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These firefighter medics stole the Pride spotlight with their surprise wedding proposal.


During NYC’s Pride parade, Trudy Bermudez made a surprise proposal to her girlfriend.

It’s not easy to steal the spotlight at New York City’s Pride parade. After all, you’re competing with an estimated 50,000 attendees, as well this year’s featured guests, Lady Gaga and the “Queer Eye” cast.

But Trudy Bermudez and Tayreen Bonilla did just that.

Both are NYC firefighter medics and have been dating for about a year and a half. During the parade, Bermudez surprised Bonilla with a wedding proposal she’d been planning for months.

“I had absolutely no idea and apparently everybody else knew. I was completely oblivious to the whole thing,” Bonilla said afterward.

The engagement was celebrated both in the moment and later, by the FDNY who noted the happy couple aren’t just in love, they’re heroes. They made news in 2017 after helping save the life of a man who had a heart attack during a Brooklyn car show.

Bermudez said that she decided to propose during the middle of the Pride route to share their love with everyone in attendance and those watching from afar. “We’re proud of who we are, and we’re very happy, and I wanted to share that with whoever enjoys happiness,” she said.

Bonilla quickly said “yes” — and the photos are beautiful.

Photos of the proposal quickly made news and went viral across social media. And that shouldn’t be too surprising. Just look at these two:

All photos by Kena Betancur/Getty Images.

Progress demands vigilance. But let’s not forget that equality and love are winning.

The fight for equality continues. But Pride month is also a reminder of how far LGBTQ communities have come in recent years.

And if the reaction to Bermudez and Bonilla from people near and far is any indication, those advocating in the name of love will be victorious.

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Kendall Jenner Hankers To Stop Her Relationship With Ben Simmons ‘Very Private’


Kendall Jenner wants you to stay out of her business!

According to a People report published under Wednesday, the KUWTK whiz is “very protective” about her bud rapport with Ben Simmons.

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A source disclosed:

“She’s being very private about its relations with Ben. Kendall’s genuinely different from her sisters in that sense … She frankly doesn’t miss people talking about who she’s dating and is very protective of her personal life … She detests “members attention” and it’s been annoying that the drama with Tinashe has come up.”

As we reported, last Thursday, the couple went to Delilah in West Hollywood where the basketball player’s ex was also in attendance. When the singer left the guild, she told a photog that the NBA jock was texting her while he was with Jenner( which he denied ).

Because of the accident, Simmons and Jenner are reportedly “seriously thinking of significantly beefing up security” because of Tinashe’s alleged continued presence.

Drama aside, Ben and Kendall are definitely experiencing each other’s company.

“Things are surely heating up though and she’s having a good time with him. She’s roused to spend the summer with Ben … Over the past year, she also slowed down some of her project and took a interrupt from the runway. She deals with a lot of nervousnes and needed a respite. That kind of traveling truly takes a toll on her, but she’s been feeling good.”

Get it, you two!

[ Image via Ben Simmons/ Instagram/ KIKA/ WENN .]

Woman Held Captive By Abusive Husband Escapes After Writing Tone On UPS Package!


Thank goodness for UPS !

On Tuesday, the status of women was freed from her abusive spouse, who regarded her captive in their Missouri home, after a UPS driver understood an pressing mention she had scribbled on a scheduled bundle pick up.

According to reports, the status of women was being held captive by her husband James Tyler Jordan ( drawn above ), who forced her to strip down before trounce and sexually assaulting her.

The woman alleges Jordan maintained a grease-gun to her president and threatened to kill them both — all while their 3-year-old progeny was locked in the bedroom without food or liquid for 15 hours.

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It’s unclear what provoked the brutal chapter, though governments say it could have ended catastrophically if it wasn’t for a whack at the door from a deliveryman.

Around noon on Tuesday, the UPS driver came to the door to pick up a package as Jordan apparently stood behind his wife with a gun to her back. She somehow managed to scrawl a request of providing assistance during the interaction, compose:

“Contact 911. “

The driver called the police, who later been able to reach the house and started been speaking with the woman — but her husband closed the door on them and refused to cooperate.

