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Katie Arrington, who toppled Rep. Mark Sanford in primary, seriously injured in car crash


Katie Arrington, who ousted incumbent South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford in a Republican congressional primary this month, was seriously injured in a car accident on Friday — in a wreck that left one person dead.

In a statement posted to Facebook, her expedition was indicated that she experienced surgery after she was injured when a driver traveling in the wrong direction reach her vehicle. A friend who was also in the car was seriously injured.

The Post and Courier reported that the driver in the other vehicle died at the scene.

Her office said that she suffered a fracture in her back, several transgress ribs and other harms that required surgery including the removal of part of her small intestine and a part of her colon.

“Additionally, the prime artery in her legs has a partial collapse and will require a stent, ” the statement said. “Additional surgeries will be required including one likely today; and it is likely that Katie will remain hospitalized for the next two weeks.”

“As her family asked last nighttime, Katie asks for your continued prayers for the deceased and the deceased’s family, as well as prayers for a quick convalescence for Katie and her friend.”

A follow up Facebook post Saturday revealed that Arrington is “in critical but stable condition” and is set to have “another major surgical procedure” Sunday morning.

She “remains humbled, inspired, and deep moved by the outpouring of support, ” the upright continued. “Moreover, Katie is extremely grateful for and promoted by the devotions being put forward from across the community.”

Arrington’s Democratic rival, Joe Cunningham, said that he was suspending his safarus until futher notice. President Trump tweeted that he was sending his thoughts and devotions to all those involved in the accident and their families.

Arrington’s shock primary win over Sanford established national headlines as a admonition of Sanford’s “Never Trump”-style rhetoric and his busines bedeviled by scandal.


Arrington, a regime representative and a relative political beginner, secured Trump’s support hours before the primary referendum. “Shes been” vocal in her approval of Trump and had applied Sanford’s criticism of the president as one of the foundations of her campaign.

“I fully endorse Katie Arrington for Congress in SC, a district I love, ” tweeted Trump ahead of the primary. “She is tough on crime and will continue our fight to lower taxes. VOTE Katie! “

“It was amazing. It obviously continued us from a run-off, ” Arrington said on “Fox& Friends” about the president’s intervention.

Trump would apparently go on to mock Sanford at a meeting with House Republican: “I want to congratulate Mark on a great race.”

Fox News’ Elizabeth Zwirz, Gregg Re and The Associated Press contributed to this report .

Adam Shaw is a reporter comprising U.S. and European politics for Fox News .. He can be reached here.

Dog weepie movies- ranked!


With dogs all over our screens in John Wick 3, A Dogs Journey, Paw Patrol and more, which of films furry friends can defrost “the worlds largest” centres?

16. John Wick( 2014)

Russian mobsters kill Daisy, the beagle puppy to allow them to John Wick by his late wife. The sadness of the puppy death is offset by Wick going on to kill everyone who had anything to do with it, which constitutes you feel better.

15. I Am Legend( 2007)

This third adjustment of Richard Matheson’s 1954 sci-fi classic about the last man alive cravenly misconstrues the novel’s premise, but clutches in its early stages, as Will Smith zooms around a depopulated Manhattan in a pink Mustang with Sam, his trusty German shepherd, travelling shotgun. Alas, Sam goes pierced by a zombie dog and has to be put down. It’s all downhill from there.

14. Frankenweenie( 2012)

Young Victor Frankenstein draws his dead dog Sparky back to life in this Tim Burton animation which is let down by some gratuitous anti-cat propaganda and a cop-out discontinuing that fails to elicit Corpse Bride levels of weeping. Sparky looks like an animated parsnip, but it is hard not to- no pun purposed- root for him.

13. Eight Below( 2006)

Six Siberian huskies and two malamutes are stranded in Antarctica and have to fend for themselves against these components( and a spooky close) while Paul Walker tries to find the money to draw them dwelling. Spoiler: not all the dogs make it, but be thankful it isn’t the original Japanese existence drama this was based on, where the canine body count was devastating.

12. Turner and Hooch( 1989)

The best of the cop’n’canine buddy subgenre, with Tom Hanks causing a mini masterclass in ad-libbing opposite a jowly, slobbering dogue de Bordeaux, a good son whose devotion to his human partner eventually goes above and beyond the call of duty.

11. Fluke( 1995)

Matthew Modine dies in a auto accident and is reincarnated as a miscoloured golden retriever who gets busted out of Ron Perlman’s cosmetics-testing lab by a streetwise St Bernard-retriever cross announced Rumbo, was put forward by Samuel L Jackson. Alas, Rumbo takes a bullet during the escape. Source material was a non-horror novel by James Herbert, better known as the author of The Rat and The Fog.

Blond passion … Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anniston document 15 years in pup Marley’s life. Photograph: Rex/ 20 th Century Fox/ Everett

10. Marley& Me( 2008)

Journalists Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, so blond and shiny they virtually look like labradors themselves, get a labrador pup but fail to train it properly, it is therefore destroys trash and strikes over Kathleen Turner. Fifteen years and three kids later, “its time” for that one last-place trip to the vet:” You’re a great pup, Marley .” Cue tearful breakdown of hitherto sceptical viewer.

9. All Dogs Go to Heaven( 1989)

Burt Reynolds provides the voice of a roguish German shepherd announced Charlie who is killed by his business partner( a pitbull-bulldog cross) but returns to Earth to rescue an orphan in this noirish Don Bluth animation boasting bird-dogs operating casinoes- a terrifying vision of inferno with an unabashedly romantic ending.

8. Wendy and Lucy( 2008)

Michelle Williams gamblings a penniless itinerant whose car breaks down in a small Oregon town, where she gets arrested for trying to shoplift a can of dog food for Lucy, her golden-brown desegregated spawned. The dog doesn’t die in Kelly Reichardt’s achingly pathetic painting of the kinds of marginal universe you don’t often see in American cinemas, but the movie will leave you in flecks anyway.

