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Suspect in Canada terror attack is Somali refugee, police say


The suspect accused of stabbing a police officer before crashing a speeding U-Haul van into a crowd of people in Edmonton, Canada, had come to the country from Somalia trying to claim refugee status, police revealed.

Officers took the 30-year-old suspect into custody and he apparently acted alone, Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht said. Officers said pending charges included terrorism and five counts of attempted murder, but they did not reveal his name.

An Islamic State flag was found in the car that hit the officer, according to Knecht. 

The suspect was known to both Edmonton police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Marlin Degrand, assistant commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, said the man was flagged in 2015 for extremist ideologies and police interviewed him at the time, but he said charges were not warranted after an “exhaustive investigation.” It was not clear when he first traveled to Canada.

“We condemn the cowardly terror attacks on a police officer and pedestrians that occurred late last night in Edmonton, Canada. Law enforcement authorities from the United States are in touch with their Canadian counterparts to offer assistance with the ongoing investigation. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, as we hope for their speedy and complete recovery,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters.

The chaos began outside Commonwealth Stadium, where a Canadian Football League game was being played. 

In video released by police, a white Chevrolet Malibu slammed into a police officer in front of his cruiser. The officer was sent flying after the Malibu struck the police car. The driver then got out and appeared to stab the officer.

The officer was stabbed multiple times before the suspect ran off, the Edmonton Journal reported.

The officer was not critically wounded, the Globe and Mail reported.

A few hours later, the U-Haul van was stopped at an impaired driving checkpoint. Knecht said the driver’s name was similar to the name of the registered owner of the car that hit the officer. He said the van then sped off toward downtown with police in pursuit.

Police say the U-Haul hit and injured four pedestrians before it rolled and the suspect was arrested.

“There were people flying and everything,” witness Kim Anderson told the Edmonton Journal. “I’m shocked — I just see people flying.” 

“The Government of Canada and Canadians stand with the people of Edmonton after the terrorist attack on Saturday that sent an Edmonton Police Service officer to hospital and injured a number of innocent people who were out to cheer on their football team and to enjoy an evening in their city,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement, adding that he felt “deeply concerned and outraged by this tragedy.”

Fox News’ Wes Barrett and The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/10/01/suspect-in-canada-terror-attack-is-somali-refugee-police-say.html

Gabriel Jesus:’ I like a challenge. The biggest duels go to the biggest warriors’


The brilliant Palmeiras and Brazil forward tells the Guardian about the phone call from Pep Guardiola that convinced him to connect Manchester City and that his mum is never pleased with him unless he helps out defensively too

No one wants to be told off by their baby and Gabriel Jesus is no different. The Brazilian wonderkid, who signed for Manchester City in the summer for 27 m and will join the Premier League presidents in January, has the potential to become one of best available sends in the world but what stimulates him stand out even more is his desire to likewise help out defensively.

It is not a trait he shares with too many forwards but then they are not able to get a rollocking from their mom if they do not is to assist at the back. Gabriel Jesus does. Yes, its genuine that my mother has a go at me when I dont track back, he says in his first interview with non-Brazilian media since signing for City. We are very, very close and she expects a lot from me, which is great. She only praises me if I have done something are worth accolade. I am really happy to have a mum like that, who really attends. She ever tells me the truth and her candour facilitates me a lot.

Mrs Vera Lcia is a constant and immensely positive spirit in Gabriel Jesuss life and that is no surprise pondering his upbringing. The participates papa were killed when Gabriel Jesus was young and his mother caused him and his three brothers on her own. She was a cleaner back then and there was not a lot of fund around. A football actor grows up faster than other people, he says. I grew up very quickly because of the difficulties and responsibilities that I have always had.

Gabriel Jesus is a really mature 19 -year-old. We congregate at Academia de futebol, Palmeirass training centre and he is polite and humble. He does not wear sunglasses or headphones and does not play with his mobile during the interrogation. He starts by apologising for running late. I had to do the sparkler soap, he explains.

It has been a stormy 18 months for the man from Jardim Peri, a humble vicinity on the outskirts of So Paulo( it is a comunidade , a kind of favela , only a little bit more peaceful ). In March 2015 he made his debut for Palmeiras after scoring 37 purposes in 22 activities in the Paulista Under-1 7 contender and at the end of the season he was mentioned best available newcomer of the Brasileiro .

And that was just the beginning. This summertime he won Olympic gold with Braziland then represented his debut for the elderly unit, tallying two aims in a 3-0 away prevail against Ecuador. And he is still a teenager. The former Brazil and Real Madrid striker Ronaldo, for one, is a love: When I attend Gabriel I think about my own past. He has a incredible outing ahead, Ronaldo told TV Globo recently.