Worried that Jordan was capable of violence due to previously being arrested for assault, lieutenants called for a Swat squad, nonetheless the abusive partner ceded before SWAT members arrived at the scene.

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Jordan is charged with domestic assault, sodomy, felonious limited, prohibited use of a artillery, and threatening the welfare of a child. He is being held on a $100,000 bond.

UPS praised the long-time operator for notifying approvals, saying in a statement 😛 TAGEND

“We are grateful this UPS driver with more than a decade of services that are followed protocol when he saw a client in distress and contacted authorities after he saw her content to contact 9-1-1. Our motorists are very familiar with their routes, and are trained to be aware of their encircles and respond to requests for assistance.”

While the driver definitely saved the working day, we acclaim the wife’s quick thoughts and bravery that saved herself and brat from a much worse fate.

[ Image via Franklin County Sheriff’s Office .]

Uber’s self-driving gondola watched the pedestrian but didn’t swerve- report


Tuning of cars software to avoid untrue positives accused, as US National Transportation Safety Board investigation continues

An Uber self-driving experiment automobile which killed a woman sweeping wall street spotted her but decided not to react instantly, each of these reports has said.

The car was tripping at 40 mph( 64 km/ h) in self-driving mode when it collided with 49 -year-old Elaine Herzberg at about 10 pm on 18 March. Herzberg was pushing a bicycle across the road outside of a intersect. She subsequently died from her injuries.

Although the car’s sensors detected Herzberg, its application which decides how it should greeting was carolled very far in favor of rejecting objects in its footpath which might be” false positives”( such as plastic bags ), according to a report from the Information . This made the modified Volvo XC9 0 did not react fast enough.

The report also said the human safe motorist was not compensating close enough attention to intervene before the vehicle struck the pedestrian.

Arizona suspended Uber’s self-driving vehicle testing after the incident. The busines later adjudicated with Herzberg’s family.

Uber and the US National Transportation Safety Board( NTSB) are probing the incident. Uber has already reached its preliminary judgment, according to the paper. A thorough NTSB report is expected later.

” We’re actively cooperating with the NTSB in their investigation. Out of respect for that process and the cartel we’ve built with NTSB, we can’t comment on the specifics of the accident ,” an Uber spokesperson said in a statement.” In the meantime, we have initiated a top-to-bottom refuge review of our self-driving vehicles programme, and we have brought on former NTSB chair Christopher Hart to admonish us on our overall refuge culture. Our inspect is also considering everything from the security of its our method to our grooming processes for vehicle hustlers, and we hope to have more to say soon .”

The collision celebrated the first fatality attributed to a self-driving automobile, the development of which has frequently been named as the only way to eliminate road deaths for those inside and outside the car.

The incident was not the first arguing to commit Uber’s self-driving efforts, which the company sees as key to its existence as a ride-sharing or taxi firm. The fellowship has been involved in a long-running duel with former Google self-driving car outfit Waymo over fraud to new technologies around Anthony Levandowski.

Uber’s self-driving technology was also called 5,000 seasons worse than Waymo’s in an independent analysis in 2017, while it has had law tussles with different US states where it have sought to test vehicles.

Tesla car that disintegrated and killed operator was leading on Autopilot, conglomerate pronounces Google sibling Waymo launchings amply autonomous ride-hailing service

‘Slaps Roof Of Car’ Is A Dank Meme Gone Hilariously Unhinged


Happy HONDA DAYS, y’all! Earlier this week a meme featuring a car salesman was making the Reddit and Instagram rounds. The pic features the salesman trying to sell a vehicle, slappin’ its roof and boasting about how much spaghetti the “bad boy” can fit in it. The dumb as sh*t nature of the meme was an easy sell to meme-makers on the social networks, and has resulted in a near-meme takeover on r/dankmemes and r/animemes. The attempts have ranged from thoughtful and clever historical commentary to complete shitposts. We’re here for all of them.

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Ritz Paris robbery: ornaments worth EUR4. 5m seized in armed heist


Terrified guests disguise in kitchen as masked men maintaining axes and bayonets make off with helpfuls from display cases

Five masked men forearmed with axes and bayonets strolled into the Ritz hotel in central Paris on Wednesday and left shortly afterwards with an estimated EUR4. 5 million worth of jewels.