7. My Dog Skip( 2000)

A nostalgic but far from rose-tinted memoir about grown up in 1940 s Mississippi, where the eponymous jack russell facilitates a boy overcome his shyness. The coin background for sad-dog-film completists is the one where an ageing, arthritis-suffering Skip( played by Frasier’s Eddie) is an attempt to climb on to a bed, and fails.

6. Umberto D( 1952)

For years, I refused to watch Vittorio De Sica’s neorealist masterpiece about a hard-up pensioner evicted from his room in Rome, because I was convinced that Flike, his jack russell, dies at the end. Well, spoiler alerting: Flike survives! But it is impossible not to sob your nerve out regardless, specially when the poor old geezer tries to find a new dwelling for his beloved pooch.

5. Dean Spanley( 2008)

Sam Neill participates a preacher whose charity of Hungarian tokay prompts recollections about his past life as a Welsh springer spaniel called Wag in this fascinating Edwardian fantasy, accommodated from a novella by Anglo-Irish writer Lord Dunsany. It all terminates in father-son reconciliation and a blub-worthy denouement.

4. Lassie Come Home( 1943)

Little Roddy McDowall’s parents are so broke they have to sell their rough collie( giving full play to a son puppy called Pal) to a ritzy aristocrat. But, is assisting little Elizabeth Taylor, Lassie flees and treks from Scotland to Yorkshire, having lots of adventures, one of them involving a loyal but doomed little terrier announced Toots.

Station master … Hachi: A Dog’s Tale Photograph: Allstar/ Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

3. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale( 2009)

Richard Gere play-acts a New England music professor who bonds with an akita puppy, with answers that continue from heartwarming to heartrending. This is the Hollywood version of the history of the loyal hound commemorated by a bronze outside Tokyo’s Shibuya station, waiting eternally for the original who will never arrive. A five-Kleenex weepie to competitive Futurama’s notorious Jurassic Bark episode.

2. The Plague Dogs( 1982)

Like Watership Down, this animated denunciation of man’s inhuman treatment of swine was adapted by Martin Rosen from a Richard Adams novel, and is guaranteed to traumatise not just younger sees, but numerous adults as well. Rowf( labrador mixture) and Snitter( smooth fox terrier, was put forward by John Hurt) escape from a research lab in the Lake District and evade capture with the help of a shrewd fox. The movie lodges with Adams’s original dissolve, which his publishers influenced him to rework into something a little more cheerful.

1. Old Yeller( 1957)

A stray yellow dog( played by Spike, a labrador retriever and mastiff mingle) alliances with their own families of farmers in postbellum Texas. After saving terms of human from furious digests, wild boars and mad cows, the” best doggone hound in the west” ultimately get burnt by a fanatic wolf, leading to a tear-jerking conclusion at the business end of a shotgun held by little Tommy Kirk. If “youve had” tears, is fully prepared to molted them here.

Texas Mosque Still Recovering From Arson Opens Its Doors For Displaced Church


When Texas’ Victoria Islamic Center was gutted in a supposed arson onrush last year, several local religions reportedly opened their doors and offered the Muslim community temporary infinites to worship.

Now the Victoria mosque is paying it forward by offering its own property as a venerate opening after a neighbourhood faith was damaged when a vehicle gate-crashed into it.

About 30 members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Victoria parcelled into an auxiliary building on the Victoria Islamic Center’s property on Sunday for a morning sacred service.

Abe Ajrami, the Islamic center’s treasurer, told members of the displaced Unitarian Universalist Association congregation to treat the space like their own, according to the Victoria Advocate.

“You can use this residence as long as you require — as many Sundays as there is a desire, ” he said. “When you’re finished, simply turned off the lights.”

The UUA group’s permanent home was damaged on May 29 after a automobile plowed through an exterior wall, its library and its venerate seat. The car’s driver apparently lost verify of private vehicles after a conflict with another automobile. No one was in the church at the time, and no one was hurt in the accident. However, the building sustained extensive damage.

The Victoria Islamic Center is still rebuilding its own worship space after a shoot ripped through its main building in January 2017. In June prosecutors charged Marq Vincent Perez with a hate crime for supposedly setting the fire.

Mohammad Khursheed/ Reuters
The Victoria Islamic Center mosque in Victoria, Texas, on Jan. 29, 2017, the day after it was damaged in an alleged arson.

An online fundraiser for the mosque developed over$ 1 million. While the reconstruction takes neighbourhood, the mosque’s members are worshiping in a temporary portable building on its property.

The UUA congregation was reportedly one of the local religious groups that offered to house the Victoria Islamic Center last year. The Unitarian Universalist movement retraces its springs to liberal Christianity but in recent years has grown to embrace many different religious traditions.

The church will use the Islamic center’s building for several months while it decides its next steps, its president, Manuel Zamora, told the Victoria Advocate.

“It was a sacred space, ” he am talking about his congregation’s building. “We have a lot of history there.”

Transportation weekly: Nuro dreams of autonomous lattes, what is a metamaterial, Volvo takes the wheel


Welcome back to Transportation Weekly; I’m your multitude Kirsten Korosec, elderly transportation reporter at TechCrunch. We love the reader feedback. Keep it coming.

Never heard of TechCrunch’s Transportation Weekly? Read the first edition here. As I’ve written before, consider this a soft launch. Follow me on Twitter @kirstenkorosec to ensure you see it each week. An email subscription is coming!

This week, we’re shoving as much transportation news, morsels and penetrations in here as is practicable in hopes that it will satiate you through the end of the month. That’s right, TechCrunch’s mobility team is on vacation next week.

