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Donated organs of 13 -year-old girl help record eight beings to live


Parents of Jemima Layzell, who died unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm, require other families to consider organ donation

A 13 -year-old girl who died accidentally of a brain aneurysm has had her organs transplanted to eight people – the largest number in its own history of the organ gift service.

Jemima Layzell was ” lovely- cunning, entertaining, compassionate and artistic”, said her mother, Sophy Layzell, 43, a drama teacher from Horton in Somerset. Just a couple of weeks before her abrupt collapse in March 2012, the family had a dialogue about organ gift because their own families friend had died in a car gate-crash.

” They were on the registry but their organs couldn’t be donated because of the circumstances of their fatality ,” said Sophy.” Jemima had never heard of organ subscription before and met it a little bit unsettling, but totally understood the importance of ensuring that it .”

Her parents saw their own decisions hard, but are glad they established it. Jemima’s heart, tiny bowel, and pancreas were transplanted into three parties. Two parties received her kidneys. Her liver was separated and transplanted into another two parties, while her lungs were transplanted into one patient.

The eight recipients included five children, who came from all over England.

Jemima collapsed during the preparations for her mother’s 38 th birthday party and was killed in hospital four weeks later. A mentality aneurysm, rare in a child, is a swelling in an route wall and there are no evidences unless it severs. When it erupts, it effects a hemorrhage in the brain which can kill or lawsuit persistent impair.

Her mothers set up the Jemima Layzell Trustin her remembrance to assistant survivors.” If Jemima had survived, the ruptured aneurysm would have severely affected her communication and the right side of their own bodies ,” “theyre saying” on the rely website.

Her parents went through robes and controls, looking for clues as to why she had died really young. They didn’t find them, but they did discover about 20 journals and notebooks “shes been” remaining since she was four years old. These they have was transformed into a journal, called The Draft, sales of which will raise funds for the charity.

They tell the story of her brief life.

Saturday 9 July 2011

Dear Diary

It is day like this when I sit and amazement’ where’s my Romeo? What happened to my Prince Charming ?’ But then I stop and think, do I certainly deserve him?
… I want to leap out of couch, draw back the draperies and gaze out into the nighttime.
To lean out the window, sing for my true love, the adoration I do not yet
possess and perhaps never will. If merely I weren’t so afraid .

Monday 8 August 2011

Some people say that God can’t exist because if he did he would help all the poor people in the world.
I object to that. I feel their despair but WE have to help them. They
are there because we did this to them. They are there because we have a
wrong to right. They are there to stop us from turning into complete
monsters before it’s too late . One extract even foretells the future 😛 TAGEND

Sunday 7 August 2011

Anyway I need to write what I believe and feel. Not all that you see
here actually’ happened’ but it’s still very real to me. I don’t care if
I let my imagination run away with me!
Plenty of brilliant masters and columnists were mad! In reality it built their work most interesting! Even if they did cut their ears off, commit suicide, guided round doing crazy material etc etc.
Beings still adoration them and their work just the same. And I want to be loved very. I virtually feel as though I will never live long enough to become an author, to be married and found a family .

Her mother, her father-god, Harvey, 49, the manager of a building corporation, and her sister, Amelia, aged 17, guide the Jemima LayzellTrust, which likewise promotes organ subscription. They are proud that Jemima’s organs facilitated eight other lives continue.

” Shortly after Jemima croaked, we watched a program about children awaiting nerve grafts and being fitted with Berlin Hearts in Great Ormond Street hospital ,” said her mother.” It validated for us that saying’ no’ would have been repudiating eight other beings the chance for life, especially over Jemima’s heart, which Harvey had felt unpleasant about donating at the time.

” We feel it’s very important for families to talk about organ donation. Every parent’s instinct is to say no, as the administration is programmed to protect most children. It’s only with prior knowledge of Jemima’s agreement that we were able to say yes .”

NHS Blood and Transplant is hoping Jemima’s story will encourage more families to have the critical dialogue, because a lack of donated organs is expensing hundreds of lives each year, it says.

Last year, 457 beings croaked waiting for a transplant, including 14 children. There are 6,414 beings on the transplant waiting list including 176 children.