It is not that long ago Gabriel Jesus was playing for the amateur team Pequeninos do Meio Ambiente on the pitchings of the military prison camp Romo Gomes. He moved on to Anhanguera but, unlike many prodigious endowments these days, he did not join a top side Palmeiras until persons under the age of 15 so his vocation was very much determined by street football.

Gabriel Jesus: abilities, tricks and purposes.

His childhood neighbourhood is always on his brain and on his surface. On his forearm there is a tattoo picturing a boy with a ball in his hand looking at a favela in front of him, fantasy of a better future in football. The tattoo is almost identical to the one that his pal Neymar has.

I have always experienced working on and thats why I try to give my best good tactically as well as going forward. From an early age, in my vrzea days[ a special type of Brazilian street football ], I tried to take in all the instructions of all the coach-and-fours I had. I am the same today. After all, it is essential to recruit the tar knowing what I have to do to help the team.

He no longer was living in Jardim Peri but goes back to visit acquaintances. When doing so in December he was stopped by the police while driving his expensive auto. A dark-skinned boy cannot drive a neat gondola in the region where he grew up without being stopped by the police. Everyone knows how hard it is to be pitch-black in local communities, he wrote on Instagram.

He remain in Jardim Peri until last year. He could have left for So Paulo as early as 2010 but the guild did not furnish him accommodation, meaning that he would have had to travel for four hours to get to and from set, and that would have had a negative impact on his school work.

Not that Gabriel Jesus paid too much attention to anything apart from football. My whole life has always been football and that exclusively, he says. Since I was six years old Ive only really was just thinking about football. I used to watch it on TV, play-act video games and so on. I merely cherish football. Some beings joke that I am too into it but football exactly sums up my life.

His discipline is remarkable for such a young age, and this is probably one of the things that has impressed Pep Guardiola, the manager who was hopeless to introduce him to City. Gabriel Jesus was a red-hot prospect even before the Olympics and City were able to beat off race from Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain partly because of telephone calls from their brand-new manager.

It was a involved decision, but in the end my desire to learn acquired, Gabriel Jesus says. The existence of Guardiola as a manager at City and the facts of the case that it is a great sorority were very important factors in my final decision. Guardiolas phone call was a huge part of me deciding to go there. It became me realise that Id love to work with him. I dont know him personally hitherto but he already manufactured me feel very safe about his project there.

Gabriel Jesus, celebrating here after scoring for Palmeiras against Figueirense in June, be available to triumph the Brazilian deed before to access to Manchester. Image: Brazil Photo Press/ CON/ LatinContent/ Getty Images

Where will he play though? City are not exactly lacking in assaulting ability with Sergio Agero, Raheem Sterling, David Silva, Nolito, Kelechi Iheanacho, Kevin De Bruyne, Leroy San and Jess Navas able to occupy the forward prestiges. For Palmeiras Gabriel Jesus played wide-eyed on the left before Cuca, the manager, moved him into the centre with good results: 11 objectives in 18 tournament games.

I consider I will fight for a plaza as a winger in the team, he says. I actually favor playing as a left-winger rather than a striker, but I merely want to be very clear that Im willing to play in either caste. I am often prepared to give up a position high on the pitching and is to assist defensively because some good marker and attacking can cause a purpose for my crew in the end. Id like to think that Im a versatile player.

Only two years ago, during the course of its World Cup, Gabriel Jesus was painting the sidewalk of his street in green and yellowish as a fan. Today he is one of the reference points in onrush for team and country. Palmeiras are objection for the title, they thump Corinthians 2-0 at the weekend to bide top, and Gabriel Jesus desperately wants to leave for Manchester City having won the league. At Verdo he is an undisputed idol Glory, beauty, alleluia, is Gabriel Jesus is the song that all devotees sing( even if it irritates his mother, who is a very religious person ).

But even if he lends the Brazilian entitlement to his Olympic medal, he will not get too carried away. I try to manage my progress in a down-to-earth manner, he says. Some musicians prevail a accolade and think that they are on top of the world. I dont let it go to my brain. People idolise me for prevailing the Olympics but I retain saying: It is just a medal.

Arguably the biggest challenge lies ahead forcing his course into Citys starting XI. All this change does not scare me at all, he says. My life has always been full of challenges. Obviously this is a bigger one, but best available battles are given to the best fighters. I will listen to the managers mind and his advice in order to improve and adapt as fast as I possibly can.

Riling Comcast video provokes feeling online


As if you needed another excuse to hate on Comcast, a video of two Comcast works generating transaction issues on an icy street sparked fury on Reddit Tuesday night.

In the clip, an employee for Comcast Xfinity is operating next to his truck at the basi of a small slope in Indianapolis, Indiana. There’s a light dust of snow on the ground and more is fall, which has revolved the road into a slippery mess.

