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Sir Martin Sorrell’s Silicon Valley charm offensive


Sir Martin Sorrell is the kind of founder beings in Silicon Valley most prize. He has enjoyed huge success, having constructed the world’s biggest publicizing corporation over 32 years( WPP ). He’s also out for reprisal. Soon after WPP’s board began investigating an” allegation of misbehavior” in the spring of last year — it later asked him to pay back $ 200,000 in personal expenses — Sorrell left the company in a huff.

Six weeks earlier, he’d worded a new company, S4 Capital, expending a playbook that he knows productions. He and a partner launched London-based WPP by buying a seeing stake in a publicly traded company that became wire baskets and teapots, then utilizing it to propel a world shopping rampage. Similarly, S4 emerged from a reverse-merger with Derriston Capital, a small shell company that went public on the London Stock Exchange in 2016 and rebranded as S4. Then it started bulking up.

Already S4 — which Sorrell money himself with PS40 million and that has raised tens of millions more from other institutions for acquisitions — has successfully prosecuted nine companionships, though Sorrell emphasizes these are mergers.” All half cash and half inventory .” No long lock-ups, either, says Sorrell, who was bouncing around the U.S. the coming week before heading to the Web Summit event in Lisbon.

” If you want to sell your busines, if you want to make a quick kill and got to get out, we’re not interested. If you want to sign up to our eyesight” and help turn S4 into a powerhouse in its own right, that’s another story, he suggests.

Silicon Valley is seemingly a big part of the picture. Last month, S4 Capital finalized a $150 million slew to merge with the most important one digital agency in the region, nine-year-old Firewood, with S4 compensating $112 million up front in shares and money and the balance coming if Firewood makes its targets for the year.

It likewise late last year merged with the San Francisco-based digital media and programmatic consultancy MightyHive in a cope valued at $ 150 million.

If it puts it to WPP on occasion, that’s probably okay, very. S4 Capital’ s firstly acquisition, for example, of the Dutch digital make organization MediaMonks, came at the expense of WPP, which had also been trying to buy the company. The WSJ reported at the time that S4 agreed to pay approximately $350 million for the agency.

The broad idea, Sorrell says, is to focus S4 entirely on digital advertising and on media and marketing services specific, where in 2019 for the first time, the world’s advertisers will spend more than half of their ad plans.” The U.S. digital media manufacture is increasing at 20% with the advertising industry at-large germinating 6% and traditional publicize down by 3 %. So we’re going where the rise is and pushing on an open door, unencumbered by bequest or analog enterprises .”

Asked whether he doesn’t too have an axe to grind when it comes to WWP — which is engulf in both the digital and traditional ad macrocosms — Sorrell doesn’t hesitate.” I want to see this approach superseded. And if that’s an axe, that’s correct .”

Much of such an approach centers on partnering with, rather than trying to compete with, the giants of ad tech, including Facebook and Google, precarious as such arrangements can be.

Other current tech patrons include Apple, Salesforce, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Uber and ServiceNow, which, according to Sorrell, consider S4′ s imaginative and tactical sell professionals as expansions of their internal marketing teams.

Firewood, for example, will embed teams within fellowships like Google to” understand the client as best as possible ,” Sorrell says. As he explains it,” We don’t compete with[ these companies ]. We busines them; “were working with” them. If we’re being crude about it, we’re resellers for each one of them. They don’t want to get into the service business .”

They likewise want to maintain control over what they know of our feelings and interests and other data on which they have an increasing lock, but asked whether he thinks some of these tech buyers should be broken up, he insists that he does not,” as long as they’re transparent and they actually exert the strength they have responsibly .”

Asked how S4 overcomes the growth in number of people who don’t believe corporations are playing responsibly with their private information and might increasingly opt out of sharing it, Sorrell shrugs off the relevant recommendations that people are deeply concerned about targeted advertise.” My view is that as long as the consumer knows what they’re letting themselves in for, it’s fine. If I know how my data will be used, in simple speech,[ I’m not going to opt out ]. I do think we’ll have differentiated simulations,[ such as]’ I want to control my data so[ you’re going to pay me for it in some fractional lane ].’ The problem is caused by beings not knowing what’s being done with their data .”

And even that difficulty is dwarfed by what Sorrell sees as the real reason for so much hand-wringing, which is the size of these companies.” When Apple was the first to become a trillion-dollar company,[ former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein] was asked which “wouldve been” first$ 2 trillion companionship, and he said there won’t be one because no nation-state would allow a company to got to get$ 2 trillion. You see this in China, more ,” he says.” I’ve heard concerns be concerned about the size of Alibaba. It’s not just a Western phenomenon .”

And what of political ads leading up to the U.S. presidential election, we question Sorrell. Twitter has taken a stand; Google is weighing changes to its own ad policy. Should these scaffolds be running them , no matter their content?

That one, he says is” very complicated. My view has always been that these are media companies that are responsible for the content spill through their tubes. I think they are acknowledging it; Facebook has millions of people monitoring content.

” But should be used take political ad or not? Well, in the U.K. You have to be truthful. If the ads aren’t candid, we’ve got fus. I recall Zuckerberg obligated the controversy that his people know what’s a fact or not, but arbitrating what’s the truth or not is quite difficult ,” he concedes.

Before long, our time is up, but before he goes, we discuss with Sorrell traditional ad monsters, like the one he himself built across three decades before leaving it unexpectedly last year. Perhaps it’s unsurprising, yielded his new endeavor, but he says those business, with their tangle of properties, most of which are run like independent fiefdoms, should most definitely be dismantled.” I don’t think they have a chance of making it with the gift assets they have .”

Sorrell reminisces one” snot-nosed note” just made by one of the established participates, seeing his new venture:” Someone called us a pinpoint in the mirror .” Continues Sorrell,” When you’re in a automobile accident, that spot in the reflect catches up with you very quickly .”

Trump subsidies posthumous pardon to heavyweight champion Jack Johnson


Donald Trump has conceded a posthumous pardon to Jack Johnson, boxings first pitch-black heavyweight champion

Donald Trump has conceded a rare posthumous pardon to boxing’s firstly pitch-black heavyweight endorse more than 100 years after what Trump said numerous feel was a racially motivated injustice.

