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Prince William in Paris on first official call since baby Diana’s death


British royal duo begin call to French capital in European tour to strengthen ties as Brexit looms

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in Paris on their first official call to the French capital the first time Prince William has been on royal responsibility in the city since his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a automobile disintegrate there virtually 20 years ago.

William and Catherine winged to the city on Friday in a private spurt from London and were driven to the Elyse Palace for a meeting with French chairperson Franois Hollande. They were saluted on the steps of the palace by Hollande, who was flanked by two representatives from the Garde rpublicaine. After constituting for photographers, he extended them into the presidents residence.

The duchess was wearing the same dark-green Catherine Walker coat she had worn at an earlier engagement in the UK, but had let her hair down.

Before they left, the president took them outside into the gardens of the palace for a second photocall, ambling them down a sun-bathed terrace in front of the waiting cameras, stopping to chitchat sometimes as he pointed out components of interest.

The trip is part of a campaign of soft finesse is targeted at forging connects on the continent as Britain starts delicate and complicated Brexit negotiations.

An aide enunciated of the fit: They[ the imperial pair] are very grateful that the president has invited them to the Elyse Palace for a join at the very start of their trip-up, which gives you an indicator of the significance and status of the visit.

The Cambridges has subsequently driven 100 gardens in a pitch-black Range Rover for a receipt at the British envoys palace, where they met young entrepreneurs, creators, jocks, musicians and other clients. William gave a speech to launch Les Voisins The Neighbours a year-long gala of Anglo-French links.

The duchess, wearing a black Alexander McQueen cocktail dress, smiled as her husband inaugurated spoke of French then switched to English, responding: And forgive me if I now continue in the language of Shakespeare, so as to reduce the risk of mangling the language of Molire.

Speaking of historic, current and future links between the two countries, William made reference to Brexit.

Like all neighbours, sometimes our two nations encourage each other through mutual support, he told guests. Sometimes “weve tried to” outdistance the other through antagonism as we will see tomorrow when Wales play France at the rugby. But always our two nations continually induce one another to become better: most creative, more prosperous, more innovative.

This partnership will continue despite Britains recent decision to leave the European Union. The extent of our friendship and the width of our cooperation will not change.

The duke spoke to a group of jocks, including Col Bertrand Gebuhrer, the leader of the French Invictus team, who emerged confused about whether it was Prince William or Prince Harry who launched the Paralympic plays for wounded servicemen and women.

After he suggested that it was Williams idea, the duke responded: As much as it pains me, I have to give my brother credit for that.

The duchess congregated Elizabeth Kesses, a British Paris-based author of books about torso issues in young girls. We talked about how important these issues are for young girls, and she remarked I should transport her my volume, did Kesses.

On Friday evening the Cambridges listened a dinner hosted by the British representative Lord Edward Llewellyn with British and French clients, including actress Kristin Scott-Thomas and French aces Jean Reno and Audrey Tautou.

At the dinner the duke read a message from the Queen. It is virtually 70 times since Prince Philip and I firstly saw France together not long after we were married and I hold the fondest reminiscences of my five country trips over the years, as well as an digesting affection for this beautiful country and its beings, it told. Although much has changed since my first trip, the ties between our nations have stood the test of time and will, I am sure, continue to prosper.

On Saturday the royal couple will call Les Invalides, the French armed infirmary, where they are able to converge two survivors of the Paris terrorist attack as well as former French servicemen, and call the Impressionists gallery at the Muse dOrsay before attending the France v Wales Six Nations rugby match.

Royals and Anglo-French diplomacy

William and Kate are not the first imperials to manager to France amid diplomatic impediments. Queen Elizabeth IIs firstly government visit there, in April 1957, coincided with the Suez crisis.

Although the two nations were work together in the opposition to Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser and their aim to regain western authority of the Suez Canal, Frances failure to to advise Britain about the participation of Israel until very close to the commencement of military action in late 1956 laboured relations. The Queens official visit to President Coty sought to both deaden and reinforce the UKs relationship with France.