A concerned spectator, Daniel, who requested Mashable not liberate his last name, expected the Comcast employees to be more conscious of those around them as their truck’s point and negligible cones were no longer dedicating motorists copious detect. Vehicles started to run off the road as a result and Daniel busted out his camera to capture the scene.

“Want to put your truck in the driveway or something campaign parties are slipping off down there, ” the man said.

“No I truly don’t, ” the worker answers. “I necessity just as much stuff to keep beings out of the route so I don’t get hit.”

Daniel then asks if the move has any more cones to put out further up the hill so that operators are aware of a hazard ahead. The worker has more cones on his truck, but does not make them out.

The video records various more automobiles slithering out, and Daniel virtually goes hit at one point. Eventually, Daniel get his own cones out.

Then another Comcast truck gathers up and construction workers who just arrived tries to claim that they are not at fault, clarifying they need to have one cone per 10 mile rapidity restriction. Daniel clarifies to Mashable t hat the first proletarian left the locality, and was replaced by the second worker.

“Maybe somebody shouldn’t be winging through here. I gotta go fix substance, ” the second employee says before taking off and gathering up exactly where the first vehicle was parked.

Immediately after trying to convince construction workers that the matter is is dangerous, a truck comes barreling down the road and rear ends another vehicle that’s slowing down to avoid the road workers.

Even after the accident, the Comcast worker can’t be bothered to put out some more cones at the top of the hill.

EdMarchetti, SVP of Technical Operations at Comcast secreted the following statement to Mashable .

When I watched this video I was very concerned by what I saw.Our employees should ever protect people and treat them with respect no matter what developments in the situation. Safety matters most – especially in dangerous weather conditions like this.

We are actively probing what happened when our technicians were on site to rebuild assistances during an outage and we will reach out to those who were impacted by this incident.

Within the next 24 -4 8 hours, my crew captains will meet with our technicians across our corporation to apply this as an example of how important it is to establish everyones safe national priorities in everything we do.

And just as important, theres no residence for disrespect – considering parties the right way is the only way to work.

Comcast did not comment on their cone program, and whether it changed during inclement climate. But as somebody on Reddit points out, the cones are too close and do not appear to be compliant with OSHA’s guidelines on a lane closure like this.

Image: osha

In an interrogation with Mashable , Daniel says that he didn’t recall the video “il be going” viral and wasn’t expecting the traction that it received.

“I didn’t know it would get anything at all. That was an unbelievable go last-place nighttime, ” Daniel said in reference to the attention the video got on Reddit.

Daniel has pointed out that at one point, his wife was almost struck by a automobile while she was delivering red-hot chocolate out to some stranded motorists.

“I wasn’t out to create a dramatic video, Daniel said, adding, “We were trying to take care of anyone in the situation.”

Boss at heart of Romanian scandal over diluted disinfectant dies in gondola disintegrate


Pharma boss killed and health rector resign after makes used for years on hospital wards were immensely watered down

Romanians have been left appalled by a multimillion-euro medical hoax scandal in which a big pharmaceutical fellowship supposedly watered down disinfectants for exploit on hospital wards for years. Hundreds of people may have been infected as a result.

Public dissents have broken out in various towns and the health executive retire after lab tests depicted about 10 produces supplied to more than 150 infirmaries had been diluted, in some cases interpreting them useless.

The head of the pharma company in the line of fire was killed in a gondola accident the coming week. Suicide or foul play have not been ruled out.

Ordinary parties are simply appalled by the scale of the noxious attaches substantiated among providers of health produces and hospital directors, said Ioan Milica, a 40 -year-old professor from Iai, a town in north-east Romania. Now, the task of the government officials is not just to shed light on what is really going on, but also to meet the needs of the related to the elimination of dishonesty and corruption from public healthcare.

The affair has disclosed one of the EUs weakest healthcare systems. Romania invests 1.7 bn on health yearly less than most other EU peers but has Europes highest rate of avoidable demises: almost 50%. Every time, dozens of people are engaged for dishonesty in the health sector, in agreement with the National Anticorruption Directorate.

The current gossip blew up last-place month when an investigative reporter, Ctlin Tolontan, wrote in the newspaper Gazeta Sporturilor that antiseptics and antiseptics provided by a group called Hexi Pharma to hospitals were being diluted. Lab analyses provided by the paper found that the active substances had been irrigated down, in a number of cases by a factor of ten, leaving them as weak as dishwater.

Dan Condrea, who was killed in a auto crash. Photograph: Andreea Alexandru/ AP

Hexi Pharmas proprietor, Dan Condrea, reacted by closing the factory. Our 50 employees will stay at home till we find out what happened, the company said in a statement. We didnt lie.