You can expect to learn about metamaterials, how traffic is creating genetic jeopardy, the rise of scooter piers in a dockless world, new detailed information about autonomous give startup Nuro and a are looking at the first self-driving car fatality.


There are OEMs in the automotive world. And here,( “ve been waiting for” it) there are ONMs — original bulletin makes.( Cymbal clash !) This is where investigative reporting, enterprise articles and analysis on transportation lives.

Mark Harris is here again with an insider look into autonomous vehicle give bot startup Nuro. The 3-year-old busines recently announced that it heightened $940 million in financing from the SoftBank Vision Fund.

Harris, during his typical gumshoeing, uncovers what Nuro might do with all that capital. It’s more than precisely” scaling up” and” hiring flair” — the go-to statements from startups redden with project money. No, Nuro’s founders have some grandiose notions from automated kitchens and autonomous latte give to smaller robots that can cross lawns or clamber stairs to drop off boxes. Nuro recently told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it requires establish up to 5,000 upgraded vehicles called the R2X, over the next two years.

The company’s origin story and how it’s tied to autonomous trucking startup Ike is only a notable as its “big ideas.”

Come for the autonomous lattes; stand for the legend … How Nuro plans to spend Softbank’s money

Dig In

What do metamaterials and Volvo have in common? Absolutely nothing. Except they’re both worth higlighting this week.

First up, is an article by TechCrunch’s Devin Coldewey on a company announced Lumotive that has backing from Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures. The figures Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures aren’t the most interesting components of the fib. Nope, it’s metamaterials.

Let us show. Most autonomous vehicles, robots and monotones use lidar( or light-footed observation and ranging radar) to sense their surroundings. Lidar mostly wreaks by bouncing light-headed off the environment and evaluating how and when it returns; in short, lidar helps create a 3D map “of the worlds”.( Here’s a terminated primer on WTF is Lidar ).

However, there are limitations to lidar sensors, which are dependent upon mechanical stages to move the laser emitter or reflect. That’s where metamaterials come in. In simple terms, metamaterials are specifically engineered surfaces that have embedded microscopic designs and cultivate as a single machine. Metamaterials reversing the mechanical portion of the problem, and allow lidar to search when and where it requires within its field of view.

Metamaterials delivers the whole package: they’re durable and pact, solve problems with existing lidar structures, and are not prohibitively expensive.

If they’re so great why isn’t everyone using them? For one, it’s a new and emerging engineering. Lumotive’s product is just a example. And Intellectual Ventures( IV) props the patents for known proficiencies, Coldewey recently explained to me. IV is granting Lumotive an exclusive permission to the tech — something it has done with other metamaterial-based startups it has spun out.

Shifting paraphernaliums to Volvo

Automakers are rolling out increasingly robust advanced driver relief arrangements in yield automobiles. These brand-new levels of automation are creating a conflict of sortings. One on hand, facets like adaptive cruise controller and thoroughfare steering can do commutes less stressful and arguably safer. And hitherto, they can also cause overconfidence in the system and complacency among motorists.( Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk has noted that complacency is a problem among owners employing its advanced ADAS feature called Autopilot ).( And yes, I wrote advanced ADAS; it seems repetitive, but it’s meant to express higher levels of automation and a term I recently encountered from two respected beginnings)

Some argue that automakers shouldn’t deploy these sorts of automated aspects unless vehicles are equipped with driver-monitoring systems( DMS are essentially an in-car camera and accompanying software) that can ensure drivers are paying attention. Volvo is taking that a pace further.

Driver Monitoring Camera in a Volvo research vehicle

The company announced this week that it will integrate DMS into its next-gen, SPA2-based vehicles beginning in the early 2020 s and even more importantly, enable its system to take action if the motorist is distracted or intoxicated. The camera and other sensors will monitor the operator and will intervene if a clearly intoxicated or distracted driver does not respond to warning signals and is gambling an accident involving serious injury or death. Under this scenario, Volvo could limit the car’s rush, call the Volvo on Call service on behalf of the driver or cause the vehicle to slow down and park itself on the roadside.

Volvo’s plans heighten all kinds of questions, including privacy concerns and liability. The meaning is to add a mantle of security. But the committee is also lends intricacy, which could compromise Volvo’s mission. The Autonocast, a podcast I co-host with Alex Roy and Ed Niedermeyer, talk about Volvo’s plans in our latest episode. Check it out.

A little fowl …

We hear a lot. But we’re not greedy. Let’s share.

Remember two weeks ago when we dug into Waymo’s laser produces and wondered whether we had reached “peak” LiDAR?( Last-place time, there are still 28 VC transactions in LiDAR technology valued at $ 650 million. The number of deals was slightly lower than in 2017, but the values climbed by roughly 34 percentage .)

It doesn’t look like we have. We’re hearing about several funding slews in the works or recently closed, a revelation that pictures investors still experience opening in startups trying to making the next generation of light straying and observation sensors to market.

Spotted …. Former Zoox CEO and co-founder Tim Kentley Klay was discerned at the Self-Racing Car event at Thunderhill Raceway near Willows, Calif ., this weekend.

Got a tip or overheard something in the world of transportation? Email me or send a direct letter to @kirstenkorosec.

Deal of the week

Lyft mounted the requirements for its highly-anticipated initial public offering and announced that the committee will kick off the roadshow for its IPO. That symbolizes the initial public offering will likely occur in the next two weeks. Here’s the S-1 that Lyft filed under early March. This latest announcement too uncovered brand-new details, including that its ticker symbol will be “LYFT” — as one might expect — and that the IPO range is set for between $62 and $68 per share to sell 30,770, 000 shares of Class A common stock. Lyft could raise up to $2.1 billion at the higher end of that series, or $1.9 billion at the lower end.

