rourke forged a bail with four friends who came to be known as the Progressives, one of whom, Veronica Escobar , now occupies the El Paso congressional accommodate vacated by O’Rourke.

” What motivated him was the idea that El Paso didn’t have to settle for being a low-key, down-at-heel city which was fine with exporting its offsprings ,” said Bob Moore, former writer of El Paso Times who has known O’Rourke since his return in 1998.

The Progressives’ aspirations for their metropolitan preceded all four friends to stand for local bureau. All four won, with O’Rourke to intervene in the El Paso city council in 2005.

Moore recalls that in his political infancy O’Rourke section a paradoxically diffident flesh for a guy now playing for the White House.” By nature he’s a deeply private person. He was very awkward when he first ranged for role, awkward in huge radicals. Then he learned how to take vigor from crowds, and that has changed him .”

Despite such initial reticence, O’Rourke championed some radical and highly contentious causes. He became a passionate advocate of legalization of marijuana long before it was de rigueur, authoring a journal with fellow Progressive Susie Byrd, Dealing Death And Drugs, that quarrelled powerfully that the US war on doses was a disaster for both sides of the US-Mexican border.

He also fought to extend health benefits to unmarried and same-sex partnership with city workers, then a hot potato in heavily Catholic El Paso.

You will hear O’Rourke projecting his track record on marijuanas and LGBT privileges on the presidential campaign trail. You are much less likely to catch any reference to a third controversy that steadfast him as city councilor, and still does to this day: the redevelopment of downtown El Paso.

The plan to revitalize downtown with a brand-new sports arena, Walmart and other facilities preceded O’Rourke’s time on members of the security council, having been initiated in 2004. But he cuddled it keenly.

Beto O’Rourke saunters with his wife, Amy Hoover Sanders, and his three children, Ulysses, Henry and Molly in El Paso on 6 November 2018. Photograph: Paul Ratje/ AFP/ Getty Images

His involvement became problematic for two main reasons. The first was his family ties to the mastermind behind the proposal, multi-millionaire real estate magnate William Sanders. Months after O’Rourke connected the council, he married Amy Sanders and William Sanders became his father-in-law.

The downtown project was a private-public partnership. The private line-up involved a civic organization called the Paso del Norte Group, PDNG, which Sanders set up with some of his super-wealthy friends from El Paso.

Controversy erupted when it emerged that O’Rourke was also a member. Did his position, with one foot in the private PDNG side of the deal and another on the public council side, amount to a conflict of interest? He was slapped with an ethics complaint, later dismissed.

O’Rourke initially voted in the council to go ahead with the increase strategy, but as local fight developed he recused himself from various key votes. Further cries of foul play pitched on him in 2012, when O’Rourke made an insurgent’s bid to depose the incumbent Congressman for El Paso, Silvestre Reyes.

A company owned by Sanders contributed $40,000 to a Republican-backedSuper Pac that invested in attack ads against Reyes, contributing to O’Rourke’s underdog victory and sacrificing him a leg-up to Washington.

In a recent interrogation with the American Prospect, O’Rourke disavowed any conflict relating to his father-in-law. Sanders” did it the standard rules that he religiously followed, never to talk politics”, he said.

But the Sanders connection still chafes with activists opposed to the downtown scheme such as David Romo, a guiding member of the primary dissent radical Paso del Sur. He said that O’Rourke’s connections to Sanders takes the radiance off his current claim that as a presidential campaigner he eschews big bucks and is running a ” people’s expedition “.

Romo told the Guardian that in his view O’Rourke’s role in the redevelopment sheds doubts concerning his 2020 candidacy.” What is true in El Paso is said that the solution to our national questions does not come from a multi-millionaire funded by billionaires who does their dictate .”

Romo is a celebrated historian of El Paso’s revolutionary past and as such is an articulate exponent of the second criticism leveled at O’Rourke over the redevelopment scheme- that he surfaced with gentrification despite the impairment it would foist on good Latino residents and historic El Paso.” He was the moderately face of ugly gentrification .”

O’Rourke denies that he backed with gentrifiers, contending his intention was to breathe new life into the dilapidated center of a major municipality. He did tell the American Prospect, though, that in hindsight he is of the view that he did” a really poor profession of listening to that review “.

‘He really does need to answer questions’

Similar controversy followed O’Rourke to Washington. Whether it originated from his innate pragmatism as a politician who tends to decide each edition as it comes rather than following dogma, or whether it was because of his roots in Texas, a state that has been dominated by Republicans for the past 20 years, his voting record in Congress was striking for the current lack of defendant purity.