Anthony Clarkson, of NHS Blood and Transplant, said:” Every donor is special and Jemima’s unique narrative shown in the remarkable difference a few words can realize. Hundreds of people are still croaking unnecessarily waiting for a transplant because too many families say no to organ donation.

” Please tell your family you want to donate, and if you are unsure, ask yourself; if you needed organ transplants would you abide one? If so, shouldn’t you be prepared to donate ?”

To join the NHS organ donor register stay organdonation.nhs.uk or contact the 24 -hour donor line on 0300 123 23 23.

Malibu residents fear serial attacker is stalking their scenic enclave


Mysterious shootings have shocked an outpost of LA better known for its idyllic lifestyle

One November two years ago, a wildlife biologist named James Rogers was spending the night in a hammock above Malibu when he awoke to a burning sensation in his arm and the realization that hed been peppered with buckshot.

He was in a park about 200 yards (182 meters) off the main road that leads from Malibus fabled beaches up into the hills of Calabasas, a place frequented day in and day out by tourists, day trippers, and avid hikers like himself.

Six days later, a man sleeping in his car in nearby Malibu Creek state park reported being shot at, too, although he was unharmed. Two months after that, it was a couple, also in the state park, whose vehicle was hit by gunfire.

Remarkably, these incidents caused little stir. Residents of the local canyons everyone from Hollywood A-listers such as Will Smith to more modestly affluent denizens might have been thrown into a panic if they had known. But the incidents went largely unreported, and the police were in no hurry to ascribe them to a single perpetrator.

Still, the random shootings continued. In June 2017, a motorist reported his car being hit by a bullet on the main mountain road. A month later, another camper was shot at in Malibu Creek state park. I came very very close to being hit, the camper, Meliss Tatangelo, later reported in a Facebook post. When the police came they told me, Things like this dont happen here.

Except they kept happening anyway. And, in June, they led to an actual murder, under the most horrifying of circumstances. Tristan Beaudette was camping with his two daughters, aged two and four, when he was shot in the head in his tent shortly before dawn. Beaudettes widow, who was home studying at the time, called his death a senseless act.

Tristan Beaudette who was camping with his family.

Local community activists began to piece together accounts of previous shootings including one just a few days before Beaudettes and immediately suspected they were dealing with a serial attacker. I think theres a sicko out there, read one opinion circulated widely by the editor of a local online newsletter.

Two months later, whoever is responsible assuming it is just one person is still at large, and local police and communities are finding they have a lot of explaining to do. The Malibu Creek campground has been closed indefinitely. A local private school run by the wife of the film director James Cameron and claiming to be Americas first solar-powered, all-vegan educational establishment has installed a bank of new security cameras.

Meanwhile, amateur sleuths and reporters have been working overtime to parade their latest theory or tidbit from law enforcement sources. Sometimes, the shooter has been an expert marksman lurking hundreds of yards away from his targets; other times hes fired at close range. Some speculate hes connected to drug gangs who are known to grow marijuana in remote parts of the mountains. Others wonder if the shooter didnt also murder a young psychology student who disappeared in 2009.

The police themselves have remained largely tight-lipped, saying they dont want to give away anything that might help the perpetrator elude capture. There is some evidence they did not see a possible pattern between the shootings until Beaudettes death and are now racing to make up for lost time.

Granted, this is largely uncharted territory in a remote outpost of greater Los Angeles best known for its jaw-dropping beauty, its hillside mansions used variously for A-list parties, rehab and porn shoots. The local police blotter is largely characterized by traffic snarl-up on the coastal highway and an occasional drug overdose.

But the slowness of the official response may also be due, in part, to the competing jurisdictions in the area, encompassing everyone from state park rangers to the Malibu city police and the county sheriffs department, which is now taking the lead.

Local officials and police representatives held a public meeting last weekend to try to calm residents nerves, but it turned out they had little to say. The results of Beaudettes autopsy are being withheld for investigative reasons, they said. There is no confirmation of a connection between any of the incidents yet. And they offered no description of a suspect, much less a composite sketch.

Residents were there for answers and they got none, Cece Woods, the editor in chief of the Voices of Malibu website, reported from the scene. She described the police and other officials as being in pose and pacify mode.