The Lyft news was large-hearted — and it’s a story we’ll be following for awhile. However, we wanted to highlight another one of Ingrid Lunden’s articles because it underscores a place I’ve been pushing for awhile: not every important move in the world of autonomous vehicles occurs in the big three of Detroit, Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley.

This week, Yandex, the Russian search giant that has been working on self-driving car technology, inked such partnerships with Hyundai to develop software and hardware for autonomous automobile plans. This is Yandex’s first partnership with an OEM. But it’s not Hyundai’s firstly collaboration with an autonomous vehicle startup.( Hyundai has a partnership with Aurora very)

Yandex will work with Hyundai Mobis, the car giant’s OEM parts and service division, “to create a self-driving platform that can be used by any car manufacturer or taxi fleet” that will cover both a prototype as well as segments for other car-makers.

Other copes 😛 TAGEND Indonesia’s Kargo comes out of stealth with $7.6 million from Travis Kalanick, Sequoia and others Ford to invest $ 850 million to add more production capacity for EVs Toyota is redoubling the interrelationship with Nvidia GM is investing $ 300 million to build its next EV in Michigan 30 percentage of mass transit providers accumulate diets through a mobile app; simply 39 percentage have an app at all 26 percent of transportation hustlers say overheads are their biggest challenges. Among metro mass transit bureaux, that concern startles to 40 percentage Nearly a one-quarter( 23 percentage) of national operators and 24 percent of large-scale transit bureaux( 1,000 to 10, 000 employees) say that implementing mobile technology is their single biggest challenge. Customer acquisition is the second-most common challenge in US transportation, cited by 23 percentage national, 33 percent regional, and 17 percent of private hustlers. The Information’s Amir Efrati has yet another piece on Alphabet’s self-driving car business Waymo. This time Efrati analyzed confidential Waymo customer feedback on 2,500 goes this one-quarter. The aftermath: autonomous ride-hailing works face great headwinds in their attempt to replicate Uber and Lyft. The New York Times magazine takes a trip across the U.S. in an Amtrak Google issued a report on how motif can improve trust in autonomous vehicles

Don’t worry, a no-deal Brexit won’t be allowed to happen | Simon Jenkins


Even if Britain does leave on WTO governs, life will go on, says Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins

Now they are talking car accidents. From Brussels comes Project Fear Mk II, a “preparedness” guidebook for Europe if there is no deal on Brexit. It is Brussels-speak for a terrorism red alerting. It covers such things as passports, air traffic control, financial carries, military bases, data protection, medicines licensing and all the border clutter we have spent half a century removing. Unlike the remainers’ bloodcurdling Project Fear in 2016, “theres not” an financial imitation foreshadow. It is frontline world. It is Brexit as Grand Theft Auto.

Britain’s National Audit Office is is engaged in. This week it warns that, as of next March, Britons driving on the continent will need new driving permitsin the event of a no-deal Brexit. There must be enabled giant laybys for traffic jams at Folkestone and staff for” huge bureaucratic delays “. Airbus and Rolls-Royce are already stockpiling saves against a new tariff regime. AstraZeneca is stockpiling medications. Theresa May is touring the Irish border, like a field-marshal surveying trenches on the Somme.

Do we chortle or cry? I is and remains chortling, precisely. The car-crash option is favoured by some leave ideologues. They are technically right that in March a no-deal UK would” crash out” of the EU and revert to World Trade Organization rules. Such anarchy has disorderly appeal to those careless of other people’s enterprises, while” taking back restrain of borderlines” would gratify the leavers’ prime target of stricter immigration domination. But the EU earmarks no new deals with third-party countries, under WTO regulations or whatever, until the UK is out next year. In March, ports would swiftly clog up. The progress of people and tourism would plummet. It “wouldve been” chaos, and even after that “new deals with the rest of the world” was not possible to compensate.

In reality, everyone well informed about Brexit agrees on what will really happen if there is no deal in March. Nothing will change. Planes will deter flying. Boats will hinder loading. Channel Tunnel officials will curve vehicles through. Prescribes will go out to keep moving, and await further instructions. People at the coalface of the European economy cannot render the posturing, egotism and idiocy of the Brexit parliament this past week. They have lives to live and mouths to feed. A closed margin with the EU , not least in Ireland, would be like closing the Berlin Wall after it had reopened. There “wouldve been” rampages. That is why crashing out would not mean hard Brexit, but rather remain in all but name. When Brexit fantasize smacks practical reality, reality will win.

Hard Brexit was surely put to bed by Boris Johnson’s resignation speech in the Commons this week, a confection of negativity and verbosity. He offered no “frictionless” alternative to a customs union with the rest of Europe. The UK may be leaving the EU- for which I believe there is something to be told- but it forms no feel to make trade barriers between an island and its neighbouring continent. Britain has expended a century moving in the opposite direction. Even in the 1950 s, when it dreamed of a greater imperial market, it met Europe’s free trade area, precursor of the present European Economic Area. Hard Brexit is flat-Earthism.

The failure of the House of Commons this week to vote in favour of a customs union, as opposed to May’s botched Chequers plan, was a lost opportunity. Johnson might call the plan a” fantastical Heath Robinson arrangement”, but that was because May changed it to triumph his support. It is his defect. She should not have inconvenienced. As a result, the opportunity to negotiate a customs union in Brussels from a united, bipartisan basi with Labour was scuppered.

The public was promised Brexit, which, as May maintenances saying, means Brexit. That is happening. It was too predicted frictionless craft, which necessitates frictionless. That is achievable exclusively under a customs union and single market.

As a result of the current shamblings, the new Brexit minister, Dominic Raab, must go to Brussels to negotiate “frictionless” on the basis of Chequers , not a simple customs union. The change is over agreeing tariff collection and regulatory adjustment on trading guidelines. This is all but inconsequential. Even if the UK were to go for hard-boiled Brexit, trade with the EU would still need some such agreement, as would the much-vaunted, mainly fantasy, deals with the rest of the world. Talk of Chequers as “vassalage” is outlandish. Taking back govern of busines was always making a mountain of a molehill.