The Queens second district visit in May 1972 is an effort by France, rather than the United Kingdom, to improve relations considering UKs entry into, rather than retirement from, the European economic community. President Georges Pompidous new authority was keen for friendlier dialogue with Britain, accepting their membership of the EEC, which President de Gaulle had previously resisted. This would help to pave the way for Britain to do so the next year.
Against a backdrop of gleaning danger in Europe in the 1930 s, the Queens father George VI cleared same attempts to bolster Anglo-French relations with an official excursion to France in 1938, which aimed to emphasise the values of the two liberal democracies in the face of security threats from Nazi Germany.
Marianna Spring

British woman shot after family stray into Brazil favela


Family car with three children inside is fired on west of Rio after apparently misunderstanding drug gangs orders

A British woman has been shot at a holiday hotspot near Rio after her family mistakenly drove into a favela, Brazilian media have reported.

The woman was hit twice in the abdomen, newspaper O Globo said, when the car she was in with her husband and three children was fired upon. The rest of the family were unhurt in Sundays incident.

The oldest of the three children in car was four years old, Rio newspaper O Dia reported.

Civil police said the family were travelling in Angra dos Reis a popular coastal holiday destination about 150km (90 miles) west of Rio on the Costa Verde when they were attacked. Authorities said a group approached the car and apparently told the family to get out before opening fire.

Local police chief Bruno Gilaberte told O Globo the family were trying to buy water when they were told to drive towards the the gua Santa or holy water community. This whole confusion seems to have happened partly because of the language barrier, he said. They ended up driving towards the gua Santa community where they were challenged by criminals. Because they didnt understand the order they received to leave the area, they just carried on and were shot at.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/aug/07/british-woman-shot-after-family-stray-into-brazil-favela

Uber, Google and others form self-driving vehicle lobby to determine US plan


Google, Uber, Lyft, Ford and Volvo all developing self-driving auto engineering have formed a lobbying group to take on regulation of autonomous vehicles

If your self-driving car crashes, who gets sued? Google, Uber, and Ford would rather “its been” you, according to some experts.

Tech fellowships drawing self-driving autoes could become better protected under the law than those cars owneds, experts advise, as the notice arrived of a strong brand-new organization of automakers and large-hearted tech companies wording to take on US government regulations around self-driving vehicles.

Google, Uber, Lyft, Ford and Volvo, all of which are working on self-driving automobile engineering, will lobby as the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets to draw autonomous vehicles to the road across the US.

Heading it up will be David Strickland, the former administrator of the National Highway Traffic Administration, the same radical he will now be working to influence . The lobbying group argues that self-driving vehicles will reduce the severity and frequency of clangs. Harmonizing to the US Department of Transportation, 94% of vehicle crashes are caused by human error.

Theres general consensus that self-driving automobiles will ultimately induce roads safer( ask any mother of a Snapchatting teenage how often they trust drivers ). Motor vehicle gate-crashes are the leading cause of fatality among the persons 15 to 29 years old.

The first task for the lobbying radical will be only rolling out self-driving cars.

But the liability editions will be thorny. A strong corporate lobbying force may constitute a brand-new defy for personal injury advocates, who ever wary of the technology, while some safety the research community and coincidence lawyers worry that the lobbying radical could unfairly safeguard tech companies and app makers over their human auto owners.

Im perturbed a lobbying group would try to shield both manufacturers and app decorators over operators, supposed Daniel Vega, an accident and personal injury solicitor are stationed in San Francisco. When these two programs miscarry, whos responsible?

Statistician Susan Paddock said the only mode to get self-driving gondolas out on the road was if customers become comfortable with a great deal of ambiguity.

Its very challenging to test drive these vehicles as far and as long as they need to be in order to statistically know their concert, Pollock added. Even if autonomous vehicle fleets are driven 10 m miles, one still would not be able to draw statistical conclusions concerning security and reliability.

Uncertainty persists, she added. I dont know how the public will respond to it.

In a statement on Tuesday, Strickland said the goal of the group would be to have one national self-driving automobile plan, rather than is being dealt with regulations nation by state.

Self-driving vehicle technology will acquire Americas roadways safer and less congested, Strickland said in a statement. The better course for this innovation is to have one clear establish of federal guidelines, and the Coalition will work with policymakers to find the right solutions that will facilitate the deployment of self-driving vehicles.

