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Marine Le Pen: the estranged daughter tied to a very public life | profile


The merciless interrupt of attachments with her father-god has hung over the horse-hugging hardliners run for the French presidency

Backstage at a rallying in south France in the early days of the presidential race, Marine Le Pen took a whiff on the electronic cigarette that has changed her two-packets-a-day tobacco attire. Im going to run a joyful expedition, she smiled.

Le Pen is intended to soften her harsh persona and soothe voters she had constituted for slides hugging horses and pet kittens but likewise to offer a hardline curriculum she belief would reassure a French person despair of decades of mass unemployment and a lingering terrorist threat.

The aim, as ever for the far-right Front National founded by her leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, in 1972, was obstructing France for the French. There would be a referendum to change national constitutions so that national priority would be given to French people over non-nationals in tasks, home and aid. There would be another referendum to leave the European union. Le Pen promised an migration clampdown and a ban on religious emblems, includes the Muslim headscarf, from all public places in France.

Marine Le Pen, 48, is the closest she has ever been to the French presidency with a chance of preparing it to the final runoff in an election that is impossible to prophesy. In the six years old since she took over the working party from her papa, she has steadily increased her partys vote in every local and European election. If her ex-paratrooper, Holocaust-denying, provocateur father-god was content to be a objection referendum, Marine Le Pen wants supremacy and political office.

Marine Le Pen calls a horse show in Villepinte, Paris, in December. Photo: Jacky Naegelen/ Reuters

Le Pen, restricted and image-conscious, has always a went a tight course between stigmatizing the organizations of the system and trying to be part of it. Her life has played out in the public eye ever since, aged six, she was photographed being tucked into her bed in a bedroom incongruously wallpapered with Front National election postings about fighting the Marxist cancer. The Le Pen house empire was always something of their own nationals soap opera, with the blond tribe living together includes the three Le Pen daughters well into their 30 s in a 19 th-century manor house perched on a mound outside Paris, watched over by dobermans.

But the troubled father-daughter attachment and the brutal public violate of it has hung over her presidential safarus. Marine Le Pens referendum programme has been to broaden her voter basi by sanitising the partys persona, moving it away from the racist, jackbooted and antisemitic imagery of the past. The trouble was that Papa Le Pen detected left out. In 2015, he deliberately wrecked her contrives by recurring the Holocaust denials that had territory him a series of convictions for loathe discussion and racing criminal offences against humanity. After a bitter public clash, she ostracized him from the working party. He publicly disavowed her and they havent expressed since.

But the specters of the second world war is continuing to French politics. Marine Le Pen was asked on a radio program this week about a major wartime summary of Jews in Paris. She read France as a commonwealth was not responsible, only those who were in supremacy at the time, provoking ferocity from Jewish organisations. Le Pen argued that modern France should not be locked in permanent penance and that the real France was Gen de Gaulles defiance , not the illegal Nazi-collaborationist Vichy regime. If youre trying to say Marine Le Pen is a Nazi, come out and say it but that will represent everyone titter to the rafters because its simply not plausible, her leader strategist, Florian Philippot, angrily told a chatshow multitude. Le Pen threw what she called a nonsensical controversy.

Marion Anne Perrene Le Pen hurriedly nicknamed Marine was born west of Paris in 1968, a very young of three daughters. Her father-god proved off his children in the press. But their residence life was more disjointed than it seemed. In the Le Pens first Paris apartment building, the children lived separately from their parents, inside a flat upstairs with a nanny. Jean-Marie Le Pen and his wife, Pierrette Lalanne, would go off on holiday or long sailing errands around the world on their own, sometimes missing Christmas.

Marine Le Pen attending a wreath-laying ritual in 2010 with her father Jean-Marie at the bronze of Joan of Arc in Paris. Photograph: Jacques Brinon/ AP

It was only when the eight-year-old Marine woke up in her nightdress amid shards of glass and a blown-away bedroom wall, after a suicide bombing attack aimed at killing her parent, that she realised his political capacity and the scope of hatred towards him. As an eight-year-old girl, I was suddenly made aware of fatality, she told me when she took over the Front National leader. But maybe that “ve given me” a distance, a kind of shield, thats useful when youre aiming for positions of responsibility.

Toyota has ended its ‘historic’ partnership with Tesla


Image: VCG via Getty Images

The partnership between Toyota and Tesla has finally wound to an end.

The Japanese car marker on Saturday announced that it had sold the last of its stake in Tesla, as it prepares to launch its own purely electric car.

According to former engineers, a culture clash had emerged between the two companies, with Toyota’s conservative “safety first” style of engineering going up against Tesla’s risk-taking approach.