Although El Paso veers overwhelmingly Democratic, a fivethirtyeight.com tracker shows that he voted 30% of the time in line with Trump. Compare that to his presidential rivals: Kamala Harris( 17% ), Bernie Sanders( 14%) or Elizabeth Warren( 13% ).

That didn’t matter much in his senatorial hasten last-place November. But then he was running against Ted Cruz, one of the most toxic rightwing senators who even fellow Republicans call ” Lucifer in the flesh “.

In that race he proved himself to have several of the qualities that might appeal to Democratic voters looking for a presidential nominee capable of beating Trump, first and foremost his ability to turn out the vote. He proved himself adept in charm to young people, African Americans, Latinos and suburban white dames- electoral groups all likely to play a crucial role in 2020 in deciding Trump’s fate.

But the road to the presidential nomination is proving to be a stonier path for O’Rourke than his road last year. By taking his expedition national he has moved on to much more fertile ground for a Democrat than the traditionally arid soil of Texas, hitherto it has come at the price of sharply intensified scrutiny.

Which accompanies O’Rourke back to his climate change announcement amid the splendour of Yosemite Falls. Fossil fuel activists may have been agreeably surprised by O’Rourke’s robust program, but that doesn’t mean they have forgotten that his relationship with the oil industry has been complicated.

He paused for weeks before agreeing to sign the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge in which candidates forego all subscriptions above $200 from Pacs, lobbyists and executives of fossil fuel fellowships. The assurance was particularly sensitive for O’Rourke, who according to Open Secrets accepted more contributions from oil and gas in 2018 than any congressional candidate other than Ted Cruz.

He has said his hesitancy was because of concerns for everyday employees in the industry who should be allowed to participate. The organizers of the pledge nonetheless was also emphasized that exclusively the donations of top bosses were excluded.

In the end, he did sign the pledge, two days after his Yosemite declaration.

Another sticking point is that O’Rourke voted twice in Congress to elevate a 40 -year ban on US exports of crude oil. He tried to justify the voting rights in October 2015, two months before the Paris Agreement on combating climate change was adopted by 195 people, by arguing that US crude was cleaner than that of other countries and” the oil that affords the current dominant mode of transportation will have to come from somewhere “.

The lifting of the ban has led to a massive spike in US crude exportations, from well under 1m barrels per day to more than 3m per period currently.” There’s been a hazardous and problematic an increasing number of the distillation of crude oil driven by exportations in the US. He genuinely does need to answer questions about that referendum ,” David Turnbull of Oil Change US said.

It all points to the steep uphill climb that Beto O’Rourke faces if he is to claw his room back into the Democratic spotlight. The Yosemite announcement made a solid start, introducing American voters to a more serious, focused politician than they had previously been shown.

Now the real scramble begins.

Don’t worry, a no-deal Brexit won’t be allowed to happen | Simon Jenkins


Even if Britain does leave on WTO patterns, life will go on, says Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins

Now they are talking car accidents. From Brussels comes Project Fear Mk II, a “preparedness” steer for Europe if there is no deal on Brexit. It is Brussels-speak for a terrorism red alerting. It reports such things as passports, air traffic control, financial sends, military bases, data protection, medicines licensing and all the border clutter we have spent half a century removing. Unlike the remainers’ bloodcurdling Project Fear in 2016, this is not an economic counterfeit predict. It is frontline world. It is Brexit as Grand Theft Auto.

Britain’s National Audit Office is is engaged in. This week it warned that, as of next March, Britons driving on the continent will need new domestic permitin the case of a no-deal Brexit. There must be monstrous laybys for traffic jams at Folkestone and staff for” huge administrative stalls “. Airbus and Rolls-Royce are already stockpiling saves against a new tariff regiman. AstraZeneca is stockpiling medications. Theresa May is touring the Irish border, like a field-marshal surveying trenches on the Somme.

Do we chortle or cry? I am still chuckling, only. The car-crash option is favoured by some leave ideologues. They are technically right that in March a no-deal UK would” crash out” of the EU and revert to World Trade Organization rules. Such anarchy has disruptive appeal to those careless of other people’s occupations, while” taking back authority of perimeters” would fulfill the leavers’ prime target of stricter immigration restrain. But the EU countenances no new deals with third-party countries, under WTO regulates or whatever, until the UK is out next year. In March, ports would rapidly clog up. The shift of people and tourism would plummet. It “couldve been” chaos, and even after that “new deals with the rest of the world” could not maybe compensate.

