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In a nutshell, human error (and peanut butter) caused Alabama jailbreak


(CNN)Authorities in Alabama have finally put the lid on an unusual jailbreak.

A dozen inmates at the Walker County Jail in Jasper made a run for it on Sunday night. Most were quickly caught.
They are all back behind bars now, with the final fugitive recaptured Tuesday night.
    Their escape plan: Trick a new employee into opening an outside door.
    The weapon of choice: peanut butter.
    “It may sound crazy, but these people are crazy like a fox,” Walker County Sheriff Jim Underwood said at a news conference in Jasper on Monday.

    The great escape

    The inmates basically took advantage of a new, unidentified guard who was working in the control room, keeping track of 140 inmates.
    “The young man, he was a weak link and they knew it,” Underwood said. “… That’s it in a nutshell.”
    What the guard believed to be an inmate’s cell door was actually a door leading outside, Underwood said.
    “They changed the number over the (cell) door with peanut butter” to match the door to the outside, he said. “(Then) they hollered, ‘Hey, open door’ so-and-so, but (the number the inmates gave the worker) was the outside door. And unknowingly to him, he hit that lock and out the door they went,” Underwood said.
    The sheriff blames the whole situation on a mistake.
    “We got some evil people down here,” Underwood said.
    “And they scheme all the time to con us and our employees here at the jail. You have to stay on your toes. This is one time we slipped up. I’m not going to make any excuses. It was a human error that caused this to happen.”

    The recapture

    The inmates threw a blanket over the barbed wire fence, which is about 15-feet high, Underwood said.
    The sheriff estimates it took the inmates about 10 minutes to make their escape.
    No one was injured in the hunt, the sheriff said.
    “One (inmate) in the hospital had to have his thumb sown back on where the razor wire cut it,” Underwood said.
    Underwood said the first 11 escapes were captured with eight hours.
    Most of them were found in the Jasper area, Underwood said. Some of them took off on foot, while others are suspected of getting in a car.
    Jasper Mayor David O’Mary told CNN sister network HLN that the escapees apparently stayed together after they were outside the jail facility, and that played a big role in allowing the police to catch the suspects in a short period.
    Two had been jailed on attempted murder allegations.

    Manhunt over

    The 12th escapee,Brady Andrew Kilpatrick,was caught Tuesday evening, the sheriff’s office said. Authorities announced the end of the manhunt by adding “***KILPATRICK CAPTURED AS OF 08/01/2017 6:38pm” to a Facebook post on the sheriff’s department’s page.
    Kilpatrick, 24, was tracked down 600 miles from Jasper in Martin County, on the east coast of South Florida, the sheriff’s office there said.
    He had been jailed for alleged drug offenses.
    Kilpatrick’s attorney, Belinda Ann Weldon, told CNN affiliate WBMA-TV in Alabama that she believes drugs played a role in the Sunday night escape.
    Jasper is about 35 miles northwest of Birmingham. The Walker County Jail was opened in 1998 and houses 250 inmates, according to its website.
    CNN Map

    Jail breaks make use of infrastructure

    Other recent jailbreaks have seen inmates take advantage of building infrastructure.
    In June, four inmates climbed out of an air conditioning vent at Oklahoma’s Lincoln County Jail. It was the second time escaping using the same method for three of them.
    In 2016, six inmates escaped from the Cocke County Jail Annex in Newport, Tennessee, on Christmas morning after ripping a leaking toilet out of the wall of the facility. All were recaptured.
    Meanwhile, the Walker County sheriff said officials would look again at placing a young person in an control area to make decisions for 140 inmates. The camera system also needs to be equipped with more monitors, he added.
    Despite the current sticky situation, the sheriff said he doesn’t have plans to put any dietary restrictions in place in the future.
    “They love peanut butter sandwiches,” said Underwood.

    Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/01/us/alabama-inmate-escape/index.html

    Phillip Harkins loses fight against US extradition – BBC News

    Image copyright Handout Image caption Phillip Harkins has always repudiated being involved in the theft in 1999

    The European court of human rights of Human Rights has ruled a Scottish gentleman should be tried for assassinate in the US following a record-breaking extradition engagement.

    It responded Phillip Harkins’ human rights has not been able to be breached if he was jailed for life without parole in Florida.

    The 38 -year-old has been in jail in the UK since 2003, after being accused over a 1999 drugs-related attempted theft.

    He has always repudiated being involved in the killing and turned over to Scotland in 2002 after being released on bail.

    After his return to the UK, he was convicted and jailed for dangerous driving after killing a 62 -year-old woman in a car disintegrate in Greenock.

    Following that sentence, the US approvals searched his deportation for the 1999 slaying of 22 -year-old Joshua Hayes – provoking the unprecedented law combat that has been before the European court of human rights twice.

    Image caption The decree was made by the European court of human rights of Human Rights in Strasbourg

    Analysis by Dominic Casciani, BBC Home Affairs correspondent

    This has been an unprecedented 14 -year extradition battle which has gone on until now. It has been extraordinary.

    Phillip Harkins has been all the way through the British courts – not once, but twice – and up to the European Court.

    In essence, he was saying there used to be two issues. The first was the possibility of the death penalty. The Americans said they wouldn’t endeavour the death penalty in this case if he is convicted. That is a standard procedure which they always offer in British extradition cases.

    But then Mr Harkins said, well if I’m going to be jailed for life without parole, it is a breach of of my human rights – it’s cruel and it’s degrading.

    This has been a long-running row between the European court of human rights and the British dominions about the specific characteristics of life sentences.

    A couple of years ago, even though he had lost his client in Strasbourg, he got a second chance because there was a little bit of doubt in the European Court’s mind. That’s why he went back today. This morning, he lost.