” It’s my honor to do it. It’s about time ,” Trump said during an Oval Office ceremony, where he was joined by former heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis, current WBC heavyweight title-holder Deontay Wilder and actor Sylvester Stallone, who has drawn awareness to Johnson’s cause.

Johnson, who captivated the designation in 1908 and protected it with a famed 1910 succes over former endorse James J Jeffries in a bout dubbed the Fight of the Century, was regarded as a master of defense and ring generalship.

In 1913, Johnson was imprisoned by an all-white jury of flouting the Mann Act for bringing a woman across position cables for” sinful determinations” in a definitely shaky case.

Duly imprisoned, Johnson said:” They executed Christ, why not me ?” He then hop-skip bail and went to Europe. In 1920, he returned to the US and provided nearly a year in jail.

Known as the Galveston Giant, Johnson is a legendary figure in boxing, who crossed over into popular culture decades ago with biographies, dramata and films following the civil rights era.

Johnson died in a gondola crash in North Carolina in 1946, at persons under the age of 68. He has been considerably celebrated since, stimulating a seminal jazz rock album by Miles Davis and works and cinemas including a 2004 documentary by Ken Burns, Unforgivable Blackness: the Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson.

His great-great niece had been pressing for a posthumous pardon.

Senator John McCain and former Senate majority leader Harry Reid had also pushed Johnson’s case for years.

” Johnson’s imprisonment forced him into the shadows of bigotry and prejudice, and continues to stand as a stain on our national honor ,” McCain has said.

Posthumous acquittals are rare, but not unprecedented. President Bill Clinton reprieved Henry O Flipper, the first African-American officer to lead the Buffalo Soldiers of the 10 th Cavalry Regiment during the Civil War, and Bush reprieved Charles Winters, an American volunteer in the Arab-Israeli War convicted of transgres the US Neutrality Acts in 1949.

Linda E Haywood, the great-great niece, craved Barack Obama, the nation’s first pitch-black chairman, to pardon Johnson, but Justice Department policy says” processing posthumous mercy applications is floored in the idea that the time of the officials involved in the clemency process is better spent on the excuse and commutation requests of living persons “.

The Justice Department attains decisions on potential acquittals through an application process and generally makes recommendations to the president. The general DOJ policy is to not accept applications for posthumous excuses for federal convictions, according to the department’s website. But Trump has shown a willingness to work around the DOJ process in the past.

Ruler Andrew: Asks for royal to say sorry and speak to FBI


Lawyers for Epsteins preys say they were almost completely dismissed in interview

Prince Andrew is facing a transatlantic backlash over his extraordinary defence of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein after solicitors who represent 10 of the billionaire predator’s victims labelled the imperial unrepentant and implausible and necessitated that he speak to the FBI.

After the royal’s defiant Newsnight interrogation on Saturday triggered a disbelieving action from the public and the media, the ruler was under ripening push from reviewers in the UK and US on Sunday who necessitated an confession for his conduct and said that his defence of his actions was simply not credible.

Gloria Allred, who has worked on innumerable high-profile sexual harassment cases and is now representing five of Epstein’s victims, told the Guardian:” The right and honourable action for Prince Andrew to take now is for him to voluntary to be interviewed by the FBI and prosecutors for the southern district of New York[ who are continuing to investigate sex-trafficking charges against Epstein despite his death in prison in August ].

” Prince Andrew has decided to enter the court of public opinion with this interview and people can decide whether to believe him or not. The most important part of this is the victims and very little was said about them in this interview. They were almost completely discounted .”


The Duke of York’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

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Andrew is reported as having been introduced to Jeffrey Epstein through reciprocal friend Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of newspaper industrialist Robert Maxwell. Epstein reportedly sees the Queen’s private Scottish retreat in Aberdeenshire



Andrew, Maxwell and Epstein are considered together at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida. Later in the year, Epstein and Maxwell attend a joint birthday party at Windsor castle hosted by the Queen


Teenager claims

Virginia Giuffre, then aged 17, claims to have had sex with Andrew in Maxwell’s Belgravia home. Giuffre, whose surname was Roberts at the time of the alleged incidents, says she slept with Andrew on two further reasons, at Epstein’s New York home and at an “orgy” on his private island in the Caribbean


Epstein jailed

Epstein is jailed for 18 months after pleading guilty to prostituting children


Epstein freed

Soon after his release from penitentiary, Epstein is visited by Andrew in New York. The pair are photographed together in Central Park. Footage emerges years later, reportedly filmed on 6 December, that appears to show Andrew inside Epstein’s Manhattan mansion waving goodbye to the status of women from behind a large door



Andrew retires his capacity as UK trade envoy following a furore over the Central Park photos


Claims emerge

Allegations that Andrew had fornication with Giuffre emerge in US court documents related to Epstein. The articles, filed in Florida, state that she was forced to have sex with Andrew when she was 17, which is under the age of consent in the regime. Buckingham Palace disclaims the allegations.

The claims against Andrew are later struck from US civil court records following a federal judge’s rule


More claims

Andrew is accused of sex indecency by a few seconds alleged Epstein victim, Johanna Sjoberg. She claims he touched her breast inside the US billionaire’s Manhattan apartment in 2001. Buckingham Palace said the allegations were” categorically specious “.

On 10 August, Epstein is found dead in his jail cell, having killed himself after being charged with an offence sex trafficking.

A pilot on Epstein’s private spurt later that month claims Andrew was a passenger on past flights with the financier and Roberts

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Los Angeles-based lawyer Lisa Bloom, who represents another five casualties, told the Guardian that Andrew’s intervention descended far short of resolving questions over its liaison with Epstein.

” Prince Andrew’s interrogation was deeply disappointing ,” Bloom- who is Allred’s daughter- told the Guardian.” He is entitled to deny accusations and defend himself. But where is his apology for being so closely associated with one of history’s most prolific paedophiles ?”

In the interrogation, Andrew said he had been in Pizza Express in Woking on the day of his alleged has met with accuser Virginia Giuffre; claimed a condition linked to the Falklands campaign that prevented him from sweating undercut her floor; and described Epstein’s history of paedophilia as “unbecoming” but refused to express regret for their friendship.