In reality, everyone well informed about Brexit agrees on what will really happen if there is no deal in March. Nothing will change. Planes will stop flying. Boats will hinder loading. Channel Tunnel officials will curve vehicles through. Prescribes will go out to keep moving, and await further instructions. Beings at the coalface of the European economy cannot render the posturing, vanity and sillines of the Brexit parliament this past week. They have lives to live and mouths to feed. A closed frontier with the EU , not least in Ireland, would be like closing the Berlin Wall after it had reopened. There would be riots. That is why crashing out would not mean hard-handed Brexit, but preferably remain in all but call. When Brexit fantasy thumps practical reality, actuality will win.

Hard Brexit was surely put to bed by Boris Johnson’s resignation speech in the Commons the coming week, a confection of negativity and verbosity. He offered no “frictionless” alternative to a customs union with the rest of Europe. The UK may be leaving the EU- for which I believe there is something to be said- but it clears no sense to make trade barriers between an island and its neighbouring continent. Britain has invested a century moving in the opposite direction. Even in the 1950 s, when it dreamed of a greater imperial marketplace, it assembled Europe’s free trade zone, predecessor of the present European Economic Area. Hard Brexit is flat-Earthism.

The failure of the House of Commons this week to vote in favour of a customs union, as opposed to May’s botched Chequers plan, was a lost possibility. Johnson might call the plan a” fantastical Heath Robinson arrangement”, but that was because May reformed it to triumph his support. It is his demerit. She should not have riled. As a cause, the opportunity to negotiate a customs union in Brussels from a united, bipartisan basi with Labour was scuppered.

The public was promised Brexit, which, as May preserves saying, makes Brexit. That is happening. It was too promised frictionless craft, which intends frictionless. That is achievable simply under a customs union and single market.

As a result of the current shamblings, the new Brexit minister, Dominic Raab, must go to Brussels to negotiate “frictionless” according to the principle of Chequers , not a simple customs union. The gap is over agreeing tariff collection and regulatory adjustment on trading standards. This is all but trivial. Even if the UK were to go for hard Brexit, trade with the EU would still need some these agreements, as would the much-vaunted, predominantly fantasy, deals with the rest of the world. Talk of Chequers as “vassalage” is outlandish. Taking back self-control of swap was always making a mountain of a molehill.

The outcome of Raab’s talks will be messier than were he negotiating on the basis of remaining in the EEA. But the end has to be the same. There may be more bloodletting onward but, come the autumn, I am sure the authorities concerned will all be in sight of the Norway option. Whatever may one day be agreed on migration- still Brexit’s hard core and still to be negotiated- a customs union between the nations of Europe cannot be avoided.

Prudent government should ever be on guard against car disintegrates. It is not scaremongering to scrutinize the fenders and check the airbags. But a crash on Brexit will not happen, and even though it is it did, the outcome would not be” crashing out” of Europe but preferably gate-crashing in. The UK is going to leave the EU next spring. That is principle. But no one was asked if they wanted to leave Europe’s economic community. We were promised frictionless. If Westminster’s midsummer madness does lead to a car crash, so be it. In the longer run it will build no gap. Keep laughing.

* Simon Jenkins is a Guardian columnist

Tiger Woods Fast Facts


( CNN) Here’s a look at one of the most successful golfers in history, Tiger Woods.

Birth place: Cypress, California

Birth name: Eldrick Tont Woods

Other Knowledge: Timeline:

If Trump acquittals Jack Johnson it won’t be for his contribution to black America


The enormous heavyweight champ stood up to white America. But the presidents interest in the case isnt due to civil rights

A few weeks ago, Sylvester Stallone called Donald Trump with a suggestion: why not grant a posthumous pardon to Jack Johnson, the first blacknes heavyweight champion? Given the left-field nature of the relevant recommendations, there’s a good chance the president may actually go through with it.

Johnson reigned from 1908 -1 915, though in the opinion of numerous boxing experts, he was the best heavyweight in the nations of the world for a much longer period. And as documentarian Ken Burns says in his 2004 movie, Unforgivable Blackness:” For more than 13 times, Jack Johnson was the most famous and the most notorious African American on Earth .”

Johnson was born in 1878- or some time around then, there are no surviving records- and grew up in Galveston, Texas, a town, for the time and place at least, loosened on ethnic concerns. He played with white minors, unaware of the restrictions he would face in the outside world as he changed older. It’s a testament to his persuasivenes of will that when he was confronted by those frontiers in later life, he simply discounted them.