French police on patrol outside the five-star inn caught three of the raiders after tasering them as they fled on foot. The remaining two escaped through a back entrance and established their getaway on a scooter.

Detectives say the men entered the Ritz on rue Cambon, near the Place Vendome, at around 6.30 pm. They reportedly smashed several showing windows within the inn with the axes and grabbed the pearls, substance them into suitcases before leaving.

Witnesses answered staff members of the hotel’s Hemingway bar told panic-struck clients to get down on the floor for their safety as the robbers impress. Other guests took refuge in the inn kitchen.

” We heard a raucous interference and lots of racket in the street ,” one inn hire told AFP.” Passers-by took refuge in the inn. We didn’t know what was going on until someone told us there had been a burglary .”

Witnesses mentioned at the least 10 hits were fired, and hotel guests reported understanding one Ritz employee injured.

However, French police said there had been no injuries. A police officer said the exact evaluate of the jewellery embezzled in the robbery was not known, but was thought to be” several million euros “. Le Parisien newspaper reported that the three arrested believes were well known to police.

French writer Frederic Beigbeder was among guests drinking in the Hemingway bar at the time of the attack. He told journalists he took refuge in the basement.

Gerard Collomb, the French interior minister, praised the police answer following the arrests.” Forearmed crime at the Ritz: three of the presumed thieves already arrested by police from the 2nd arrondissement. Their sing froitd , their professionalism and their quick reactions do the police proud. I am grateful to them ,” Collomb tweeted.

Gerard Collomb (@ gerardcollomb)

Vol a prime armee au Ritz: 3 des auteurs presumes ont d’ores et deja ete interpelles par les policiers du 2e arrondissement.
Leur sang froid, leur professionnalisme& leur reactivite font honneur a notre Police. Ils ont toute ma reconnaissance. #FiersDeNosPoliciers

January 10, 2018

The Ritz is owned by billionaire Egyptian entrepreneur Mohamed Al Fayed. Diana, Princess of Wales died in a high-speed auto disintegrate shortly after leaving the inn with Al Fayed’s son Dodi in August 1997.

Security was stepped up in and around Place Vendome in 2014 after a series of crimes on luxury browses and jewellers in the square, which is also dwelling to France’s Ministry of Justice.

The French capital’s most high-profile recent jewellery stealing was carried out in October 2016, when jewellery importance 10 million euros was stolen from US world video sun Kim Kardashian.

Five humen, some wearing coats with police insignia, propped her at gunpoint, obliging off with various parts of amber and diamond jewellery.

Trumps Negotiating Style Is Pure Art of the Moron


Im often on the receiving end of the Trumpentariats criticisms of Never Trump conservatives.

Dont I get it? Dont I love how Trump is achieving the impossible, and soaring to heights to which no other president could aspire? Havent I gotten over the election yet?When, oh when, will I finally MAGA? I received an email Tuesday from a Trump fan asking why for once I couldnt congratulate Donald Trump for his work with North Korea.

Leaving aside my usual critiques of Trump, which are, as you may have noticed, colorful, varied, and pointed, lets give the president a fair assessment of his weeks activities, and thanks and credit where thanks and credit are due.

Of course, we start when Trump fled the humid confines of Washington, D.C., jetting to Quebec to blow up the G7 summit and take a massive political and rhetorical dump on some of our longest-standing and closest allies. But Im playing nice, so thank you, Mr. President, for adopting 19th-century trade policies that combine both raging economic illiteracy and inevitably adverse outcomes for America. Well done.

Thank you, because nothing says Presidential Stature like your juvenile dick-waving and insults attacking the heads of state of the G7 nations. Thanks are also in order for deploying your clown-car motorcade of loudmouth, shock-jock aides to make the damage worse.

Great work taking direction from the Home Office in Moscow; you spent more time at the G7 summit doing Vladimir Putins bidding than you did strengthening the ties between the United States and our closest allies.

