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Takata, Japan’s airbag giant, files for bankruptcy protection


The Tokyo-based car parts giant is facing lawsuits and huge costs over an airbag defect linked to at least 16 deaths globally

Japans crisis-hit car parts maker Takata has filed for bankruptcy protection, after deadly faults in its airbags triggered the industrys biggest ever safety recall.

The Tokyo-based car parts giant is facing lawsuits and huge costs over an airbag defect linked to at least 16 deaths globally. News reports have said its liabilities would exceed 1tn yen ($9bn). Immediate confirmation was not available.

American car parts maker Key Safety Systems (KSS), owned by Chinas Ningbo Joyson Electronic, will take over Takata, both companies said on Monday. Takata will sell its assets and businesses to KSS for an estimated $1.588bn, they said.

Trading in Takata shares was suspended at the opening of the stock market on Monday after a week of huge volatility and the Tokyo Stock Exchange said it would delist Takata on 27 July.

At a board meeting on June 26, our company decided to begin procedures in filing for bankruptcy protection, Takata said in a statement after making the filing with the Tokyo district court. It said the court had accepted the measure.

Takata has 12 overseas subsidiaries that have also filed for bankruptcy protection.

Jason Luo, the president and chief executive of KSS, voiced confidence in Takatas rehabilitation. Although Takata has been impacted by the global airbag recall, the underlying strength of its skilled employee base, geographic reach, and exceptional steering wheels, seat belts and other safety products have not diminished, he said in a statement.

We look forward to finalising definitive agreements with Takata in the coming weeks, completing the transaction and serving both our new and long-standing customers while investing in the next phase of growth for the new KSS.

Takata shares soared more than 40% on Friday after collapsing over the week as traders made bets on its likely bankruptcy. Analysts attributed the upsurge on Friday to speculative trading among short-term investors hoping to profit from wild swings in share prices as well as to position adjustments ahead of the weekend.

Nearly 100m cars, including about 70m in the United States, were subject to the airbag recall linked to a risk they could improperly inflate and rupture, potentially firing deadly shrapnel at the occupants.

The ultimate cause of the malfunctions has not yet been identified but three factors are suspected: a chemical component, ammonium nitrate, that responds poorly to humidity; extreme climatic conditions, such as heat and high humidity; and faulty design.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/26/takata-japans-airbag-giant-files-for-bankruptcy-protection

Rob& Chyna: the saddest evidence on Tv


The format of this dreadfully dull show is identical to other persons of the Kardashian empire: interminable vistums of parties sitting in kitchens not ingesting cheese plates

Is there a less qualified world indicate whiz than Rob Kardashian? If you lined up 10 beings from the casting document of A& Es Intervention and Rob Kardashian and had to choose one to base an ongoing tv series around, would you ever pick him unless you knew his last name? Isnt this a tragedy? Shouldnt we all be more disturbed?

Sunday darkness premiere of the brand-new E! line Rob& Chyna commemorates the return of the black sheep Kardashian to the public eye. Hes expended years of their own lives unwilling to leave his room, which effected him to addition( his messages) a control of load. He seems less comfortable clearing see contact with other human beings than the little orphan girl Newt from the movie Aliens. A Los Angeles Dodgers hat covers whats left of the poorest of the poor guys thin, unkempt hair. His wardrobe consists of T-shirts , nondescript jeans and sneakers. In other words, when I watch this astoundingly depressing curriculum, I watch myself and what I might become( minus the millions of dollars ).

The first few minutes of Rob& Chyna intend to oblige us empathize with Rob and his pregnant fiancee Blac Chyna. As an aside, isnt it a little bit ghoulish that Blac Chyna moves almost exclusively by the epithet Chyna in the first occurrence now that the original Chyna the former WWE wrestler has died? Its like rummaging through people jewelry after a funeral.

Regardless of what you call her, Blac Chyna is the actual adept of this appearance, even if her appoint is second on the pavilion. She came up from the world-famous piece clubs of Atlanta and became something of an entrepreneur, at least in the way that we characterize that statement in 2016. She took the Kardashian template of monetizing tabloid villainy through a religion of identity social media ubiquity, branded makes, and now, the final section of the question, an E! world dealership. Shes become a major supporting player in the ongoing Kardashian meta-narrative having a baby with the rapper Tyga, who then leaves her for Kylie Jenner, which leads to Chyna connect forces-out with Rob. Whether or not her relationship with Rob is genuine or a calculated effort to increase her deserving potential is not for me to decide (* cough its bullshit cough *) but what is is whether or not this TV show is good. Its not.

Rob& Chyna: become with high winds. Image: E!

If your litmus test for putting with a program is answering the issues to does someone fart within the first 10 hours with a yes, then Rob& Chyna is for you. Spoiler alert, Chyna farts in the car. If you prefer a bit of drama, then maybe flip over to another path. Or throw your cable box or streaming invention into the nearest open body of water and wander into the town square. Either one is fine with me.

The format of this dreadfully monotonous show is identical to the other outposts of the Kardashian empire: wearisome panoramas of beings driving luxury autoes on featureless freeways, sitting around kitchens not eating cheese sheets, or folding invests for a business journey that may or may not ever happen. During these incidents, mush-mouthed pod people debate some ill-defined conflict. Someone needs to go to rehab for a vague problem. Someone needs to text person back about a act that happened off camera. Person finds disrespected. A party invite is lost in the mail. Watching these proves is like speaking the most banal email thread at 3am. Plug sad-eyed agoraphobe Rob Kardashian into this format and you have a remedy for insomnia so potent, the Food and Drug Administration should regulate it.

The ostensible plot of this episode is organized around Rob accusing Chyna of texting guys behind his back. He affirms this to be the case because he discovers that Chyna has changed the passcode on her iPhone. He even insinuates that shes hooking up with her ex, Tyga. All of this takes neighbourhood with Rob spread out comfortably on a plot. Chyna disavows any evil, then alleges Rob of contacting women behind her back. He apparently declares it, which I vaguely remember before my eyelids glued slam for the evening. It must be the case, because the very next background is Chyna in another expensive car screaming at Rob to stop texting bitches.

These are the moments one watches reality Tv for hostility, incoherent yell and curse. This is why I favor the Andy Cohen Bravo model for reality over the ponderous Ryan Seacrest/ Kris Jenner indulgence gabfests. Contrast Rob& Chyna with Bravos Below Deck, currently on the work of its fourth season and with one spinoff under its region. Below Decks premise is simple: employ a cluster of attractive deckhands on a mega-yacht, ply them with booze, and encourage them to melt down every episode. Would you rather watch that or a present starring people very famous to clear proper suckers of themselves for your amusement? The explanation is, neither, Im a grownup who is too busy adding price to the culture to demean myself with such technicalities, but dont annoy, I picked the show about yachties drunkenly securing up too.

I will say that the producers of Rob& Chyna( which include the titular Rob and Chyna among their grades) do try to spice events up. Scott Disick appears in the responsibilities of Robs only friend in the entire world and his chauffeur, schlepping him around Los Angeles like a pasty white-hot Morgan Freeman from Driving Miss Daisy. Theres a memorable incident where Rob treads into Chynas home in full Eeyore mode, carrying blooms to apologize for texting bitches. Chyna isnt having it, grabs the flowers, grubs them in a kitty, then kicks Rob out of her home. This is the turning point of the alleged narration, as the rest of the episode commits Chyna trying to get Rob to text her back, as she has seemingly forgotten that she bellowed at him to leave her alone while pissing all over his nostalgic gesture. Im sure Rob Kardashian, AKA Calabasas Morrissey, really took that well.