When Johnson became rich enough to afford vehicles, he raced them down public streets, and when stopped by white police, flogged out some invoices from his wallet and “ve told them” to “keep the change.” According to a narrative which has never been verified, Henry Ford afforded Johnson a brand-new gondola every year, assuming that when he was pulled over for accelerate, a photo of a grinning Johnson beside his glossy new Ford would appear in newspapers across the country.

It was the same story in the ring. He teased and razzed his white adversaries, mocked his black contestants, realise his own deals without white managers, flaunted his success in public, and, most shocking of all to both blacks and whites, wooed and married white-hot dames, abusing at least one of them.

Though Johnson was undeniably brilliant in the ring, he was far from the Colin Kaepernick or Muhammad Ali of his period. When he stood up to white America- something that took immense personal courage- it was to help himself rather than African Americans as a whole. He uttered no show solidarity with other color Americans and even took agonies to distance himself from their spokesmen. As Paul Beston writes in his superb history of the American heavyweight division, The Boxing Kings, “[ WEB] DuBois and[ Booker T] Washington is accepted that a pitch-black human in the public eye had broader responsibilities to the race. Johnson didn’t think so.’ I have found no better way of eschewing racial prejudice ,’ he wrote,’ than to act in my relations with parties of other hastens as if prejudice did not exist .’ Individualism was his creed .” Simply employed, Johnson lived a doctrine as free from identity politics as a Fox News commentator.

His victories wreaked pride to millions of African Americans but the wins over lily-white fighters likewise sparked race rampages in which perhaps hundreds of men and women were injured and more than a few died( at least 20 reported killed after his 1910 fighting against the beloved former champ Jim Jefferies ). But Johnson took no agonies to tranquilize the perturbed seas he had stimulated.

In the 2004 profile, Unforgivable Blackness( a attendant part to the Ken Burns documentary ), Geoffrey Ward criticized the narrative of Johnson as a role model for black activists.” He never seems to have been interested in collective action of any kind. How could he be when he saw himself always as a unique someone apart from everyone else ?”

Despite his suffering at the handwritings of a prejudiced boxing organisation, Johnson did little to help other pitch-black fighters. He neglected challenges from the other great blacknes heavyweights of his period, specially the three men who numerous regarded as the uncrowned champion, Sam Langford( the pair had fought before Johnson won the heavyweight name, with the much larger Johnson said to have won readily ). Instead, he campaigned well-known white boxers. Johnson was a far superior boxer than the vast majority of white boxers he routinely thump, even when umpires and bunches to fight against him. That riled white-hot America, which was determined to take him down. In 1913, the bigots replaced. After relentless investigations into his relationships with white ladies, Johnson was imprisoned( by an all-white jury) of flouting the Mann Act, bringing a prostitute across commonwealth lines in a decidedly precarious occurrence.

As Jesse Washington wrote on The Undefeated:” The first pitch-black heavyweight champion was wrongfully jailed a century ago by racist authorities who is currently outraged by his eradication of lily-white boxers and his relationships with white dames .” Johnson instantly fled to Europe where, he said, he would be treated” like every human being “. He returned back to US in 1920 and provided 10 months of his one-year sentence.

Jack Johnson’s marriage to a lily-white girl, Etta Duryea, scandalized much of America. Photograph: Ullstein Bild/ ullstein bild via Getty Images

In 1927 Johnson publicized a memoir, In The Ring and Out, which was surprisingly well received. With the book, Johnson, in effect, published his own lore. In 1946 he was driving to New York to watch a Joe Louis fight- Johnson, resentful of the second black man to win the heavyweight name, scoffed Louis’s the capabilities and experienced enticement him from ringside. Johnson disintegrated his Ford into a light-footed spar near Raleigh, North Carolina- after apparently leaving a dinerthat refused to serve him because of his race- and was declared dead at 68.

That was the end of an amazing life, but not of the Johnson legend. Twenty years after his death, in an era of burgeoning black consciousness, Johnson was hoisted as the kind of hero he never aspired to in life. In 1967, Howard Sackler’s play, The Great White Hope , realized its introduction. It starred a perfectly cast James Earl Jones as Jack Jefferson, a just disguised sketch of Johnson, and in 1970 the play was adapted into a much admired movie. A year later, the coolest boy on the planet, Miles Davis, exhausted Jack Johnson( later reissued as A Tribute to Jack Johnson) as the soundtrack for a documentary.

Unless, that is, the coolest male on countries around the world was Muhammad Ali. Ali sometimes reverberated as if he thought he was the reincarnation of the first blacknes champ:” I am Jack Johnson !” he was fond of saying. But Ali was far more than that. He was persecuted for his association with the Nation of Islam- then known as the Black Muslims- and for his political judgments, especially his refusal to be inducted into the armed forces during the Vietnam War on moral fields. Johnson wouldn’t have come within a mile of the Black Muslims. And if the US government had tried to draft him during a campaign, he’d have left the country rather than face the consequences.