On a date of intensify difficulty for the ruler 😛 TAGEND

* Former royal press officers and PR experts described his appearance as “excruciating” and “arrogant”.

* It became apparent that a key PR adviser brought in to help salvage Andrew’s reputation got left after simply weeks in the number of jobs and only a fortnight before the interview was broadcast after he advised the monarch against it.

* The Guardian learned that after filming of the interview concluded, Andrew had been pleased enough with how it used to go that he gave the Newsnight team a tour of Buckingham Palace.

* The students’ union at Huddersfield University, where Andrew is chancellor, unanimously backed a flow requiring that he resign from the post.

* Informants in the prince’s private place was pointed out that he stood by the interview and believed he had dealt with the issues with” honest and modesty “.

The two advocates’ involvements resembled posts on the Twitter account of Giuffre( formerly Roberts ), who has claimed that Epstein and his “fixer” Ghislaine Maxwell action her to have sex with Andrew when she was 17- accusations Andrew has always vehemently denied.

While she has not directly provided comments on the weekend’s disclosures, she retweeted innumerable letters that were scathing of Andrew’s claims.

During the interview, the monarch repeatedly said he had no recollection of ever meeting Giuffre or having his envision taken with her, despite the existence of an image of them together that has been widely circulated.

Elsewhere, he told me that he would remember if he had had sex with her, because it is a” positive deed” for a follower, and denied he had.

Meanwhile, her solicitor, Jack Sarcola, was indicated that talking to the media” didn’t cut it” and that Andrew should make an interrogation under oath.

Allred said her patrons had gladly spoken with investigates but she slumped, under attorney-client privilege, to say if any has already mentioned Prince Andrew.

She lent:” Prince Andrew said he would follow the advice of his solicitors, but if he has nothing to hide, and he has committed no crime, why doesn’t he merely establish the decision to share what he does know about Mr Epstein, his close associates and employees with the FBI? Why does he need a lawyer to tell him to do that ?”

Bloom- who has battled to regain her credibility as a sexual harassment lawyer after she worked with Harvey Weinstein- point out here that that Andrew had said he did not regret his relationship with Epstein” because of the people he satisfied “.

Saying that some reacts were” simply not plausible”, she contributed:” The lengthy interrogation shortage any statement that he joins all respectable beings in being appalled and revolted by what we now know about Jeffrey Epstein’s predatory practice .”

The scathing US verdict on the interrogation came as the lord faced further review in the UK. Former Buckingham Palace press officer Dickie Arbiter told the BBC” any sensible-thinking person in the PR business would have thrown their hands up in horror “.

He said that the interrogation was ” not so much a gondola crash but an articulated lorry crash “.

Meanwhile, businesses and donations were under changing pressure to review their links to the prince and his tar @palace initiative for entrepreneurs, which stages events at Buckingham Palace and around the world.

Barclays, KMPG, Standard Chartered and the Stelios Foundation are all rolled as partners of Pitch @Palace, which connects tech entrepreneurs to people who can help their business.

” Anyone associated with organisations with Andrew’s patronages should at least re-examine their involvement ,” said Catherine Mayer, a royal biographer who is also chairman and co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party( WEP ).

” In the case of the MeToo movement, the men who were identified greeted not with any genuine penitence but by seeking to portray themselves as scapegoats themselves. In doing so they always obliterate the victims .”

In the benevolence sector, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children( NSPCC) took the step on Twitter of frequently responding to questions about “dropping” the lord as a patron by pointing out that his role as patron of its Full Stopcampaign, which sought to draw attention to child abuse as such issues, was concluded in 2009.

Members of the students’ confederation at the University of Huddersfield will on Monday discuss pushing for him to vacate as chancellor after there was unanimous support for a motion stating that they” should not be represented by a person with ties to organised child sexual exploitation and assault “.

The university itself issued a statement pointing to the prince’s previous refusal and lauding him for taking a keen interest in its work and describing his” passion for innovation and entrepreneurship” as” a natural fit “.

Parliament crash: gentleman arrested on impression of terrorism


Suspect believed to be Salih Khater, 29, who is of Sudanese origin and from Birmingham

A man has been held on suspicion of terrorism offences after a gondola was driven into pedestrians and cyclists before crashing outside parliament in Westminster, as Downing Street exposed dominions were working on hundreds of live counter-terrorism investigations.

The suspect, a 29 -year-old British national, was arrested at the incident after armed police officers swooped on a silver Ford Fiesta that had gate-crashed into defence impediments on St Margaret Street at about 7.40 am on Tuesday.

The Guardian understands his figure is Salih Khater, who lives in the Sparkbrook area of Birmingham and is of Sudanese origin.

Scotland Yard said the man was not known to the security services and was not cooperating with analyse men, but owing to the crash appearing to be deliberate and the location it was being treated as a suspected terrorist attack.

The car travelled to London from Birmingham on Monday night and spent the time between around 1.25 am and 5.55 am in the Soho area, before displacing to Westminster and Whitehall at about 6am where it remained before the incident an hour and 40 minutes later, police said.

Two residences in Birmingham and one in Nottingham were scoured on Tuesday. Roger Godsiff, the MP for Birmingham Hall Green, said:” Today’s attack at Westminster was carried out by an individual who is believed to have been living in my own constituency in Birmingham .”

Nottinghamshire police said they were supporting counter-terrorism policemen as they researched a residential property in the Radford area of the city. The address is thought to be a flat on Peveril Street.

Neighbours told the Press Association that the house, shared by tenants, is host to six Sudanese parties. Ibrahim Ahmed, 24, who lives in the same terrace row, said:” It’s Sudanese people who live there .”

The Nottingham Post was pointed out that the car involved in the incident was registered to an address in Nottingham. The current proprietor of motor vehicles bought it on 20 June this year.


Two men as well as one wife injured during the gate-crash. One was treated at the background and two were taken to hospital and eventually discharged.

Theresa May said the threat level to the UK remained at severe, gist an attack was considered highly likely. The prime minister’s spokesman said the security services and counter-terrorism police were carrying out 676 live investigations at the end of June, up from more than 500 in March.