Watchmakers Are Betting Big Bucks on Green This Year


“Color is back in a big way,” says Matthias Breschan, chief executive officer of innovative Swiss watchmaker Rado. After a few years of pushing blue watch faces, brands have been seeking greener pastures. Deep-emerald dials, bezels, cases, and even bands are rolling out of the workshops of a diverse variety of companies.

“We’re seeing a lot of demand for watches with green elements,” Breschan says. His company offers its striking ceramic True Thinline models in seven colors; green is the second-best seller, after blue.

Rado calls its shade polished green. “Selecting the right hue is critical,” Breschan says. “For us it was important to select a subtle green color that looks both regal—think British racing green—and goes well with different styles.”

Carl F. Bucherer Manero PowerReserve, with a big date and small seconds, $11,000.
Source: Carl F. Bucherer

It’s common to hear Breschan and other watchmakers refer to racing green, an intense tint customary among U.K. professional motor sports competitors before the sponsorship era. The worlds of classic cars and heritage watches are intertwined; their fan bases overlap, and watch designers often channel ­vintage-car aesthetics. It’s a savvy play to woo key connoisseurs with a wristwatch recalling the verdant blur of a 1950s Triumph coupe, for instance.

The dominant tone for green watches is eminently jewel-like. Admire, for example, Piaget’s Altiplano 40mm, inspired by malachite and other stone dials that were a great success for the house in the 1960s. But the hue also takes a trip through enchanted woods: Watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer calls its shade—similar to the conifers near its headquarters in Lucerne, Switzerland—­pine green.

Piaget Altiplano ultraslim watch in yellow gold, $25,200.
Source: Piaget

The appeal of Islamic green (as seen on the Saudi flag, for instance) hasn’t gone unnoticed by watchmakers, either. Seven months ago, IWC Schaffhausen released a limited-­edition green version of its Portugieser Automatic called the Kuwait, an appeal to oil-rich emirs if ever I’ve heard one.

At Rolex, the exact shade of the color changes from model to model, but it’s usually light and soft, evoking baby greens or Granny Smith apples, and right in line with Pantone LLC’s 2017 color of the year, “greenery,” a zesty ­yellow-tinged tone. In any case, Rolex makes it a point to have only one green watch in each collection—and therefore it just calls it green, without a modifier.

MeisterSinger Neo in Rensing green, $1,350.
Source: MeisterSinger

Getting the color right ain’t easy. “It’s an exercise in trial and error,” says Shinola Creative Director Daniel Caudill, speaking of the development of his forest green. The Detroit company has been working toward this precise shade since a billiard-green Runwell was ­introduced to the collection in 2013, helping establish the brand’s fresh sensibility. “This is a green that we have been perfecting since our launch, adding bits of blue, bits of yellow, bits of black, and tweaking it until we achieved the right color.”

For Caudill, a colorful dial “is a way for the wearer to represent his personality—­especially if there is an office dress code.”

Bulgari Serpenti, with a curved 18-carat pink-gold case, $7,400.
Source: Bulgari

And what does green say about said work personality? “Some people may respond to the symbolism of the color,” says Jean-Bernard Forot, Piaget’s ­jewelry marketing director. “It’s known to be a relaxing color. Above all, it’s a symbol of hope.”

To some it conjures the magic of nature. Others enjoy its associations with progressive politics. Or leisure-class lawn sports. For most, though, green will always be the color of money.

    Read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-02/watchmakers-are-betting-big-bucks-on-green-this-year


    Florida police announced Venus Williams was at fault in a vehicle crash this month that led to the deaths among a passenger in another vehicle

    Venus Williams made a vehicle gate-crash this month that led to the deaths among a passenger in another vehicle, according to a police report exhausted on Thursday.

    Palm Beach Gardens police tell watches told investigates that Williams led a red light in her Toyota Sequoia SUV, justification a 9 June crash that injured 79 -year-old Jerome Barson, who died two weeks later.

    The report alleges a Hyundai Accent driven by Barsons wife, Linda, disintegrated into the side of Williams SUV. Linda Barson told sleuths she was approaching the intersection when her ignite transformed green and she was unable to stop in time. Linda Barson lost unspecified moderate injuries.