    US lawyers insured the UK that it would not seek the death penalty for Mr Harkins were he to be convicted of the murder.

    But his lawyers have argued for years that the prospect of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole formerly reformed constituted inhuman or cheapening treatment contrary to the European Assembly on Human Rights.

    Mr Harkins lost all stages of his legal battle in the British tribunals, and the Strasbourg adjudicates previously regulated against him until a law twisting entailed he could try to make a second plea in 2015.

    In a short statement on Monday morning, the Grand Chamber of special courts said that the speciman has not been able to be re-opened, making it would no longer standing in the way of the deportation.

    ‘Fighting a battle’

    Under the usual procedures, the UK is now expected to inform the US that the extradition can go ahead, so that its authorities can make arrangements to transfer Mr Harkins to American custody.

    Mr Harkins moved to the US with their own families when he was 14.

    Shortly before his 21 st birthday he was accused of filming dead Joshua Hayes in Jackonsville, Florida, during an attempted robbery.

    Mr Harkins returned to Scotland after being liberated on bail in 2002 and was involved in a vehicle gate-crash in his native Greenock, which claimed the life of 62 -year-old Jean O’Neill.

    He was jailed for five years at the High-pitched Court in Edinburgh in 2003 after he admitted causing death by hazardous driving.

    While in custody, Harkins was transferred to Wandsworth Prison in London, while proceedings got under way to extradite him to the US.

    ‘Pure hell’

    The final ruling by the European Court has been welcomed by Joshua Hayes’ baby Patricia Gallagher.

    Speaking from her home in Florida, she told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme: “It’s been a long time and he has had appeal after plea, but the day that he leaves Scotland is the day that we’ll believe it’s over.

    “This has been pure blaze – candidly, it’s been a fighting combat. We simply want to get him back for right. He should never have been over there – he should have been here.

    “I truly don’t is how he was ever allowed that numerous petitions. That’s way too many. He says that he’s a victim, but he is not.”

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    7 Celebrities Who Everyone Forgets Did Horrifying Things


    We humen seem programmed was excessively pardon of beings we admire, especially fames. A high-profile movie star strangled an entire litter of Samoyed puppies while masturbating furiously? We’ll keep forgetting it the instant he makes a Batman movie we like.

    That’s why we feel it’s important to rarely remind the world that the celebrities we most hero-worship are also welcome to be the most appalling shitheads imaginable. For speciman …

    # 7. Steve Jobs Swore He Was Infertile In Order To Deny Paternity Of His First Daughter

    Steve Jobs is the man who was once played by Ashton Kutcher in a movie, and is responsible for creating the invention you are probably speaking this article on. Prior to the recent rash of biopics, nonetheless, Jobs’ private life was, for the most constituent, private. And the more we find out about it, the more we think that was because the dude was sort of a weirdo.

    Take his relationship with Chrisann Brennan. When the two moved into a house in Cupertino together in 1977, Jobs refused to share a bedroom with her, taking a small bedroom at the front of the house for himself and granting her the lord. Then, a few months subsequently, he jostle all her shit out and took over the master bedroom himself, because apparently Jobs simply enjoyed owning occasions he acquired in a hostile takeover.

    “iSee, iWant, iTake.”

    The couple split soon after Brennan became pregnant, and when she caused birth to a daughter, Lisa, in May of 1978, Jobs was having none of it. For two full years, he vehemently denied that he was her parent, even going so far as to submit sworn tribunal documents that he couldn’t possibly be the father-god because he was infertile( he was not ). Even though Jobs was decades away from becoming one of the world’s richest parties, back in 1978, he was still a millionaire. Earmarking your first daughter to be raised on welfare and a waitress income while you’re wearing exclusively the lushest polyester and jamming to the finest eight-track polyphonic stereo that money can buy is a dick move, Apple Man.

    All while expending her refer to sell the single shittiest concept he ever realized . After a litigation thrust him into a parentage exam, Jobs had to reimburse the country for its welfare costs to the arium of 500 bucks a month — which, when “you think youre” Steve Jobs, is the financial equivalent of a mouse fart. He eventually struck up connections with Lisa in 1986( when she was eight years old, and only after being sued into admitting he was her parent ), substantiating her on and off throughout the years. In her own paroles, “Growing up I’d been very poor, very rich, and sometimes in the middle.” For her duty, Lisa’s mother tried to get $25 million out of Jobs with the most respectful extortion note ever written 😛 TAGEND

    # 6. Steven Tyler Took Legal Custody Of The Teenager He Was Banging, May Have Pressured Her Into Aborting Their Child

    While today he’s most recognized as a prettier, more ostentatious form of your grandmother, back in the mid-‘7 0s, Steven Tyler was steering the Aerosmith ship over the massive wavings of success bring along smash hits like “Dream On.” But Tyler wasn’t exactly in it for the notoriety; right around the time Aerosmith was punching the big time, he contacted late into his heart to take legal imprisonment of a agitated underage devotee … so that he could have approximately all of the fornication with her.

    Julia Holcomb had a regrettable past. Her father was a speculator with abandonment issues, she was a passenger in the car gate-crash that killed her brother and grandpa, and her mom had a biography of picking less-than-stable stepfathers. So it’s understandable that, shortly after a 14 -year-old( according to Tyler) or 15 -year-old( according to the commission) Julia filled Tyler backstage at an Aerosmith concert, her mom quickly signed over custody to the stone hotshot. And by “understandable, ” we intend “completely irresponsible and totally nuts.”

    Keep in contact with Mama Kin .
    “Eh, whatever.”