Even so, Im supposed to thank the president, right? Well, thank you, Donald. You sent a message to our allies in Asia and beyond that youre willing to compromise their security and ours for an inconsequential photo-op with a hopped-up fatboy dictator who looks like Pyongyang already has a Krispy Kreme and a Popeyes, and hes the only one allowed to eat in them.

Russia, Iran, Syria, and other bad actors want to thank you, Mr. President. You sent the clearest of signals that sanctions regimes, inspections, and verified denuclearization are no longer relevant in our brave new era of nationalist populist strongmen and Michael Bay knockoff videos.

Evidently, all the bad guys have to do is kiss your ample ass long enough and shower you with enough superficial praise and they can play you like the trifling intellectual lightweight you most certainly are. So, thank you for that reminder.

Nobel Prizes may have been dancing in your head on your way to Singapore, and perhaps the Nobel Committee will fire up the forge and cast you an extra super-glitzy giant prize, out of gratitude. Perhaps the medal will make up for the fact Kim Jong Un took away every single thing he wanted from this meeting, including the propaganda coup of all propaganda coups.

Ever wonder what the consequences of legitimizing a nuclear-armed madman who has used chemical weapons on his own family, starved his people, and engaged in systematic mass murder to retain power might be? Congratulations! Youre about to find out. Us too.

Evidently, the purpose of the trip was to produce a communiqu so shallow, meaningless, and ephemeral that its contents were a combination of already-broken DPRK agreements and back-of-the-envelope wishcasting. Our South Korean allies may seem freaked out, but its just their way of appreciating you.

Well done, Mr. President. You got your on-camera handshake with a man who orders the deaths of children. You got your lunch with one of the few remaining dictators on this earth and put the Leader of the Free World on the same level as a hereditary thug who killed his half-brother with chemical weapons.

Good job, Mr. President. Youve terrified our allies with your cavalier and sloppy art-of-the-moron negotiating style. Youve told American troops who will remain on the Korean Peninsula theyre no longer going to practice with their Korean counterparts as a deterrent to the Norths long, long history of aggression. Im sure if the balloon goes up, theyll thank you for stopping their exercises.

Mission accomplished, Mr. President. Youve set your fans up for a spectacular comedown when North Korea does what it always does. Right now, theyre cheering themselves hoarse, dancing in the streets, and believing to the bottom of their deplorable little hearts that youve denuclearized North Korea, brought Kim to heel, undone the evils done in the Hermit Kingdom for generations, and started building Trump Tower Pyongyang.

Hats off to you, Mr. President. Youve cut the sinews of a strategic alliance with Japan and South Korea that has contained North Korea, and kept a brake on Chinese power in the Western Pacific.

Thank you, Mr. President, for reminding us that Kim Jong Un is talented. I couldnt agree more. Hes talented at killing his uncles, half-brothers, cousins, and countrymen with poison, anti-aircraft guns, chemical weapons, and flamethrowers. Hes talented at starving his people, systematically reducing their life expectancy, health, and even height because of the chronic malnutrition his evil policies entail. Hes talented like his father and grandfather before him at rooking Western leaders. Theyre talented at proposing deals they never had the slightest intention of keeping.

Heckuva job, Mr. President. No matter what a weapons-grade dumpster fire this week created, youre safe from congressional oversight, but you know that by now. Nothing you do matters to this Congress. No matter what damage you inflict on our economy, our alliances, trade, our stature in the world, our role as an exemplar of democratic values, our ability to serve as an honest broker in the international community, and our security, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will lay supine before you. (Supine is that position you usually have to pay for, hoss.)

Their evident, constant terror at running afoul of your volcanic temper, lunatic followers, and media cheer squad mutes their tongues and stays their hands even when they should know better. They should fear a world where America is isolated, mistrusted, and weaker economically, morally, and politically. They should worry the acid drip of your rhetorical and moral poison reduces American power and influence.

Instead, they fear their own president, hiding behind furrowed brows and elliptical, mealymouthed expressions of grave concern.

So congratulations, Mr. President. You spent the week deliberately wrecking American alliances and leadership, allied yourself with one of the most egregious enemies of freedom in the world, and abandoned the shared values of our friends like Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany.