Finally, Kris Jenner, matriarch of the expansive Kardashian family and former nemesis of Blac Chyna, appears to counsel Chyna on how to handle Rob. Jenner is shown to be so prudent that I half expected her to have grown a beard, picked up a large wand, and thrown on a pointy hat off-screen. Much has been made of how Blac Chyna is so clever and took down the Kardashians by getting engaged to Rob. Thats a nifty little underdog narrative, but if you think that Kris Jenner isnt ingeniou enough to use this to her advantage and will be the ultimate winner of this dim-witted rivalry, then you arent paying attention to the display. Thats fine, since it probably realized you pass out from boredom, but the fact remains that one of the last faces you see in this first episode is Kris Jenner. The whole brainless enterprise is hers and hers alone. Chyna can have a piece, as long as she compensates her taxes to her feudal lord.

And then theres Rob. At last, they found a style to monetize his mopey face and wrinkled clothes. Instead of a Shrek-like person they prevent locked away in a basement, he has his own testify, which simply furthers the attainment of the objectives of their own families. In exchange, this soul who probably has real clinical depression has to pretend to be a Tv idol. By coincidence, E! has stumbled upon the saddest display on tv, so filled with existential desperation that youd usurp it was drummed up by a government-funded columnist in some mushy Scandinavian country over a bottle of cheap scotch. If “youre watching” more than one of these escapades, youll maybe find yourself not leaving the house for years, just like Rob Kardashian.

Toyota CH-R car review:’ The most over-designed vehicle I’ve come across’


No door handle is in a regular lieu , no window is a regular shape

Really, though, why do you want a small clas SUV? Whats wrong with a regular household saloon or, for anyone without a big hobby, a hot incubate? Is it like that circumstance where you do an MA because nobodys affected by a certain degree any more, and then you end up knowing a ton about French feminism for no reason? Im not being anti-intellectual. Im not even being anti-SUV. Im only being very slightly sceptical about the Toyota CH-R.

This is the most over-designed vehicle Ive ever come across: the sprint is fancy with diamond structures, the body work is lousy with pointy bits , no doorway administer is in a regular place , no opening is a regular shape if it is feasible to segmented. None knows why they crave their windows to look like bugs, or why the back end must continue to be modelled on an 80 s film about a moving boat( which doesnt exist; stop Googling ). I guess you could always ask, but that would seem discourteous, like requesting someone if their fuzz is meant to be that colour. All of this plays merry desolation with the rear visibility. This was not the car in order to be allowed to test the overture nobody actually needs a parking camera; simple smart park expedite( unmelodious, constant beeping) will do just fine.

There is a hybrid option, which opens it a sparkling, below 90 g/ km carbon emission, but in the regular 1.2 petrol instrument that I was driving, the mileage was unremarkable. Its light-headed and zippy, and the steering is trustworthy, but again, if thats the kind of happen youre into, why did you buy these sorts of automobile? A Golf will go like shit off a shovel. I guess you might want boot opening. There is space in this boot. You wouldnt wishes to put a filing cabinet or a pair of spaniels in it, but you wouldnt be cursing the gods for your second juvenile when you went on holiday.

Its pretty quiet and smooth in town, but on the motorway it feels thin: theres a lot of ambient breeze noise, a little bit of grumble in the highest gears; infinite and visibility in the back are restricted enough that any journey over half an hour results in fare claustrophobia.

Seriously, all this for the dignity of being able to step up into the car rather than precisely in, and a slightly higher move than others on the road, who the hell is laughing at you anyway because of your spoiler. Id preferably choose simple, humble and low-slung. Small, budget-ish SUVs are ugly by nature( oh my God, the Nissan Juke !) but this one makes a feature of it.

Toyota CH-R: in numbers


Price 27,705
Top velocity 118 mph
Acceleration 0 to 62 mph in ten. 9 seconds
CO2 releases 136 g/ km
Combined mileage 47.1 mpg
Cool rating 4/10
Eco rating 7/10

A James Taylor Song For Every Difficult Time You Proceed Through In Life


At Monday’s Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift won the honor for Best Pop Vocal Album for 1989 , and immediately thanked James Taylor.

While approving the award via phone, she said,

Is James Taylor there? Can you tell James Taylor I adoration him? Can somebody who knows James Taylor tell him I cherish him?

James Taylor was not at the Grammys, but he did give Taylor a special shoutout on his Facebook sheet.

James isnt there, but he heard you, Taylor Swift. He loves you too( and mom !). Thanks for the sweetened shout-out. Congratulations!

Posted by James Taylor onMonday, February 15, 2016

While Taylor may be James’ most famous fan, she certainly isn’t alone in her approbation of the famed musician.

Thanks to our parents, grandparents and pals who have enormous feeling in music, many of us are still very well known classics like “Country Road” and “You’ve Got a Friend.” We grew up falling asleep to the soothing guitar observes of “Sweet Baby James.” “Fire& Rain” brought us to weeping in the car gate-crash vistum in “Remember the Titans.”

James Taylor’s music characterized many of our childhoods. And most of us probablydidn’t even realize Sweet Baby James , Taylor’s well-known second album, came out in 1970.

And there’s a reason his songs transcend generations: There is nothing a James Taylor song can’t fix.

When you’re missing your mothers: “Sweet Baby James”

There’s a carol that they sing when they take to the roadway,
A carol that they sing when they take to the sea,
A song that they sing of their home in the sky,
Maybe you can believe it if it helps you to sleep,
But singing works just fine for me.

It doesn’t matter how old-time “you think youre” or how far “youre living” from home, missing your parents is bound to happen. Sometimes, a phone call or FaceTime doesn’t cut it, and you just have to have a good old-fashioned call. Move on “Sweet Baby James, ” and mourn the times your mom would construct you dinner and fold you in bed.

When you’re fondnes homesick: “Country Road”

I guess my paws know where they want me to go
Ambling on a country road

Even if you aren’t from the country, this song induces believes of consolation , nostalgia and longing. You’ll be gazing up flights on Skyscanner within a minute of listening.

When you lose someone close to you: “Fire& Rain”

I’ve read fire and I’ve ascertained rain
I’ve experienced sunny daylights that I contemplated would never end
I’ve heard lonely epoches when I could not find a friend
But I always thought that I’d see you again

James Taylor wrote this song after his then-girlfriend, Suzanne, tragically was killed in a plane crash on the path to one of his concerts. He didn’t know she was coming, but his pals wanted to operate her out to stun him.

When happens go wrong and you need a feel-good psalm: “Blossom”

Blossom, smile some sunshine down my route lately, I’ve been lonesome.
Blossom, it’s been often too long a era, seems my dreamings have iced, defrost my cares away.

I’m actually not sure what “Blossom” is technically about, but my best friend’s mom danced to it with her daddy at her wed, so I’m going to premise it’s a feel-good ballad that’ll “melt[ your] attentions away.”

When your friend moves throughout the country: “You’ve Got a Friend”

You just call out my name
And you know wherever I am
I’ll pas scurry, oh yeah baby, wants to talk to you again

You can’t listen to this and not should be considered how luck you are to have good friends, even if you no longer live in the same region. Call them and tell them how much they’re appreciated.