The health minister, Patriciu Achima-Cadariu, quitted, and demonstrations explosion on the streets at the channel a government investigation was managed. The “ministers “, Dacian Ciolo, ordered Hexi commodities to be independently analysed. Some active ingredients had been dampened by more than 90%. A essence used by surgeons for cleaning sides had a concentration of 0.01% for one ingredient instead of 25%.

Last weekend, a day before he was due to face prosecutors on forgery accusations, Condrea died when his rush auto hit a tree on a superhighway near Bucharest.

Days before his death, Condrea had asked a magistrate to declare his factory bankrupt but attorneys repudiated. The fate of the factory is ambiguou now, said a Hexi Pharma spokesman, Loredana Albu. Last Friday, before Condreas death, he prescribed a strategy to recover the business, but now we know nothing.

Women wear masks that read dishonesty kills at a assert in Romania. Photograph: Vadim Ghirda/ AP

Romanian physicians have been outraged by the revelations. Ctlin Crstoveanu, chief of neonatal intensive care at the Marie Curie hospital in Bucharest, told local media: Im stunned. I seem mocked. We soaped the children with those essences from heading to paws. I realise now, they applied alcohol with perfume in my substances. Its breathtaking. Im thinking of one thing now: I could have saved many children. A lot more. I cant believe it.

Liviu Muntean, the manager of Brasov babies hospital, wrote on Facebook: Because of those antiseptics I have lived the darkest week of my life. The hospital I operate bought from Hexi. Im paralysed with dread now was of the view that, in all these years, I put in danger the lives of my patients and of my infirmary. I put in danger my vocation, my professional credibility, even my freedom.

Health officials have been repeatedly cautioned about high levels of hospital-acquired infections in Romania, and a parliamentary committees has established ministries of health had been alerted to the swindler disinfectants. Ministry officers refused to comment.

Doctor Marian Sorin Paveliu, the panel of experts in health policies at Romanian Academic Society( SAR ), an NGO in Bucharest, said the Hexi scandal was the tip of the iceberg. Im remain convinced that beings died in infirmaries because the substances were diluted, but its important to say that are other causes, extremely, he said.

Sorin Cristian Semeniuc is a reporter at the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism

Dyson is working on an electric car set to launch by 2020


Dyson, maker of high-tech vacuum cleaners and fans, has long been rumored to be getting into the car game. That’s no longer a rumor, as the company has confirmed that it’s working on a battery electric vehicle with an all-electric drivetrain to be launched by 2020.

The news comes from Dyson founder and CEO James Dyson himself, who announced the project via an internal company-wide email. The email details how Dyson’s original vision for the cyclonic motor that’s a trademark ingredient in its hand dryers and vacuums was originally inspired by a desire to take emissions from diesel engines out of the air.

That original diesel capture system didn’t catch on as Dyson would’ve hoped, but it would eventually prove the basis for the motors it uses in its own vacuums, including battery-powered cordless options that combine power and efficiency. Dyson says that his goal and the goal of his company, however remained reduction of global pollution levels.

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That’s why they’re combining the efforts of a variety of their teams, and expertise built to create their other consumer products in one effort to develop this battery electric car. Dyson has a team consisting of its “top” engineers, including a number of automotive industry veterans, that number over 400 already, and it’s set to invest nearly $3 billion in the project.

Dyson is staying mum on info beyond that it’s working on a car and hopes to have it on the road by 2020. We knew this was likely coming, thanks to hires and other info, but it’s still exciting to see the UK-based global tech leader enter the fray in a field very different from where it’s had previous success.

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/26/dyson-is-working-on-an-electric-car-set-to-launch-by-2020/

Counterprotesters dwarf controversial rallying in Boston


( CNN) A self-described “free speech” rally on Saturday in downtown Boston was dwarfed by thousands of counterprotesters opposed to the organizers’ right-wing views.

#boston #bostoncommon #rally #staysafe

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A coalition of predominantly left-leaning groups and activists, including the Black Lives Matter movement, unionized the counterprotest.

The wars came one week after lily-white nationalists and other right-wing radicals clashed with counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the city’s plan to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from a city ballpark. One woman was killed and many others injured after a white nationalist reportedly rammed his vehicle into a bunch of counterprotesters.

Facing poverty, academics turn to sex work and sleeping in cars


Adjunct professors in America face low pay and long hours without the security of full-time faculty. Some, on the brink of homelessness, take desperate measures

There is nothing she would rather do than teach. But after supplementing her career with tutoring and proofreading, the university lecturer decided to go to remarkable lengths to make her career financially viable.