    But Julia’s mother wasn’t about to start making decisions that were in her daughter’s own best interest now, and so the young teenage spent three years living with Tyler, a skeletal sexuality wizard. As you are able doubt, its agreement did precisely nothing to soften the tragedies of their own lives. Harmonizing to Julia, a profusely coked-up Tyler “convinced” her to have children around him by threshing her oral contraceptive pill off a balcony. Then, formerly she became pregnant, he took off on tour, leaving her all alone in his Boston apartment. Then the apartment caught fucking ardour , with Holcomb barely overseeing to survive by crawling into a hearth( which it seems was the last residence the flaming thought to look for her ). Then, while she was in the hospital recovering, Tyler reportedly invested a full hour pressuring her to abort her five-month pregnancy( which, if you echo, was achieved in the first place by Tyler confiscating her family planning and shedding it into the wind ), lastly persuading her by threatening to send her residence to her mother. Having gotten his behavior, Tyler, razzing a bag of cocaine up into the stratosphere, sat down and watched medical doctors carry out the procedure .

    Holcomb went on to happily marry another man and become a mother of 7. Tyler will continue to be peculiarity his teenage daughter in an overtly sex music video.

    “Walk This Way, ” but only if “this way” is at least a thousand yards from the very near school .

    Now, it’s important to note that Tyler’s version of happenings — namely, that Holcomb was a repeated-abortion-having sex pincushion — was written with the purposes of applying achieving bestseller status, while Holcomb’s form was published on a website with an obvious pro-life political agenda. So the whole actuality likely lies somewhere in between. Still, when you’re residence person on a magnitude from “massive douche” to “the pitch-black douche-hole at the centre of the galaxy, ” you’re truly separating hairs.

    # 5. Peyton Manning Supposedly Teabagged His Female Personal Trainer, Blamed The Incident On Her “Vulgar Mouth”

    Peyton Manning, the beloved Denver Broncos quarterback and recent Super Bowl champion, is arguably the most famous Papa John’s spokesman in America. After playing college projectile at the University of Tennessee, Manning was the first overall NFL draft pick by the Indianapolis Colts, where he played for 14 seasons before being snatched up by the aforementioned Broncos. Along the practice, he’s picked up eight division championships, two Super Bowl echoes, five MVP gives, and managed to get that dumbass “chicken parm” jingle-jangle irrevocably stuck in your honcho. If the phrase “Aw, shucks” fell into a tub of chemicals and thrived forearms and legs and a look, Manning is what would come crawling out. He would then lurch to the nearest sporting facility and sag his soupy grundle into a woman’s look, because that’s also his M.O.

    “Balls on chin, you taste so good.”

    Back when Manning was the ace quarterback at the University of Tennessee, he was being examined in the locker area by the university’s staff personal manager, Dr. Jamie Ann Naughright( nee Whited ), for hurting in his foot. While she was squatted behind him in maybe the most vulnerable position a human being can submit to, Manning gathered down his shorts and sat directly on her appearance. Naughright’s harrowing deposition described the happen thusly: “It was the gluteus maximus, the rectum, the testicles, and the expanse in between the testicles. And all that was on my look when I pushed him up.”

    Manning disavowed any immorality, insisting that he had “ve been meaning to” moon UT cross-country runner Malcolm Saxon and had simply be pointed out that Naughright’s face was right in his asshole , because that’s plainly the type of circumstance that can slip your head.( Saxon eventually challenged Manning’s version of the event .)

    Naughright acquired a $300,000 village from the school for this and other incidents of sexual abuse( the rest of which were not perpetrated by Manning ). The whole happening was largely forgotten until Manning mentioned the “mooning” in his 2001 autobiography, in which he also painted Naughright as having “a vulgar mouth.” Evidently, Manning find the only cure for rude openings was to thrust his underballs at them.

    He supports the Manning family passing and bags chronicles .

    # 4. Jay Z Stabbed A Producer At A Party

    Jay Z is one of the most successful rappers of all time. When he isn’t exhausting albums( which is most of the time ), he employs his considerable status as a public figure to sell everything from Duracell artilleries to cognac, and comfortably exists as one half of the fame supercouple Z-yonce, which may not have been an actual expression, but it is now. He’s a cunning industrialist, was formerly part-owner of an NBA team, and he appointed his daughter after a color.

    He then bought the rights to the pigment .

    Jay Z also jabbed the everloving shit out of someone, which rarely realizes it onto his listing of superlatives.

    Jay Z’s road to fame wasn’t a bumpless one. Unable to get a record deal, he started selling CDs out of the trunk of his vehicle before answering “fuck it” and founding his own label, Roc–AFella Records, to liberate his debut book in 1996. So you can probably imagine that, for a guy who had to work that hard to succeed, the thought of someone bootlegging his blood, sweat, and tears might rub the wrong way. Specifically, the stabby way.

    Fast-forward to 1999. Jay Z had just secreted The Life And Times Of S. Carter , and statement on the street was that register administration Lance “Un” Rivera had been bootlegging the shit out of it. Jay Z was at Manhattan’s Kit Kat Club to attend a listening party for Q-Tip’s brand-new album — because it was still the ‘9 0s and calling yourself after common household pieces and/ or beverages was an acceptable thing to do — when he discerned Rivera. Jay Z approached the record thief and, as he described it, blacked out in rage. This is another way of saying that he jabbed Rivera in the abdomen with a five-inch blade. While it no doubt hurt like an absolute son of a bitch, Rivera wasn’t seriously injured, and would go on to recover from the attack after a brief hospital stay.

    “From now on, I’m merely pirating from Kidz Bop.”

    Jay Z initially disclaimed involvement — even declaring himself not guilty in between rounds of sillines in the chorus of his hit “Izzo( H.O.V.A .) ” — but then pleaded guilty to second-degree crime assault, a charge that normally comes with up to 15 years in prison. But because Jay Z is a famed rich person, he got three years’ probation and had to pay an out-of-court settlement to Rivera for somewhere in the neighborhood of$ 1 million( and an unspecified number of Tidal subscriptions ).