He said 13 Islamist schemes and four patches by far-right fanaticals had been foiled in the past 18 months.

The home secretary, Sajid Javid, urged people to” retain an open thought” about what had happened.” There are understandably a lot of questions about the incident … The instruct I have received from counter-terrorism police and the security services is that work is ongoing and they are doing everything they can to find out more ,” he said.

Police recover the silver-tongued Ford Fiesta. Photograph: Yui Mok/ PA

Kirsty Moseley, 31, one of the most significant witnesses to the attack, told the Guardian the motorist did not shout or said so as the car collided with as many as 15 cyclists, and he showed “focused”.

CCTV footage proved the car swerve across a central reservation near Parliament Square and then accelerate down St Margaret Street before gate-crashing into barriers. Pedestrians were construed leaping out of its path.

The stages had echoes of the Westminster Bridge attack in March 2017, which stimulated the increase of steel and concrete security roadblocks around the Houses of Parliament. Khalid Masood ploughed a automobile into bunches on the connection, killing four beings, before thrust and killings an unarmed PC, Keith Palmer.

Another witness to Tuesday’s crash, Ewalina Ochab, said:” The automobile drove at accelerate and towards the barriers. I was marching on the other side[ of the road ]. I learn some noise and someone screamed .”

She said the car did not appear to have a front registration plate.” I turned around and I realise a silver automobile driving very fast close to the railings, maybe even on the sidewalk. The being driving did not go out of the vehicle .”

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Houses of Parliament: armed police swoop on crashed gondola- video

Streets around Parliament Square, Millbank and Victoria Tower Gardens were cordoned off and the length of Whitehall was closed to traffic after the incident. Westminster tube station was closed for a period before reopening.

Speaking outside New Scotland Yard, Neil Basu, the head of counter-terrorism policing in the UK, said:” Given that this appears to be a deliberate attack, appropriate methods and this being an iconic place, we are treating it as a terrorist occurrence .”

May, who is on holiday in Italy, was informed of the incident at 8am and was given regular updates by officials. In the following statement released by Downing Street, she praised the” formidable gallantry” and professionalism of the emergency services who” operated towards a hazardous place in order to protect the public “.

She said:” The menace to the United Kingdom from terrorism remains severe. I would counsel the public to remain vigilant but also to come together and carry on as ordinary, just as they did after the nauseating assaults in Manchester and London last year. The twisted propose of the fanaticals is to use violence and terror to divide us. They will never supersede .”

May’s spokesman said the current terror threat was ” one of the starkest that we’ve faced. The quality of the terrorist threat is changing, and so must our response. Between 2010 and 2017 there are still 2,029 horror arrests in Great Britain; 412 were formed in 2017. That is the highest since records began .”

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Westminster gondola clang: handcuffed guy taken away by police- video

Security officials deemed a Cobra meeting on Tuesday, chaired by the deputy national protection adviser, Madeleine Alessandri, and attended by Basu and representatives from the mayor of London’s office.

Downing Street said it was clear the security measures currently in place around the Palace of Westminster had worked effectively and significant numbers of police had been participating in the incident immediately.

No plans ought to have formed for May to return from her stroll holiday in Italy. The chancellor, Philip Hammond, is the most senior minister currently in the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, said:” My speculations are with those hurt and injured outside parliament this morning in what is being treated as a terrorist happen. Our thanks go to our emergency services who have replied immediately. Their bravery hinders us safe daytime in, daylight out .”

The US president, Donald Trump, tweeted:” Another terrorist attack in London … These animals are crazy and must be treated through toughness and forte !”

Was Tiger Woods’s Masters win the greatest comeback in boast biography? | Andy Bull


Sport is not short of great personal comebacks but Tiger Woodss Masters victory on Sunday may overshadow them all, including Muhammad Ali, Niki Lauda and Monica Seles

In the spring of 2014 Tiger Woods was at work on the wander around the back of his house, practising his short game like always. Eras earlier he had shot a 78 on the final day of the Cadillac Championship, the worst fourth-round score of their own lives. His back had been spasming but he felt he had to get out and rehearsal. He stroked a flop shot over a bunker and the minute he had finished the waver he fell down flat on his back, overcome with a sorenes so severe that he could hardly breathe, let alone get back on his paw. He was out of hearing distance and he did not have his mobile phone on him, so there was nothing he could do but lie there and wait for someone to come.

It was his seven-year-old daughter, Sam, who found him.

“Daddy,” she said, what are you doing lying on the soil ?”

” Sam, thank goodness you’re here ,” he informed her.” Can you go tell the guys inside to try to get the cart out to help me back up ?”

“What’s wrong?”

” My back’s not doing very good .”


” Yes again, Sam, can you please disappear get those people ?”

There are an horrendous spate of Groves narrations but this one, who come in the excellent biography Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian produced last year, ever seemed one of the most revealing because it speaks to the pain he has stayed, the dishonour he has suffered and the space in which it has all been laid out for the rest of us to see. Here is Lumbers, the great athlete, helpless as an upturned defect; Woods, the proud endorse, pleading with his kid to accompanied someone who can get him back on his hoof; Groves, a soldier so intensely private that he used to refuse to tell people where he would be playing the very next month, having that helplessness picked over in instant detail by people like me in book and on TV.

Quick guide

Tiger Woods since acquiring his last-place major

Tiger Woods has won his fifth Masters title and first major in 11 times after succes in Augusta on Sunday.

It has been a long road back for the American, who suffers countless hurts and off-course problems.


On November 27, 2009 reports emerged that Lumbers had been injured in a car accident near his Florida home after crashing with a fire hydrant and a tree. Over the next days and weeks the same reasons behind the clang became clearer, He said he had “let his family down” with “transgressions” and announcing an indefinite breaking from golf. He lost major sponsors including Gatorade and Gillette over his shows of multiple adulteries and he and his wife Elin Nordegren divorced.

Phoenix not rising

Woods , now determined to return to the pinnacle of golf following his self-imposed times in the wilderness, recorded the worst round of his profession in January 2015 as he killed an 11 -over-par 82 in Arizona. His second-round performance at the Waste Management Phoenix Open left him 13 over and last in a 132 -man field. Woods told reporters afterwards: “It’s golf, we all have days like this.”