When you’re in a fight with your boyfriend: “How Sweet It Is( To Be Affection By You) ”

You were better to me than I was to myself
For me, there’s you and there ain’t nobody else
I wanna stop and thank you baby
I just wanna stop and thank you newborn, oh yes

OK, this might not be relevant for every contend, but when he does thosesmall things that chafe you, put on some James Taylor. Some nuisances precisely aren’t worth get mad over.

When you lose your job: “Never Die Young”

( Make other nerves be broken, let other nightmares run dry)
but our golden ones voyage on, voyage on to another land beneath another sky, beneath another sky.
Hold them up, prop them up, comprise them up, comprise them up, accommodate them up, support them up…
( Prop them up, don’t let them descend)

Losing your job sucks. Everyone knows that. But it also isn’t the end of the world. Make James Taylor’s words induce you to update your resume and start undertaking hunting again.

When you need a vacation: “Carolina In My Mind”

In my head I’m gone to Carolina
Can’t you experience the sunshine?
Can’t you precisely find the moonshine?
And, ain’t it just like a friend of mine
To affect me from behind?
Yes, I’m gone to Carolina in my mind

I’m biased: I would listen to this on my Walkman on 7-hour errands their own families would do to South Carolina every summer growing up. Still, close your eyes and feign you’re somewhere that isn’t your frigid office.

When everyone is irritating you: “Shower the People”

Things are gonna work out fine if you only will do as I suggest, just
shower the person or persons you adore with ardour, show them the mode you feel.
Things are gonna be something better if you only will.

Deep breathers, deep sighs. Kill them with kindness.

James Taylor simply stirs everything better.

Jamie Foxx hastens to the rescue after fiery gondola accident


Jamie Foxx is a real-life war hero.

The -Alisters rep is proving to FOX4 11 the actor raced to the rescue after a fiery vehicle gate-crash has just taken place outside his Southern California home on Monday night.

The California Highway Patrol told the Associated Press a pickup truck went off the road in unincorporated Ventura County then went into a trench, rolling over multiple times and becoming engulfed in flames with a male operator captured inside.

Foxx told reporters Tuesday that he listened the clang from his home, called 911, and ran to the scene. He said another man, an off-duty paramedic who was driving by, had large EMT scissors that the two used to break the truck’s window, cut the man’s seatbelt and draw him out.

Foxx read “within five seconds” the truck led up in flames.

Foxx said he told the man, “You’ve got to help me get you out, because I don’t want to have to leave you. You’ve got angels around you.”

The crash victim has been identified as 32 -year-old Brett Kyle, who suffered busted bones and a punctured lung but is expected to survive. Foxx met and talked with Kyle’s father, Brad, before addressing the media.

“I don’t look at it as gallant, ” Foxx added. “I exactly look at it like, you know, you simply had to do something. And it all simply worked out.”

Brad Kyle said he had been shown surveillance video of the clang panorama, and he saw several autoes guiding by without helping.

“I merely continued watching it and exiting` My god, my divinity, he didn’t “re going to have to” do a occasion, ‘ ” Kyle read, breaking into tears as he spoke. “I think we all hope that we can do something when it was is there. But the issues to is, do we behave or do we fear for our own life? He did not.”

Foxx’s role in the rescue was first reported by the website TMZ. The identify of the paramedic who stopped and facilitated was not immediately available.

Foxx, who won an Academy Award for playing singer Ray Charles in the 2004 biopic “Ray, ” played the villain Electro in 2014 ‘s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and the titular renegade slave in 2012 ‘s “Django Unchained.”

The Associated Press lent it this report .

Kashmir: seven die after cable car falls 30m in tourist town


Gusty winds in Gulmarg uproot a huge pine tree that hits the cable of the coach, bringing it down to the ground

Four Indian tourists and three local residents died when a cable car came crashing down from a height of at least 30 meters (100ft) in a tourist town in the Indian portion of Kashmir.

Four other people were injured in the accident in the resort town of Gulmarg, said senior police officer Imtiyaz Hussain. One of the injured was in a critical condition.

Hussain said gusty winds in the area uprooted a pine tree that hit the cable, bringing it down to the ground.

The dead included a New Delhi couple and their two children, Hussain said. The three local residents who died included two tourist guides.

Authorities have restored the cable and rescued around 100 people who were stranded in the cable cars, Hussain said. They were also scouring the nearby forest area for any tourists who may have fallen there.

Indian army soldiers walk back after a rescue mission in Gulmarg. Photograph: Dar Yasin/AP

The accident was the first since the cable cars were installed 18 years ago, Hussain said.

The cable cars carry tourists in the Pirpanjal mountain range in the western Himalayas. Gulmarg is a popular skiing destination for both Indian and foreign tourists, though the accident happened during the summer tourist season.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/26/kashmir-seven-die-after-cable-car-falls-30m-in-tourist-town

Houses of Parliament attack: five dead including police officer


Alleged assailant shot by police as several injured in related occurrence on Westminster Bridge

Five people have died, including a police officer, and at least 20 beings have been injured in a major terrorist attack outside the Houses of Parliament, the Metropolitan police have confirmed.

Mark Rowley, the head of counter-terrorism at the Met, did a police officer had died after being stabbed by a lone intruder attempting to enter the House of Commons. The doubt was shooting and killed.

Moments earlier, at about 2.40 pm, the attacker drove a vehicle at quicken into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, near assembly, killing two people.

Rowley enunciated at the least 20 people, including three officers, were hurt in the attack on the bridge. A diplomatic informant told Reuters three French students were among the injured.

This is a day weve planned for but hoped would never happen. Sadly its now a reality, Rowley responded. The attack began when a car was driven over Westminster Bridge hitting and disabling a number of members of the public, also including three police officers on their method back from a kudo ceremony.

The car then crashed near to members of parliament and at the least one gentleman forearmed with a spear continued the attack and tried to enter assembly.

Sadly, I can confirm that four people have died. That includes the police officer shielding parliament and one husband we believe to be the attacker, who was shot by a police firearms officer. The men house have been made aware. At least 20 people have been injured. A fifth person was eventually enunciated dead from their injuries.

One woman is believed to have been thrown over the bridge into the river Thames and later plucked alive from the water while another fell on to a hard face below the connection.

The suspected attacker participating in emergency services at the panorama outside the Palace of Westminster. Photo: Stefan Rousseau/ PA

The vehicle came to a stall on the pavement, up against fences to the north of New Palace Yard, the light-green room contiguou to Big Ben, opposite an entrance to Westminster tube station.

A man with a bayonet was then visualized running through the gates of the Palace of Westminster, across New Palace Yard and jabbing a police officer. The attack resumed his rampage, targeting two seconds polouse, according to witnesses, but was shot by police as he approached the second largest officer clutching his knife.

In the aftermath of the attack, the Foreign Officer minister Tobias Ellwood apparently helped consider the injured officer. The Bournemouth MP, a former soldier, was depicted helping the police officer in Parliament Square. His brother Jonathan was killed in the 2002 Bali terror attack.

Colleen Anderson, a junior doctor, supposed a female pedestrian had died. She also said she plowed a police officer in his 30 s with a head hurt who had been taken to Kings College hospital. I strengthened one fatality. A girl. She was under the wheel of a bus. She died, proved her fatality at the scene, she said.