Over the years numerous politicians have swum the concept of posthumously reprieving Johnson, most recently Senator John McCain. Johnson did get a bum rap on the Mann Act, but the Jack Johnson whose brand Republican want to “save” is the Johnson attribute of The Great White Hope, the man anointed by Davis and Ali.

And why a excuse for Johnson now? Perhaps wisely, Barack Obama took a second pass in 2015( the first was in 2009) when Congress approved a greenback which included a resolution to pardon Johnson. As Jesse Washington observed,” Exonerating Johnson would have opened Obama up to ethnic repercussions unique to the firstly pitch-black president … Obama was focused on clemency for living victims of mass incarceration programmes, which disproportionately change the black community .” If Obama had pardoned Johnson, you can bet Fox News would have rejuvenated the real Johnson and screamed murderou murder.

So why has Trump decided to be Johnson’s savior? There is perhaps a feeling that Trump would use a pardon to score objects over Obama. Washington feels that” a acquittal would ply Trump with an opportunity to do something, albeit symbolic, about racial sin. Trump’s Justice Department is recreating the’ tough on crime’ public policies that developed the racially biased disaster of mass incarceration- the exact devastation that Obama tried to mitigate with both program and his huge number of commuted convicts .”

So should Johnson be reprieved? After all, the Mann Act rap on Johnson never had much credence. Gerald Early, chairman of Black American Studies at Washington University in St Louis and editor of, among other notebooks, The Muhammad Ali Reader, says:” I think it is fine to reprieve Johnson. It was patently a racially motivated prosecution that was done under a very poorly conceived portion of legislative measures. But there were other questionable or arguable prosecutions under the act that should be looked into as well, Chuck Berry’s for example. In as much the law is an example of federal overreach and has clearly not done well what it was claimed to be trying to do- namely, protect women against being prostituted- probably many who were incarcerated under the act should be excused .”

When Louis lost his first fight with Schmeling in 1936 in New York, African American souls openly wept on the streets of Harlem; some suffered heart attack listening to the fight on the radio. The African American singer Lena Horne, performing at a squad that night, broke down when she sounds the report. Her mother censured her,” You don’t even know the man .” Horne replied that she didn’t have to know him:” He belongs to all of us .”

And so Louis does, then and now. Much more so than Johnson, who never truly belonged to anyone but himself. Maybe, in Johnson, Donald Trump attends a kindred spirit.

‘ We’re never going to bed ‘: juveniles rewrite the house rules


Sweets for breakfast, pillow fightings on request, and no tidy up … what happened when three houses make the kids call the shots for a few weeks?

‘The house has the airless discombobulation of a student house in the 90 s, the day after a big night out on ecstasy ‘: Decca Aitkenhead

Three hours in, I feel weightless, virtually giddy. I’m lying on the sofa with my boys, chewing chocolate, watching telly, and it is no exaggeration to say that I am having the time of my life. For the first time in eight and a half times, I am not in charge. This exotic superstar of relaxation is totally unfamiliar- and yet budges a distant recollection of who I used to be.

The kids-in-charge experiment began at 1pm, and I can’t believe how well it’s going. In truth I’d been dreading it, braced for bloodbath, but so far it has been nothing but fun. At 1.01 pm the boys had hastened to the bakery and expended PS10 on cakes, before charging on up the road for lunch in McDonald’s. I’m very much enjoying the absence of washing-up, and curious to see what they will eat next.

Jake proposes a trip to the corner shop for funds. I move along the pavement beside him, laughing at his jokes; his mood is unrecognisably effervescent, fizzing with ingenuity, and I tell him he’s on cracking shape. He halts and turns to me, his phrase unexpectedly earnest.

” But don’t you envision? This is the real me. Your rules construct me disappear ,” and he shrinks, hunching his shoulders and reaping his wrists together as if cuffed.” But our rules have unleashed the real me ,” and he bounces off into the shop.