Don’t call it a comeback

In June 2016 he announced he was unable to compete at the US Open, the second major of its first year, following two back enterprises in the opening of six weeks. He ended a 15 -month absence from the game in November but in January 2017 he missed the cut in his first PGA Tour event in virtually 18 months, exiting the Farmers Insurance Open after finishing his first two rounds on four over par.

The master misses the Masters

The former world-wide number one was unable to contest the 2017 Masters. The chance to compete at Augusta 20 years since he first won the light-green coat was denied to Woods who continued to suffer from nerve pain which had asked three business in the space of 19 months.

Under the influence ?

In a throwback to his indiscretions of autumn 2009, in May 2017 Timbers was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in the early hours of Memorial Day. He received a year of probation after alleging guilty to reckless driving and was ordered to undergo 50 hours of community service.

Victory again

In September 2018 Timbers killed a one-over 71 for a two-shot victory at the Tour Championship in Atlanta – the 80 th succes of his PGA Tour career and his first in more than five years.

Thank you for your feedback.

There are plenty more. One could talk about those first horrific times in 2009 where reference is crashed his SUV into a tree or the weeks after, when he closed over all the windows of his house with butcher’s newspaper to keep the paparazzi cameras out. Or the private lunch at a Beverly Hills Country Club in 2016 when he had to walk up a flight of stairs backwards because it was the only way he could make it, or how, when he was arrested for driving under the influence in 2017, you are not able to even tell the police if he was in Florida or California, whether he was coming home or going from it.

On Monday morning the talk around Augusta and everywhere else they play golf was all about sweeter things, like how high this succes figured among Woods’s 15 majors and exactly where it graded among the great sporting comebacks. Now there is no easy answer to that because one has to stack up hundreds of different achievements across dozens of separate eras, which of course was precisely why everyone was chatting about it.

How do you assess what Groves did here against, say, the method Niki Lauda finished runner-up in the F1 championship the same season he gate-crashed at the Nurburgring? Lauda was back hastening six weeks after he came out of coma. Or Mario Lemieux, who led the Pittsburgh Penguins to their firstly President’s Trophy in the very same season he finished his radioactivity treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, while he had a back injury so severe he could not put on his own skates and nearly stony-broke Wayne Gretzky’s scoring record while he was at it? How does it compare with Lester Piggott winning the Breeders’ Cup Mile at persons under the age of 54, exactly 10 periods after he finished a year in prison for tax fraud? Or Monica Seles’s victory at the Australian Open in 1996, three years after she was stabbed in the back on court in Hamburg?

Injury and personal problems seemed to leave Tiger Woods a spent force by 2017. Photograph: Warren Little/ Getty Images

And all that is before one gets to the greatest of them all, Muhammad Ali, who won back the heavyweight championship seven years after he was stripped of it and had his boxing licence suspended because he refused to be drafted to fight in Vietnam.

Woods was reluctant to claim it was even the best comeback in his own athletic. He points to Ben Hogan, who won the US Open a year and a half after he nearly been killed in a car gate-crash. Hogan was hit by an oncoming bus. He hurled himself across his wife’s lap to protect her from the consequences and, while she was uninjured, he suffered a divulge pelvis, collarbone, ankle and ribs. They ameliorated again but he suffered with blood clots for the rest of his life and had to have emergency surgery. He was told he would never walk again and then he went on to win another six majors.

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Photograph: Chesnot/ Getty Images Europe
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And yet, for all that, one can say this much: Woods’s tale is unique in one important road, unlike all those others, in that he did not suffer physically or personally but physically and personally. He has been tormented in torso and soul, his body divulged, his back shattered and fused back together again, his reputation shredded and the bits and pieces strewn out for the rest of us to pick over. And here he was, ambling off that 18 th light-green, Masters champion, with their own families around him, having employ it all back together again.

” You never give up ,” says Groves.” That’s a returned. You ever pushed. Only giving up’s never in the equation .”

Tesla shares tumble amid $408 m loss and another high-profile departure


Losses come even as Elon Musks company says its delivering a record-breaking number of vehicles

Tesla shares toppled more than 11% in after hours trading on Wednesday after the company reported a larger-than-expected $408 m loss during the second one-quarter earnings, and announced the retirement of its foreman engineering detective( CTO ).

Despite selling more vehicles than ever, Tesla is still struggling to prove it is profitable and has suffered a series of high-profile departures. JB Straubel, the CTO, will be replaced by the vice-president of technology, Drew Baglino, Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, announced on a entitle with investors on Wednesday.

” This has nothing to do with lack of confidence for the company ,” Straubel said on the call.” I will be helping as I can, just no longer in an executive role .”

More than a dozen Tesla managers have started in the past year, including the vice-president of interior and exterior engineering Steve MacManus, the vice-president Peter Hochholdinger, and the European leader Jan Oehmicke in 2019. In 2018, Tesla lost Jon McNeill, the president of world auctions and assistances, Susan Repo, the corporate treasurer and vice-president of busines, and chief financial officer Deepak Ahuja, among others.

Tesla revealed in its quarterly earnings report an adjusted net loss of $ 1.12 per share, which was worse than the $0.31 loss expected. The company’s shares have plunged by more than 20% so far this year while the Standard& Poor’s 500 indicator has surged by 20%.

At an overall loss of $ 408 m, the second quarter loss were an improvement over an unexpectedly large-scale loss of $702 m reported in quarter one. Tesla’s income climbed 47% from the same time last year to $5.2 bn. The corporation also produced $614 m in cash during the course of its quarter.

But specialists say the earnings are concerning.

” Overall, a bad report that will unavoidably to be translated into more the issues of its ability to stabilize and turn a profit ,” Clement Thibault, a senior psychoanalyst at financial markets pulpit Investing.com said.

On the summon, Musk said Tesla expects to break even this part and make a profit by next one-quarter. He stressed that the company would centre more aggressively on assistance facilities in upcoming quarters. In part two, it opened 25 brand-new service centers while facing complaints from customers about service operations.