Attack on assembly delineate

The prime minister was expected to chair a fulfill of the governments emergency Cobra committee on Wednesday evening. A Downing Street spokesman articulated: The thinks of the PM and the government are with those killed and injured in this appalling occurrence, and with their families. The PM is being kept updated and will shortly chair COBR.

Theresa May was in the Commons hallway when the accident existed, according to the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt. He was with other rectors in a cabinet sub-committee when they were told of the incident.

Commander BJ Harrington, head of the Mets public prescribe dominate, articulated a full counter-terrorism investigation was under way. Harrington said the Met received a number of different reports, which included each of these reports of a person in the river, a automobile in conflict with pedestrians and a being armed with a knife.

The playing Met commissioner, Craig Mackey, was driving by assembly on his room to a meet when the attack has just taken place, Harrington told. He left his vehicle to help officers deal with the incident and was being treated as a witness.

Police questioned people to avoid the following areas: Parliament Square, Whitehall, Westminster Bridge, Lambeth Bridge, Victoria Street up to the interchange with Broadway, and the Victoria Embankment up to Embankment tube.

The Commons leader, David Lidington, told MPs in the moments after the two attacks that a police officer had been jabbed and the alleged assailant was shot by armed police following a serious incident within the parliamentary manor.

Play Video

People flee assembly as gunshots ring out video

Pictures emerged following the incident evidencing parties lying disabled on Westminster Bridge, some of them hemorrhaging.

Two people could be seen lying within New Palace Yard, instantly outside Westminster Hall. The sitting outside the House of Commons was expelled while police officer sealed off the orbit. Staff inside parliament were told to stay inside their offices.

Minutes after the incident, an emergency services helicopter territory in Parliament Square, as alarms were sounded outside. Air ambulance medics came from the helicopter to assist the casualties.

Play Video

Footage of gondola after disintegrate into fences outside Parliament – video

Immediately before the incident, at about 2.45 pm, beings were seen guiding from the direction of Westminster Bridge and around the corner into Parliament Square.

Rob Lyon, 34, from Rugby, was marching along Westminster Bridge with a colleague when he saw a 4×4 vehicle walking at high-speed, hitting pedestrians. He supposed: I discovered a rotation surely thumped a kerb, quite a raucous crunch interference. I gazed up and realise a gondola clearly making parties as it came towards me.

A colleague I was with, James, I heard him sort of shout. I instinctively jump-start off the pavement. I could see parties being hit. And then the car simply carried on up the bridge and I precisely seemed around and was genuinely in shock.

Radoslaw Sikorski captured the aftermath of the attack on Westminster Bridge on video. Sikorski, a senior friend at the Harvard Centre for European Studies, pronounced: I heard what I thought was just a crash and then I seemed through the window of the taxi and[ witnessed] person down, undoubtedly in great distress.

Rick Longley said he saw the car disintegrate into the railings and a mortal leap out. We were just treading up to the terminal and there was a thunderous slam and a guy, someone, crashed a auto and took some pedestrians out, he suggested. They were just laying there and then the whole bunch simply surged around the corner by the gates precisely opposite Big Ben.

A guy came past my right shoulder with a big knife and just started jumping it into the policeman.

Pat McCormack, 21, from Washington in Tyne and Wear learnt an attacker stabbing the police officer. I watched him jabbing the patrolman in the back of the foreman and the back of the neck. He was running away but then he collapsed.

A member of the public is treated by emergency services. Photograph: Carl Court/ Getty Images

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, did: Theres been an extremely serious happen in parliament today. Lives have been lost and people have been seriously injured. I want to thank the police and all the security services who did so much to keep the public, those who work in parliament and MPs safe. Our supposes are with those who have suffered loss and those who have experienced ghastly injuries this afternoon.

Steve White, the chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, which represents tens of thousands of rank-and-file officers, articulated: No words can capture how members of the policing clas will experience after todays horrible phenomena. We have lived in the knowledge that an attack on UK soil has been highly likely for nearly three years. Everyone is firmly well informed this information, but it induces it no less offending when it becomes a reality.

This incident highlightings the very real risks that police face each and every day. Detectives will tonight take the opportunity to hug loved ones and seek convenience in the company of friends and family. But one will not. The sting of that police kinfolk, acquaintances and colleagues will be shared by us all.

Our centres go out to their family and our thoughts are with them and their colleagues at this horrible meter along with others who have been injured today.

The incident took place a year to the day after the terror attack on Brussels, which killed 32 people and left 320 injured.

Saudi student now a US fugitive after skipping bail paid by consulate


(CNN)A Saudi student accused of killing an Oregon teenager in a traffic accident is on the run after skipping bail paid by a Saudi consulate.

Authorities in Portland said Abdulrahman Sameer Noorah, 21, escaped house arrest this month while awaiting trial for manslaughter for the hit-and-run accident that killed 15-year-old Fallon Smart last summer.
Authorities discovered Noorah had managed to remove his ankle bracelet nine days before his trial was scheduled to begin, said Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Shawn Overstreet. He told CNN the US Marshals Service is still searching for him.
    “He abided with his conditions of release for nine months,” said Overstreet. “It wasn’t until we were getting close to resolving the case, which was supposed to be last week, that — in my opinion — he decided that he didn’t want to go to prison for that long and took off.”
    Shane Smart, Fallon’s uncle, expressed his anger in a Facebook post.
    “From day 1, our family objected to a bail because of things known about Abdulrahman Noorah that made us believe he was a flight risk,” Smart wrote. “The deputy district attorney representing the state’s case against Abdulrahman Noorah expressed our objection of allowing a bail and house arrest to the presiding Judge.”

    Fatal hit-and-run

    Fallon was crossing a busy Portland intersection on August 19, 2016, to meet up with her mother when Noorah allegedly hit her with his car, Overstreet said. The teenager did not survive the impact.
    Noorah initially fled the scene but returned shortly afterward, Multnomah County Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Chad Gaidos told CNN. Noorah was then arrested and charged with first-degree manslaughter.
    Overstreet said neither Noorah nor his defense attorney disputed that he drove the vehicle that hit Fallon or that he was driving with a suspended license. But Overstreet said Noorah’s attorney claimed he was driving much slower than what law enforcement surveillance video shows. Noorah submitted a not guilty plea at his arraignment.
    CNN left multiple messages for Noorah’s attorney but has not heard back.

    ‘Flight risk issues’

    Noorah did not initially qualify for GPS-monitored house arrest, Gaidos said, because law enforcement believed there were “flight risk issues.”
    Noorah had turned his passport over to the Department of Homeland Security, Overstreet said, but authorities noted he was in the United States on a student visa. Gaidos said Noorah was attending Portland Community College on a scholarship when the hit-and-run happened. The Saudi government was supporting him with a small stipend each month, according to Overstreet.
    Gaidos said the sheriff’s office in Multnomah County, which includes Portland, believed Noorah did not have strong ties to Oregon and recommended he be held without bail.

    Prosecutor: Saudi government bailed him out

    The judge did not accept the recommendation and set bail for Noorah at $1 million instead.
    That’s when the Saudi consulate in Los Angeles stepped in to bail him out.
    “The Saudi consulate paid $100,000 to get him out,” Overstreet said. “They gave the money to the defendant, and the defendant paid the bail.”
    In Oregon, some defendants — depending on the crime, their criminal history, or the judge’s discretion — can be released from jail by posting just 10% of the bail. If the defendant violates release conditions, they are responsible for the remaining amount.
    The conditions of Noorah’s release included being under GPS-monitored house arrest and surrendering his passport, said Christopher Larsen, the attorney for the Smart family.
    CNN contacted the Saudi consulate in Los Angeles and embassy in Washington for comment several times this week but received no response.
    The State Department told CNN the case “is an ongoing legal matter” and it deferred to local authorities.
    Overstreet said he wants to make sure Noorah is found soon.
    “That’s the least we can do for the (Smart) family,” he said.

    Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/06/24/us/saudi-consulate-bails-man-oregon-manslaughter-trnd/index.html

    Still ticking: The improbable survival of the luxury watch business | Simon Garfield


    The Long Read: In an increasingly digital macrocosm, people are still willing to spend huge amounts on analogue timepieces. The theme is, why?

    On 17 March 2016, the watch manufacturer Breitling opened a lavish new stalling at Baselworld, the worlds biggest watch carnival, to show off its latest wonders. There was the Avenger Hurricane, a beefy black and yellow extravaganza in a special polymer casemade specifically to survive all extremes of superhuman adventure( 6,500 ). There was the Superocean Chronograph M2 000 Blacksteel, with full functionality at a degree of 2,000 metres( 3,850 ). And there were at least 60 other components, each out-glistening the other in an attempt to demonstrate a brand-new and costly direction to tell the time.

    And then there were the fish. Above the entry to the temporary shop which, at 10 metres high, was genuinely more of a pavilion was a huge cistern holding 650 jellyfish. The cistern truly more of an aquarium was the size of a new London Routemaster bus sliced down the middle.Empty, it weighed 12 tonnes; its 16,113 litres of ocean included another 16.5 tonnes. Because it contained so many fish and so much water, the cisterns areas were made from a 13 cm-thick blanket of methacrylate, a transparent substance same to plexiglass.

    Precisely what the jellyfish had to do with selling watches was a riddle, and it would remain a whodunit until they were removed from the tank when the pavillion shut. Perhaps they represented liberty; perhaps they were a remember of the kind of thought you could see if you purchased a Breitling diving chronometer. But the strangest thing about the container was that most people who examined it simply glanced up and swiftly moved closer. Considering where it was, it didnt seem unexpected at all.

    For eight days each year, Basel becomes the centre of the watch world. The fairs organisers claimed 150,000 compensating guests and 1,800 labels spread over 141,000 square metres of exhibition seat. Admission expensed 60 Swiss francs a era( virtually 50 ), for which one could have bought a neat Timex. Near the Breitling pavilion was an obelisk for Omega, and a palace for Rolex. TAG Heuer adorned its kiosk with a TAG Heuer-sponsored Formula 1 racing car. One could spend many hours sauntering the plush carpets here, and encounter many very handsome men and womenpromoting Breguet, Hublot, and Longines, and very many handsome men and women buying their wares, extremely. Some kiosks were also selling jewellery including Chanel, Gucci and Chopard and some labels were selling watches contained within ornaments: symphonies of the unnecessary, such as the Harry Winston Premier Moon Phase 36 mm, with baby of bead and 104 brilliant-cut diamonds.

    The show was a celebration of our mastery of timekeeping, and of the refinement and years of training that move into building objectives of allure and accuracy. But it was also a revelry of excess and superfluousness, of watches that exist simply because they can, like animal deeds at a circus. Numerous worked on the most intricate stages to perform offices almost beyond usefulness: there used to be watches with a calendar that lasts 1,000 years; there used to be watches demonstrating the phase of the moon in a different duration zone. And then there were components such as the Aeternitas Mega 4 from Franck Muller, assembled from 1,483 ingredients. This would announce the hours and quarter-hours with the same sound string as Big Ben. At its propel, it was presaged by its manufacturers as the most complex wristwatch ever stimulated, and a extravagant work of art.In addition to its 36 complications a complication is essentially a neat subterfuge was the ability to tell the time. Another complication was that it rate 2.2 m.

    And therein lies the mystery of the modern timepiece. These daytimes , no one is in need of Swiss watch to tell the time or a watch from any country. The duration exposed on our mobile phones and other digital devices will always be more accurate than the time exposed on even the most skilfully engineered mechanical watch, yet the industry has a visual proximity in “peoples lives” like few others. The storefronts of “the worlds” big-money streets glow with the lustre of Rolex and Omega; newspapers and magazines appear to be kept in business primarily by watch adverts; airports would be empty shells without them. The exportation ethic of the Swiss watch trade fell by 3.3% last year, due primarily to a downfall in demand from the east Asia. But it is up 62.9% compared against six years ago. In 2015 “the worlds” bought 28.1 m Swiss watches valued at 21.5 billion Swiss francs.

    We live in uncertain financial epoches, but watch prices at Baselworld prove no signeds of making a cut-price concession to the unstable yen or rouble, or even the recent challenger from the Apple Watch. Indeed, the opposite seems to be true: the highest the asking price, the greater the entreaty, for cheapness may be mentioned a decrease in quality.

    So the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 in platinum( The watch par excellence of influential beings) is on sale for 41,700, while the platinum Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Chronograph with the alligator leash( For men who take accuracy earnestly) is 162,970. For some collectors, this would be considered entry-level: the most complicated limited-edition watches sell for 1m or more. These watches have a waiting list, as “the worlds” simply contains so many squinting original craftsmen who can represent them, and even they havent detected a course to extend the day beyond 24 hours.

    But why do we continue to buy these over-engineered and redundant machines? Why do so many parties pay so much for an part whose principal role may be bought for so little? And how does the watch industry not only survive in the digital age, but survive well enough to erect a 16,000 -litre saltwater shrine to its continued familiarity of an outmoded art? Far beyond the indicate of duration, watches tell us something about ourselves. And so the answers to these questions lie within our propensity for extreme fantasy, our uptake of amazing market, our unbridled and impudent ability for pomposity, and our replaced venerate for workmanship in a digital world.

    And perhaps there is something else clicking away at us a feeling that the acceleration of our everyday lives may soon support overwhelming. When watchmaking began, we had no theory of packed calendars and unbreakable deadlines, much less of quality season or me duration. Our daytimes were not ruled by the clock. These epoches, having created this ungovernable blizzard of rush upon ourselves, we may be grateful for anything not least a beautiful windable timepiece that reinstates at the least an illusion of control.

    The Patek Philippe showroom at 18 New Bond Street has been done up in a sophisticated palette of sycamore, brass and alabaster. Here we may find the revered Swiss companys entire current Patek collection, extending from the relatively modest Calatrava and Aquanaut modelings( beginning at around 5,000) to the ludicrous Grandmaster Chime Ref 6300 in grey gold, fatten as a fist, which expenditure in the region of 1.7 m.

    One registers the shop through a double-door airlock, guarantee that no one goes in who may not appreciate beautiful creativity, and no one foliages who has not settled their history. The showroom at 400 square metres, the most significant single-brand watch outlet in the UK was not sufficiently large to host its own opening defendant in December 2014. The episode was held in a glass pavilion in the courtyard of Somerset House, decorated for the night in a form that would not have examined out of place in the heyday of Versailles, albeit a Versailles lit by LED sunlights on phony cherry trees.