    The psalm stayed the same, because plea bargain, y’all got to feel me isn’t almost a catchy .

    # 3. Gerard Depardieu Was A Grave-Robbing Mugger

    Gerard Depardieu is a national treasure of France, far-famed worldwide for his breakout persona opposite Andie MacDowell in Green Card , his truly staggering alcoholism, and his ability to play Cyrano de Bergerac without the aid of any prosthetics whatsoever. He likewise obviously played a Musketeer at one point, but we’ll be goddamned if we can recollect when or which one.

    One of these guys sounded the movie’s deed and decided that’s all he’s snacking for the rest of his life .

    In recent years, Depardieu has become a bit loose-lipped; a fact that is probably in no way related to his ready admission of boozing 14 bottles of wine every single daylight. In his autobiography That’s The Way It Was , Depardieu describes a difficult childhood growing up in a dirt-poor part of central France. At least part of that difficulty comes from the fact that he was lucky to grow up at all, because when she detected she was pregnant, Gerard’s mother tried to abort him with a knitting needle. “And to think I virtually killed you, ” she afterward told him, apparently with a cross-stitched embroidery she hung on his bedroom door.

    As an understandably distressed teenage, Depardieu prostituted himself to taxi moves to make money. “I’ve known since I was very young that I please lesbians, ” he pronounced. Before long, however, he figured out that he could do direction more money by simply drumming the shit out of them and cheating them. And from there, of course, it was a natural progression to grave rob, because Depardieu is apparently a period traveler from the 19 th century. He and an unnamed affiliate( we’re accepting Victor Frankenstein) wasted their darkness digging up the recently deceased and hawking the clothing and jewelry they recovered for cash.

    Even his headshots look like Igor .

    Depardieu hightailed it out of France in 2013 and procured Russian citizenship to avoid paying French taxes.( In his protection, his tax rate as a high-income individual would’ve been 87 percentage, so we probably would’ve run away too .) The nation that established him famous is essentially rejected him, but that’s OK, because he’s now excellent bros with Vladimir Putin. He and Putin hit it off immediately because, as Depardieu gives it, they “could have both become hoodlums.” Depardieu has a loose definition of the motto “could have.”

    “He could have been a great oppressor, if simply he had secretly assassinated a few more uppity orphans.”

    # 2. The Principal From Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Paid A 14 -Year-Old Boy To Constitute For Sexually Explicit Photos

    You may not know the name Jeffrey Jones, but you are familiar with Jeffrey Jones. As the relentless Principal Rooney in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off , he learnt generations of teens that sometimes you stick it to the Man, and sometimes the Man fumblingly sticks it to himself. Either that or you know him as Winona Ryder’s bumbling papa in Beetlejuice . It’s one of those two. While it certainly can’t said that anyone belonging to a Jeffrey Jones love sorority, we’d be lying if we said he didn’t occupy a special neighbourhood in our 1980 s cinema hearts.

    Well, here’s something else you didn’t know about Jeffrey Jones( besides his mention ). Back in 2003, Jones pleaded no race to attacks of hiring a 14 -year-old boy to participate in an X-rated photo shoot. Now, we should point out that Jones’s attorney made it dreadfully clear that Jones was “not accused of touching or having physical contact with any minors whatsoever.” This was exclusively a “you do your act over there, I’ll be right over here with a camera and a malevolent grin”-type treat. This is another way of saying that we can never watch him stalk a young Matthew Broderick without genuinely fearing for Ferris Bueller’s safety. And that scene where he stumbles disheveled onto a bus full of elementary school students now looks like the preamble to the world’s most exploitative fright movie.

    Bow Bow, oooooh nooooo

    Jones was sentenced to five years’ probation and a lifetime as a registered sexuality wrongdoer. That last part is noteworthy because, in 2009, Jones failed to complete his fornication delinquent registration( you’re required to register annually ), which usually carries a sentence of up to three years in prison. Instead of “re going to jail”, Jones was secreted on $20,000 bail and later sentenced to 250 hours of community service, which translated into picking up offspring along Los Angeles superhighways( or making freeway pumpkins, ” as an LA District Attorney spokesperson hilariously put it ).

    He was watching. Ferris knew before we did .

    So while Jones didn’t quite get off as scot-free as a more famous celebrity might have, he still experienced a practice less severe beating than an real high school principal would’ve received.

    # 1. Terrence Howard Is A Habitual Woman-Beater( And Is Too Shithouse Crazy)

    Possessing a require, cool-eyed stare that can probably represent panties spontaneously combust, Terrence Howard has enjoyed a reasonably successful acting busines, but is arguably most well known for his deft portraying of a drug dealer returned hip-hop mogul in the massive hitting present Empire , and for amended by replacing Don Cheadle in the Iron Man movies. But Howard had kind of a horrifying childhood, as he recently discussed in an interview with Rolling Stone which needs to win some kind of award for casual insanity.

    When Terrence was six years old, he was waiting to see a department store Santa Claus when some person accused “his fathers” of butting in line. The elder Howard responds to stab that guy to fatality with a goddamned nail file .

    It was the most immediate path to the Naughty List in history .

    Unfortunately, that irrefutable trauma appears to have shown itself in the form of brutal arrogance for human girls. Howard supposedly beat up his first spouse, Lori McCommas, in 2001. While in Costa Rica with his second partner, Michelle Ghent, in 2013, he “followed[ her] into the restroom … perforated her on the left of her appearance … pushed her against the bathroom wall and strangled her for various seconds. His third wife, Mira Pak, pretended to be merrily married for the aforementioned Rolling Stone interview, obscuring the fact that her divorce from Howard was only a month away from being finalized.

    Here they are, moaning sweet reminders of the prenup into each others’ ears .