The losses in one-quarter twocome despiteTesla previously reporting it delivered a record-breaking 95,356 motor vehicles and created a record 87,048 vehicles, but commentators noted selling cars may not necessarily lead to profit. Former and current Tesla employees said they were forced to take shortcuts to meet these vigorous product goals.

” Tesla struggles to fulfill its ambitious goals and predicts on a long-term basis, and moves at logistical impedimentums despite vast advances in technology that impede consumers and investors interested ,” said Alyssa Altman of the digital consultancy Publicis Sapient.” To eschew a total car crash of the business in the next few years, Tesla needs to refocus its efforts from maintaining the look of a profitable and sustainable business model to actually delivering one .”

The lower-than-expected earnings also come after federal excise credits for Tesla vehicles were decreased from $ 3,750 per vehicle to $1,875 after 30 June.

Musk has been hit by personal and professional gossips in the last year, including being fined and sanctioned by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for tweeting that his intention to take the company private, and for later tweeting “inaccurate” informed on Tesla to his followers.

Tesla workers say they pay the price for Elon Musk’s big-hearted predicts


The CEO is known for outsized claims and ambitious goals. But several factory worker say he doesnt follow through and that his leader mounts a troubling tone

It was ” a ruler class in psychological intellect”, raved the business magazine Inc, and” a potent exercise in genuine, heartfelt leadership “.

Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla, had emailed his entire faculty following the May 2017 publications of separate investigations by the Guardian and a workplace safety organization showing high harm proportions at the company’s northern California electric car factory.

” No messages can express how much I care about your safety and wellbeing ,” Musk wrote.” Going forward, I’ve asked that every trauma be reported instantly to me, without exception. I’m meeting with the safety team every week and would like to meet every injured person as soon as they are well, so that I can understand from them exactly what we need to do to make it better. I will then go down to the production line and perform the same task that they perform .”

Musk, an accountability Houdini, had turned the facts of the case that some of his employees were dealing with life-changing injuries into glowing press about his leadership. If simply his promises were true.

” He didn’t meet with me ,” said Richard Ortiz, a former Tesla factory worker who was injured at work in July 2017.

” That’s PR; that’s bologna ,” said another current Tesla employee, who said Musk had never met with him about the three pinched nerves in his arm.

” He didn’t meet with me, and my occurrence was filed ,” said a third Tesla employee, who was injured in October.” If he was truly going to meet with all the employees who got injured, he would be here for half the year .”

Whether Musk ever intended to follow through on his text to meet” every injured person” is an open question. But in conversations with more than 10 present and former Tesla employees over the past month, workers described the consequences of having a boss whose bombastic promises- to stockholders, to customers and to them- often become unfulfilled. While the billionaire’s loose tongue and overly optimistic statements may still excite his forces of love and purchasers, numerous factory workers feel that they have become collateral mar.

Of the workers who spoke to the Guardian for this article, six had been injured at work. None of them ever heard instantly from Musk or had him perform their task on the assembly line.

Workers inside the Tesla factory speak of intense deadlines and hurts. Photograph: Joe Skipper/ Reuters

A Tesla spokesman said that Musk had met with injured works “many times” and worked on the assembly line ” many times” and catered the names of 10 works that “theyre saying” could attest to this.” Elon is in the factory, on the production line, nearly every day ,” the spokesperson said of Musk, “whos also” the CEO of two companies, SpaceX and the Boring Company, that are based in southern California.” A substantial part of his time is invested talking directly with creation employees about what improvements they would like to see or concerns they have .”

” I’ve only been here for five months, and I’ve seen[ Musk] four or five times ,” said Jimmy Guajardo, who works on the Model 3 and is employed by a subcontracted temp agency.” It felt really good seeing him on the line .”

Of the 10 workers whose reputation Tesla provisioned, the Guardian was able to reach four, including Guajardo. None of the four had ever been injured, but they all praised Musk and said they had seen him at the factory.

Ortiz, an outspoken booster of a unionization drive at the factory, argued that even if Musk had acted every disabled worker’s undertaking, it’s unlikely the experience would have helped the CEO truly understand the challenges and chances of the work.

” Anyone can do anything for the purposes of an hour ,” Ortiz said.” You have to do it like we do it, 12 hours per day, six daytimes a week … Live the life we live. That’s where the wear and tear comes from .”

Musk’s pledge to meet with every disabled laborer is by no means the only pattern of his over-promising. The CEO is notorious for forming overdone affirms about his businesses, whether he was announcing that he had received government approval for a New York to Washington DC hyperloop( he hadn’t ), promising to test-drive a amply autonomous Tesla coast-to-coast by the end of 2017( he didn’t ), or claiming that the Model 3 creation would contact 5, 000 autoes per week by the end of 2017( it still hasn’t ).

To one craftsman, an immigrant who started at Tesla in 2017, the compare between what Musk promises and what he does is indicative of a lack of ” principles “.

” In my country we have a saying,’ Even if your adversary is a rabbit, you should at least recognize that he has large-scale ears ,” he said.” I like Elon Musk … I like people who dream large-hearted .”

But, he included,” I’m always really surprised how he remains devoting figures that we have never been able to respect. He would say we would produce such and such autoes by such year, and we are never able to affected it. For me, a persons responsible should stick with his parole.

” As a Tesla employee, I am really ashamed when my CEO is lying to the public .”

‘I couldn’t believe he said that’

Though Tesla factory employees may have learned to take Musk’s terms with a grain of salt, the billionaire’s statements- whether issued by company email, investor earnings call, the press, or Twitter- still loom large over the workplace.

In May 2017, Musk emailed the entire companionship a word about” doing the right thing”- ie being considerate of minorities and” not being a huge jerk “.

The email resurfaced later that time, as Tesla was hit with a number of lawsuits from hires alleging sexual harassment, gender discrimination, racism and homophobia in the workplace.( Tesla has repudiated immorality .) One of the lawsuits took particular subject with one position in the Musk email that read:” In fairness, if someone is a jerk to you, but sincerely rationalizes, it is important to be thick-skinned and accept that apology .”

Tesla protected the email in a blogpost, arguing that the “counterpoint” to not having a thick skin and consenting an justification” would be a cold world with no forgiveness and no center “.