Toyota had bought about 3 percent of Tesla for $50 million in 2010.

The Japanese company had said, at the time, that it was impressed by “Tesla’s start-up culture“, with Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, calling the partnership “historic”.

The companies went on to jointly develop the RAV4 electric vehicle, of which some 2,500 were sold.

But the gap between the two companies ultimately proved too wide to bridge.

“Incredibly dumb.”

In 2014, Toyota sold part of its stake in Tesla.

Toyota formed its own unit to develop electric cars in November 2016, investing heavily in hydrogen fuel cells a technology which Elon Musk has called “incredibly dumb.”

Toyota’s long-range electric vehicles are expected to launch around 2020.

The Japanese company has been a pioneer in developing hybrid engines, with the introduction of the hybrid gasoline-electric Prius in 1997.

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Gabriel Jesus:’ I like a challenge. The biggest battles go to the biggest warriors’


The brilliant Palmeiras and Brazil forward tells the Guardian about the phone call from Pep Guardiola that persuasion him to assemble Manchester City and that his mum is never pleased with him unless he helps out defensively too

No one wants to be told off by their mom and Gabriel Jesus is no different. The Brazilian wonderkid, who signed for Manchester City in the summer for 27 m and will join the Premier League presidents in January, provides an opportunity to become one of best available forwards in “the worlds” but what represents him stand out even more is his desire to too help out defensively.

It is not a characteristic he shares with too many forwards but then they may not get a rollocking from their mom if they do not help out at the back. Gabriel Jesus does. Yes, its true-life that my mother has a go at me when I dont track back, he adds in his first interview with non-Brazilian media since signing for City. We are very, very close and she challenges a lot from me, which is great. She only praises me if I have done something worthy of accolade. I am really happy to have a mum like that, who really attends. She ever tells me the truth and her candour helps me a lot.

Mrs Vera Lcia is a constant and enormously positive proximity in Gabriel Jesuss life and that is no surprise considering his upbringing. The actors papa were killed when Gabriel Jesus was young and his mother created him and his three brothers on her own. She was a cleaner back then and there was not a lot of money around. A football participate grows up faster than other people, he tells. I grew up very rapidly because of certain difficulties and responsibilities that I have always had.

Gabriel Jesus is a very mature 19 -year-old. We match at Academia de futebol, Palmeirass training centre and he is respectful and humble. He does not wear sunglasses or headphones and does not play with his mobile during the course of its interrogation. He starts by apologising for running late. I had to do the ice bath, he explains.

It has been a tumultuous 18 months for the man from Jardim Peri, a humble region on the outskirts of So Paulo( it is a comunidade , a kind of favela , simply a little bit more peaceful ). In March 2015 he made his debut for Palmeiras after scoring 37 purposes in 22 games in the Paulista Under-1 7 challenger and at the end of the season he was appointed the best beginner of the Brasileiro .

And that was just the beginning. This summer he won Olympic gold with Braziland then prepared his debut for the senior unit, scoring two destinations in a 3-0 away prevail against Ecuador. And he is still a teen. The former Brazil and Real Madrid striker Ronaldo, for one, is a follower: When I ascertain Gabriel I think about my own past. He has a incredible journey ahead, Ronaldo told TV Globo recently.

It is not that long ago Gabriel Jesus was playing for the amateur unit Pequeninos do Meio Ambiente on the lurches of the military prison camp Romo Gomes. He moved on to Anhanguera but, unlike numerous prodigious flairs these days, he did not connect a upper side Palmeiras until persons under the age of 15 so his vocation was very much influenced by street football.

Gabriel Jesus: skills, gimmicks and goals.

His childhood neighbourhood is always on his head and on his scalp. On his forearm there is a tattoo demo a boy with a ball in his hand looking at a favela in front of him, dreaming of a better future in football. The tattoo is almost identical to the one that his pal Neymar has.

I have always enjoyed working on and thats why I try to give my best tactically as well as moves forward. From an early age, in my vrzea days[ a special type of Brazilian street football ], I tried to take in all the instructions of all the coaches I had. I am the same today. After all, it is most important to penetrate the tone knowing what I have to do to help the team.

He no longer was living in Jardim Peri but goes back to visit sidekicks. When doing so in December he was stopped by the police while driving his expensive gondola. A dark-skinned son cannot drive a nice vehicle in the neighborhood where he grew up without being stopped by the police. Everyone knows how hard it is to be pitch-black in local communities, he wrote on Instagram.

He remain in Jardim Peri until last year. He could have left for So Paulo as early as 2010 but the organization did not offer him accommodation, means that he would have had to travel for four hours to get to and from develop, and that would have had a negative impact on his academy work.