    Williams, who made 37 on 17 June, was not hurt.

    She told investigates she had entered the six-lane intersection on a green light but had been forced to stop midpoint by commerce ahead of her. She said she did not hear the Barsons car when she intersected into their lanes.

    The driver of[ Williams automobile] is at fault for transgressing the right of way, the analyse officer closed.

    The crash remains under investigation. Williams, who has a palace in Palm Beach Plot, has not been quoth or charged. The report enunciates the former world No1 was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    Williams attorney, Malcolm Cunningham, said in a statement that Williams showed her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one.

    Michael Steinger, the lawyer for Linda Barson, “havent had” immediate comment.

    Venus Williams has triumphed seven Grand Slam singles deeds, including five at Wimbledon. She revealed in 2011 that she had been diagnosed with Sjogrens syndrome, an autoimmune disease.

    Her ranking fell outside the top 100 as she coped with her illness and injuries.

    ‘Gangnam Style’ Is No Longer The Most-Viewed Video On YouTube


    On Tuesday morning, Wiz Khalifa‘s song” See You Again” constructed the YouTube history books.

    The video for the song, which peculiarity singer Charlie Puth, contacted 2.897 billion views, moving it the most-viewed on the stage.” See You Again” unseated the previous evidence incumbent, South Korean singer Psy’s 2012 worldwide viral strike “Gangnam Style.”

    As of press era, the views for “Gangnam Style” sit around 2.895 billion. The catchy track will still remain noticeable for its prevalence, however; Psy’s song was the first video in YouTube history to reach 1 billion views.

    “Sorry,” by Justin Bieber,” Uptown Funk ,” by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars, and — impressively, as it was released after January 2017 — Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s summer hit “Despacito” round out the top five most-viewed videos on YouTube.

    ” See You Again” was commissioned for the” Furious 7″ soundtrack as a tribute to the franchise’s late idol Paul Walker, who died tragically in a auto crash in 2013.

    Since its secrete in early 2015, the line has provided as a touching monumental for Walker. While accepting an honor for” Furious 7″ at the 2016 People’s Choice Awards,” The Fast and the Furious” co-star Vin Diesel thanked love for the support since Walker’s death, and then inaugurated singing the song’s lyrics.

    Cars, curry and tortillas’ role in Brexit charm offensive – BBC News

    Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
    Image caption Curry diplomacy in Brussels?

    It was a simple message from Austria’s foreign minister to Britain’s Brexit secretary.

    After hearing that the British government wanted to guarantee the rights of EU citizens in the UK after Brexit, Sebastian Kurz told David Davis: “You had better come to Austria and say that, because nobody in Austria knows it.”

    While the UK foreign secretary and international trade secretary have been touting future trade deals further afield, the British diplomatic machine has been on a mission to ensure the Brexit message gets through to the UK’s EU neighbours.

    The Brexit secretary has spent more time in European capitals than in Brussels, where he has been accused of being underprepared for the two-year process of negotiating the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

    This year Mr Davis has touched down in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia, all three Baltic states, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland and the Netherlands.

    He has been to Germany twice, which appears to underline his belief that the Germans will exert serious influence on the final withdrawal agreement.

    The EU position is that the 27 remaining countries are united behind their chief negotiator Michel Barnier, but I understand some in the British government still believe that member states can be played off against each other. A source from the Department for Exiting the EU denied that Mr Davis was deploying the tactic of “divide and rule”.

    They described the trips as a chance for the UK to hear other countries’ concerns and for them to receive the oft-repeated message that Britain is leaving the EU but not Europe.

    The source would not reveal whether Mr Davis had a masterplan for which neighbour to visit, when or in what order.

    At home, he indulged in petrol-head diplomacy with the European Parliament’s Brexit Co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt when they attended the same classic car event at Silverstone recently. The two men discovered a shared love of vintage vehicles during a meeting in Brussels last year.

    “I explained [to] him how to ‘remain’ in the race with a good old British car,” said Mr Verhofstadt in a tweet accompanied by a photo of the Belgian wearing overalls and the minister in slacks.