Elon Musk on the spread of Rolling Stone magazine in 2017. Photograph: Alicia Canter for the Guardian

But to some Tesla workers, the email was perceived as a green light for molestation and discrimination.

” I couldn’t believe he was indicated that ,” said one Tesla worker, who is black and has worked for the company since October 2014.” That’s like he opened the door for his HR and control squads to act accordingly .”

The worker, who asked not to be identified because he dreads being fired, was indicated that he feels he is treated like” a dummy” because he is black.

” Things said have constructed me feel like I was being called a nigger ,” he said.” I don’t think people of color should have to have thick skin when it comes to racial issues in the workplace, as Elon’s email advocated .”

Another Tesla factory worker, Branton Phillips, also said that Musk’s ” thick skin ” thread has been adopted as an excuse for bad behaviour.

” I would never have two daughters work in there ,” the 55 -year-old information handler said.” It’s like a nightclub attitude; it’s wrong. The conducts and overseers that learn[ molestation ], they don’t want to make a big deal. They all say,’ Have a thick skin … Hey girl, have a thick skin .'”

A third Tesla worker, a US army veteran, concurred that telling people to have a ” thick skin ” had become the” contemptuous ideology” of Tesla’s management, adding that he had heard works” outright announcement beings the N-word with little to no repercussions “.

” Tesla is absolutely against any discrimination, persecution, or unfair treatment of any kind ,” the company spokesman said. The spokesman denied that the email was a signal to anyone not to take molestation seriously.

Racial insinuations aren’t the only language that the army veteran objected to. This outpouring, in two emails to busines faculty, and on an earnings announce with investors, Musk debuted brand-new usage to describe a problem weighing down the good-ship Tesla: “barnacles”.

” The number of … third-party contracting companionships that we’re utilizing has really gotten out of control, so we’re going to scrub the barnacles on that front ,” he said on the investor announce.” We’ve got barnacles on barnacles. So there’s going to be a lot of barnacle removal .”

A Tesla spokesperson said that Musk was referring to contractor fellowships , not subcontracted employees. But whatever Musk’s purport, the words were interpreted as an insult by some of the hundreds of factory workers Tesla hires through subcontracted staffing organizations.

” When the large-hearted alpha dog of the factory exploits that word to describe parties, it allows other people in the factory to start thinking about beings like that and behaving that course ,” said the veteran, who worked for Tesla through a contracted staffing busines for eight months before being hired instantly. He compared the rhetorical tactic to Donald Trump calling certain countries “shitholes” or the US armed dehumanizing adversary soldiers with innuendoes.

” When Elon calls lower-paid proletarians barnacles, then you have managers saying,’ Get out of here barnacle ,'” he told the Guardian a few dates after Musk’s earnings call.” I’ve heard that word more in the last week than in the rest of my life .”

‘The main export is injuries , not cars’

When an engineer with extensive know in the military and private sector went to work for Tesla in 2016, it didn’t take long for him to start to feel uneasy about his new job as a program manager.

” They were trying to ram home that if you want to go work for a company that will give you enough time to do your job, then this isn’t the place ,” the engineer, who has since left the company, said of his orientation.” I came from a background where process was a good thing. At Tesla, the time it took to say the word ‘process’ was too long .”

For the engineer and many of the rank and file factory workers, there was a direct link between Musk’s aggressive make estimates and their own working conditions. For some hires, like the engineer, the high stress and long hours interfered with having any kind of family life. For others, however, working at Tesla has left them with life-altering injuries.

” Just that one day at Tesla, holy moly it changed my life ,” said Mark Vasquez, 40, of the day in 2015 where reference is permanently injured his back while working at Tesla. He lost his apartment when he was assigned” light-headed duty” piece that paid a significantly lower wage, had to sell many of his belongings to make ends meet, and still deals with pain and numbness in his legs.

” I don’t go out ,” he said.” I just attend my friends. It’s depressing to have them look me like this. I can’t tread for 10 minutes without going winded and having to stop and sitting there … When I got to go to the storages, I have to use one of those electric scooter go-carts, and I don’t want to do that .”

The Tesla factory in Fremont, California. An investigation obtain the company had kept injuries off its books. Photograph: Josh Edelson for the Guardian

Another factory worker detailed having two surgeries to address carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis in both mitts- injuries he attributes to working 12 -hour displacements, six periods a week, on suspended vehicles with his arms above his head.

” If I were a lazier party, I probably wouldn’t be injured at all ,” said the worker, who said he is still in constant tendernes. While he is still employed by Tesla, he acquires the” lighter office” tasks that he gets assigned to be humiliating, like” standing in front of the class with a dunce cap “.

But the worker, who is 41 and started at Tesla in 2014, doesn’t see many other options.” The difficulty is that everything that I know how to do is with my hands ,” he said.” Everything that I ever heard of doing is with my hands, and I can’t do it .”

The Tesla spokesman represented the company, saying:” Yield will never take precedence over safety- and the numbers demonstrate this. Last-place year, when product increased 20%, our hurt charge diminished more than 20% .”

A major investigation by the Center for Investigative Reporting’s Reveal has shed serious incredulity over Tesla’s contends about its hurt frequencies, which must be reported to workplace safety regulators. Reveal found that Tesla had kept injuries off its books, attaining the company’s safe record appear better than it was, and the government has opened an investigation.

In recent months, three litigations have been filed against Tesla alleging that the company is violating California labor laws by, among other things, failing to provide works with legally mandated interruptions. Tesla said that it” moves above and beyond the requirements of California and federal law in providing all workers with banquet and remainder destroys and appropriate overtime pay .”

” There ought to have plenty of seasons that I had to pick between eating or use the lavatory ,” said one employee.” It’s not about day away from work, but time to refuel ourselves and relieve ourselves. No one can work 100% if they really have to go to the bathroom .”

Between the pressure, the long hours, and certain difficulties of the design, the factory had become a” perfect tornado” for traumata, said Phillips.” There’s not a big safe culture, and they’re jostle the teenagers super hard for production. It’s just going to be injuries everywhere .”

The army veteran introduced it any other way:” This busines is running in aluminum, and the primary exportation is harms , not vehicles .”