Not that Gabriel Jesus paid too much attention to anything apart from football. My whole life has always been football and that only, he announces. Since I was six years old Ive only really thought about football. I used to watch it on TV, play video games and so on. I merely love football. Some parties joke that I am too into it but football just sums up my life.

His discipline is surprising for the purposes of the a young age, and “its probably” one of the things that has impressed Pep Guardiola, the manager who was desperate to fetch him to City. Gabriel Jesus was a red-hot prospect even before the Olympics and City were able to beat off competitor from Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain partly because of a phone call from their brand-new manager.

It was a complicated decision, but in the end my desire to learn won, Gabriel Jesus says. The attendance of Guardiola as a manager at City and the fact that it is a great team were very important factors in my final judgment. Guardiolas phone call was a huge part of me deciding to go there. It represented me realise that Id love to work with him. I dont know him personally yet but he already constituted me feel very safe about his project there.

Gabriel Jesus, celebrating here after tallying for Palmeiras against Figueirense in June, be available to acquire the Brazilian name before coming to Manchester. Image: Brazil Photo Press/ CON/ LatinContent/ Getty Images

Where will he play though? City are not exactly lacking in criticizing expertise with Sergio Agero, Raheem Sterling, David Silva, Nolito, Kelechi Iheanacho, Kevin De Bruyne, Leroy San and Jess Navas able to occupy the send ranks. For Palmeiras Gabriel Jesus played broad on the left before Cuca, the manager, moved him into the centre with good results: 11 objectives in 18 league games.

I think I will fight for a plaza as a winger in the team, he speaks. I actually prefer playing as a left-winger rather than a striker, but I merely want to be very clear that Im willing to play in either post. I am often prepared to give up a position high on the tone and is to assist defensively because some good brand and attacking can result in a aim for my squad in the end. Id like to think that Im a versatile player.

Only two years ago, during the World cup finals, Gabriel Jesus was painting the sidewalk of his street in green and yellow-bellied as a follower. Today he is one of the reference points in criticize for club and country. Palmeiras are challenging for the designation, they trounce Corinthians 2-0 at the weekend to remain top, and Gabriel Jesus desperately wants to leave for Manchester City having won the conference. At Verdo he is an undisputed idol Glory, magnificence, alleluia, is Gabriel Jesus is the song that everything devotees sing( even if it annoys his mother, who is a very religious person ).

But even if he contributes the Brazilian claim to his Olympic medal, he will not get too carried away. I try to manage my the advances in a down-to-earth manner, he announces. Some players prevail a accolade and think that they are on top of “the worlds”. I dont let it go to my front. Parties idolise me for acquiring the Olympics but I save announcing: It is just a medal.

Arguably the biggest challenge lies ahead forcing his path into Citys starting XI. All this change does not “re scared” at all, he announces. My life has always been full of challenges. Obviously this is a bigger one, but the best engagements are given to the best fighters. I will listen to the managers opinion and his advice in order to enhance and adapt as fast as I possibly can.

The chicken browse mile and how Britain got fatty


With cheap and fattening meat everywhere, there has been a influence displacement that makes people do not recognise obesity when they see it in the mirror

The Mile End Road in east London is awash with chicken shops not lieu to buy fresh poultry but takeaways where the lubricant is always foaming and everything come here for chips. One part of chicken in batter with fries and a can of full-sugar suck for PS1. 99. Two slice for PS2. 79. “Theres” utilitarian tables inside with ruby-red and lily-white plastic cloths and large receptacles of ketchup, but many of the customers dine as they stroll home in their academy uniform.

In this London borough Tower Hamlets one in eight juveniles starting primary school are obese, and that doublings to more than one in four when they leave, at age 11. The parish has the fifth-highest rate of child obesity in London and the sixth in the two countries.

Sir Sam Everington, a GP, deplores the chicken store mile that begins only a short gait from his innovative Bromley-by-Bow health centre, where social and psychological problems are taken as seriously as the diseases that fetching beings in. There are all sorts of reasons why people become obese, but the 42 chicken patronizes per secondary school in the borough are surely among them.

The child obesity illustrations are a disaster, according to Everington, who chairs the boroughs clinical commissioning group. Its a spectrum of malnutrition, he speaks over coffee in the pleasant cafe that is an integral the members of the health centre. My belief is that all my children are malnourished.


Chicken stores on Mile End Road, east London. Composite: Graeme Robertson

One of the worlds most affluent metropolis has children with problems we expect do not prevail outside these developing countries. Malnutrition is not only about famine. And apart from the real danger that obesity will lead to heart disease, stroking and cancer in later life, the diet infants are ingesting likewise have contributed to vitamin shortcomings and mouths full of rotted teeth.