Jake and Joe’s rules

Decca isn’t allowed to say no
No baths
Hourly nutrient fight
Unlimited screens
No bedtime
Decca has to play Laser Tag when we want
Unlimited sugaries and crispies and chocolates and fizzy drinks
Decca “re going to have to” disco dance when we want
Email Donald Trump every 10 hours to insult him
We are allowed to get competitions on Decca’s phone
Allowed to swear
Unlimited liquid fights
Worst table manners
No vegetables
Allowed to jump on Decca’s bed, to play on a Wii and to pee-pee on the bathroom tush Sarfraz Manzoor with his wife Bridget and daughter Laila. Photograph: David Vintiner for the Guardian Watch more Tv

Have Mummy and Daddy both speak to me at bedtime

No arguing

Daddy not to be addressed by his phone at dinnertime

Breakfast of Coco Pops

Dinner of fish thumbs, chips and peas

Bedtime when I require

Daddy singing songs from Matilda at bedtime

No tidying up Clover with her five children( from left) Dash, Jimmy, Evangeline, Lester and Dolly. Photograph: David Vintiner for the Guardian A promote anywhere, any time Weekly category competitions night

Themed dinner every night- Mexican, Indian, etc

Constant supply of chocolate cereal

We decide bedtime

A teen crashed their car doing the


Someone needs to rift the subject .
Image: Getty Persona

By now, you’ve heard about the egg, which beaten a photo of Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi, on Sunday as the most-liked post on Instagram.

But who did the egg? Whose dumb but eventually successful opinion was this?

Here’s what we know even further 😛 TAGEND

1. The egg history holder goes by “Henrietta.”

Henrietta is, according to each of these reports from BuzzFeed News, a “chicken from the British countryside.”

2. The detail owner, however, claims to live in London.

“I’m an individual living in London, ” the account incumbent told The Independentearlier the coming week . They also revealed that they only have 400 followers on their personal Instagram account.

Sources close to Mashable have also independently confirmed that the egg is a man who lives in the London area.

3. The egg’s name is Eugene, allegedly.

In some interrogations, the detail owner goes by the name Eugene, bypassing the whole “Henrietta” schtick entirely.

4. The person who did the egg was participating in dry January at the time.

Nothing spawns clevernes like abruptly not drinking.

5. Fan of the egg are called the “Egg Gang.”


6. The egg detail follows 928 reports and two hashtags.

The hashtags are #WSHH — WorldStarHipHop — and #FatBoySSE, who is a rapper from New Jersey.

7. Supreme Patty is a suspect.

So far, the only public figure to have implied responsibility for the egg is Supreme Patty, an Instagram star who inhales red-hot sauce and is known for squeezing lemon juice into his own seeings. While Patty didn’t claim he did the egg outright, one of his friends did “ve said” in a TMZ interview.( This is, of course, to be taken with a lemon-sized grain of salt .)

For what it’s worth, we do not reckon Supreme Patty did the egg. It’s more likely that he’s precisely capitalizing on the large-scale meme of the moment. He did get an egg tattoo, though, so kudos on committing to the bit. And the egg does follow him on Instagram.

We’ve reached out to Supreme Patty and will modernize this upright if we sounds back.

8. Okay, the egg note says it’s not Supreme Patty.

In an Instagram story posted on Tuesday, @world_record_egg claimed the TMZ story was bogus. “We’re still anonymous. Fake news, ” they wrote.

Image: Instagram

So we guess it’s not Supreme Patty. Stay carolled for more egg updates.

This storey is developing …

UPDATE: Jan. 16, 2019, 1:34 p.m. ET This narrative was updated to include information regarding the egg’s Instagram Story as well as the hashtags it follows.

UPDATE: Jan. 17, 2019, 10:03 a.m. ET This legend was updated to confirm the egg’s city of residence.

Chris Evans and others sound off against CGI casting of James Dean


( CNN) More than six decades after his death, James Dean has been “cast” in a new cinema and some people are angry about it.

Magic City Films, the production firm behind the film, announced that it had obtained rights to use Dean’s image from his estate and using CGI technology would include actual footage and photos of Dean in the movie.

The “Rebel Without a Cause” actor died in a automobile disintegrate at the age of 24 in 1955.

‘Batwoman’ forges her own itinerary, but Batman’s legacy looms large-scale


Kate Kane( Ruby Rose) is finally forming her solo debut in the Arrowverse after her first appearance in the Elseworld crossover last year. But amid a fascinating rascal and worldbuilding, Batwoman still has some cricks to work through as it strivings to get out of the Batshadow hanging over it.

Batman does not appear at all in the CW’s Batwoman series premiere. The Caped Crusader split town three years before the beginnings of Batwoman under strange situations, but his absence looms large in Gotham. It’s almost akin to the beginning of Supergirl , which constantly alluded to Superman; as with Superman and Supergirl, Batman and Batwoman are also cousins. The major difference is that while Supergirl initially forbore from referring to Superman by name–the euphemism of” my cousin” was use a lot– Batwoman doesn’t shy away from the identify of Batman and Bruce Wayne.( Supergirl eventually cast Tyler Hoechlin to play Superman .)