The outcome of Raab’s discussions will be messier than were he negotiating on the basis of remaining in the EEA. But the destination has to be the same. There may be more bloodletting ahead but, come the autumn, I am sure we will all be in sight of the Norway option. Whatever may one day be agreed on migration- still Brexit’s hard core and still to be negotiated- a customs union between the nations of Europe cannot be avoided.

Prudent government should ever be on guard against car gate-crashes. It is not scaremongering to inspect the fenders and check the airbags. But a crash on Brexit will not happen, and even if it did, the outcome were not able to” crashing out” of Europe but preferably crashing in. The UK is going to leave the EU next spring. That is law. But no one was asked if they wanted to leave Europe’s economic community. We were predicted frictionless. If Westminster’s midsummer madness does lead to a auto crash, so be it. In the longer run for your lives will manufacture no gap. Keep laughing.

* Simon Jenkins is a Guardian columnist

Khloe Kardashian Is ‘Impatient’& ‘Uncomfortable’ In Her Final Days Of Pregnancy!


Although she acknowledges she is “impatient” and “uncomfortable, ” the KUWTK whiz is doing her best to remain productive.

KoKo wrote:

“Day by day, it gets harder and I get more impatient — and not to mention more unpleasant … So, while we wait, I have to stay busy. I’m not the type to lay around the working day and be lazy( when I do, I get a little crazy !). I’ve already finished the nursery, so I’m happy to have that checked off the list.”

Being the fitness ruler that she is, the 33 -year-old attains it a habit to be as physically active as possible.

“In Cleveland, we have a very similar routine every day, which I actually really like and adapt to easily … Every day, I go for a 45 -minute walk( I’d actually call it more of a saunter, LOL ). “

When she’s not employing, Khloe desires to binge-watch TV with her boo Tristan Thompson!

“Tristan and I have also been watching Billions … It’s such an incredible show — we Adoration it! We just finished Season One. It’s such a good establish to binge-watch. We’re certainly trying to enjoy ourselves, but we’re SO ready to meet our babe girl.”

On Tuesday, Miz Kardashian wrote a blog post comparing her life in Cleveland vs. their own lives in Los Angeles. In Ohio 😛 TAGEND

“I’m with Tristan and I get my home time — cooking, “ve been with” my adoration, and just more of a number … In L.A ., I’m SWAMPED with design … But then again, I adore being in L.A. because I to have seen my sisters and my mom, and I have my trainer and the person or persons that I’ve grown up with.”

Well, Khloe is going to be a mommy any daylight now! Then she’ll truly have to juggle life in both cities while being a brand-new mother!

[ Image via Khloe Kardashian/ Instagram .]

Police endeavour doubt after pack projectile blowup in France


Twelve people injured in incident described by Emmanuel Macron as an attack

Police in France were hunting a doubt following a explosion in a pedestrian street in the heart of Lyon that wounded more than a dozen beings just two days before the country’s furiously struggled European parliament elections.

The president, Emmanuel Macron, called Friday’s explosion, apparently from a pack jam-pack with shrapnel and placed in the street, an “attack” and mail his interior minister, Christophe Castaner, to Lyon.

A frame seizure from a surveillance video establishing a human pushing a mountain bike in the vicinity of a doubt box projectile blare in Lyon. Photograph: AFP/ Getty Images

Police issued an appeal for evidences on Twitter as they attempted the suspect, a human believed to be in his early 30 s on a mountain bicycle caught on defence cameras in the area immediately before the explosion.

They posted an image of the man, wearing light-coloured suddenlies and a longsleeved dark top and described him as “dangerous”.

The country’s justice minister, Nicole Belloubet, told BFM television it was too soon to say whether the explosions was a “terrorist act”.

A police source said the package contained” jailers or shafts” and had been placed in front of a bakery.

The number of disabled stood at 13 people, with 11 taken to infirmaries. None of the injuries was life-threatening.

Macron said:” It’s not for me to give a fee, but it seems there are no fatalities. There have been injuries, so obviously I’m thinking of these injured and their families .”

Denis Broliquier, the mayor of the city’s second arrondissement, said:” An eight-year-old girl was wounded … We’re fairly relieved because apparently there were no serious injuries but, on the other hand, we are certain it was an explosive design .”

Play Video

Lyon bombing described by Emmanuel Macron as an ‘attack’ – video

” There was an detonation and I thought it was a car crash ,” said Eva, a 17 -year-old student who was about 15 metres( 50 paws) from the site of the blast.” There were bits of electrical wire near me and artilleries and bits of cardboard and plastic. The openings were blown out .”

A terrorism investigation has been opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office, which has jurisdiction over all horror subjects in the country.

France has been on high alert following a wave of deadly terror attacks since 2015 that have killed more than 250 people.

Joe Biden: can a veteran centrist win in the polarised age of Trump?


The former vice-president, an apostle of the bipartisan feeling, has defied his age once before to triumph democratic elections and, at 76, could do so again

Caleb Boggs was a second world war hero who had never lost an election. The Republican senator for Delaware enjoyed a 30 -point lead in the referendums against an unknown, untested Democrat who was just 29 years old. Yet he was outplayed, and outworked, and lost by 1 %. The David who slayed this Goliath was a good-looking lawyer with a passion of fast gondolas. His name was Joe Biden.

The year was 1972 and Biden’s astound win would establish him the second youngest senator in American record. A few weeks earlier, he suffered the unimaginable : his wife, Neilia, and child daughter, Naomi, were killed during a car crash. In a phone call that was recorded, President Richard Nixon told Biden:” She was there when you triumphed a major victory. You experienced it together, and now, I’m sure, she’ll be watching you from now on. Good luck to you .”