For the NHS, this scenario is ravaging. Even now, type 2 diabetes which is linked to obesity destroys nearly a 10 th of the annual budget. There is some proof that the rise in obesity in juveniles nationally may have stumbled a plateau, but it is stabilising , not sagging. And weight in particular in adults but also in brats are difficult to shifting, thanks to our inbuilt biological explanations. Our metabolism dramatically slows weight loss after a couple of months to prevent us starving to death.

Graph obesity in UK

Obesity is the new smoking, Simon Stevens, NHS Englands chief executive, has told the Guardian. It represents a slow-motion automobile crash to its implementation of avoidable illness and rising healthcare costs. If as a society we stop piling on the pounds all over the waistline, well be piling on the pounds to its implementation of future taxes required merely to keep the NHS afloat.

Britain spends more on obesity-related healthcare expenditures than on the police, the fire services, prisons and the criminal justice system blended, he responds. Obesity-related circumstances expenditure the NHS PS6bn a year and rising. The diabetes statute is PS9bn more. Its not only the wellbeing of parties in this country and our children, but its too the sustainability of the NHS itself, Stevens supposed.

The NHS has to prevent people becoming ill in the first place. Stevens lately donated a price rise for sugary beverages sold on NHS premises to staff and cases. Its a beginning, but theres a very long way to go.


Around the country, simply the type of takeaway varies, from fried chicken to fish in calorie-loaded batter to curries and burgers( all offered with sugary beverages ). The problem “re the same”. A culture shift has taken place over the past few decades. Cheap and fattening nutrient is everywhere in pub, eateries, fast-food shops and supermarkets. A shape transformation has followed. Those living in areas where people are mainly overweight no longer recognise obesity where reference is looks back at them from the mirror.

In the north-east of England, Sean Woodcock, a bariatric surgeon, deals with the consequences. There is a treatment that the project works, “but its” drastic and not for everybody. Stomach-shrinking surgery coerces those who follow up it to snacks less, because they seem full after tiny quantities of nutrient. Parties molted vast amounts of weight, get out of their wheelchairs and retrieve “peoples lives”. But its a hard road to circulate and Woodcock tells them so.


Bariatric surgeon Sean Woodcock contains a prototype of a gut. Photograph: Murdo Macleod for the Guardian

At a seminar in Monkseaton medical centre near Newcastle, where the Northumbria healthcare NHS foundation trust has taken over opening for a dedicated bariatric outpatient division, Woodcock searches around the semicircle of morbidly obese surgery nominees sitting on extra large chairs. He flicks up a slip of a glinting caricature fairy godmother. I led out of fairy dust a very long time ago, he tells them. There is no quick fix. It is hard work before the surgery because it is hard work after surgery. Motivated and notified patients get the best results.

Who has had a takeaway in the last week? he questions. A got a couple of sides come up. In the last month? Most sides are in the breeze. That has to end, he tells them. Who boozes fizzies papa? Everybody does. Some of my patients booze litres of the stuff every day, he responds. My patients suck three or four litre-bottles of full forte[ sugar-sweetened] and suggest: I dont know why I dont lose weight, Mr Woodcock.

Graph obesity in Europe

Beer is an underestimated problem, very. John smith contains 250 calories a beer and Stella Artois 300. Ten pints is up to 2,500 or 3,000 calories and thats without going for your kebab, he tells them.

Nobody gets surgery without undertaking a weight handling route, in which “they il be” taught about diet and nutrition, fitness and effort. They must demonstrate they are serious by losing substantial amounts of weight thats where the avoidance of takeaways and fizzy dad comes in.

And they must also learn how to eat, pole surgery. Some foods, such as bread and chewy meat, will not go down. They cannot suck and eat at the same hour there must be at least half an hour between. Meals will be minuscule. Anita Attala, expert dietitian at the human rights unit, speaks: You cant have the sweet concepts and you have to eat in a certain way and grind the nutrient well. There is a risk of malnutrition and people must take vitamin supplements.


It represents a slow-motion vehicle accident in terms of avoidable illness and rising healthcare overheads. Simon Stevens Photograph: Graeme Robertson for the Guardian

The staff, unlike much of members of the public, have infinite sympathy for the people they consider. In most cases, “theres” psychological provokes behind the load amplification and many people have formed big efforts to lose weight. The vast majority are on a diet repetition, answers Attala. They follow a commercial-grade diet, lose weight, plateau and then pile everything there is on again. They start again and flunk again. Commercial-grade slimming organisations know it happens. Its why it is such a good business modeling. It is demoralising for people because they think its their failing. We had individual patients who had been a slimmer of the year.