    The London salon is the most modern of Pateks three flagship storages, but they all share a similar retail psychology. The others, in Paris and at the companys home in Geneva, envelop the clientele in an identical citrus aroma, and in all three, the piped music is as suave and alluring as 1950 s Monaco. There are a few subtle gaps, the companys PR chief tells me. In London you get cookies with your coffee, whereas in Geneva you get chocolates.

    In all three supermarkets an imminent obtain is established more enjoyable, and more likely, with the arrival of champagne. The London outlet has a lower-ground area resembling a library, and a twinkle, softly lighted celestial room where prospective buyers may question watches with eventual discretion. The entire showroom has intentionally banished all elements of the digital world: there are no iPads or electronic tills, and the staff have undergone a route in calligraphy to enable the careful inking of patron receipts and guarantees.

    My expertise is building parties glad and to create a climate my purchasers experience, told Ed Butland, the accumulations administrator. We will show you any piece are in accordance with your needs and circumstance. Money is the latest occasion we want to talk about. On the day I saw, Butland was not wearing his usual watch, a manually wound platinum Calatrava with a two-tone dial, but conducting a wear-test on a stainless-steel ultra-thin flow porthole Nautilus that has now been serviced.

    An iPhone has no soul, he pronounced. With most electronic machines theres precisely a screen and a back, and nothing that connects you with whats actually going on to make it production, and goods-for-nothing moving. Theres no human element and no human emotional bond. This partly shows the longstanding plea of a mechanical timepiece of any make.A few weeks before my tour of the showroom, I had inspected Patek Philippes headquarters in the Geneva suburb of Plan-les-Ouates, where I talked to Thierry Stern, the companys chairman. He had his own estimates on why the watch endures.

    We should never forget that its roughly the only jewellery we can have as a mortal, he did. And its something nice! We should never forget that. Its not only a watch, its a piece of art. If they[ our customers] want to keep it as something of value, fine. I would prefer to see them wearing it. Its too a reinforce I envision. Yes, you are able afford a quartz or digital watch to your son for his marry, but I do not recollect those types of items today will last. They will change each year, like phones, so should I engrave a[ digital] watch like this and announce Glad Birthday from your pa, and then what are you going to do the next year?

    Patek Philippe dignities itself on being the last independently owned watchmaker in Geneva. The corporation has been in the sides of the Stern family since 1932. Thierry Stern, who is 46, took over from “his fathers” Philippe six years ago. He is gently unassuming and comfortably portly, and quite lacking in the hauteur you are able to expect from the heads of state of such a distinctive brand.He speaks gently and chortles easily one has no trouble envisioning him selling ties, or with a pot of fondue in front of him. He recalled a fulfilling he had recently in New York with manufacture managers from Silicon Valley, and he was surprised to see how many of them wore Patek. When he asked them why, he told me, They all said the same: It brings us down to soil, and its nice to have something mechanical when youve been working in the digital world-wide for so long.

    In the last six years Stern has increased annual production from about 40,000 watches to 60,000, which is still a minuscule yield compared to a Swiss monster like Rolex, which produces more than 700,000 watches a year. Exclusivity is a key to usefulnes. Stern maintained that he was not worried by a difficult start to the year and the impact of Brexit on sales; he had just approved the designs for the accumulation for 2028. When youre dealing with season, he suggested, it helps to take the long view.

    Patek Philippe, which sold its first watch in the 1850 s, has never been at the crass dissolve of the market, and doesnt look for endorsements from ace footballers and rappers the behavior other brands do. Jay Z, for example, “whos had” rapped about owning a Hublot and the big-face Rolex( I got two of those! he boasts in a duet with Kanye West on their book Watch the Throne) might not seem the most likely purchaser of the more subtle Patek brand. But he is: he has been recognized at basketball games wearing a 120,000 Grand Complications model in white amber. Perhaps he likes the grandeur and( relative) self-restraint of it, a 21 st-century billionaire hanker for an updated 19 th-century masterpiece. Either route, he is certainly an avid shopper of the firebrands bright marketing.

    Patek has loped practically the same advert for the last 20 times, and it contains a tagline that is both enduringly effective and highly annoying: You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation. The route are complying with epitomes of frameworks in various stages of self-satisfaction: a father seated at a piano with his son, a baby tittering with her daughter over lifes little luxuries. The photograph, taken by Herb Ritts, Ellen von Unwerth, Mary Ellen Mark and other creators whose production hangs in museums, are available to budge a sense of responsibility and family indebtednes, of empire and heritage. They may plead primarily to someone with new money aspiring to be someone with old money. Buy an expensive watch, they seem to be speaking, and you will belong.

    The Aeternitas Mega 4 from Franck Muller. Photograph: www.thewatchquote.com/ mesIMG/ imgStd/ 28276

    Tim Delaney, the president of Leagas Delaney, the English publicizing busines responsible for the Generations campaign, told him that the adverts arose out of a desire to reflect Patek Philippes own feel of longevity and belonging the facts of the case that, unlike most watch firebrands, which are owned by large corporations, the company is independent.

    I asked him why his expedition had lasted so long. I think its a universal insight, he reads. Its not pushy the suppose doesnt run down, it doesnt become less intelligent the more you see it. The photographs are an attempt to show humanity and tendernes. Truth Its idealised. Everyone knows its advertise. You have a strong sense that its a natural bond between the two parties, the papa and the son, father and daughter, so its palatable, but its not a photograph of a guy with his real son. I expected Delaney whether there were any other watch expeditions he admired, and he fantasized for less than a second before he read No.

    In the last century we have suffered the violate of the sound barrier, the fabrication of the atomic clock, radio-controlled timekeeping, the internet, and pixelated clocks pulsating inexorably on our information technology and phones. And yet none of these developments has warned the dominance of the Swiss watchmaking manufacture. Exportations flew even during the second world war with the rest of Europe in turmoil, the temporal reliability of neutral Switzerland assumed even greater meaning. For speciman, the International Watch Company a leading manufacturer based on the banks of the Rhine, in the north Swiss city of Schaffhausen sold its Large-scale Captains Watch to both the RAF and the Luftwaffe. Both sides were grateful for its massive dial, its vast glove-operable crown and its protection against abrupt lowerings in air pressure as they tried to shoot each other out of the sky.

    In 2014, the Swiss exported 29 m watches. This was alone 1.7% of all watches bought globally, but 58% of their price. This creates a cord of questions. Why Switzerland in the first place? How did this unassuming, landlocked country be coming home with reign the industry? And how did it employer the art of billing tens of thousands for an object that often kept time less accurately than an object costing 10?

    The firstly mechanical watches were not Swiss. The earliest first round and then oval-shaped, and worn as large necklaces emerged around 1510 in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Italy. A small-time swap are set out in Geneva a few decades later, thanks mainly to artisans utilized as goldsmiths; filigree and enamel duty, and suffer with intricate plate tools, enabled craftsmen to return their attention to miniature mechanics. There were 176 goldsmiths are present in Geneva in the 16 th century, and their emergent watchmaking skills were almost certainly aided by the advent of Huguenot refugees from France.

    None of this quite is one reason why it was Switzerland, rather than Germany or France, that gained the pre-eminent honour for accuracy and grace. But this is because that reputation rose primarily in the 20 th century. Prior to this, firms such as Breguet, Cartier and Lip in Paris, and numerous small firmsbased in Glasshtte, in the German government of Saxony, all induced prized specimen.( These parts still render fine watches, they are only struggle to compete with the cachet of being stirred in Switzerland .)