Nearly half a century later, Biden has again been touched by personal cataclysm- the death of his son, Beau, 46, from intelligence cancer- and again stands on the brink of an election race in which his age is front and centre. Now a remarried father-god and grandpa and former vice-president, he is expected to announce soon a third bid for the White House despite concerns that, at 76, if he won, he would overtake Donald Trump as the oldest being ever elected US president.

Joseph Biden and his first spouse Neilia cut his 30 th birthday cake at a party in Wilmington. His son Hunter waits for the first slouse. Photograph: Bettmann/ Bettmann Archive
Sign up for the US morning briefing

” His vocation began when he was often criticised as too young to run ,” said Jeff Wilser ,~ ATAGEND scribe of The Book of Joe.” How cool would it be to bookend his busines by prize another ballot where his age is an issue ?”

Age, nonetheless, is not the only question. With Michael Bloomberg and Sherrod Brown opting out of presidential attempts, Biden is seen as the flag-bearer for Democratic centrists at a few moments when the party is tilting to the left.

He is a white man at a few moments when the party has a record number of women and candidates of colour. He is an evangelist for bipartisanship at a few moments of polarisation. He is a foreign policy stalwart at a few moments when expertise has fallen into disrepute. He is famously tactile with women at a moment when #MeToo has redrawn the frontiers of personal space.

And yet, he might just pull it off.


If the Charcoal Pit, a roadside diner in Wilmington, Delaware, was deciding the Democratic primary, it has previously be play over. Biden is a regular customer and beloved representation who never turns down a selfie petition. His favourite meal is grassland cheesesteak with a $4.75 black and white milkshake( like Trump, he is a teetotaler ). Staff remember him showing off his new car, clustering with them late at night to talk about foreign policy and creating President Obama for a meal.

Joseph Grabowski, 67, part of the restaurant management team, has known Biden most of his life.” One darknes in the 90 s he came in when we were cleaning up and sat down with us for the purposes of an hour. He was talking about the Taliban, how “hes living”, how they chew, everything. He’s brilliant. I would like to see him give the presidency a shot. I think that was his son’s dying hope .”

Such thoughts are typical in Delaware, the second largest smallest country in the union after Rhode Island, where” Amtrak welcomes you to Wilmington’s Joseph R Biden Jr Railroad Station and at least one ” Joe Biden scented candle “ can be seen. Its adopted son, boosters say, has moved with monarches( and presidents and prime ministers) yet indicated the common touch. The latter is often attributed to Delaware’s size, where retail politics is king, and his prior upbringing.

Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a hardscrabble city known for two things: coal and The Office. When Ricky Gervais’s hit comedy succession went looking for the US equivalent of the UK’s Slough as a typify of dead-end ennui, it settled in Scranton. But Biden mused last year :” If you listen to Barack, you’d conclude I clambered out of a coalmine with a lunch pail from Scranton in my hands. It’s not true .” His father was ” a white-collar worker”, he included, who moved their own families to Delaware to work as a vehicle salesman when Biden was 10.

Senator Joseph Biden addresses a Washington press conference on the Salt II arms control treaty in October 1979. Photograph: Charles Harrity/ AP

The young Biden had a stutter but, Wilser’s journal memoranda, wasted hours in front of a mirror, memorising and performing poems as well as the declaration of independence. Eventually he defeated the stutter and found that all the practising became him an accomplished public speaker.

Biden married Neilia Hunter in 1966; they had a son, Beau, in 1969, followed by another son, Hunter, and daughter Naomi. Having studied at Syracuse Law School, finishing 76 th in a class of 85, Biden cultivated as a lawyer, connected the district council and get known in Democratic politics in Delaware. Then came that longshot Senate race against Boggs in 1972.

Wilser writes in The Book of Joe:” The Democratic defendant heavyweights knew they couldn’t beat Caleb Boggs. So they needed person expendable, a sacrificial lamb .” Biden himself writes in his memoir, Promises to Keep :” The smart guys crossing Delaware politics didn’t give me a snowman’s chance in August .”

It now seems hard to believe that Biden was the young, scrappy and thirsty Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of his daylight, pounding the streets, impounding coffee hearings and handing address as he combated a apparently unassailable incumbent. Mike Castle ,~ ATAGEND a former superintendent of Delaware, withdrew :” I remember was just going to a house and picking up this brochure for Joe Biden. It was all these senators endorsing him. I was very impressed by that .”

Biden prevailed by little more than 3,000 votes . He would serve in the Senate for the next 36 years, commuting from Wilmington by qualify and build a reputation for reaching across the aisle to Republicans such as John McCain. It was an approach influenced by Delaware pragmatism. Castle, a Republican, said:” Delaware has been that way for some time now … We worked very hard as an administration to manufacture everyone feel comfy, whatever we were trying to do. That’s carried over to a lot of the covers in Washington .”

Biden, then the Senate judiciary committee chairman, chit-chats with Robert Bork on the first day of hearings to confirm him as a supreme court justice in 1987. Photograph: Terry Ashe/ The LIFE Images Collection/ Getty Images

But as Delaware leads, the nation does not necessarily follow in its current climate. In 2015, at a Capitol Hill ceremony unveiling a failure of former vice-president Dick Cheney, a cheery Biden said,” I actually like Dick Cheney”, and last week he praised Vice-President Mike Pence as “decent guy” but had to withdraw the remark after a backlash from the LGBT community.

Biden told an gathering in January :” I read in the New York Times today that one of my troubles is, if I ever run for president, I like Republicans. OK, well, bless me Father, for I have sinned !” For some moderate voters, however, bridge-building might petition as the perfect remedy to the Trump era’s toxicity.