Claire Browell has been trying to lose weight since she was 18 Weight Watchers, Slimming World, commercial-grade diets, pills you name it, she has done it. Aged 41, she was morbidly obese, with arthritis in her knees. She could not walk and was depressed. She has managed to lose more than 19 kg( 3 stone) on the educational load handling programme and Woodcock has just accepted her for surgery on 15 June. She is joyous.

She has taken to heart what Woodcock tells his patients that obesity-related diseases could cut their lifespan by 11 years. But Browell has not gone into this delicately. Surgery has its own perils. I have two children and it was a client of who is going to look after them if something happens to me? she replies. If anything bad is going to happen, it is generally happens to me. Who would look after my sons?

But eventually she came to realise her probabilities were worse without surgery. Who would look after the sons if she died from a stroke or heart attack as a result of her weight?


Claire Browell. Photo: Murdo Macleod for the Guardian

Stevens says bariatric surgery is not the answer for all 1.4 million people who are severely obese. It would cost PS8. 4bn same to the pledged government increase in the NHS budget by 2021. It could bankrupt the health service. The rebuttal, he mentions, has to lie upstream. We have to prevent obesity in the first place.

Everington concurs. It should begin with children and breastfeeding, which safeguards infants against excessive weight addition. In academies, the GP suggests, I personally think health should be a obligatory part of the curriculum, ahead of maths and English. What is more relevant in life than health? I simply miss my kids to be happy and healthy. So all children should be taught cooking throughout their institution career, and they need to run about much more. He cites the Stirling primary school that cut its obesity charge to zeroby instituting a one-mile run or step every day for all staff and pupils.

Outside school, we need safe round thoroughfares( Tower Hamlets is building them ), commons and restrictions on new takeaways. The existing level cannot be closed. And, articulates Everington, GP patterns, schools and other “communitys institutions” must all is quite clear that they are well placed to help changeour themes about the direction we live and its impact on our health. A cultural displacement placed us off down this road. There needs to be another.

Sarah Boseley is the author of The Shape Were In: how junk food and diets are lessening our lives, is issued by Guardian Faber .

Awesome Negrito: the drug-dealing hustler who became Bernie Sanders’ favourite bluesman


When he realised his life of handguns, spears and hustling was getting too dangerous, Fantastic Negrito thrived his sideburns long and gatecrashed music school

You wanna hear my theft tactics? answers the rangy 48 -year-old sitting opposite me in a Soho ramen live. Id make friends with the minor that was not that favourite. Id go to his house. Id find a live key and privately make a imitation. Then Id find out the schedule of their own families. Then, when they were proceeded, Id prepare my move. I was that kind of robber.

Ask Xavier Dphrepaulezz( its pronounced dee-FREP-ah-lez) about any of his past lives including his teenage years of inessential misdemeanour while in foster care and he has a lane of taking you to the heart of the action. His narrative is, by any criteria, extraordinary, and the gratification he derives from sharing it is infectious.

The singer, who describes himself as a lifelong hustler, territory in London this morning for the first time in a decade. Last time he was here, long before its most recent incarnation as Fantastic Negrito, he was briefly the blue-haired frontman of Blood Sugar X, a psychotic Cali-funk-punk collective in the habit of stripes like Bad Brains and Fishbone. Ten years earlier, he was simply Xavier, peddling innocuous MTV funk before a vehicle gate-crash gave him in a coma for three weeks and laid his papa sun ideals to consume. Far from distancing himself from all these personas, Dphrepaulezz places his phone on the table and Googles them for you, lest you thoughts he has anything to hide.

After half a lifetime spent chasing a break-dance, Dphrepaulezzs luck shifted where reference is stopped trying. To start with, there was the DIY video for his song Lost in a Crowd, which last year witnessed off more than 7,000 allcomers to prevail the National Public Radio( NPR) Tiny Desk competition. He was railroaded into submitting the ballad by the other members of Blackball Universe, the Californian prowess cooperative he co-founded to create a design of mutual assistance among struggling black artists. Dphrepaulezzs prize was the chance to follow in the steps of Adele and Florence and the Machine and preserve a concerted effort for NPR.

Watch Fantastic Negrito perform Scary Woman

One person who connected with Dphrepaulezzs pressing off-colors letters was Bernie Sanders. Its easy to encounter why a man leading for the Democratic presidential nomination on a leftwing ticket might seize on, add, a ballad called Working Poor. When Sanders heard it, he enlisted Dphrepaulezz to play at events all over the primaries in New Hampshire and Nevada. On the working day we converge, the vocalist will be rafter across the US, thanks to a action in Foxs music industry drama Empire. Thats Fantastic Negrito you are eligible to hear on Ron Perlmans Amazon series Hand of God: the shows theme song is the battle-weary testifying of An Honest Man.