    In England, which could justifiably claim to be the innovative centre of clock and watchmaking in the 17 th and 18 th centuries, the roster of premier craftsmen included appoints still celebrated at the Greenwich Royal Observatory and the British Museum: Thomas Mudge, John Harrison and Thomas Tompion. With the exception of Harrison, whose clocks facilitated the the purpose of calculating longitude at sea, the reputations are now all but forgotten, owing to the habitual British rehearsal of forgetting the concerns in which it once guided the world.

    But the Swiss exactly deterred on extending, occasionally buying up its most important conglomerates elsewhere in Europe, and modelling craft the organizations and certification targets that increased the industrys reputation for tone and franknes. In the 19 th century, the Swiss became captains of the increasingly flat mechanisms that permitted traditional pocket watches to evolve into wristwatches; a watch wear as a bangle was particularly useful when journeying on horseback.

    The Swiss also made full usage of new innovations, enthusiastically supplanting the old procedure of winding a watch by key in favour of the modern stem-and-crown mechanism. In the early 20 th century, they mixed the brand-new American-originated system of conveyor-belt mechanisation with the finest the methodology of neighbourhood hand-crafting.

    Today, the particular excellences that make a watch Swiss are the subject of strict legal definition, and are as closely governed as champagne or parmesan cheese( the specific characteristics on watches is always Swiss built or only Swiss rather than Obliged in Switzerland, a institution dating back to 1890 ). To prepare, a watch must meet certain strict criteria( or, according to the Fdration de lIndustrie Horlogre Suisse FH, where this grouping originates, a watch must adhere to The new requirements stipulated by Swissness ). To classify as Swiss Made, a watch must a) have a Swiss flow( that is, the basic mechanism comprised of cogs and outpourings that move the watch ticking) b) have this movement incorporated in a case that is attained within Switzerland and c) be checked and certified in Switzerland.

    All was going well until the 1970 s, when something hit the hand-made mechanical watch craft like a mallet. As the decade developed it seemed that the Swiss has not been able to, after all, be telling the worlds experience for ever. In September 1975, The Horological Journal a well regarded busines publication founded in 1858 announced an important milestone in its own history of horology. On its deal was a picture of a Timex, a watch that passed on quartz. It contained a tiny segment of crystal that resonated at a high and fixed frequency when powered by a artillery. This steady signal was then transmitted to an oscillator, an electronic route that regulated the paraphernaliums that switched the watch hands. The old-time mechanism of winding and capability storage in a coiled spring was rejected at a stroke.

    The quartz movement had been around since the 1920 s, but its miniaturisation had only been achieved in prototype by Seiko and Casio in Japan in the late 1960 s. Its toll has hitherto taken it beyond the general consumer, but now, through mass production at Timex and its primary American competitor Bulova, the electronic watch represented a change of ideology a piece of disorderly technology long before the phrase dwelt. It was solid state, with no ticking, and the brand-new watch acclaimed the sunrise of mass tech-based consumerism. Split-second timing, once the exclusive land of physicists and technicians, was now available to all, and there was no better mark of the seismic transformation from the mechanical to the electronic macrocosm. Time itself was now twinkling at us everywhere. No theatre visit was complete without half-hourly beeping from watches in the audience, frightens were now racing us to every appointment.

    The Swiss reacted to the digital interruption with a mix of refusal and mild hysterium. Between 1970 and 1983, the Swiss share of the watch grocery fell from 50% to 15%, and the industry molted more than half its personnel. As one of Tom Stoppards attributes set it in his 1982 gambling The Real Thing, It searched all over for the 15 -jewel movement. Guy passed through the marketplace wailing the cog is dead! But the days of the Japanese digital watch were numbered. In the early 1980 s, with doom on the horizon, the Swiss crusade back with a brand-new doctrine of their own, and something plastic, less costly and powered by quartz and battery: the Swatch.

    The Swatch from its call onwards administered quality, young people and fun into Swiss watches( God knows, the fusty industry needed it ). The watches were sold in the companys own patronizes and advertised on MTV, while masters and film directors, including Keith Haring and Akira Kurosawa, designed limited copies and formed watches hip and advantageous again for a new generation. With the terror over, the Swiss could once more is focused on numbering their bank account. In 2014, gross sales of the Swatch watch amounted to more than 9bn Swiss francs. Today, the Swatch Group is the worlds largest watchmaking busines, consisting of brands including Longines, Blancpain and Rado that once would have shuddered at the thought of being owned by an empire with such garish organizations. Swatch even owns Breguet, the company that claims to have obliged the first wristwatch in 1810.

    Earlier this year, in an interview with the New York Times, Brad Pitt echoed his time on the adjust of the second world war movie Fury. Pitt, who is a label ambassador for TAG Heuer, remembered that Logan Lerman, the youngest actor in the cast, was given a watch to keep track of various activities during the films rehearsals. One period he came to me and said the watch has stopped, and I read, Youve just got to wind it. He came back literally 15 minutes later and did, Wait, how do you gale it?

    For those born into the digital age, the prospect of making a watch start may seem as distant and implausible as crank-starting a auto or changing the ribbon on a typewriter. But this is exactly this process the end of a stunt of endlessly intricate human engineering that petitions to the watch connoisseur. It too explains why a fine watch expenditures so much.

    Making anything really small by hand tends to be extremely expensive. In the watch manufacture, the precision of the minuscule areas is one reason for the largest expense( even the tiniest pin rates eight Swiss francs, precisely because it is such a tiny bolt ). But the major contributory factors are human and old-fashioned the wisdom, handed down through centuries, required to make something beautiful and functional from an otherwise inanimate assemblage of metal and stones. In each of the impressive Grande Complication watches made by the International Watch Company( IWC) “theres” 659 sides 453 more than there are bones in the human body.

    But this is nothing compared with the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime, which holds 1,366 personas within a 16.1 mm-thick occurrence. This is the one with the 1.7 m price tag, and I handled one for a brief instant when I saw the Geneva headquarters( how period moves when youre experiencing something you know will soon be taken away from you ). The watch did actually detect expensive. It had a dual-face, a supremacy device running at 25,200 semi-oscillations per hour, a everlasting docket, a strikework isolator exhibition, a moon phase, and a Grande and Petite Sonnerie( internal chimes and scares with minuscule hammers impressing polished gongs when activated by a side lever to make the wearer know the time in the dark ).

    It was as heavy as any wrist would bear, and was without question a masterpiece of horological skill. But the thing I liked most about it was that after nine years on the drawing board, and as numerous at vehicle manufacturers workbench, you still had to wind the damn beautiful occasion by hand.

    The greatest amazement of all is that this watch has a mechanical action, much of it adapted from pocket watches created in the 17 th century. The precision tooling and some of the fitted is a possibility to be undertaken by machine now, but the specific characteristics and final assemble the minuscule screws, springs, plates, wheels and jewels, the heaviness on the edge of the balance wheel, the ratchets that mediate the power supply, the interconnected casks that create an energy stockpile, and the pallet forking attached to the escapement pedal that causes the ticking racket are to be undertaken by mentality and hand.

    A master watchmaker at IWC Schaffhausen identified Christian Bresser formerly told me that making a watch formed him seem omnipotent. Its the worst situation to enunciate, but its the God complex, or the Frankenstein complex. You have the grey overcoat, and youre making life.