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Batwoman/ DC Comics

To be fair, it’s kind of hard to ignore Batman totally in Gotham. Even three years after he faded, Gotham still keeps the Bat-signal lit while an upper-clas private security force called The Crows is presided over by Kate’s father Jacob( Dougray Scott) steps in to keep the city safe. But when the succession starts, it’s a bit difficult to separate the two because they’re so attached, although there are enough portions for Kate to eventually break out of her cousin’s shadow.

Despite their similarities such as a childhood family tragedy and their relative advantage in life, Kate isn’t just a reflect emulate of Bruce, although fragments of her backstory are familiar–at least in the sense that we’ve seen elements of them in superhero narrations before.

Kate lost her sister and mom in a auto gate-crash and, for years, accused Batman for not saving them along with her. She still has her leader, who eventually remarried. Kate invested 15 years away from Gotham training to join The Crows after being expelled from the Academy, but it’s still not enough. And a brand-new and strange villain’s appearance in the city, together with the captivate of someone from Kate’s past, sparks her return to Gotham. The first iteration of Batwoman’s clothing is even based on a version of Batman’s attire( that is different from the version we eventually examined in Elseworlds ), so same that people misstep her for Batman the first time they insure her in action.

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Batwoman/ DC Comics

She isn’t a chipper or rosy superhero. She’s shaped by her damage, both from losing her family and her papa pushing her away, and when she discovers the truth about Batman, her entire worldview smashes. She’s openly gay, which both has her unafraid to be herself and likewise leads to a coarse macrocosm that has yet to catch up with her. She’s stubborn and driven and isn’t about to let something like advanced technology stop her from her assignment. But she’s also instantly hiring as our entryway into this version of Gotham.

Oftentimes in the pilot, Batwoman is upstaged by Alice( Rachel Skarsten ), the new criminal in Gotham. With both Alice and her minions stylized after characters and mortals in Alice in Wonderland , Alice wreaks anxiety but also a gleeful, virtually Joker-like chaos to Gotham. While we might still be largely in the dark about what Alice’s bigger design is or her fixation on Kate, you can’t help but be drawn in.

Batwoman/ DC Comics

Some of the dialogue is incredibly cheesy and even groan-inducing, and not all of specific actions stages gel together just yet. Batwoman has a lot going for it, including the ability to build on the relationship between its central hero and villain and delving into how Kate Kane can forge her own identity as Batwoman, with Lucius Fox’s son Luke( Camrus Johnson) operating as a connector between the old and the new.

Batwoman has all of the parts to forge her own direction, but like Batwoman herself, you have to get through a few test runs before you really get the hang of it.

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Interview relaunch proves there’s life hitherto in high-end magazines


The news speaks to optimism at the glossiest point of publishing even as numerous deeds are struggling to get by

Four months ago, Interview magazine was closed down, relegated to the dumpster of pop culture memorabilia and detritus. Now Brant Publications has turned that decision and is set to embark on a contentious restoration of the entitlement with a September issue fronted by the transgender model Hari Nef.

The turnaround, or what might more precisely be described as a relaunch, is a rare creature in an manufacture where dozens of entitlements, from fashion to finance to plays, have closed down or are struggling to get by on diminishing advertising revenues and hoping to find buyers.

This month, Conde Nast, publisher of flagship entitles Vogue, Vanity Fair and the New Yorker, corroborated what it had long repudiated: that the way brochure W, Brides and Golf Digest are up for sale, part of a strategy to cut loss that contacted $120 m last year.

Executives said the company’s turn-around strategy, which predictions a return to profitability by 2020 and a $600 m lift to incomes two years after, hinged on reducing its dependence on advertising revenues and embracing the audience in brand-new and diversified methods, including business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing, and consulting services.

” We’ve invested in creating a data scaffold, an occasions business, and scaling our digital business ,” Conde Nast’s chief executive, Bob Sauerberg, told the Wall Street Journal .

Though recent strategic decisions, including an e-commerce venture that lost $ 100 m and abrupt changes in focus, have eroded confidence that the publisher can reform and maintain a lavish, aspirational aura, Sauerberg said the company would be able to manage existing rates while reshaping itself.

” I’m investing in a more diversified future. I’m doing necessarily tough things. But we have a blueprint ,” he included, informing there could be more layoffs as cost-cutting continues. But he made no mention of any customer or customers for the names- W was reportedly first put up for sale four years ago- suggesting that the new round of energetic cost-cutting and reform could be a prelude to the sale of the company itself.