She first opted for her side gig during a particularly rough patch, several years ago, when her course load was suddenly cut in half and her income plunged, putting her on the brink of eviction. In my mind I was like, Ive had one-night stands, how bad can it be? she said. And it wasnt that bad.

The wry but weary-sounding middle-aged woman, who lives in a large US city and asked to remain anonymous to protect her reputation, is an adjunct instructor, meaning she is not a full-time faculty member at any one institution and strings together a living by teaching individual courses, in her case at multiple colleges.


I feel committed to being the person whos there to help millennials, the next generation, go on to become critical thinkers, she said. And Im really good at it, and I really like it. And its heartbreaking to me it doesnt pay what I feel it should.

Sex work is one of the more unusual ways that adjuncts have avoided living in poverty, and perhaps even homelessness. A quarter of part-time college academics (many of whom are adjuncts, though its not uncommon for adjuncts to work 40 hours a week or more) are said to be enrolled in public assistance programs such as Medicaid.

They resort to food banks and Goodwill, and there is even an adjuncts cookbook that shows how to turn items like beef scraps, chicken bones and orange peel into meals. And then there are those who are either on the streets or teetering on the edge of losing stable housing. The Guardian has spoken to several such academics, including an adjunct living in a shack north of Miami, and another sleeping in her car in Silicon Valley.

The adjunct who turned to sex work makes several thousand dollars per course, and teaches about six per semester. She estimates that she puts in 60 hours a week. But she struggles to make ends meet after paying $1,500 in monthly rent and with student loans that, including interest, amount to a few hundred thousand dollars. Her income from teaching comes to $40,000 a year. Thats significantly more than most adjuncts: a 2014 survey found that the median income for adjuncts is only $22,041 a year, whereas for full-time faculty it is $47,500.

We take a kind of vow of poverty

Recent reports have revealed the extent of poverty among professors, but the issue is longstanding. Several years ago, it was thrust into the headlines in dramatic fashion when Mary-Faith Cerasoli, an adjunct professor of Romance languages in her 50s, revealed she was homeless and protested outside the New York state education department.

We take a kind of vow of poverty to continue practicing our profession, Debra Leigh Scott, who is working on a documentary about adjuncts, said in an email. We do it because we are dedicated to scholarship, to learning, to our students and to our disciplines.

Adjuncting has grown as funding for public universities has fallen by more than a quarterbetween 1990 and 2009. Private institutions also recognize the allure of part-time professors: generally they are cheaper than full-time staff, dont receive benefits or support for their personal research, and their hours can be carefully limited so they do not teach enough to qualify for health insurance.

This is why adjuncts have been called the fast-food workers of the academic world: among labor experts adjuncting is defined as precarious employment, a growing category that includes temping and sharing-economy gigs such as driving for Uber. An American Sociological Association taskforce focusing on precarious academic jobs, meanwhile, has suggested that faculty employment is no longer a stable middle-class career.

Adjunct English professor Ellen James-Penney and her husband live in a car with their two dogs. They have developed a system. Keep nothing on the dash, nothing on the floor you cant look like youre homeless, you cant dress like youre homeless. Photograph: Talia Herman for the Guardian

The struggle to stay in housing can take many forms, and a second job is one way adjuncts seek to buoy their finances. The professor who turned to sex work said it helps her keep her toehold in the rental market.

This is something I chose to do, she said, adding that for her it is preferable to, say, a six-hour shift at a bar after teaching all day. I dont want it to come across as, Oh, I had no other choice, this is how hard my life is.

Advertising online, she makes about $200 an hour for sex work. She sees clients only a handful of times during the semester, and more often during the summer, when classes end and she receives no income.

Im terrified that a student is going to come walking in, she said. And the financial concerns have not ceased. I constantly have tension in my neck from gritting my teeth all night.

To keep their homes, some adjuncts are forced to compromise on their living space.

Caprice Lawless, 65, a teacher of English composition and a campaigner for better working conditions for adjuncts, resides in an 1100 sq ft brick house near Boulder, Colorado. She bought it following a divorce two decades ago. But because her $18,000 income from teaching almost full time is so meager, she has remortgaged the property several times, and has had to rent her home to three other female housemates.

I live paycheck to paycheck and Im deeply in debt, she said, including from car repairs and a hospitalization for food poisoning.

Like every other adjunct, she says, she opted for the role thinking it would be a path to full-time work. She is so dependent on her job to maintain her living situation that when her mother died this summer, she didnt take time off in part because she has no bereavement leave. She turned up for work at 8am the next day, taught in a blur and, despite the cane she has used since a hip replacement, fell over in the parking lot.

If she were to lose her home her only hope, she says, would be government-subsidized housing.

Most of my colleagues are unjustifiably ashamed, she said. They take this personally, as if theyve failed, and Im always telling them, you havent failed, the system has failed you.