And the shootings have not stopped. Police have responded to five separate incidents in the area since Beaudettes death, none of them involving injuries and at least one characterized as road rage. A rag bag of local interests everyone from local cities to the drug company Allergan, which employed Beaudette as a research scientist have contributed to a $35,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

And the hunt continues.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/aug/22/malibu-fears-serial-attacker-random-shootings-los-angeles

1 police officer dead, another wounded after Utah gunfight | Fox News


A veteran Utah police officer is dead and so is the man suspected of shooting him after a automobile disintegrate investigation turned deadly on Sunday morning, FOX1 3 reported.

Another officer, who was shot three times during the incident, was experiencing surgery Sunday evening, according to a reporter from KSL.com .

Unified Police Officer Doug Barney, an 18 -year veteran and a leader of three, was originally listed in critical condition but eventually died from a gunshot wound to the premier. Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder announced the information Sunday evening, ABC4 reported.

Police are sought for a woman who also was involved in the escapade. It is unknown if she is armed.

“We do not know who she is as of hitherto, ” Lt. Lex Bell said earlier on Sunday, according to KSL.com. “I understand she is a grey female with blonde mane, and that’s about all that I have.”

Cops were responding to a traffic accident in Holladay when a mortal, subsequently mentioned as Cory Lee Henderson, and the unidentified girl fled from a Black BMW 3-series sedan. Cops engaged the pair on a hoof and a firefight ensued.

“Ultimately, there was a struggle, ” Bell said.

Henderson was enunciated dead at the panorama, according to FOX1 3. Winder said Henderson fired the shot that struck Barney in the head.

The search continues for the woman.

Our suggestion would be shelter in place, stay inside if you are able to, Bell told KSL.com. I know there may be parties hurtling from church, which is okay, but if they are likely to at all be used to help, try to limit their being outside. Were going to have police canines in the area and helicopters. The more we can eliminate interference by these other beings, and concentrate on the person or persons were go looking for, it prepares it a lot easier.

Tech employees must unite to defeat America’s deportation machine | Marisa Franco


Silicon Valley assures big-hearted payouts from government contracts, but internal pressure can see conglomerates take notice of amoral deals

Today, tech workers and immigrant rights activists are flocking to Microsoft powers around the country, extraditing applications signed by 300,000 people advocating the tech monstrou to drop its contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement( Ice ). Rallies ever held, finds will be interrupted, and executives will be embarrassed by hires advocating righteousnes over profits.

But will it make?

In early July, the same tech-immigrant alliance pitched on San Francisco’s newest glass tower to affirm Silicon Valley’s quintessential do-gooders, the cloud calculating firm Salesforce. The company’s contract with Customs and Border Patrol stimulated dozens to carry mansions reading” Stop caging families !” and” Cancel the CBP contract “. But today, the contract is still in place and the Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, has declined to cancel it despite bad press and social media pressure.

Last month, more than 100 Microsoft hires circulated a character to the Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, asking him to cancel the company’s contract with Ice. Nadella instead defended the Ice contract, claiming it did not specific be used to help kinfolk separations.

And Jeff Bezos of Amazon– only proclaimed the richest being in countries around the world- has said nothing despite facing same demonstrates, waning to commentary while the press moves on to the next story.

Yet, in June, groupings of tech workers and activists did manage to stop their company’s amoral demeanor. More than a dozen Google employees quit- and many more talk openly and intensely- over the company’s contract with the Pentagon to use AI to help monotones track targets. After 4,000 employees signed a application urging the company to back away from its work on battle, the executives stood down.

So what was different? Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon, Google- all these companies faced similar external influence. They’ve all heard the same negative headlines and viral tweets. But in Google’s case, it was the intensity and firmnes of internal pressure that lastly got the company to abandon its amoral work. Thousands of employees stood together- including those whose wreak had nothing to do with weapons systems- to pressure the corporation to change course.

Tech companies with evidence profits can weather a few negative report cycles/seconds. They can ignore press enquiries and dismiss dissents. They can do all of this because the potential for future authority payouts is massive( in fact, while Google executives publicly minimise their persona in the military’s droning curriculum, they internally spurted at the chance to deepen their relationship with the government ).