Dphrepaulezz seems as much a bemused onlooker as those participating in the events of his life. The first time he heard any of the blues registers that inform Fantastic Negritos debut album, The Last Days of Oakland, their concerns seemed a world-wide away from his own. Aged eight, Dphrepaulezz was visiting relatives in south Virginia. The music playing in their live bore as little relevant to his life as the classical-pop registers favoured by “his fathers” a half-Somalian, half-Caribbean restaurateur born in 1905. Until persons under the age of 12, residence for Dphrepaulezz and his 14 siblings was rural Massachusetts. My daddy was a strict Muslim. He had a lot of rules, he recollects. You likely have to be strict, I show, if youre heightening 15 minors. Well, he hits back, he wasnt strict when he was manufacturing them.

When their own families moved to California in 1979, setting up residence across the inlet from San Francisco in Oakland, they were in effect releasing him into the wildernes. Gang-controlled drug-dealing had introduced the city to the brink of lawlessness. Tackled by this blowup of counterculture hip-hop, thrash metal and punk all gratify in one location Dphrepaulezz shaped new friends, left home and didnt come back.

We were all selling doses, man. We all carried pistols. There was a crack epidemic. Largely, I was small-time. I was the type of minor who would sell phony weed, shit like that. Sometimes I would use tea. What was it that the Beatles would inhale from a pipe in order to attempt to get high? Typhoid? Typhoo tea? Thats the shit!

Dphrepaulezzs saving grace was that, even as a teenage drug-dealer, he forestalled ingesting anything heavier than weed. This season, invested pinballing between foster families, seems to have hardened his political mentality. As long as we have have predatory capitalism, he answers, well have handguns, because the handgun industry adores to make money out of handguns. They dont upkeep if brats expire. What concerns them is profit.

Dphrepaulezz rarely get emotional when going over these distant storages. But the deaths among Prince is another matter. His Dirty Mind album changed everything for me, he answers, momentarily faltering. Someone told me he was self-taught and that opened the door for me. I was 18 and going into hardship. I was guessing, What can I do thats safe? So I started schooling myself how to play.

His method was nothing if not cunning. He thrived long sideburns and pretended to be a student at the University of Berkeley. Taking the 40 -minute bus razz north every day, he would head for its music chambers, imitation students as they performed their magnitudes. By day, he was not quite a student; by night, he was not quite a crook. The realisation that he was small-time called where reference is and his sidekicks bought some firearms from a gang, who returned to their live, comprised Dphrepaulezz at knifepoint and took the rest of their coin. The next day I went out. I hitchhiked to LA with $100 and a keyboard.

There, Dphrepaulezz was amazed was discovered that a decade of hustling had been the perfect music business apprenticeship. A is being dealt with Princes former manager was followed in 1993 by a$ 1m is being dealt with Interscope, which he nearly instantaneously regretted. Released in 1996, Xaviers passable debut album The X-Factor pleased neither himself nor his hit-hungry paymasters. Three years of limbo ensued, which were interrupted one Thanksgiving evening. Dphrepaulezzs car was hit by a drunk operator who loped a red light. I fishtailed and wheeled over four paths of transaction. The first thing he recollects after waking up 3 weeks later was the superstar of having a beard not that they are able to elevate his arms to feel it. The collision had interrupted both his arms and his legs, leaving his strumming hand mangled.

Fantastic Negrito appears on Empire

Far from transporting him into freefall, Dphrepaulezz answers the gate-crash exhausted him. Interscope concluded his contract and Dphrepaulezz reverted to the only other thing he knew: the hustle. Discovering that the only nightclubbing opportunities in LA implied $20 for parking, $20 to get in, and at least $20 when youre in, I altered the repository where I lived in South Central into an illegal nightclub. I knocked down a few walls and built a prohibit that examined various kinds of like a pimps-from-outer-space concept. Velvet movie theatre fannies. A hot tub on the roof. Nude organization painting.

When Club Bingo wasnt compensating emcee to a clientele that included Alicia Silverstone, Mike Tyson and Eric Bent, its builder was working under a bewildering display of alter ego among them Chocolate Butterfly, Me and This Japanese Guy and the aforementioned Blood Sugar X and licensing material to film and TV shows.

When he and his Japanese partner had a son, he stopped looking for further incarnations, sold all of his material except for one guitar, gotta go back to Oakland and bought himself a smallholding with no greater strategy than to supplement his publishing royalties by flourishing medical marijuana and snacking homegrown corn, tomatoes and freshly laid eggs.