You must be so proud.

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Is guarantee a rich enough recreation to interrupt?


For the last decade, the most significant engineering fellowships is becoming more and more appeared outside of tech to change their operations. From automotive to retail to groceries, these companies use massive competitive advantages in accordance with the arrangements of data, customer relationships and software engineers to fundamentally change markets.

Now, fellowships like Apple and Google and Amazon are eyeing invention across the insurance scenery. For precedent, Amazon is teaming with JPMorgan and Berkshire Hathaway to create a brand-new direction to approach health insurance, focusing firstly on the group’s own employees. On the retail slope, Amazon is selling produce insurance and extended warranties at the point of sale and investing in insurtech startups. Meanwhile, Tesla is developing an insurance commodity specific to the Model S. Waymo, Uber and Lyft are certainly having similar dialogues internally.

Obviously, these are all preliminary gradations. Insurance is a difficult, multifaceted and, yes, risky business. In the end, whether or not fellowships like Amazon become insurers themselves depends on their appetite for threat, their ability to innovate and the potential pay off.

To start, let’s look at the reasons why tech monsters are well-suited to upend the space.

They have direct buyer relationships

Like numerous jobs, a large vistum of a successful insurance business is spread. Just look at agents, which are a major the ways and means of spread for insurers today — their piece is also possible up to 30 percent of the cost of an insurance policy. Brokers likewise interpret better perimeters than insurers themselves, frequently around 10 percentage cyberspace perimeters. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google( FAAMG) possess direct tie-in with billions of consumers and could, over time, disrupt the broker business.

They have deep data and analytics

The big secret in assurance is that insurers are actually dreadful at employing their data. Different departments( commerce, underwriting, asserts) rarely work together, and their data tend to be siloed. FAAMG, on the other hand, has come up with data at the core of their present; they know how to leverage analytics and AI to form better products.

Tech monsters may be invited to use their troves of data to compete with insurers instantly.

They likewise have access to data that insurers is simply dream of having: world-wide geospatial imagery of dwellings, infrastructure and builds; point, shop and publicize data; even real-world behavioral data regarding smartphones and IoT inventions. Combining all these signals can create a extremely complete picture of human behaviour, fascinates and danger profile.

They have an infantry of software engineers and a monopoly of AI talent

Tech innovation has long been a challenge for assurance incumbents. Old organizations challenging to dislocate in any industry, but the complexity of insurance, institution of relying on the past to predict the future and silos of data can make it a Herculean effort. Tech whales, on the other hand, regularly cannibalize their own revenue with new makes and can procure thousands and thousands of technologists to develop superb digital patron knows and fetch large-scale efficiencies to back-end insurance arrangements through better software and AI.

So, yes, FAAMG has a number of major advantages over assurance incumbents. But for tech monsters, new horizontals and initiatives are also longer-term decisions around boundaries and grocery scope. It’s an obvious level, but if FAAMG wants to jump into insurance, they’ll require a decent yield. Can they find that in guarantee?

There are a number of reasons why it might be a tough sell.

Ultra-low margins

Average insurance net boundaries are 3-8 percent, and 25 -3 0 percentage gross perimeters, who the hell is meagre for tech touchstones. Software companionships average around 80 percent gross margins and around 15 percent net perimeters. Even customer hardware like the iPhone — a costly endeavor by application criteria — accompanies 55-60 percent gross margins.

Within insurance, health tends to have the most important one boundaries, must be accompanied by property and fatality( i.e. residence and auto guarantee ), followed by life insurance. So if anything, healthcare is maybe the closest happening to” low-hanging return” — but it’s not exactly attractive to most firms outside insurance.

High risk

Such low-toned perimeter likewise means that one important events can destroy a company’s balance sheet for an entire coming fiscal year( make adversities like typhoons, fire, flood, etc .). In add-on, tech companionships don’t have the historic data and actuarial scientists that insurers have invested decades to be built, so they might be more prone to overestimating their overall peril exposure.