But when employees organize and apply pressure internally- when they challenge executives in person, jeopardize deadlines, and threaten to resign- business take notice. It was only when enough of Google’s own employees said ” not in my appoint “, be included with kept external pressing, that the spell of future earnings was broken.

We is necessary to take inspiration from this tech-immigrant alliance. This confederation is novel in recent reminiscence, with the same people who are being paid to help administer sin standing up to stop it. When the #NoDAPL movement tried to stop the illegal Dakota Access grapevine, pipeline works didn’t stand by activists’ back. Nor do those asserting private prisons find solidarity towards sentries within the walls. If this new tech-activist confederation hopes to be effective, it will require more tech proletarians to speak up and listen to immigrants whose lives are endangered by their technology. It will require those who have been silent while their companies help Ice terrorize immigrants to challenge their executives to live up to their purported corporate appraises. It will require tech proletarians to take counseling from immigrant rights activists and plan- not just absolve themselves through donations.

Because the stakes are very real. Ice increasingly gazes to data, such as that provided by Palantir, to assistant surveil and captivate large numbers of undocumented parties. And this data can be deadly. In April, a Central Valley couple, Santos Hilario Garcia and Marcelina Garcia Profecto, were killed in a auto accident after sagging off their daughter at school while being chased down by Ice agents. The two were not the intended purpose, but Ice was surveilling near their dwelling and mistook Santos for someone else with the same last name.

The expansive employ of data by Ice will make such meetings all the more common. In January, Ice obtained better access to a license plate reader database that, with the help of Palantir, notifies agents when they come across a license plate in the best interests. The database has over 2bn registration plate likeness- how many more high speed chases will that effect? How many more will be killed?

Palantir is dependent on Amazon’s server infrastructure to function, which means that Amazon is meaningfully permitting Ice’s dangerous and inhumane plans. It was merely through learning from frontline activists and immigrants that Amazon workers understood the full picture. And many of them played on such knowledge, recognizing their culpability and asking that Amazon drop Palantir as an infrastructure customer.

As Salesforce proletarians said that day in July, caging children is a crime , not a business simulate. CEOs such as Benioff, Bezos and Nadella who continue protecting their agreements with Ice will go down in biography not as compassionate titans of manufacture, but as profiteers. Tech managers either fail to see the dominance they have to stop this expulsion machine or are more enticed by future riches to stop it.

That machine expects numerous gears to turn. If thousands more tech employees stand together with immigrant activists- if tech executives feel more internal pressing, while activists exploit ever more external push- then we can bring the deportation machine to a grinding halt.

Marisa Franco has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, and is a co-founder of Mijente, a national Latinx organizing and movement building network. Follow her: @marisa_franco

An Apology to the Girl I Kissed on the Floor of my Old House


I recently wrote that “The past holds nothing for me but dreams from which I’ve already woken.” I love that line, but there is something I’ve overlooked. Perhaps the past holds one real thing: lessons. Wisdom. It holds an equal amount of regret and pain, but to completely neglect it would be foolishness.

For instance,

I owe a hefty apology to the girl I kissed on the hardwood floors of my old home. It was the center of winter and she came over for a double feature: Horror followed by comedy.

For the horror, ironically, she lay on the couch while I lay on the floor. I’d rather lie on the floor than anywhere else when I watch a film, and it wasn’t until we started the second movie that she joined me.

Our home had very weak heating as it was 113 years old. It took our house a good hour to warm itself into a snug cocoon of comfort on the chilliest nights, and she was shivering.

“If you’re cold,” I told her, “you could join me down here on the floor.”

She smiled.

She always smiled.

And she climbed down beside me, tangling the two of us in a web of half a dozen blankets.

The pressure of her head on my bicep is a weight which seems so alien to me now. It seems like a sweet scent you smelt once in a dream, but woke up knowing it was too good to be real. Nostalgia weighs heavily on me now as I wish, like I have for a handful of other moments, to return to that instant and hold her again.

Beside me, she curled her body into my side.

“That’s a good shot,” I uttered while the film played. It was a wide, panning shot.

“I like watching movies with you,” she said with her right arm draped over my torso and her mouth close to my head. “I never would have noticed something like that.”