    Howard has also been escorted from an airplane for violent demeanor and, in 2005, get in a disagreement with a couple in line at a restaurant which ended with him jostle “the mens” to the ground and piercing the status of women in the face. It is important to be recognised that he saved his perforate for the status of women in this altercation, since we are suppose that’s how he outlines his forte. In Howard’s defense, this is not a husband you wish to accuse of butting in line.

    In the time between his falling out with Marvel Studios and territory his character in Empire , Howard invested 17 hours per day in his penthouse constructing random chassis out of plastic and wire — shapes that, somehow, support his world-changing theory that 1×1= 2, and not 1( the correct answer ). Perhaps it would all clear more gumption if we could speak his reams of notes on the subject, but regrettably they’re written in Terryology, a language of his own fabrication. None of that is a joke.

    For more luminary actions that you’ve forgotten or willfully neglected, check out 23 Insane Things Your Favorite Celebrity Believe and 17 Outrageous Lies Celebrities Thought They’d Get Away With .

    Should we stop keeping pets? Why more and more ethicists say yes


    Ninety per cent of Britons think of their pet as part of the family 16% even included them on the last census. But recent research into animals emotional lives has cast doubt on the ethics of petkeeping

    It was a Tupperware tub of live baby rats that made Dr Jessica Pierce start to question the idea of pet ownership. She was at her local branch of PetSmart, a pet store chain in the US, buying crickets for her daughters gecko. The baby rats, squeaking in their plastic container, were brought in by a man she believed was offering to sell them to the store as pets or as food for the resident snakes. She didnt ask. But Pierce, a bioethicist, was troubled.

    Rats have a sense of empathy and there has been a lot of research on what happens when you take babies away from a mother rat not surprisingly, they experience profound distress, she says. It was a slap in the face how can we do this to animals?

    Pierce went on to write Run, Spot, Run, which outlines the case against pet ownership, in 2015. From the animals that become dog and cat food and the puppy farms churning out increasingly unhealthy purebred canines, to the goldfish sold by the bag and the crickets by the box, pet ownership is problematic because it denies animals the right of self-determination. Ultimately, we bring them into our lives because we want them, then we dictate what they eat, where they live, how they behave, how they look, even whether they get to keep their sex organs.

    Treating animals as commodities isnt new or shocking; humans have been meat-eaters and animal-skin-wearers for millennia. However, this is at odds with how we say we feel about our pets. The British pet industry is worth about 10.6bn; Americans spent more than $66bn (50bn) on their pets in 2016. A survey earlier this year found that many British pet owners love their pet more than they love their partner (12%), their children (9%) or their best friend (24%). According to another study, 90% of pet-owning Britons think of their pet as a member of their family, with 16% listing their animals in the 2011 census.

    In the US, 1.5m shelter animals are euthanised each year. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

    It is morally problematic, because more people are thinking of pets as people They consider them part of their family, they think of them as their best friend, they wouldnt sell them for a million dollars, says Dr Hal Herzog, a professor of psychology at Western Carolina University and one of the founders of the budding field of anthrozoology, which examines human-animal relations. At the same time, research is revealing that the emotional lives of animals, even relatively simple animals such as goldfish, are far more complex and rich than we once thought (dogs are people, too, according to a 2013 New York Times comment piece by the neuroscientist Gregory Berns). The logical consequence is that the more we attribute them with these characteristics, the less right we have to control every single aspect of their lives, says Herzog.

    Does this mean that, in 50 years or 100 years, we wont have pets? Institutions that exploit animals, such as the circus, are shutting down animal rights activists claimed a significant victory this year with the closure of Ringling Bros circus and there are calls to end, or at least rethink, zoos. Meanwhile, the number of Britons who profess to be vegan is on the rise, skyrocketing 350% between 2006 and 2016.

    Widespread petkeeping is a relatively recent phenomenon. Until the 19th century, most animals owned by households were working animals that lived alongside humans and were regarded unsentimentally. In 1698, for example, a Dorset farmer recorded in his diary: My old dog Quon was killed and baked for his grease, which yielded 11lb. However, in the 19th and 20th centuries, animals began to feature less in our increasingly urban environments and, as disposable income grew, pets became more desirable. Even as people began to dote on their pets, though, animal life was not attributed any intrinsic value. In Run, Spot, Run, Pierce reports that, in 1877, the city of New York rounded up 762 stray dogs and drowned them in the East River, shoving them into iron crates and lifting the crates by crane into the water. Veterinarian turned philosopher Bernard Rollin recalls pet owners in the 1960s putting their dog to sleep before going on holiday, reasoning that it was cheaper to get a new dog when they returned than to board the one they had.

    Nine per cent of British pet owners love their animal more than their children. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

    More recently, however, several countries have moved to change the legal status of animals. In 2015, the governments of Canada and New Zealand recognised animals as sentient beings, effectively declaring them no longer property (how this squares with New Zealands recent war on possums is unclear). While pets remain property in the UK, the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 stipulates that pet owners must provide a basic level of care for their animals. Pets are also property in the US, but 32 states, as well as Puerto Rico and Washington DC, now include provisions for pets under domestic violence protection orders. In 2001, Rhode Island changed its legislation to describe pet owners as guardians, a move that some animal rights advocates lauded (and others criticised for being nothing more than a change in name).

    Before we congratulate ourselves on how far we have come, consider that 1.5m shelter animals including 670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats are euthanised each year in the US. The number of stray dogs euthanised annually in the UK is far lower 3,463 but the RSCPA says investigations into animal cruelty cases increased 5% year on year in 2016, to 400 calls a day.