    The Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime. Photo: Jean-Daniel Meyer/ Patek Philippe/ JD Meyer

    Creating life from pinions and fulcrums and tiny fuckings may be the easy-going segment. One then has to sell the thing. With so many watch business creating simply slight fluctuations of the same produce, how should the well-heeled purchaser make a select in thiscrowded grocery? Should we rely, as we increasingly do in our modern world, on counseling from personalities?

    At Baselworld in 2015 I pinched my style into a open of a brand-new watch at a pavilion designed for Hublot. A flashy newcomer on the vistum, Hublot was set up by an Italian in 1980, based itself in Nyon, a town in south-western Switzerland, and was owned by the French indulgence goods corporation LVMH. Hublot prides itself on its timekeeping for conducting sporting affairs, and its recent label representative was Jos Mourinho, administrator of Manchester United and a keen watch collector.

    Brand representatives are a key element of watch salesmanship, and the fact that they do not often wear a watch at all while achieving their greatest achievements is not a important consideration. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have signed for Audemars Piguet and Jacob& Co. Alongside Mourinho, Hublot also has Usain Bolt. Breitling has John Travolta and David Beckham, Montblanc Hugh Jackman, Rolex Roger Federer, IWC Ewan McGregor, and Longines Kate Winslet. Patek Philippe has shied away from celebrity endorsements, but it did formerly boast that its patrons included Queen Victoria.

    When Mourinho appeared at Baselworld in 2015 he was still manager of Chelsea. He was wearing a gray-haired raincoat over gray cashmere, and he consented his watch with light-headed applause and a short addres about how he has been part of the Hublot family for a long time as a follower, but now it had all been made official( ie he had received his bank move ). His watch was “ve called the” King Power Special One, almost the size of a hockey puck, 18 -carat king amber with off-color carbon, a self-winding Unico manufacture Flyback Chronograph with 300 components, an immense 48 mm case, all the auto-mechanics disclosed on the dial slope, blue alligator fasten, a skeleton dial, a strength fund of 72 hours, an copy of 100 and a price in the boundaries of 32,000. The promotional blurb claimed that its consideration of this agenda item most like Mourinho himself: The watch is provocative the robust exterior secretes the genius below. It was both startling and horrible at the same time.

    But the most remarkable event about the Hublot King Power was not that it was like an armored cistern, but that it did not deter very accurate day. When the favourite American magazine WatchTime deported tests on an earlier simulation, it met it gained between 1.6 to 4.3 seconds a epoch. Extra day: yet another thing for Mourinho to dispute with the referee.

    But accurate timekeeping has long ago ceased to be the stage. And this, with deep paradox, is another reason why the world-wide watch industry survives. Formerly you can afford to expend even entry-level prices for a Patek Philippe or a Hublot, your watch has begun to represent status and one-upmanship. A watch is a statement of accomplishment, and likewise of intent.( It is also one of the easiest ways to export money from one country to the next .) Something glittery on your wrist says something about your giving superpower and your flavor, much as an expensive vehicle can do; it is not always an attractive characteristic. Its a deception, of course, but the fatter and more complicated and costly the watch, the more the wearer may expect power of the universe, the still centre of a spinning wheel.

    Baselworld 2017 has already announced itself as a fairground for the feels. Next March, the demonstrate will boast an expanding array of smart watches, items that intimate the leading labels are not prepared to digest another debacle comparable to the quartz crisis. Many companionships initially dismissed the potential impact of the Apple Watch and similar machines that act as a synced companion to the mobile phone, but “theyve been” forced to reconsider; when Apple began offering a watch in a gold action for several thousand pounds more than the standard modeling, and Herms began obligating 1,550 belts for it, the indulgence market began to feel a bit uneasy.

    So Breitling will be offering its Exospace B5 5, allowed to be chronograph to engage with any smartphone. And TAG Heuer will have its Connected Smart Watch, promising audio stream over WiFi and all manner of fitness tracking. It claims it marks a completely new era the worlds firstly wrist-worn computer.

    But the watch has always been a computer; the difference now is what it computes. A dial that once etched out our lives in hours and hours, its accuracy is dependant on our capabilities to adjust it in motion and jazz it, may now keep working connected with the rest of the earth, via GPS and overnight wireless billing. Yet the remarkable thing is not the emergence of text and emails on the wrists that was always going to come at some quality but how robust the traditional and mechanical wristwatch has proven itself alongside the new technologies. Alongside the absurd complications of the fattest brand-new timepiece reaches something we are evidently keen to hang on to a impression that knockout and elaboration are ends in themselves, and that the workbench of the skilled operator is still idolized more than the production line. A beautiful clicking timepiece grants us something back transporting us, perhaps, to an imagined day when time was still our friend.

    Timekeepers: How the World Became Preoccupied With Time, by Simon Garfield, issued by Canongate at 16.99. To order a reproduce for 13.93, go to bookshop.theguardian.com or announce 0330 333 6846.

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    Toyota CH-R car review:’ The most over-designed vehicle I’ve come across’


    No door handle is in a regular situate , no space is a regular shape

    Really, though, why do you want a small family SUV? Whats wrong with a regular kinfolk saloon or, for anyone without a big hobby, a red-hot incubate? Is it like that thought where you do an MA because nobodys amazed by a degree any more, and then you end up knowing a ton about French feminism for no reason? Im not being anti-intellectual. Im not even being anti-SUV. Im exactly being very slightly sceptical about the Toyota CH-R.

    This is the most over-designed vehicle Ive ever come across: the panache is fancy with diamond structures, the body work is lousy with pointy fragments , no opening handle is in a regular home , no space is a regular shape if it can be segmented. Nobody knows why they want their windows to look like bugs, or why the back end must continue to be simulated on an 80 s film about a hovering ship( which doesnt prevail; stop Googling ). I guess you could always ask, but that would seem discourteous, like requesting person if their “hairs-breadth” is meant to be that colour. All of this plays merry desolation with the rear visibility. This was not the car in order to be allowed to test the hypothesi nobody genuinely need to see a parking camera; simple-minded intelligent park expedite( unmelodious, constant beeping) will do just fine.

    There is a hybrid option, which makes it a stunning, below 90 g/ km carbon emission, but in the regular 1.2 petrol machine that I was driving, the mileage was unremarkable. Its illumination and zippy, and the steering is trustworthy, but again, if thats the kind of occasion youre into, why did you buy this kind of auto? A Golf will go like shit off a spade. I guess you might crave boot cavity. There is space in this boot. You wouldnt want to put a filing cabinet or a duo of spaniels in it, but you wouldnt be blaspheming the gods for your second brat when you went on holiday.

    Its pretty quiet and smooth in city, but on the motorway it find thin: theres a lot of ambient air noise, a little bit of moan in the highest gears; infinite and visibility in the back are confined enough that any journey over half an hour results in passenger claustrophobia.

    Seriously, all this for the dignity of being able to step up into the car rather than simply in, and a slightly higher ride than others on the road, who are laughing at you anyway because of your spoiler. Id rather choose simple-minded, humble and low-slung. Small, budget-ish SUVs are ugly by nature( oh my God, the Nissan Juke !) but this one makes a feature of it.

    Toyota CH-R: in numbers


    Price 27,705
    Top hasten 118 mph
    Acceleration 0 to 62 mph in 10. 9 seconds
    CO2 radiations 136 g/ km
    Combined mileage 47.1 mpg
    Cool rating 4/10
    Eco rating 7/10