You want to make a man feel like a man? That’s how. Build him up. Tell him he’s good at what he does. Tell him he makes you see things differently. That’s how.

I don’t remember what else was said that night. I don’t remember our first kiss, or how it started. I vaguely remember the credits of the second film rolling in the background until the DVD clicked back to the main menu.

I remember telling her I was sick, and I wouldn’t want to get her sick, but she said she wanted to risk it anyway.

I remember liking her a lot; her tan skin and clear complexion added to the effect and the atmosphere of that night. I remember her quick wit and easy laugh. In fact, that was what had first drawn me to her — her sharp sense of humor. Not a krill of my sarcasm was permitted to swim past her without an equally funny response. She seemed to get it.

And she smiled while we kissed, I remember that.

Not many people smile when they kiss someone for the first time. To most, it is a serious responsibility. It is something you need to be careful about, or else you’ll screw it up. You can’t look like you’re enjoying it or you’ll spoil the sexiness of it.

But she didn’t care. She liked what she was doing and she wordlessly let me know.

It was a couple hours after midnight when we rose from the floor so she could drive home. I didn’t want the night to end. I didn’t want her to go. I was a youth pastor at the time, and even if there was no dirty play involved, I couldn’t have my kids finding out that I let girls spend the night at my crib. That, and I didn’t need the added temptation to begin with.

I hugged her goodbye and walked her to the frosty door. Not only did she leave the warm cocoon of our old house, she broke some invisible but very real barrier which exists for moments like that. It’s there for nearly every first kiss, and gets broken the instant one of the partners turns away or checks their phone. It’s in my family’s home on Christmas mornings while we open presents beside the tree, but it bursts like the thin membrane of a bubble as soon as one member gets up and goes to do something else. Just as a bubble cannot go on existing after something passes through its wall, the atmosphere is shattered when one person leaves the moment.

It was well below freezing outside, so she let her car warm up before pulling away from the curb and driving home on the icy streets.

We were never able to recover the magic of that first night together, and the fault is mine. The next time I saw her, it wasn’t the same. We fell to deeper conversation and my boundary-ridden brain wouldn’t permit me to have grace where it should have abounded.

If she doesn’t believe exactly as I do, I seemed to think, then there is no hope of a relationship. 

I like to think I’ve softened since then. I like to think I’ve expanded my boundaries to allow a few rays of grace to leak in. Grace is a weird thing. It’s a two-way street. It can’t go out of you if it’s not allowed in, yet once it does get in — really in — you can’t seem to contain it.

The biggest dispensers of grace are those people who know that they have been forgiven deeply. You don’t have to be a murderer or thief to drink deeply from the chalice of grace and forgiveness. Maybe you’re just a run-of-the-mill heartbreaker like me. Or some form of addict or narcissist.

Also, like me.

I learned from the fragile fabric of that night that I have the power to heal or destroy. I have the ability to break someone’s year and ruin them for a few months. I have the ability to cast a dark spot on the timeline of someone’s life, and I’m learning from that. I’m learning how to be a source of light more than darkness, but of course, that light doesn’t come from me, but merely through me.

Have you learned this yet? Have you learned what grace is?

I’m 27 now and I’m still learning. Nights like tonight when I reflect on the past help me to glean something real from them: An awareness of my selfishness. My depravity. They help me to experientially formulate the type of man I want to be in the future.

So may we all learn from the past. Though it’s vaporous and passes through our fingers like sand through a screen, may we remember what we have learned and grow wiser as a result. May we fill our baskets to the brim with memories we’ve learned from, digging into them often that we may grow in wisdom.

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Hawaii woman charged with murder after automobile accident kills twin sister | Fox News


A woman who was driving a vehicle where reference is plunged off a Maui cliff is charged with second-degree slaughter in the deaths among her twin, who was in the passenger’s seat.

Prosecutors say Alexandria Duval, who is also known as Alison Dadow, intentionally caused the death of her monozygous twin sister, Anastasia Duval, also known as Ann Dadow.

The 37 -year-old sisters were in a Ford Explorer traveling south on Hana Highway when they disintegrated into a rock wall last week, submerge about 200 hoofs onto a rocky shoreline, police said.