Interview magazine closed down four months ago. Photograph: Getty Epitome

The Newhouse family, owned of Conde Nast through Advance Publishing, is in the process of restructuring its media assets.

In 2016, it completed on sales of the cable TV resource Bright House Networks for $11.4 bn in a cash-and-stock deal that sacrificed it a 13% stake in the cable companionship Charter Communications. Last-place month, through a 31% stake in Discovery Inc, the family accomplished a $14.6 bn acquisition of Scripps Networks Interactive, the owner of the Food Network.

But cable TV providers are facing concerns, too. They envisioned a record 3.7% drop in subscriptions to 94 m US households last year, while the number of cord-cutters- shoppers who have ever cancelled pay-TV service and do not re-subscribe- climbed 32.8% to 33.0 million adults.

Declines in the cable TV business do not compare with the collapse of magazine publishing receipts, nonetheless.

Newstand magazine circulation peaked in 2007, with the sales volume of $4.9 bn. A decade later that multitude had fallen to$ 2bn, according to the magazine wholesalers News Group.

Three major US newsstand publishers- Time Inc ., Rodale, and Wenner Media- disappeared, assimilated by Meredith Corp, Hearst Magazines and Penske Media, the publisher of Rolling Stone and recent recipient of $200 m investment stake from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund( PIF ).

The consolidation that leaves Kansas-based Meredith, which now extols itself the largest US magazine publisher, and Hearst in control of almost half of all US newsstand sales.

Despite hard times- publish advertise spending among the 50 largest advertisers descended $420 m last year, according to the Association of Magazine Media- Conde Nast’s long-awaited enunciation of a strategy, along with Anna Wintour as “indefinite” inventive director, Interview’s relaunch, and an expansion of Dow Jones’ WSJ Magazine, speak to a measure of optimism at the glossiest death of the publishing business.

” In the periodical sector as a whole there has been enormous over-supply problem, and why we’ve seen such a automobile disintegrate in the middle market where publicize has almost collapsed ,” says Douglas McCabe, an specialist at media research firm Enders.

” But high-end publications with a commitment to high-end editorial evaluates, well-heeled demographics and a high-end supply of advertising have been living in a much less volatile market ,” he says.

Despite the slow gait of digital development at the company online ad sales outshone publish for the first time this year.

‘ People who trust Vogue magazine, certainly trust it ,’ says an analyst. Photograph: Mario Testino/ US Vogue/ PA

McCabe believes that despite the ongoing deterioration of high-end magazine advertising in the near term, it is still in” more robust than is now being connoted “.

High-end advertisers are looking for the aspirational consumer, he says, and don’t find it through Google or Facebook.” The fall will be much smaller and much slower in high-end magazines where consumer interests can still be reached ,” he says.

Moreover, he says, the expensive failure of Conde Nast’s e-commerce participate style.com proved to the publisher industry it can’t were engaged in the retail field, as well as they know that they can’t compete with social media for traffic. At the same time, he says, luxury firebrands like Burberry” is also available exaggerating in their minds what the direct-to-consumer opportunity certainly looks like “.

” I is hypothesized that the large-scale luxury and fad labels will realise over the next 2 or three years that high-end publications are actually very important to them ,” McCabe considers.

But since customers have options, it realizes sense that publishers search a wider range of options to reach their firebrands’ core gathering, including events and various digital manifestations. The objective then is to turn magazines into strong labels with a publication component.

” People who trust Vogue periodical, truly trust it ,” McCabe says.” Peak social media has passed and people don’t trust it. So by switching programme is concentrated in their core reader, and not just how many millions they can reach, and then developing services to engage them in specific terms, there’s no reason why some, but not all, should do well .”

So Sad — Former NBA Player Rasual Butler& His Wife Leah LaBelle Killed In A Car Crash


This is gutting.

Former NBA actor Rasual Butler and his wife Leah LaBelle tragically died in a Studio City, CA car crash early Wednesday morning.

While little details have been secreted, TMZ is reporting the 38 -year-old lost restraint of his Range Rover around 2 a.m ., impres a parking meter, and threw into a wall which justification the car to flip.

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Butler played in the NBA until 2016 — joining the Heat, Hornets, Clippers, Bulls, Raptors, Pacers, Wizards and Spurs on the court during his professional career. Leah residence 12 th on the third Season of American Idol in 2004. She was an R& B singer signed to Epic Records.

We’re sending desire and light-headed to the couple’s family during this tragic time.

[ Image via Instagram .]