    And EU citizens have also heard directly from the Brexit secretary – known as “El Ministro Britanico del Brexit” in Spain or “Ministrul Britanic Pentru Brexit” in Romania.

    Tortilla diplomacy

    After the government published its paper on the rights of EU nationals living in the UK, Mr Davis explained the policy in editorials for foreign-language newspapers. Each one was crafted for a local audience.

    Britain’s ambassadors have been deployed to illuminate that issue too, particularly in countries with a big population of British expats or large numbers of citizens in the UK.

    It led to a slew of videos posted on social media by diplomats more used to working the cocktail party circuit than the camera.

    A Foreign Office spokeswoman explained that rather than a specific Brexit push it was part of the UK’s strategy to promote its values, which has included sending a British float to Pride in Paris and dispatching the Red Arrows to Croatia and Finland.

    The UK’s man in Madrid appeared on the Spanish cookery show El Comedista to talk about tortillas and the King of Spain’s state visit to the UK.

    Food has also been used by Conservative members of the European Parliament to woo their continental colleagues in Brussels, according to the Telegraph. The newspaper reported that they have hosted dinners at the city’s best curry house.

    Tory MEPs are also planning a foreign media blitz in the autumn, although a spokesman said their aim was to clarify the British position rather than influence the negotiations.

    But the UK’s overall effort has been criticised as “lacking in strategy” by a minister from an EU country that recently received a British delegation.

    “We were really perplexed by the poor quality. The UK used to be the benchmark for diplomacy but not any more,” he told me. “It all changed in the space of a month when they set up those new government departments.”

    He spoke of diplomatic initiatives started but not pursued, mixed messages from ministers and a general lack of co-ordination.

    No more friendly drinks

    This week the Environment Secretary Michael Gove met Danish fishermen but it was not all plain sailing, with one of the attendees describing the meeting as “a frank exchange” – diplomatic code for the opposite of a chummy chat.

    The Visegrad Group of four Central European countries- Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary – are expecting the Chancellor Philip Hammond to take part in a summit they will stage in September, but I have heard whispers they would prefer Boris Johnson to attend so that they can talk about their future relationship rather than the Brexit financial settlement.

    In Brussels, officials from member states complain about a lack of briefings from the UK’s equivalent of an embassy to the EU, known as UKREP.

    An insider added that UK civil servants no longer join their foreign colleagues for drinks or to watch football matches, depriving them of a crucial diplomatic back-channel.

    Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-40824818

    When They Crash Manager On Into a Pole at 85 MPH, His Bible Opens Up to This Verse #Chills


    “And the only circumstance left behind at the disintegrate vistum is Hunter’s Bible open…”

    Hunter and his girlfriend Arika were in a terrifying gondola disintegrate that by all realistic guidelines should have killed them instantly.

    But as they stand next to the annihilated glob of metal that was once Hunter’s truck, they’ve got a much different tale to tell.

    Instead they are smiling and now sharing the miracle legend that left them practically untouched when their own bodies “should have been chopped in half, ” writes Arika.

    She shared their amazing narrative in a Facebook berthalong with this precious picture of Hunter leaning over her in the hospital, and it had now been won over the the hearts of millions across the web.

    As they zoomed straight-shooting into an unforgiving poleat an stupefying 85 mph, speak Arika’s remarkable recap of the fib that can truly merely be explained by the mighty protective side of God and his guardian angels :

    Three seconds. That’s how long “were having” from the moment we drifted off the road until the truck thumped the pilar at 85 mph. In three seconds Hunter had to handle a situation that would either kill us instantly or save “peoples lives”. He stops overpowering himself up for my hurting but he saved my life. He hinders doing’ I should have shielded you and I didn’t do that’ but he did exactly what he needed to do to make sure “peoples lives” didn’t objective. The whole baseball player segment facilitated him out…if he can affect a 95 mph fastball he can do anything. He took care of me. And “when hes” both lying in our couches in the ER he found a route to start keep my heart and give me a hug. Lord knows I necessity that just as much as my safety.