Anastasia Duval was enunciated dead at the background. Her sister was taken to a infirmary in critical condition.

Witnesses read the two women indicating while the vehicle was stopped and said here fare was plucking the driver’s mane, Maui Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Emlyn Higa said. Then they envisioned the vehicle “accelerate forwards and then take a sharp-witted left open the cliff, ” he said.

One of the witness said the driver appeared to be in a feeling before the vehicle gone over the cliff, according to probable effect certificates filed in court.

The vehicle’s air-bag control module showed that the driver didn’t “ve been trying to” restraint before accelerating, making a hard left and reaching the wall, both documents said.

Hana resident Margie Aumaier said she was surprised anyone survived the clang after be careful to ensure that the vehicle territory on its area. Emergency proletarians exploited her yard as apache helicopters landing zone for the complicated recovery, she said.

After being untangled from private vehicles, the move didn’t want to give officers any information and only recognized herself as “Alex, ” the document said.

Alexandria Duval was apprehended Friday at the Seaside Hotel.

“We had information after she was discharged from the hospital she attempted to fly out of the jurisdiction Wednesday night, ” Higa said. She wasn’t able to leave Wednesday and had flight arrangements to run to the West Coast Friday night, motivating police to arrest her, according to the court documents.

“All we know is she was trying to leave the regime, ” Higa said. “We were afraid she would try to leave the country as well.”

She is contained in courtroom Monday with her arm in a strap, said her defense attorney, Todd Eddins. A reviewer prescribed that she continue to be held without bail. A preliminary hearing was planned for Wednesday.

“Alison did not try to harm herself or the person she most loved and was closest to in the world, ” Eddins said after the hearing, calling the situation a “heart-shattering” tragedy for the sisters’ family.

Eddins said the family still refers to the sisters by their given names.

It’s not clear when the twinneds changed their names, Higa said. Their Hawaii driver’s permissions are in their brand-new refers, bearing the same Haiku address, he said.

They’re initially from Florida, where they ran a successful yoga business, and moved to Hawaii in December from Utah, Eddins said.

“They were in the process of building a business plan and were aspiring to open up studios here, ” he said. “They had an extremely close bond.”

Waymo reportedly applies to introduced autonomous gondolas on California streets with no refuge operators


Waymo has become the second largest companionship to apply for the newly-available permit to deploy autonomous vehicles without safe drivers on some California superhighways, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. It would be putting its autoes — well, minivans — on streets around Mountain View, where it already has only one abundance of data.

The company already has driverless driverless gondolas in play over in Phoenix, as it presented in a few promotional videos last month. So this isn’t the first public performance of its confidence.

California only just made it possible to grant licenses letting autonomous vehicles without security moves on April 2; one other companionship has applied for it in addition to Waymo, but it’s unclear which. The brand-new admit type also allows for vehicles paucity various kinds of traditional manual restrains, but for now the company is persisting with its modified Chrysler Pacificas. Hey, they’re practical .

The recent fatal collision of an Uber self-driving car with a pedestrian, plus another fatality in a Tesla was working in semi-autonomous mode, make this something of an clumsy time to introduce vehicles to the road minus security moves. Of direction, it must be said that both sets of vehicles had parties behind the pedal at the time of their crashes.

Assuming the permit is granted, Waymo’s vehicles will be limited to the Mountain View area, which constructs gumption — the company has been operating there essentially since its genesis as a research campaign within Google. So efforts should be no scarcity of detail in the data, and their local communities will be familiar with the peoples of the territories required to support handling any issues like coincidences, tolerate questions, and so on.

No details yet on what exactly the cars will be doing, or whether you’ll be able to ride in one. Be patient.

When Hail Met Sunroof


Photograph by flashtone on Imgur

A recent hailstorm in Fort Collins, Colorado wreaked havoc as seen in this unbelievable photo of a baseball-sized hailstone crashing into the sunroof of a car. The shattered tempered glass was kept in place by the laminate and the sunroof now looks like a giant drip.