Five years had elapsed since he last-place played his guitar. His paws were still crooked from the accident, but he had just enough mobility to play a G chord for his son in an attempt to stop him from crying. His entire look changed, recalls the proud father. He learned the Beatles Across the Universe and played it to him every night for a year.

With that called a slew of brand-new anthems, advised this time by the blues registers that had bewildered him on that childhood vacation in Virginia. In the midriff of the conflict between me myself and lies/ I witnessed beings die for nothing/ I sold coke to hungry sees, led his first ballad, Night Transformed to Day. Together with Malcolm Spellman, his longtime Oakland friend who would go on to write Empire, Dphrepaulezz threw his publishing royalties into the Oakland art gallery, description and inventive seat that became their Blackball Universe cooperative. Within strolling interval is the Blues Walk of Fame, which commemorates musicians who legislated through the city in its pre-gentrification eras. Black roots music is part of our narrative here, answers Dphrepaulezz. Our skill comes from their struggle. You think of that and you stay humble.

But to really understand why Dphrepaulezz is now attaining, you have to see him in action. A few days later, at Londons Rough Trade East, near the end of an electrifying action, he plays Lost in the Crowd. As his clawed hand plays the last chord, he slackens his cervix relationship, bends into the mic and revisits its inception. My collective bellows me a narcissist, he tells the crowd. They were like, Will you stop writing about yourself? Exit look at beings! Search around! Arent beings interesting to you? So they mailed me off to Berkeley, San Francisco, and told me to watch beings for a day. Just sit and watch. So thats what I did. And thats what this song is.

Its surely no surprise that Dphrepaulezz find his own prices reflected in those of Sanders. It was the collective capability of a wider radical that propelled Fantastic Negrito on to the world, while the predatory capitalism against which he rails nearly claimed him before he reached adulthood. Back at the ramen live, he tries one more time to make sense of the past few years. I envisaged my narrative was over. But that was when I realised I finally had a narrative to tell and it seems to remind people of their own story.

The Last Days of Oakland is out now on Blackball Universe

Alphabet joins Amazon with stocks trading over $1000


Alphabet stocks began trading at just over $1,000 today
Image: Lennihan/AP/REX/Shutterstock

What could you buy with $1,000? A new MacBook? A pair of Louboutins? How about one share of Alphabet stock?

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, crossed a major threshold Monday by passing $1,000 per share, just six days after Amazon reached the same milestone.

It’s nothing to sneeze at; only one other stock on the S&P 500 index (Priceline) has a stock price in the quadruple digits. Alphabet’s stock price has been surging this year, and the company’s market value, about $680 billion, is second only to Apple.

So, why is Alphabet’s stock experiencing such a boom? The success is due in large part to the continued dominance of Google’s search engine (obviously), and the ad revenue that comes with it. Alphabet’s other bets, including driverless car company Waymo and connected device marker Nest, are also experiencing an uptick in profits.

Android and YouTube are also starting to pull in more capital for the company as well, despite predictions that YouTube would lose anywhere from $750 million to $1 billion of projected profit after its ad controversy earlier this year.

Looks like investors didn’t have much to worry about after all.

Congrats Alphabet! Welcome to the club.

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Enderby automobile disintegrate organization was schoolgirl Megan Bannister – BBC News

Image copyright Family handout
Image caption Megan Bannister’s family said she was bright, cunning and responsible

A teenager whose mas was found in the back of a auto following a gate-crash with a motorbike has been reputation by police.

Megan Bannister, 16, from Leicester, was dead before the collision between a auto and a motorbike in Enderby, Leicestershire, on Sunday, announced police.

The force announced a post-mortem test was inconclusive, but it revealed her traumata were not consistent with a gate-crash.

Two gentlemen, aged 27 and 28, have been arrested on suspicion of slaying.

Updates on this history and more from the East Midlands

Megan were attributed to take the first of her GCSE exams on Tuesday, said her school. She wanted to become a midwife.

Her family said in a statement: “Megan was our beautiful, talented, loving daughter and sister, and our centers have been utterly violated by her death.

“The believed to be life without Megan is hopeless to imagine, and we cannot adequately express in statements the feeling of numbness and overwhelming remorse we appear at her loss.

Image caption Megan attended Wigston College, which is part of the Wigston Establishment Trust

“She was bright, cunning, and a responsible person who loved her family and her many friends.

“She had a strong self-will and had given her soul on training to becoming a midwife.

“Knowing how self-confident and specified she was, we have no doubt she would have realised that dream.”