    Can I stick my dog in a car and take him to the vet and say: I dont want him any more, kill him, or take him to a city shelter and say: I cant keep him any more, I hope you can find a home for him, good luck? says Gary Francione, a professor at Rutgers Law School in New Jersey and an animal rights advocate. If you can still do that, if you still have the right to do that, then they are still property.

    Crucially, our animals cant tell us whether they are happy being pets. There is an illusion now that pets have more voice than in the past but it is maybe more that we are putting words into their mouth, Pierce says, pointing to the abundance of pets on social media plastered with witty projections written by their parents. Maybe we are humanising them in a way that actually makes them invisible.

    If you accept the argument that pet ownership is morally questionable, how do you put the brakes on such a vast industry? While he was writing his 2010 book, Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat, Herzog was studying the motivations of animal rights activists and whether it was emotion or intellect that pushed them towards activism. One of the subjects, Herzog says, was very, very logical. After he had become a vegan, eschewed leather shoes and convinced his girlfriend to go vegan, he considered his pet cockatiel. I remember; he looked up wistfully. He said he got the bird, took it outside, let it loose and it flew up, Herzog recalls. He said: I knew she wouldnt survive, that she probably starved. I guess I was doing it more for myself than for her.

    Although Pierce and Francione agree that pet ownership is wrong, both of them have pets: Pierce has two dogs and a cat; Francione has six rescue dogs, whom he considers refugees. For now, the argument over whether we should own animals is largely theoretical: we do have pets and giving them up might cause more harm than good. Moreover, as Francione suggests, caring for pets seems to many people to be the one area where we can actually do right by animals; convincing people of the opposite is a hard sell.

    Tim Wass, the chair of the Pet Charity, an animal welfare consultant and a former chief officer at the RSPCA, agrees. It has already been decided by market forces and human nature the reality is people have pets in the millions. The question is: how can we help them care for them correctly and appropriately?

    If the short history of pet ownership tells us anything, it is that our attitude towards animals is prone to change. You see these rises and falls in our relationships with pets, says Herzog. In the long haul, I think petkeeping might fall out of fashion; I think it is possible that robots will take their place, or maybe pet owning will be for small numbers of people. Cultural trends come and go. The more we think of pets as people, the less ethical it is to keep them.

    Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/aug/01/should-we-stop-keeping-pets-why-more-and-more-ethicists-say-yes

    Christian Band Tour Bus Explodes in Fatal CrashOnly This Bible Sheet Subsisted the Fervour


    On Sunday, members of the Christian banding We Are Messengers took to Facebook to share that their tour bus had been involved in a fatal automobile crash. They questioned fans for continued prayers, and predicted an update soon.

    In a follow-up meaning positioned on Monday, the band detailed the harrowing accident and justified what happened.


    Yesterdays events were and continue to be painful. Here are more details about what happened. On Sunday, March 26, 2017, it is reported that just after 4:15 a.m ., police were informed that a gondola with no ignites on was stopped and stationary in the right-hand corridor of I-7 5 North just south of Atlanta, GA. Sometime after that, the We Are Messenger bus traveling in the darkness of night northbound on I-7 5 attempted to avoid the unlit stopped car, but there was a crash of the two vehicles. Both vehicles exploded in flames and came to a stop on the left of the north-bound thoroughfares of I-7 5. The members of We Are Messengers escaped their burning vehicle before it was destroyed. The party within the stopped vehicle did not survive .

    The members of We Are Messengers pray for treaty for the family of the person who died on the panorama. They are also deeply grateful for the support of so many in these times .

    The bus and everything inside was completely destroyedeverything except for this single bible page that remained intact despitethe ruining fire.

    It was a aisle from Romans 5 called Armistice and Joy.


    God speaks to us in many ways, but one of the greatest is through the word.

    The existing scripture talked to the harrowing happenings that had transpired, and shared latitudes the main theme of tolerating working together with Gods unbelievable love and sacrifice.

    Paul writes in Romans 5:2 -5 , And weboast in the hopeof the splendor of God.Not merely so, but wealso glory in our suffers, because we know that tolerating raises dedication ;p erseverance, reputation; and persona, hope.And hopedoes not applied us to shame, because Gods lovehas been moved out into our middles through the Holy spirit, who has been given to us .

    Lead singer Darren Mulligan molted some light on the events in a Facebook Live Video following the accident, “says hes” heartbroken, and unsure about how to look or what to say.

    But of one thing, he is certain 😛 TAGEND

    We should have all fucking dead, but the Lord is good. Divinities still good .

    The World’s Worst Driver DESTROYED His $250,000 Ferrari … 60 Instant After Buying It


    ports car motorists aren’t exactly the most beloved parties on Earth, so you might not have too much compassion for “the mens” responsible for what you’re about to see.

    I mean, the stereotype is that they’re rich guys overcompensating for something by obtaining an expensive vehicle that they often drive recklessly to get attention.

    I’m not doing Ibuy it, but that’s the persona they have.

    Let’s just say that this story doesn’t precisely contradictthat image…

    John Kasich: Trump’s ‘disturbing’ campaign could cost him Ohio


    Nazi party leader remarks Trump offerings real opportunity for white nationalistsas Ohio governor editions advising over Republicans dividing tactics

    Ohio governor John Kasich alerted on Sunday that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is at risk of losing his commonwealth in November, thanks to his disturbing campaign of divisiveness.

    Kasichs remarks happened a daylight after it was reported that the leader of the American Nazi Party answered a Trump victory in the presidential election would be a real opportunity for beings like white-hot patriots, acting intelligently to build upon that.

    Ohio is part of the rust belt, the working group on swing territories on which the Trump campaign is converging much of its effort against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic campaigner. Kasich has declined to endorse Trump and did not attend the Republican national pattern in Cleveland in July, at which Trump was officially nominated.

    Speaking to CNNs State of the Union, Kasich refused to commit to be voting in favour of Trump and was expected that Trump would only prevail the parts of Ohio where people are really hurting.