    I’m devastated at how little impair was to be undertaken to Hunter and I in a wreck that should have chopped our mass in half. I’m in awe of the presence of God in this entire situation. Every part of this experience we went through extents instantly to Him. The lane God facilitated Hunter to respond precisely the route he did behind the wheel, revolving the truck exactly where it should have to be able to smash into the pilar instantly in the middle of me and Hunter so we were both untouched…that doesn’t merely happen. God doesn’t shed defence around like that for no reason. He does it because he’s not finished with us .

    I have problems with my heartbeat. When I get anxious or perturbed it flits pretty bad…pulling me into panic attack. The instant we touched and I recognized I was conscious I realized that is what was happening to me. While out of breath and trying to move my legs i was screaming..panicked…yelling for Hunter to just say something. I needed to know he was okay. Searching to the moves seat all I saw was his head through the windshield, a appearance full of blood, and a figure that wasn’t moving. I searched straight out the truck and there was a man..bright with a big lily-white beard. No other automobiles in sight…just this mortal. He was my guardian angel. He identified me and instantly told him that an ambulance was coming. I jumped out of the car, ran over to Hunters side and precisely looked at this follower.

    From that moment until Hunter was cut& hoisted out of the truck I belief with my whole center that looking at this man helped me to literally believe in that time that Hunter was next to me on the road. I dont know if it was a hallucination or me unconsciously daydream or a peek of heaven…but all I knew in that minute was that Hunter was safe with me. This man..looking at him for a short moment..helped me not witness Hunter being peeled out of the truck. I accept if I determined that I would have had a heart attack. Right when Hunter was actually out and next to me, I questioned this human when the ambulance was coming. He told me in a few seconds. He keep walking, I blinked and a flashlight was in my appearance. The paramedics were there facilitating me and Hunter and the nervousnes and fear if he was okay disappeared because we were in good hands . Here is the miracle place: no ruined bones, concussions that lasted not even 24 hours , no internal shattering, and simply a few stitches in my knee and hunters face. Exclusively that after an accident that paramedics wonder how we didn’t die instantly and a truck that looks like it’s been through a tree grinder. We’re both already liberated from research hospitals not even 48 hours after registering. All of our belongings in perfect surrounding besides a few thoughts here and there .. and the only occasion left behind at the gate-crash incident is Hunters bible open, with a sheet celebrated with scripture telling us to not be afraid; Jesus is with us . I am astonished. Utterly taken away by the presence of God. So sanctified for him transporting me an angel. So appreciative for Hunter and his second possibility at life…for his mending and health. We are so fortunate for class who traveled thousands of hundreds of miles to be with us. And so thankful for all the thoughts and prayers that were transported our path. The influence of prayer is real, and it mended me and Hunter. We are in a lot of pain because of the traumata, so any more devotions are acknowledged while we recover .

    But tonight I’m praying for all of you. If there’s anything you read out of this novel I’m typing up here it’s this: I crave everybody is to know the love and the dominance of God. He has a purpose…and it’s so clear that NOTHING…not even a car accident like this one will stimulate his a blueprint for you to change. We are put one across this beautiful earth for a reasonablenes and the reason is to help people know Him. We are made to show and share His love. And if it takes a automobile ruin like this for me to get to do that then I would do it all over again.

    I’m praying that everyone who reads this can get a view of Gods faithfulness. He is GOOD. And labouring. And the plans he has for YOU and your life aren’t “re going away”. Good or bad, what the hell are you want or what you don’t want…it’s God’s doing. It’s his proposals uncovering. It’s his realm attaining. Embrace the struggles and the rapture of “peoples lives”! Without a suspense it’s a miracle we’re alive, but more than that it’s simply Gods plan for us. We’re so grateful for this ruin and all it will do in “peoples lives”. We are consecrated to be okay. And so in love with the amazing God we provide . ”

    Wow. It’s stories like these that is actually thrust us to take a step back and drop-off before the paws of the mighty and affectionate God that we serve.

    It’s one thing to read a scripture like Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you, ” proclaims the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to injure you, plans to give you hope and a future … But it’s quite another to see it in full-blown, living, exhaling color.

    Arika and Hunter was well known that the plans God has for them are GOOD, and not even a truck plowing at inconceivable rates into a pole could stop what He had in store. As Arika wrote, “He has a purpose…and it’s so clear that NOTHING…not even a car accident like this one will cause his a blueprint for you to change.”