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Trump wants to restock Guantanamo. Who’s the’ worst of the most difficult’ now? | Frankie Boyle


The five-year-old king has decreed that 55 bad busters in Guantnamo isnt enough. Please, someone, placed some Xanax in his food bowl

President-elect Donald Trump says he wants to keep Guantnamo open. He wants to load it up with bad dudes, just like George W Bush wanted to in 2001. Trump says waterboarding is not tough enough, even though it was tough enough for the Spanish Inquisition.

Of course, who really knows with Trump? When you consider that he looks like the warning label on cocaine and talks like someone trying to recall the last moments of a automobile disintegrate, few of his proclamations can be taken at face value. Translating Trump is like trying to work out why a newborn baby is crying. He is likely to be make good on his promise to restock Guantnamo, or we are able to was lucky and inferno be too busy improving a pyramid.

Now that Trump has been elected commander of the nominally free world-wide, democracy has hopped the shark. But sillines is nothing new to Guantnamo a region where peaceful hunger strike( the last abiding organize of complain for detainees) are renamed non-religious fasts and suicide may be defined as SIB self-injurious action, or an act of asymmetrical war. Its a target where even journals realise the authorities concerned uncomfortable Crime and Punishment and Uncle Toms Cabin have been censored, along with Jack and the Beanstalk. Thankfully, Reprieve director Clive Stafford Smith is still allowed in but his volumes are not( which he tells me is one of the few hospitalities the guards have shown to the prisoners ).

When Guantnamo first opened, we were told that the people nursed there without charge or visitation were the most difficult of the most difficult. Then, as details started to seep out, along came the bounty flyers very. They offered $5,000 for any bearded foreign-looking person you didnt like, which is a lot of money in certain parts of the world. At the time it was equivalent to maybe a one-quarter of a million pounds in Britain.

Bounties and a general feeling of vengeful chaos have all contributed to Guantnamos laughable intake. A person announced Mohammed el Gharani was just 14 when he reached the prison. Hed been sold to the Americans for a bounty, and they were sure he was a bad buster. Mohammed had grown up in Saudi Arabia, and travelled to Karachi in 2001 to analyse English. He never proceeded near Afghanistan until the Americans took him there, and started interrogating him with a Yemeni translator. The word zalat means salad in Saudi dialect, but it signifies fund in Yemeni. They demanded to know what zalat hed carried out in order to Pakistan and he thought they were weird. No, he said, he had none, as he could get zalat wherever he needed it.

So the CIA guy chose he was an al-Qaida financier and demanded to know his sources. He registered the vegetable stallings near his boarding house, and the Americans wrote it down. Mohammed did six years in Guantnamo as a 26 -year-old financier, before his Relief advocates arrived and intimated checking his delivery certificate.

Then there was the al-Jazeera columnist Sami al-Haj, who was held for over six years old. Or take Emad Hassan, from Yemen. Asked by his US interrogators if he knew al-Qaida, Emad said yes, of course he knew it. Al-Qaidah is a town in Yemen. His Relief lawyers experienced it on Google Earth.

Today, 55 hostages remain at Gitmo. They include Haroon Gul, an Afghan refugee brought there in 2007 after he was mistaken for another man, and Ahmed Rabbani, a Karachi taxi driver who was mistaken for a gentleman called Hassan Ghul, and tortured in the dark prison for 540 daytimes. These 55 prisoners are held on the basis of a hotchpotch of often stupid statements and wishful thinking that emerged from the most difficult any infringement of the Bush-era anguish programme.

We now know all this because organisations such as Reprieve have investigated these cases and exposed the truth to the world. Thankfully, 724 detainees ought to have secreted since 11 January 2002, and the prison is almost empty. But now it was like weve come full circle thanks to Trump. Hes once again telling us that we need to keep people locked up in Guantnamo without charge or experiment for our protection.

Of course, Trump has a lot of Americans frets, even if its exactly that the colour on their TV might be broken. In the early days of his presidency, Americans will feel like some country in the middle ages that had a five-year-old lord. Many would prefer that at the least theres some White House aide whose errand it is to hide Xanax in his nutrient like he was a cat. At Guantnamo, the US government has given us 15 years of sin, 15 years of disastrous mistakes all while trying to convince us that they are impounding the worst of the most difficult. If Trump certainly does commit to more of this madness, he will have achieved the impossible: being an even worse chairperson than marriage imagined.