Image copyright Google
Image caption Two gentlemen, aged 27 and 28, have been arrested on suspicion of slaying

Wigston College, where Megan was a student, said in a statement: “Megan was funny, friendly and good.

“She was popular and had a wide range of friends. She liked beings and they liked her and this is how we will remember her.

“Our contemplates are much with their own families at this impossibly difficult time.”

Illinois man jumps into moving car to save a stranger’s life: See the video


An Illinois man risked his own safety to help a complete stranger suffering a seizure, and it’s all caught on dash cam.

Video from the Dixon Police department shows a car running a red light at low speed, heading into oncoming traffic.

The driver was suffering a seizure. That’s when Randy Tompkins jumpedout of his pickup truck and dove through the passenger window. Tompkins stopped the car in its tracks.

Later on Facebook, Tompkins wrote: “Wow I just saved this guy’s life in the blue car i jumped in his car he was having a seizure at the wheel the cops said they saw me jump in his window like dukes of Hazzard it was crazy I saw him coming at me so I backed up real fast to the side and jumped out and jumped in his car to stop it wow my adrenaline is still going.”

When some critics on Twitter questioned why the Dixon police officers who were in the car behind the ill driver did not try to help him more quickly, police tweeted: “Yes, because in the 10 seconds we were behind the car we could see with our x-ray vision the driver was seizing and let him keep driving.”

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Has the world gone mad? The $215,000 extra for a clock in the new Bentley Bentayga SUV


( Bentley)

And you thought $150 for flooring mats was a bit rich.

British brand Bentley has unveiled “the worlds” most expensive vehicle supplement: a built-in Breitling clock for the dashboard.

At nearly $215,000 dollars on top of the cars $320,000 price tag its enough to buy a brand-new Porsche, with some change.

Proving that some buyers do have more coin than appreciation, there is already a digital clock on the cars instrument display.

The Breitling supplementary is an option on “the worlds” most expensive SUV, the brand-new Bentley Bentayga, due in Australian showrooms in April.

Bentley allegations Breitling is simply improve four of these particular in-car clocks each year, and two are already sold.

Bentley would not disclose if any Australian clients had prescribed the special timepiece, which is made of amber and uses diamonds for the index.

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Viola Beach claim posthumous number one album – BBC News

Image caption Viola Beach were killed in a vehicle crash as they jaunted back from a carnival in Sweden

Indie band Viola Beach have scored a number one album plot, six months after they were killed in a vehicle crash.

The self-titled entry was compiled by the band’s families, expending live hearings and studio tapes, many of which were originally bound for an EP.

It outsold the number two album, ELO’s All Over The World, The More good Of, by about 6,000 copies, said the Official Chart Company.

“I’m in outrage, ” said Finn Reeves, whose brother River was the band’s guitarist.

“I think they’d be absolutely thrilled. I can see the smiles on their faces.

“They made this happen. They did the hard work.”

Viola Beach consisted of singer Kris Leonard, guitarist River, bassist Tomas Lowe and drummer Jack Dakin.

All four members of the Warrington band and their manager Craig Tarry died when their vehicle plunged into a canal in Sweden in February.

Media caption“They are with us today” – relatives of Viola Beach react to report their album is number one in the album plot

The families of the band said: “The dreadful environment that fulfilled Viola Beach and their manager Craig that momentous night in Sweden will not now define their lives.

“What will now define their lives and what they will be remembered for, forever, is the music they were so enthusiastic about forming together.

“For that, we will be eternally humbled and ever thankful to every single person who, by buying this glorious album, has invested in their long-lasting musical legacy.”

Viola Beach had been endorse by BBC Introducing, who invited them to play the Reading and Leeds carnivals last year.

The young band’s first single Swings& Waterslides reached multitude 11 in the wake of the tragedy, while Coldplay paid tribute by performing their chant Boys That Sing at Glastonbury, intimating at what the future might have deemed.

Media captionViola Beach romp Swings& Waterslides in seminar for BBC Introducing

‘Legacy lives on’

“They were just so talented and they had so much better going for them, ” said Loren Dakin, elder sister of drummer Jack.

“If they would have come home from this, it would have just snowballed from there. They would have established it.”

She said listening to the album took her back to the saloon and teams where she watched Viola Beach romp as they started to gain a foothold in the music industry.

“It’s very sad – but it’s also beautiful, ” she said. “I can listen my brother drumming, I can listen Chris singing. It’s like their legacy lives on.

“Sometimes I am fairly damaging with the music, because I’ll listen to it when I’m sad and it’ll constitute me feel worse.

“But a lot of experiences I’ll listen to it with acquaintances or when I’m in an upbeat climate and it’s beautiful. It’s great music and they craved everyone to hear it.”

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