    Moreover, it’s beautiful to experience such misfortune turned around for His glorification as this young pair chooses to use their narrative to draw others closer to Him.

    May God use Hunter and Arika mightily to further his domain, and may they be extravagantly anointed as they live out the rest of the narration He lays before them. I’m evoked to ascertain what the future holds for this dominance duet. God wasn’t done with them yet…and you better believe it’s because He’s get wonderful things in store!


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    ‘Predatory’ Miami teacher had sex with multiple students over 14 years, suit says


    The Miami-Dade School Board has been sued over allegations it turned a blind eye to high school teacher Jason Edward Meyers, who was accused of having sex with multiple students over the course of 14 years — spending so much time with some underage women they were referred to as “Jason’s girls.”

    Meyers was arrested last year and faces charges for sexual battery on a minor. His criminal case is ongoing and he has been on house arrest. He was fired by the district soon after his arrest.

    The suit, first reported by The Miami Herald, accuses the district of transferring Meyers from one school to another even though it knew about his inappropriate behavior with underage students. Meyers, a creative writing teacher, taught at Dr. Michael M. Krop High School, where he was accused of having sex with students, and in 2011 he was moved to Miami Palmetto High, the suit alleges.


    The suit says Meyers had sex with at least one student in the classroom and engaged in inappropriate relations with several of them.

    He also encouraged his students to write sexually charged content, the suit says.

    The lawsuit was filed by a former student who claims that in November 2004, when she was 17 years old, Meyers sexually abused and molested her, forcing her to engage in oral sex on multiple occasions. She claimed he groomed her by urging her to write sexually-charged journals and poetry.

    Plaintiff is one of many underage female students that Meyers recruited, groomed, and exploited in a systematic fashion during his near decade-long tenure as a known sexual predator, the suit says.

    But the egregious part of the case, the suit says, is that the school board knew about his alleged predatory behavior and did nothing about it.


    The victim said she filed a complaint with the school and the district in 2008, yet Meyers was transferred to another school where he had unfettered access to female students, the suit alleges.

    It also claims that he spent so much time with a group of girls at the school, walking them to his car and bringing them into the classroom with the doors locked, that they were all known as Jasons girls.

    The school board has not commented on the lawsuit. Meyers defense attorney, Marcos Beaton, did not return a phone call from Fox News seeking comment. 

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/08/04/predatory-miami-teacher-had-sex-with-multiple-students-over-14-years-suit-says.html

    Does Bryan From ‘The Bachelorette’ Have Cheek Implants? We Investigate


    This season of has is becoming more disappointing than my last-place five Bumble years, and the bar was prepared fairly fucking low-grade for both of those acts. I mean, we have this beautiful, talented, driven woman and ABC hands her Whaboom and a prejudiced as potential suitors. Between that and the eyelash increases that look like theyre two seconds from taking flight off Rachels face, its been a really tough season to follow. That remarked, there are a few gems in this seasons dumpster flaming of a throw. Theres Eric, who is v handsome and whose scarf collection consider this to be its probs worth more than my payment. Theres Peter who’s fraction silver-tongued fox, constituent commitmentphobe fuckboy who grinded on Rachel one time in a hot tub so she thinks its enjoy. Then we have fucking Bryan. The 37 -year-old chiropractor whose project of a hot appointment is driving an expensive vehicle and startling the spectators back home with his anaconda-style PDA abilities. He somehow got the first impression rose in spite of the fact that “hes having” the personality of soaking cement, but its 2017. Wilder shit has happened. Tbh my favorite character about Bryan is that Peter and the internet are persuasion “hes having” neck implants and I am so here for that rumor.

    Last week during the Fantasy Suites occurrence that lacked any actual footage from the imagination suiteABC, youre on my listPeter accused Bryan of having phony necks and it was the burn listen round “the worlds”. In subject you forgot that casual chitchat missile he sagged, here are his precise messages: Hes got his confident Miami swagger. But in Miami theres a lot of phony boob, imitation ass, and fake cheek. AND FAKE CHEEKS.