A precarious situation

Even more desperate are those adjuncts in substandard living spaces who cannot afford to fix them. Mindy Percival, 61, a lecturer with a doctorate from Columbia, teaches history at a state college in Florida and, in her words, lives in a shack which is in the woods in middle of nowhere.

Lecturer Mindy Percivals mobile home in Stuart, Florida. Her oven, shower and water heater dont work. Photograph: Courtesy of Mindy Percival

The mobile home she inhabits, located in the town of Stuart, north of Miami, was donated to her about eight years ago. It looks tidyon the outside, but inside there are holes in the floor and the paneling is peeling off the walls. She has no washing machine, and the oven, shower and water heater dont work. Im on the verge of homelessness, constantly on the verge, she said.

Percival once had a tenure-track job but left to care for her elderly mother, not expecting it would be impossible to find a similar position. Now, two weeks after being paid, I might have a can with $5 in change in it. Her 18-year-old car broke down after Hurricane Irma, and she is driven to school by a former student, paying $20 a day for gas.

I am trying to get out so terribly hard, she said.

Homelessness is a genuine prospect for adjuncts. When Ellen Tara James-Penney finishes work, teaching English composition and critical thinking at San Jose State University in Silicon Valley, her husband, Jim, picks her up. They have dinner and drive to a local church, where Jim pitches a tent by the car and sleeps there with one of their rescue dogs. In the car, James-Penney puts the car seats down and sleeps with another dog. She grades papers using a headlamp.

Over the years, she said, they have developed a system. Keep nothing on the dash, nothing on the floor you cant look like youre homeless, you cant dress like youre homeless. Dont park anywhere too long so the cops dont stop you.

James-Penney, 54, has struggled with homelessness since 2007, when she began studying for her bachelors degree. Jim, 64, used to be a trucker but cannot work owing to a herniated disk. Ellen made $28,000 last year, a chunk of which goes to debt repayments. The remainder is not enough to afford Silicon Valley rent.

At night, instead of a toilet they must use cups or plastic bags and baby wipes. To get clean, they find restrooms and we have what we call the sink-shower, James-Penney said. The couple keep their belongings in the back of the car and a roof container. All the while they deal with the consequences of ageing James-Penney has osteoporosis in a space too small to even stand up.

James-Penney does not hide her situation from her class. If her students complain about the homeless people who can sometimes be seen on campus, she will say:Youre looking at someone who is homeless.

That generally stops any kind of sound in the room, she says. I tell them, your parents could very well be one paycheck away, one illness away, from homelessness, so it is not something to be ashamed of.

Ellen James-Penney teaching an English class at San Jose State University in California. She tells her students, youre looking at someone who is homeless. Photograph: Talia Herman for the Guardian

I hung on to the dream

Many adjuncts are seeking to change their lot by unionizing, and have done so at dozens of schools in recent years. They are notching successes; some have seen annual pay increases of about 5% to almost 20%, according to Julie Schmid, executive director of the American Association of University Professors.

Schools are often opposed to such efforts and say unions will result in higher costs for students. And for certain adjuncts, any gains will come too late.

Mary-Faith Cerasoli, 56, the homeless adjunct who captured the publics attention with her protest in New York three years ago, said that in the aftermath little changed in termsof her living situation. Two generous people, a retiree and then a nurse, offered her temporary accommodation, but she subsequently ended up in a tent pitched at a campground and, after that, a broken sailboat docked in the Hudson river.

But there was, however, one shift. All the moving around made it hard for her to make teaching commitments, and in any case the pay remained terrible, so she gave it up. She currently lives in a subsidized room in a shared house in a wealthy county north of New York.

For Rebecca Snow, 51, another adjunct who quit teaching after a succession of appalling living situations, there is a sense of having been freed, even though finances continue to be stressful.

Author Rebecca Snow, now retired from adjuncting, has moved to a small apartment just north of Spokane, Washington. Photograph: Rajah Bose for the Guardian

She began teaching English composition at a community college in the Denver area in 2005, but the poor conditions of the homes she could afford meant she had to move every year or two. She left one place because of bedbugs, another when raw sewage flowed into her bathtub and the landlord failed to properly fix the pipes.

Sometimes her teenage son would have to stay with her ex-husband when she couldnt provide a stable home. Snow even published a poem about adjuncts housing difficulties.

In the end she left the profession when the housing and job insecurity became too much, and her bills too daunting. Today she lives in a quiet apartment above the garage of a friends home, located 15 miles outside Spokane, Washington. She has a view of a lake and forested hills and, with one novel under her belt, is working on a second.

Teaching was the fantasy, she said, but life on the brink of homelessness was the reality.