    Its difficult, if you are split, to be able to acquire Ohio, he enunciated, contributing: I dont think people want to live in a world-wide of angry. They want to believe there is a better tomorrow.

    Kasichs observes spoke to evidence of strong is supportive of Trump among white-hot working-class voters nationally. In its report paraphrasing mentions by Rocky Suhayda on his own radio depict a week ago, Buzzfeed paraphrased the Nazi Party leader as telling: Im gonna project that I believe that Trump is going to win the election this November.

    I think its gonna amaze the foe, because I think that they feel that the grey working class, specially the male portion of the working class, and with him, his female counterparts, have basically hurled in the towel. Thrown up the expectations of any legislator again standing up for their interests.

    Kasich announced of course he would not be voting in favour of Clinton, but answered no when asked if he had decided not to vote for Trump either, contributing: We still have age. Thats something I think about, but not a lot.

    Asked what Trump would have to do to get his vote, Kasich mentioned: So much irrigate has gone over the dam now, its becoming increasingly difficult. What he was seeing from the Trump campaign, he mentioned, was extremely disturbing and alarming to me.

    I wish I could be enthusiastic. I cannot be. I dont know what is going to happen in the end.

    Many commentators suppose the election increasingly likely to end in Trumps defeat. He has declined further behind in the canvas, and a national inspect published on Sunday establishing him trailing Clinton by eight qualities. The ABC/ Washington Post ballot applied Clinton at 50% among registered voters, ahead of Trump at 42%. In a same referendum taken just before the party meetings in July, Clinton harboured a four-point cause. The realclearpolitics.com poll average yields Clinton a seven-point advantage.

    In the ABC/ Washington Post poll, voters were canvassed after the Democratic assembly. Clinton has likely been boosted further by the controversy over Trumps attack on the Muslim parents of a fallen American soldier, who criticized him in a potent communication at the Democratic gathering in Philadelphia.

    The poll shut out a ruinous week for the Trump campaign in which the campaigner also initially refused to support prominent Republicans in re-election offers; manufactured contentious observes about sexual abuse; claimed to have determined a video of a US cash payment to Iran which in fact did not exist; was reported to have asked if the US could use atomic weapon; and determined press reports topic the immigration record of his Slovenian-born wife, Melania.

    Kasich said he watched the discussion at the DNC made by Khizr Khan, with his wife Ghazala at his slope, in which he spoke of the relinquish and patriotism of Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed by a car bomb in Iraq in 2004.

    Captain Khan is a hero, Kasich articulated, adding that as superintendent, Ohio families who have lost loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan visit him in its term of office. Such suffers are excruciatingly difficult, he responded, adding that he told such bereaved kinfolks that he lost his own parents to a automobile crash. Gives not liken, he responded, but I have read the black hole the mourning.

    Kasich also confirmed as accurate a report that Trumps son, Donald Jr, announced one of his senior aide-de-camps in order to offer Kasich the vice-presidential blot, which the minister turned down.

    Elsewhere, the former CIA director Michael Morell, who endorsed Clinton on Friday, is available on ABCs This Week on Sunday to repeat his accusation that Trump has been operated by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

    Morell supposed: In Putins mind, I have no doubt that he thinks he[ Trump] is an unwitting agent to the Russian Federation. Donald Trump didnt even understand that Putin was playing him and he has controlled people much smarter than Trump.

    Also appearing on ABC, the Trump surrogate and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani held there is also every opportunity for the Republican nominee to prevail the White House. Expected about the latest opinion polls, Giuliani said he remembered President George HW Bush being 16 extents behind Michael Dukakis in September 1988, and going on to winning. Bush actually conducted Dukakis at that point in the race, according to Gallup.

    Lets calm down, he suggested, adding that he expected to see a lot more of Trump reaching out to Republicans he has snubbed or descended out with, as he did to Paul Ryan, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte on Friday nighttime. The former House speaker and 2012 Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich mentioned Trumps belated promotions been demonstrated that he should have said and done in the first place.

    Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Gingrich also said Trumps tax-cutting financial contrives as currently laid down by do not add up.

    Of course not, he supposed. No nominees digits add up.

    The Story Behind 14 Bizarre Celebrity Death Hoaxes


    Trump urged to declare national emergency over US opioid epidemic


    Report by commission led by Chris Christie lays out stark depiction of addiction crisis and calls for bold action to combat harmful effects

    President Trump is being urged to declare a federal state of emergency to address the epidemic of opioid overdoses that is claiming as many American lives as the terrorist attacks on 9/11 every three weeks.

    The call for dramatic measures to be taken comes from the commission looking into the opioid crisis that Trump set up by executive order in March. The panel is led by Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.

    In a 10-page report of their initial findings, the commission lays out a profoundly stark depiction of the catastrophe caused by the proliferation of opioid drugs in all 50 states. Drawing on figures from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) it parses the human tragedy in a number of startling ways:

    • every day 142 Americans die of a drug overdose;
    • though the overall amount of pain that Americans are coping has remained roughly steady, the quantity of opioid prescriptions from medical doctors has quadrupled since 1999;
    • between that year and 2015, 560,000 people have died from drug overdoses more than the entire population of Atlanta, Georgia;
    • drug overdoses now kill more people than car crashes and gun homicides combined.

    Christie and his team of commissioners argue that a state of emergency would empower the Trump administration to take the bold steps needed to combat the crisis of overdoses, as well as force Congress to take the matter seriously.

    It would also awaken every American to this simple fact: if this scourge has not found you or your family yet, without bold action by everyone, it soon will, the report says.