Complex administration

For insurers, evaluating and underwriting plans is an expensive struggle. Says, customer support and back-end are expensive and complex. That answered, most insurance companies are already outsourcing the developing core administration software to companionships like GuideWire and Duck Creek, and then customizing the software to meet their specific needs at the last mile. So it’s not as immense of a leap as it once was to think that the likes of Amazon or Google could develop same infrastructure in-house to rival incumbent methods. Or, they could easily buy one of new developments corporations outright and subsume that expertise.

Amazon makes a big move

Still, the creation and underwriting of programs is something tech monstrous have avoided to year. Amazon has been working on warranties for certain commodities as an add-on to their boundaries — but these were backed and administered by The Warranty Group rather than Amazon itself. Before that, Amazon behaved as a sales channel for SquareTrade and built up an understanding of the warranty business before diving in deeper. Tesla, as another example, announced it was selling Tesla-branded tailor-made programmes for its vehicle owneds, but those policies were backed by Liberty Mutual.

What role will tech monsters in the U.S. is participating in insurance policies landscape?

Then, in January, Amazon made a well-publicized announcement, in tandem with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan, around its intention to create a private healthcare option for their workers. We don’t know much about its own initiative, but Amazon has been working on a healthcare engineering project codenamed 1492 for some time. Rumors point to a “platform for electronic medical record data, telemedicine, and health apps.” Amazon’s technology paired with Berkshire Hathaway’s policy insight and JPMorgan’s financial expertise reaches the creation of a new health insurance entity more likely. If so, this would be a significant fire across the bend of U.S. healthcare insurers.

Of all the tech giants, it would not has become a astound if Amazon were the first to jump into assurance. Amazon has mastered the artwork of constructing massive enterprises off of razor-thin margins. They’re also targeting health insurance, which presents best available margin possibility. They can test their offering within the company first and then magnitude across their massive customer base. Eventually, they have a history of constructing out complex back-end services for their own roles before offering it to their clients — exactly look at AWS.

Will other tech companies follow Amazon’s lead?

Signs point to yes. Recently, Google’s sister company, Verily, “has been in talks with insurers about jointly bidding for contracts that would involve taking on danger for hundreds of patients.” In additive, Apple will be opening a network of medical clinics for its employees.

It may not stop at health insurance. There’s no question technology is changing human action and society, and as the developers of much of this new tech, FAAMG will unavoidably be pushed closer to other sectors of insurance, as well, including dwelling and auto.

Autonomous vehicle fleets will oblige firms like Tesla, Google and Uber the owners of tens of thousands of cars, subjecting them to the risk that comes with that. Meanwhile, IoT hardware and accompanying services are wreaking tech monsters into the living room. That’s a literal announcement when it is necessary to Amazon Key. Nest, Google Home and Amazon Echo are more innocuous, but provision all sorts of data regarding what’s going on inside the home and could, someday, help inform the creation of real-time home insurance policies.

East Asia as a leading indicator?

It also can be instructive to look at sells outside the U.S. In East Asia, enterprises are taking a more aggressive posture vis-a-vis insurance. Baidu, Alibaba, Rakuten, Tencent and LINEhave all presented some height of stomach for offering their own insurance produces. These firms can corroborate identities, enforce trust and access the behavioral and financial data necessary to provide better programmes than numerous insurance incumbents in those countries.

They too are searching new ways of looking at risk and changing user demeanor: Tencent’s WeSure is compensating consumers to abide health by walking more, while Yongqianbao, a lending companionship, tracks unconventional digital data to influence recognition threat, such as telephone label( iPhone users are less likely to default) and whether they let their phone artilleries run down.

Still, the question abides: What capacity will tech giants in the U.S. is participating in the insurance landscape? Will they act as a canal for existing insurers, as a provider of data and analytics to those insurers or even as a supplier of direct policy themselves?

Insurance may not be lucrative-enough for tech giants in the short-term, but as real-time data and analytics are used to create insurance policies, tech monstrous may be invited to use their troves of data to compete with insurers immediately. Until then, we are hoping to insurers and tech monstrous to form partnerships, as they have in East Asia, with tech companies applying guarantee and assurances as a value-add for their purchasers, and insurers employing tech companionships as a sales channel. Regardless, the story of FAAMG( and others) in insurance is surely just getting started, and we’ll have to check back in as the landscape develops.