    PETER :* casually alleges Bryan of having imitation cheeks*


    Okay, but aside from that represent one magnificent rumor is there any actual true to it? Like, what even are cheek embeds? Surprisingly theres not tons of data concerning the methods used out there. Perhaps because people prefer not to look like adult chipmunks. Shocking, I know.

    Face fillers( aka chipmunk face) and face-lifts were the standard procedure for cheek augmentation until recently when cheek implants became the new it concept. Cheek implants are favourite because is not simply does the procedure permanently change your facial organization but it also takes 10 years off their own lives. The implants are made of silicone or porous polyethylene and gaze natural AF. Plus theres no scarring and health risks are minimal. Hmmm seems 100 percent like something, pronounce, an older gentlemen going on world Tv for the first time in 10 -plus years would do before trying his hand again at Flat Tummy Tea modeling enjoy on national television.

    And because Im far very are used in the living conditions of fame whores rivals, what better practice to spend my precious free time than to rub the internet using evidence of Bryans cheek embeds? Writing that sentence just now shapes me realize that my parents must be v proud of what my college education has paid for.* Adds hard-hitting journalism to resume* Whatever. Ive went wine and a search enginelets represent some shit happen, beings. Makes take a look at the evidence, shall we?

    1. Hes From Miami

    Though Im inclined made in accordance with Peter on this one, I guess not every person from Miami has forgery body parts. That mentioned, Miami is the number one city in the WORLD for reconstructive surgery and a recent investigation through the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that Miami has a whopping 18 plastic surgeons for every 100,000 tenants over 18. And I would bet my brunch reservations that one of those 100,000 inhabitants is Bryan The Chiropractor.

    2. Hes Old AF

    As Ive mentioned before, Bryan is 37 which is practically ancient by Bachelor guidelines. Plus he has to compete with Dean who is perfect and should call me 12 years younger and has the surface of a Neutrogena model so I guess Bry Guy requirement some sort of whip hand here. I represent, parties usually get cheek embeds in the first place because theyre getting old-fashioned AF and their cheekbones are losing magnitude, effecting their surface and muscle has begun to sliding and sag.* chills* And Bryan surely wasnt going to win over any Instagram promotions Rachels heart with a saggy AF face.

    3. He Could Probs Afford It

    The standard implant surgery scopes from $5,000 to $10,000 and any sort of personalization can tack on an additional$ 5K. And my greatest splurge this summer was expending $20 to have a grilled cheese provided with my doorway. Rich parties are crazy. But Bryan is absolutely rendered this shit. Hes a chiropractor which is technically a doctor I recollect. Regardless, while Im over here arguing with Miguel from the bodega next door about why he refuses to give me altered in parts so I can do laundry and stop dressing like a homeless person for piece, Bryans becoming $150 k a year easy. Candidly, he could probs afford to buy himself a brand-new look and have unlimited sums of grilled cheeses delivered to his doorway. You know, premising he hasnt cut off dairy and carbs from his food.

    Yeah, he totally fucking has.

    4. His Reality TV Headshots

    Perhaps the most damning article of proof are his headshots from 13 years ago when he first whored himself out for Tv ratings ran looking for love on world Tv. Bryan was on a reality dating demonstrate called where he vied with a bunch of other South Beach douchebags to win dates with models. OMG dames, are you not soggy with their chances of those admirers ?? Aside from seeing me want to vomiting, his face from s intro 13 years ago examines DRASTICALLY different from the face he has now.

    Were not even going to touch on the amount of “hairs-breadth” gel and Axe body spray that went into the hit of this photo because honestly I’m stunned South Beach didn’t have a shortage back in 2004. The cheek, though, are CLEARLY different. And just in case you need a side-by-side likenes 😛 TAGEND

    I meannn….

    Im sure Bryan will likely defend this photo by saying its grainy AF or there was bad lighting, which is the excuse any teenager with a respectable Instagram following uses, but shits not rowing up for me. I suppose the photo testify communicate for itself here. Sorry, Bry.

    Final Verdict : He totally has neck embeds and I stand by that rumor Im spreading. YOURE NOT FOOLING ANYONE, BRY GUY. Case closed.