As media scrutiny of the harm frequencies continues, nonetheless, Musk has begun speaking about the issue with his usual lack of restraint.

” We’re well on our behavior to an injury rate that’s less than half of the auto manufacture ,” he said at the company’s shareholder join in June 2017. As Reveal documented in its recent investigation, the company’s overall injury rate for 2017 intent up being slighting above the industry average.

When Tesla shareholders matched for their annual gratify this year, Musk played the same card, be argued that the company has ” a good shoot” at having an injury rate of half the industry average for 2018. During the meeting’s question and answer session, one stockholder expected Musk about his regular failure to meet the timelines he mounts.

” This is something I’m trying to to be all right at ,” Musk said.” I’m a somewhat rosy party .”

Tiger Woods: A hectic 10 times from scandal to saving


( CNN) The reports ran in, vague and confused at first. There had been some sort of car crash. Tiger Woods was involved. He might be injured.

That notorious night 10 years ago this week changed everything. For golf, for athletic, for Woods’ legend and most of all for Woods’ family.

He was, after all, the man who had taken golf into a brand-new realm. His skill, his ability, his dedication to fitness, his project ethic and strong prices, his mental forte, and his fortitude in burn a line as a black being in a white-hot boast, had turned him into a global hotshot.

Tiger Woods’ ideal day: ‘Caddyshack, ‘ oatmeal?

Tiger Woods: My kids just mention Employers prevail

Tiger Woods: An international busines of success

Queen responds her Nato clients- but questions attach for absent son


Such engagements would normally be for Prince Andrew to undertake but no longer

As the Queen hosted global leader to observe 70 years of Nato cooperation and collective feel, her Buckingham Palace reception was counterpointed by political discord and protest.

Outside, hundreds of anti-Donald Trump and anti-Nato demonstrators blocked roads in central London. Inside, the Duke of York was absent from the guest index, having cease public life in the wake of his car-crash Newsnight interview addressing Virginia Giuffre’s allegations. The prince has categorically and consistently disclaimed Giuffre’s claims.

As a former Royal Navy helicopter pilot, who was appointed vice-admiral on his 55 th birthday, Nato engagements would normally be his gig. But not for the foreseeable future.

Donald Trump arrived after having tea with Prince Charles. Rush-hour traffic had signified the president and first lady, Melania Trump, arrived for their Clarence House tea with Charles and Camilla 40 minutes later than expected.

The US president had earlier exposed uncharacteristic self-control when rejecting provide comments on the scandal smothering Jeffrey Epstein, a client at his Mar-a-Lago resort.” I don’t know Prince Andrew, but that’s a tough story, it’s a very tough story ,” he said when asked to comment at a breakfast press conference.

The president had clearly forgotten the Palm Beach party in 2000 he had attended, together with the imperial and the now humiliation financier, as shown in a photograph taken at the Florida bash. Multiple images also depict him with the monarch during last year’s commonwealth visit.

Invitees to the reception included the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, whose advance stated mission was to immediately confront the president over the NHS. He had written to Trump on Tuesday morning, expressing opposition to the idea that America’s big pharma would muscle its method into Britain’s health service in any UK-US post-Brexit trade deal.

Trump was unlikely to be well disposed. Earlier he had insisted the US” wouldn’t suggestion the NHS if you gave it to us on a silver dish “. He is also no love of Corbyn, having previously opined it would be ” far worse” for Britain if Corbyn were to become prime minister.

Play Video

Trump repudiates interest in NHS even if it was handed to US ‘on a silver-tongued platter’- video

The Queen was joined by 29 leaders of Nato countries for a group photograph, including the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, the French chairman, Emmanuel Macron, and the Canadian “ministers “, Justin Trudeau.

Leaders of the Nato countries, and its secretary general, assemble Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. Photograph: Yui Mok/ AP

Other absentees from the reception included Prince William, who is on an official visit to Kuwait and Oman, and Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, who are on a six-week break away from the pressures of royal dates. The latter formerly described Trump as contentious and misogynistic, notes Trump later described as nasty.

“Nasty” was the word Trump again deployed on the first morning of this two-day summit, when he called the French president, Emmanuel Macron,” extremely, very nasty” for recommending Nato was ” intelligence dead “.

Later the Nato country managers adjourned to Downing Street for a second reception, this time hosted by Boris Johnson. They were greeted by a school choir singing chants as they posed outside No 10 and a holiday tree.

Trump and the first lady arrived at No 10 in his presidential limousine, known as” the Beast”, while others came on foot. The US president threw a elevation to Macron and the prime minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte.

As the Queen entertained her guests, there was further unwelcome bulletin for her absent-minded second son to contemplate. A lawyer for the suspect victims of Epstein told ITV’s This Morning that a woman had come forward with claims that she vividly remembered determining Andrew and Giuffre at Tramp nightclub in Mayfair in March 2001.

That was the party, Andrew had told Newsnight, he could not have been there with Giuffre, then 17, as he was at a birthday party with his young daughter Beatrice, at a Pizza Express restaurant in Woking.

Miami Dolphins’ Kendrick Norton has arm amputated after gondola accident


Miami Dolphins defensive attack Kendrick Norton has had his arm amputated after have participated in a gondola disintegrate in the early hours of Thursday.

Miami Dolphins defensive undertake Kendrick Norton has had his arm amputated after a auto clang in the early hours of Thursday.

Florida police said the 22 -year-old’s Ford F2 50 overruled after stumbling a concrete roadblock. His injuries are not considered life-threatening but his agent, Malki Kawa, said the player had his arm amputated.

malki kawa (@ malkikawa)

With sadness, I can confirm that Kendrick Norton was in a car accident last night and suffered multiple traumata, including the amputation of his arm. We ask that you continue to pray for him. Their own families too asks that the public respect Kendrick’s privacy.

July 4, 2019

” We were made aware this morning of a serious car accident involving Kendrick Norton ,” said a statement from the Dolphins.” Our thoughts and prayers are with Kendrick and their own families during this time .”

Norton was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in 2018 after starring for the University of Miami. He assembled the Dolphins last-place December and was rivalling for a roster discern this off-season.