Male jailed for using someone else’s London marathon number


Homeless Stanislaw Skupian sentenced to 16 weeks after taking count smuggler dropped

A London marathon impostor who swiped a lost hasten digit to find” a dreaming come true” has been to imprisonment for 16 weeks.

Stanislaw Skupian crossed the finish line with legitimate runner Jake Halliday’s number after spotting it 300 metres from the end of the 26.2 -mile race, Uxbridge magistrates court heard on Thursday.

The homeless 38 -year-old was pictured celebrating with a finisher’s medal on 22 April.

Halliday, who was running for the benevolence Bloodwise, plummeted his figure after stopping short of the finish line to take off his T-shirt during the hottest London marathon on record.

Friends afterward told him someone had been portrait celebrating with his multitude, with Halliday saying he was ” sickened”, the court heard.

Defending, Jameela Jamroz articulated Skupian, a parent of one, concealed passions of running the hasten and had started trained for it.

She said:” He wanted to be there, he was provoked. He wanted to see the runners.

” He answers by luck he saw a race identifier on the floor.

” In his excite he picked up the identifier reckoning this was his opportunity to compete in the marathon and that this was in fact a nightmare come true for him.

” He joined in the marathon and ended the latter part of the race.

” At the time he hadn’t fully quite appreciated that he was doing anything wrong.

” He dedicated the completion of it to his seven-year-old son and to homeless people to induce them that good things can happen to those that are less fortunate .”

The London marathon chief executive, Nick Bitel, said the occurrence could be used to mar the reputation and soundnes of the race, regarded as one of the best organised in the world, special courts heard.

Skupian has lived in the UK for around 11 years and suffered a neck trauma in a serious gondola crash at the end of last year, pressuring him to take sick leave from a catering sell responsibility, Jamroz said.

Around the same time he separated from his wife and became homeless.

Shortly before the hasten Skupian suffered a short, temporary dislocation in his mental condition, she added.

He was arrested after police scoured the multi-faith prayer chamber at Heathrow airport, where he was discovered with items including primary and secondary schools worker’s ID card and a pink diary supporting overtime hours worked by airline staff.

Skupian viewed the airport as an interim dwelling and would pick up left-behind objectives to pass to lost owned, claiming he was going to return its consideration of this agenda item, special courts heard.

Skupian, who wore a grey jumper and used a Polish translator, pleaded guilty at the first opportunity last-place month to impostor by incorrect image and to three unrelated countings of theft.

” The offences are so serious as only a prison term will be sufficient ,” magistrate Michael O’Gorman said.

Skupian was sentenced to 13 weeks for the cases of fraud and three weeks for the crime offences, to be served consecutively.

He was also given a criminal action guild banning him from Heathrow airport for three years unless he had a pre-booked flight ticket for the working day.

Diana and Dodi statue to leave Harrods

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Harrods’ former owned Mohamed Al Fayed( left) unveiled the statue in 2005

A bronze statue of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed is to be removed from the luxury department store, Harrods.

It will be returned to the west London store’s former owner and papa of Dodi, Mohamed Al Fayed, who commissioned the commemoration after the pair were killed in 1997.

With the notice of a brand-new tribute at Kensington Palace, Harrods said the time was right to return the statue.

Mr Al Fayad sold Harrods to the Qatari Royal family in 2010 for about PS1. 5bn.

Unveiled in 2005, Innocent Victims outlines the pair moving beneath a dove.

Michael Ward, managing director at Harrods, said he had been proud to have welcomed parties from around the world to find the commemoration.

“We feel that the time is right to return this monument to Mr Al Fayed and for the public to be invited to pay their respects at the palace, ” he included.

How has Princess Diana’s death changed the Royal Family ? Princes committee Diana effigy Queen’s bra fitter loses royal authorize Chesterfield’s ‘awful’ Princess Diana salute teased Image caption A enshrine was set up in the supermarket shortly after the accident in 1997