I realized I hung on to the dream for too long.

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Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/sep/28/adjunct-professors-homeless-sex-work-academia-poverty

Prince Harry says no one in royal family is intended to be tycoon or queen


In exposing interview, Harry says despite dislike to sit on the throne, their own families will carry out our functions at right time

Being the monarch is a tough task, but “someones got” do it, even if reluctantly. In a publication interrogation, Prince Harry has suggested that none of the royal family actually misses the throne.

We are involved in modernising the British empire. We are not doing this for ourselves but for the greater good of the person or persons, he said.

Is there any one of the royal family who wants to be emperor or queen? I dont think so, but we will to be implemented by our offices at the right time.

In an interview with Newsweek magazine about his life and the future of the kingdom, the 32 -year-old said several times that he longed to be something other than Prince Harry.

But he was also conscious of the ability of his status to facilitate him make a difference, he said. I feel there is just a smallish opening when people are interested in me before[ Williams children Prince George and Princess Charlotte] take over, and Ive have to go to become the most of it, he said in the interview at Kensington Palace.

Harry too spoke about marching behind his mothers coffin as a 12 -year-old and said no child should be invited to do that under any circumstances.

In 1997, he met “his fathers”, the Prince of Wales, his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, 15 -year-old brother Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and uncle, Earl Spencer, in a funeral procession through wall street of London for Diana, Princess of Wales.

The sons of Diana, Princess of Wales, her brother and her former partner, the Prince of Wales, walk behind her coffin as the funeral procession approachings Westminster Abbey. Image: Adam Butler/ PA

My mother had just died, and I had to walk a long way behind her coffin, surrounded by thousands of parties watching me while millions more did on television, he said. I dont suppose any child should be invited to do that, under any circumstances. I dont believe that it would happen today.

He praised his mother for helping to show him an ordinary life, adding that he did his own shopping. Beings would be amazed by the ordinary life William and I live, he said.

The prince, who is dating US actress Meghan Markle, added that if he were to have children they would have an ordinary life, saying: Even if I was king, I would do my own patronize. But its a tricky balancing play. We dont want to dilute the magic The British public and countries around the world need institutions like it.

Harry spoke frankly of his hope, along with two brothers William and his wife Catherine, to produce the monarchy into the 21 st century.

The monarchy is a force for good and we want to carry on the positive flavor that the Queen has achieved for over 60 times, but we wont be trying to crowd her boots, he said.

Harry has been praised by mental health donations for disclosing he went for advising, admitting that he did not process his bereavement over the deaths among his mother who was killed in a car disintegrate 20 years ago this year until he was in his late 20 s.

My search began when I was in my mid-2 0s, he said. I needed to fix the error I was stimulating. He has previously are recognizing that his grief produce him to two years of total chaos and that he had been very close to a breakdown on several occasions. He strove professional assistance, on two brothers advice, when he was 28.

My mother died when I was very young. I didnt want to be in its own position I was in, but I eventually gathered my head out of the sand, started listening to people and decided to use my character for good. I am now fired up and energised and love donation material, gratifying people and making them laugh, he said.

I sometimes still experience I am living in a goldfish bowl, but I now manage it better. I still have a naughty flash very, which I experience and is how I relate to those individuals who have got themselves into trouble.

Nick Jonas Drooped His “Find You” Music Video& We’re All Freaking Out


OMG, you guys. Today is already a great day. Nick Jonas’ “Find You” music video is lastly here, and it’s genuinely, really good. Nick Jonas, the international humanity of seductive, is always remarkable us with brand new music, and this time it’s something absolutely, perfectly stylish. Jonas’ brand-new psalm, “Find You, ” is the sort of soothing sing to get you in the mood to dance on the beach with a cluster of attractive strangers. Jonas does that in the music video, and it is truly inspiring for me. Can I do that? Is that what a beach day with Jonas is like? If so, sign me up.

Jonas descent “Find You” on Sept. 14, 2017, and the entire world started bobbing their headings. We know where to find you, Nick Jonas. You can find him on the radio until eternally because this song is catchy AF, y’all. So what does this music video genuinely signify? Who is it about, and why is he driving an expensive automobile so close to the sea? Watch out, buster! One of the melodics says, “I look for you in the center of the sun.” I have no clue what who are able to symbolize, but do not watch directly at the sunbathe, people. It’s not worth it to only find a mystery girl that impedes concealing from you. No way.

This is Jonas’ second song to come out the summer months, and we aren’t mad about it. The psalm, “Remember I Told You” was the catchy chant released after May. It featured Mike Posner and Anne Marie, and it showcased Jonas’ sultry voice. Mama like. Both songs are completely different, but these are sensual.