Leon Panetta ,~ ATAGEND a former excuse secretary who has known Biden since the 1980 s, said:” I just think that if our democracy is ever going to get back to governing, as opposed to this partisan warfare we’ve been having in Washington, that it’s going to take a president who are familiar with the benefits of bipartisanship and who likewise appreciates what it takes to govern the country. That’s a persuasivenes as far as I’m concerned , not a weakness .”


Biden fallen in love with Jill Jacobs , a schoolteacher, and remarried in 1977; the couple had a daughter, Ashley, in 1981. Contented at home, Biden’s profession in the Senate blossomed and he began a long tenure on the foreign relations committee.

Senator Biden and his wife, Jill, are all smiles as they make their way through a crowd of wellwishers and photographers to take a train to Washington after announcing his candidacy for president of the United States in June 1987. Photograph: Bettmann/ Bettmann Archive

He operated for chairperson but came unstuck in 1987 where reference is mentioned the British politician Neil Kinnock but forgot to cite him (” he face-lift Mr. Kinnock’s closing speech with phrases, gestures and lyrical Welsh syntax intact for his own closing communication at a debate at the Iowa State Fair on Aug. 23- without crediting Mr. Kinnock ,” the New York Times reported ). The piracy accusation ended Biden’s hopes. Michael Dukakis won the nomination.

The following year Biden suffered headaches and nausea and finally collapsed in a New York hotel room. He wrote in his autobiography that it felt like” lightning flashing inside my president, a powerful electrical rise- and then a slam of agony like I’d never felt before .” Doctors noticed a ruptured aneurysm and a priest was called in to administer last rites. But he survived this and a second aneurysm after surgery .

Biden chaired the 1991 corroboration hearings for the supreme court justice Clarence Thomas and was criticised for not done enough to protect Anita Hill, who accused Thomas of sexual harassment. He has since apologised, but the incident still represents political baggage, as does Biden’s 2003 poll authorising the attack of Iraq, though again he forswore. He could also face criticism from liberals over links to the financial services industry ,~ ATAGEND a major attendance in Delaware.

Biden’s second presidential entreat, in 2008, moved best available than the first. Asked about adversaries Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, he granted a detailed reply and then could not resist a coda about Barack Obama :” I signify, you got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I signify, that’s a storybook, husband .” It was one of myriad gaffes for which Biden has become infamous.

Biden and his wife Jill join Barack and Michelle Obama after Barack Obama’s acceptance speech in Chicago on 4 November 2008. Photograph: Morry Gash/ AP

But after Obama’s primary win, he selected Biden as his running mate and the men’s close relationship is now the stuff of Twitter meme legend . Jake Sullivan ,~ ATAGEND who provided as Biden’s national defence consultant and would be appreciated him run for president in 2020, said : “ It’s funny, they are different in some really interesting directions but “the two countries relations” was genuinely mutually admiring.

” They were friends. They had the capability of finishing each other’s convicts. It was professionally effective but likewise personal and close in a way that maybe beings would not have been able predicted when President Obama selected Vice-President Biden as his running mate in 2008.”

Sullivan, a non-resident senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace thinktank in Washington, was also struck by Biden’s empathy.” One of the things that’s most remarkable about him is that he also attends intensely about helping people through their hard times, through their remorse ,” he said.


Tragedy came back to recur Biden again in 2015 with the death of Beau ,~ ATAGEND an Iraq war veteran and united states attorney general of Delaware who was tipped as a future state governor. The damage was a factor in Biden’s decision not to run against Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary. Matthew Albright ,~ ATAGEND a reporter atthe News Journal in Wilmington, said:” It is difficult to overstate how big-hearted of a treat Beau’s death was in this state. The whole nation basically ground to a halt and sorrowed for weeks. Parties were scarcely reading anything else on our website. Joe stood outside of Beau’s funeral where thousands and thousands of beings came in the visitation and shook everybody’s side and talked with everybody and there are all these photos and videos of him just trying to console people.

” He calls parties in Delaware apparently when they lose family and he talks in very real terms:’ I went through this, I know how this feels .’ He would hate for it to be said that Beau’s death contributed gravitas to him, but the mode that he dealt with his remorse in public, particularly in Delaware, was an enormously gripping thing to watch .”

The Biden family were represented at the funeral of Joe’s son Beau at St Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic church in Wilmington, Delaware, on 6 June 2015. Photograph: Patrick Semansky/ AP

Biden, a Catholic, wears Beau’s rosary on his left wrist every day. He is arguably now more soulful as a public speaker than he has ever been. Panetta said:” It’s handed his speeches not so much a political shape as an psychological line because he shares a lot of what he’s been through with his audiences .”

Few politicians have known such surge high-priceds or searing lows. The former Delaware senator Ted Kaufman, who was Biden’s chief of staff and supplanted him in the Senate, has observed :” If “youre asking me”, who is the luckiest person I have ever known? I “re just saying” Joe Biden. If “youre asking me”, who is the unluckiest I have known? I “re just saying” Joe Biden .”

Luck smiled on the young Biden against Caleb Boggs in 1972. Supporters was of the view that he can defy time’s arrow again to defeat Trump and begin healing a segmented nation.

Biden’s volume about Beau’s death, Promise Me, Dad, starts with a quotation from the philosopher Immanuel Kant ,~ ATAGEND too long for a bumper sticker or yard signed, but succinct all the same:” Rulers for Happiness: something to do, someone to desire, something to hope for .”