    Armed with the state of emergency decree, the US government could then move swiftly to expand the number of in-patient treatment places available to people struggling with addiction. The commission calls for states to be allowed to grant waivers to existing Medicaid exclusions that currently put the burden of caring for people with substance abuse problems wholly on to state budgets.

    The first report of the commission was released on Monday having been delayed since June. The panel said the holdup was due to enormous public response to the consultation, but Democratic Congress members have been intensifying pressure on Christie in recent days accusing the commission and the Trump administration of dragging their feet amid a national disaster.

    The report reserves some of its toughest language for medical doctors who are prescribing pharmaceutical painkillers at record levels, pointing out that four out of every five new heroin users start their habit on prescription pills. Mr President, this crisis began in our nations healthcare system, it says.

    But it says much of the problem is down to lack of education and understanding among doctors and dentists. The commission proposes that the CDC should be instructed to produce a new set of training standards for clinicians setting out detailed guidelines on safe dispensing of drugs and best doses.

    It also wants to see naxalone, the medication that can block the effects opioids and prevent overdoses, to be issued under federal mandate to all law enforcement officers in the country.

    Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jul/31/trump-opioids-emergency-addiction-crisis

    The Circle review- Emma Watson and Tom Hanks face off in empty techno-thriller


    The Harry Potter alumna gaffes after the$ 1bn success of Beauty and the Beast with a Dave Eggers adaptation that swaps initial plot with vapidity

    Theres something quite perfectly sloped about the liberation of The Circle. First, in a scenery overflowing with headlines proclaiming that this is the BLANK we need right now, an adaptation of Dave Eggers cautionary fib about the dangers of their own lives consumed by an over-reliance on ones digital footprint continues ever prescient. Second, its fixed by Emma Watson, arriving off the back of the phenomenal success of Beauty and the Beast, and shes joined by John Boyega, his first role since his attractiveness breakout turn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Lastly, its arriving on the edge of the summer season, aiming to engage our brains before they get pummeled into submission by a parade of glistening effects-driven epics with little interest in developing themes other than: wasnt that detonation, like, wholly sick?

    But, premiering within the Tribeca movie carnival precisely two days before secrete, theres a reason why upstart distributor STX has been so coy about unleashing what seems like a esteem title upon us: The Circle is all juicy potential and treasured little else.

    Watson wizards as Mae, a bored twentysomething living at home, stuck in a job that fails to engage her and uninterested in progressing a flirtatious rapport with childhood friend Mercer( Boyhoods Ellar Coltrane ). A surprise call from friend Annie( Karen Gillan) ensues in an interrogation to join her at potent internet company The Circle. She aces it and learns her life immediately transformed, working within an innovative corporation that aims to further blur the lines between our private and public lives. Its charismatic co-founder Eamon( Tom Hanks) soon takes a glisten to Mae and her profile within The Circle becomes stratospheric but with the help of a mysterious peer( John Boyega ), she starts to worry about the damaging implications.

    The techno-thriller is a sub-genre thats been placed on the back burner in recent years, film-makers becoming gradually recognizing also that a) focusing a cinema on technological innovation will make it feel like a relic all too fast and b) watching person category is actually, certainly dull. So while its easy to suppose The Circle seeming dusty within years, it does start as a rather convincing snapshot of the digital age were now surfing. Director James Ponsoldt, who too wrote the screenplay with Eggers, administers the movie with some smart suggestions( a night gathering illuminate with cellphones, peers employing instant messaging to converse despite sitting next to each other) and, same to a Black Mirror episode, its all too easy to be acknowledged that the companys more extreme intuitions could actually materialize.

    The film is filled with plotting questions about the remaining balance of our social and professional living and how they intermingle, and whether, with increased surveillance and the acquaintance “thats been” being watched, our behavior would gradually improve. But The Circle is all foreplay, playfully prodding without supplying a satisfactory payoff.

    The hateful gimmickry of Maes workplace is ripe for piercing satire, reflecting an upward trend for roles to resemble adult playgrounds, but the film drags back when it could onrush. Theres a scene early on, where Mae is informed that her social media existence needs to become a more integral part of her profession, thats played for broad-spectrum comedy and it property with a thud, the tonal displacements of the film recommending an undecided side. This is also apparent in the patchy narrative that darts between numerous underdeveloped dynamics, obliging the movie feel like the result of a chaotic editing suite. Watsons relationships with her colleagues, pals and parents( give full play to Glenne Headly and the late Bill Paxton) are rushed and shallow, going from 0 to 60 without any believable impetus.

    Dialogue too often drowns in exposition, a heavy hand taken away from when a lighter touching is asked. Ponsoldt and Eggers are all too aware of the topicality of the cinemas themes, but their ultimate find is that, guess what, megalomaniac businessmen misappropriation the potent sway of a monstrous busines are poor, a realization thats been made at the end of a dozen Bond movies. The finale including with regard to is a total cop-out, a drastic change from the romance that sucks any persisting power out of the screen.

    Watson has fought with her adult roles, from The Colony to Regression, and despite an uneven accent, shes somewhat better here, trying her good to get the audience on board with a one-note protagonist lacking in any real profundity. Its freshening to experience Hanks embrace his dark side but hes little more than a step TED talk while Boyegas role is so thankless and superfluous, one expects a construction to reveal that his persona is actually a ghost.

    As a thriller, theres a humiliating paucity of uncertainty. One particular car crash supports mildly exciting, but theres a feeling of obliged jeopardy to increase the heart rate, such as a silly midnight kayaking background, and its disappointing to see Ponsoldts career leading to this. Hes affected with underrated alcoholism drama Smashed and excellent David Foster Wallace drama The End of the Tour and for purposes of comparison, this feels like mindless hackery.

    Despite initial signs indicating otherwise, The Circle is not the cinema we need right now.

    The Circle is released after US cinemas on 28 April with a UK date hitherto to be announced