One thing is for certain, Jonas knows how to connect with his fans. In October of 2016, he told

Heartbreak is a theme that a lot of people relate to — the challenges presented by the next steps in your life, and when some openings open, and how you approach the next ones opening … I accompanied pretty quickly that it was a lot of what my devotees could relate to. It’s nerve-wracking when[ the finds] are as personal as the ones that I shared were. But I appear relieved when I use my writing as a road to process — it’s extremely therapeutic.

Jonas is getting deep, and I like it.

Here are more texts to deeply analyze 😛 TAGEND

I took a pill but it didn’t help me numb
I see your face even when my attentions are shut
But I never certainly know where to find you

I taste the words that keep falling out your mouth
If I could love you I would never put you down
But I never really know where to find you

Where to find you
Where to find you
But I never genuinely know where to find you
Try, try, try
Try, try, try
Try, try, try
But I never truly know where to find you

I’m guessing, based on the music video, Jonas is stumbling through a sweltering, steamy desert all alone, and finally observes the beautiful California coast. Although one would assume the first stop “wouldve been” directly into the giant body of water, Jonas instead dances with all the beautiful women working in the beach. Hey, we all have our priorities. Is he looking for that special maiden “hes losing” long ago? Is he searching for himself? Oh, Jonas. You are a mysterious man.

At the end of the video, Jonas climbs into a Lyft on the beach and leaves. Yes, he gets into a freakin’ Lyft. I couldn’t believe it either, but it happened. Does that have sense, or is it ingenious make placement? Perhaps a little of both, candidly. Although Jonas never seems to find who he’s go looking for, the music video is a yummy treat.

Now, let’s all get out there and shake our hips to this sexy little song and find our inner dance! Afterall, we’re all looking for something.

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Here’s What You Necessity To Recognise If Your Ex Moved On Quickly


That gut-wrenching moment when you find out your ex has moved on with someone else.

Whether theyre seeing, sleeping with or in a full blown rapport with someone else, the anguish of knowing that its actually over can be unbearable.

I ponder part of that agony is not being able to understand how theyreable to move on so fast. How can they just disregard us and go straight into something with someone else?

All of these things can go through our imaginations because the thought ofbeing with anybody else just isnt policy options. So how can they just hop onto Tinder in search of the next being whilst were hollering ourselves to sleep, resembling someone who examines possessed the next morning?

I think its important to understand that all of the ponders listed above, many times, arent true-life. Just because someone hasmoved on promptly, it doesnt mean that they didnt love us or that theyre over us or that the relationship didnt matter to them. Just think of all the narratives you sounds where someone has dated a guy/ daughter and it hasnt used to work because they were still hung up on their ex?

The thing is, often people come in hot pursuit of observing someone else since they are think that will replenish the void of being without their ex. It will replenish the gap where such relationships was and will set what theyre sensitive, which they cant manage or deal with alone. Even if the relationship aimed of the human rights reasons and they dont want to be with you, keep moving swiftly doesnt mean theyve forgotten you. It perhaps means that this is what theyre employing as a plaster/ bandaid to temporarily heal that wound.

Its rare that you can meet person when youre straight out of a relationship and be fullythat brand-new tie-in of the human rights reasons. Thats not to say it doesnt happen, but in many cases, its to fill that crack. Some beings struggle to face being on their own and what that makes. They want to know that theystill get someone else and instead of using the time to get over the break-up and places great importance on themselves, they hop straight into the thing thats going to give them the instantaneous reassurance and trust lift dating someone else. And whilst doing that theyll be taking all of the stuff from the break-up over into that new dating scenario or relationship, which is a cocktail for a ended and utter automobile crash.

So if you are detecting suppressed that youre sitting here alone and your ex is out with someone else and plastering slides about their brand-new amazing life on Facebook, just know that it can be a coping mechanism. Beings deal with break-ups quite differently and just because on the surface it doesnt look like theyre experiencing anything, that likely isnt true.

But what matters here is you,. What matters, and what I try to focus onwhen coaching people through this nonsense, is that youre adjusting yourself up SO MUCH BETTER by allowing yourself to feel this ache and kind of find through it. Taking the time out alone and to be single is important because it helps you get over this break-up and everything that comes with that. It means that when you do want to go out dating again, youll be starting fresh over( or as much as is possible) instead of taking all that shitty break-up residue along the way.

This isnt to say that you should now live in denial about the break-up and sit here waiting for your ex to stop dating other beings, realise the error of their access and beg you back. As I said before, the relationship probablyover. But just know that just because theyre with someone else or going on a dating spree, it doesnt mean you have instantly been forgotten.

And if they are able to genuinely move onquick, then the relationship clearly wasnt right for you either.

Whats important is that you focus your time and courtesy on what you can do right NOW has progressed.