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Professional golfer Bill Haas escaped serious injuries following a gate-crash in Los Angeles that killed one person and also involved actor Luke Wilson

Trump’s presidency is deciphering. But he won’t fall without a move | Gary Younge


The presidency is involved in incapacity and tragedy. So why arent his antagonists presenting a hopeful alternative? says Guardian editor-at-large Gary Younge

Even by Donald Trump’s standards, Tuesday was extraordinary. First came the tweet that “hes had” fired his secretary of state Rex Tillerson. Then a state department spokesman issued a statement claim Tillerson was ” unaware of the reason” for his removal, and had heard about it on Twitter. A few hours later the spokesman had been fired more. Meanwhile the lawyer of porn performer Stephanie Clifford( stage name: Stormy Daniels ), who allegedly had an affair with Trump, warned the country to” fasten up “ as Clifford sought to extract herself from her non-disclosure agreement so she could” publish any cloths, such as text contents, photos and/ or videos relating to the president that she may have in her self-possession “. Back in Washington, the Trump team announced it would be hiring John McEntee, Trump’s former personal assistant, as a elderly adviser for campaign enterprises. The day before, McEntee had been escorted from the White House because he is under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security for serious financial crimes.

While all this was going on, voters in south-west Pennsylvania’s 18 th territory came to the ballots in a byelection, in a region Republicans have held for the past 15 times. It was so safe that Democrats didn’t even fus contesting the last two elections. Trump flogged Hillary Clinton there by about 20 qualities. It should have been a shoo-in for the Republican. By the end of the night Democrat were celebrating a wafer-thin victory, though this may yet be challenged.

Witnessing Trump’s presidency unravel so spectacularly causes a perverse rejoice. The venality is so baroque, the profanity so ostentatious, the incompatibilities so stark, the incompetence so epic and the lies so brazen, it leaves you speechless. His vanity is without guile and the scandals that mire him without end. Almost everything he says and does has been publicly denied, by himself, often on Twitter. On Tuesday he said of Tillerson’s retirement:” Rex and I have been talking about this a long time … We were not really thoughts the same “.

On 1 December he tweeted:” The media has been supposing that I shot Rex Tillerson or that he would be leaving soon- FAKE NEWS! He’s not entrust and while we disagree on particular themes,( I call the final shoots) we work well together and America is highly respected again !” It’s amazing to think he ever imagined he could get away with it. And with each test at the ballot box it seems he can’t. Republicans have been crushed in elections all over the country. Some overcomes, like that of the alleged paedophile Roy Moore in Alabama, are unlikely to be repeated; others, like the gains across Virginia in November, indicate more sustained progress. There has been a relatively consistent swing of about 15 drawn attention to Democrat in nation and congressional races that has seen them take over 40 posteriors from Republicans, be recorded in states such as Florida and Wisconsin where Clinton lost in 2016. Midterm elections are almost never good for the party in the White House. On continuing trend, this November will be a disasterfor Republicans.

And yet, even as voters rebuff him and he becomes increasingly isolated in his own fetid lair, the gloom that scowls over this moment remains far more imposing than any silver lining. There are two main reasons why progressives should refrain from revelry.

First of all, things are going to get worse before they get the hell out of here. Tillerson, the former head of ExxonMobil, was a disastrous secretary of state. Ineffectual abroad, it soon becomes clear that he spoke with treasured little dominion. As he attempted to calm down strains between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Trump sided publicly with Saudi Arabia; when he tried to kick-start negotiations with North Korea, Trump tweeted that he was ” waste his time “. It seems the place where Tillerson had most impact was in his own district where, under his watch, morale has plummeted and there has been an exodus of aptitude and knowledge.

And yet it was, apparently, Tillerson who helped keep the US in the Iran nuclear treat and the Paris climate accord. Extreme as the last year of US foreign policy has been, ostensibly Trump was being reined in. That restraint has gone. Tillerson’s permutation, CIA director Mike Pompeo, is an Islamophobic climate-change denier who opposes the deal with Iran and has shaped nods towards regime change in North Korea.” With Mike Pompeo, we have a same thought process ,” said Trump. That is not encouraging. Replacing Pompeo at the CIA is Gina Haspel, who oversaw a CIA torture site in Thailand where detainees were interrogated. The scandal used to be that there were advocates of torture in the West Wing. Now its practitioners are in office.

But the problem is not simply that things will get worse. It’s that it’s not at all obvious that, electorally at least, there’s a clear sense of what “better” would look like, beyond going rid of Trump. Politically the country is clearly shifting leftwards. The nationally walkouts of schoolchildren against firearm brutality on Wednesday, the women’s rallies and coaches’ strikes, all suggest a swelling resistance to the Trump agenda. Pennsylvania is just the latest evidence that this has had an electoral impact.

But while the Democrats are happy to give the triumphs, they have not yet handled why they lost. They are beneficiaries of the frustration and wrath. But there is little evidence that they are shifting with it, let alone cohering or conducting it.

Conor Lamb’s victory in Pennsylvania was a progressive advance insofar as it was a setback for Trump. That’s great as far as it moves, but it doesn’t go roughly far enough away. He was introduced at one rally as a” God-fearing, union-supporting, gun-owning, job-protecting, pension-defending, social-security-believing, healthcare-greeting, sending-drug-dealers-to-jail Democrat “. That, arguably, is what you have to be to get elected in south-west Pennsylvania. But nationally Democrat need a more hopeful letter with a broader appeal.

They haven’t got one. On Wednesday the Senate passed a Republican bill that would add the most comprehensive rollback in bank regulation since the financial crisis, with substantial Democrat support. One would have assumed, in a period of growing inequality and stalling social mobility, that resisting it “wouldve been” obvious if you wanted to win back those disenchanted rust-belt voters in Michigan and Wisconsin who bided at home or backed Trump. Senate Democrats are instead partitioned, apparently baffled over whether they should advocate for their base or the banks.

The problem with Democrats seeming on Donald Trump’s presidency as a slow-motion car crash is that it admits the latter are witness at a moment when they should be in the driving seat- and that, when we come to survey the wreckage, there will be many innocent victims.

* Gary Younge is editor-at-large for the Guardian