The suffering house of a papa and child killed in a gondola disintegrate were shocked when hardcore porn was accidentally played at the funeral.

Simon Lewis, 33, and Simon Lewis Jr died after a head-on crash on New Years Eve on Lamby Way in Cardiff, Wales.

Lewis wife Amanda, who was also in the car, was pregnant with Simon Lewis Jr. She caused delivery by disaster caesarean section three days after the gate-crash, but the son did not survive.

The couple, who was married for about seven years, also had a daughter.

Hundreds of mourners were left stunned after the video was played during the service at Cardiffs Thornhill Crematorium on Wednesday.

It was utterly outraging, the priest turned around to play the video of Simon, but instead a hard-core porn video was played on the big screen, one mourner told Wales Online.

Everyone was in shock, Simons father-in-law was frantic, he screamed at all staff members present and told them to become it off.

It took them nearly four minutes to turn it off, parties couldnt believe what they were seeing.

To the pastors credit he administered it extremely well. He rationalized on behalf of the members of Cardiff Council and said that in 30 years of doing the job, he had never seen such filth.

Reverend Lionel Fanthorpe, who led the service, described the moment the footage appeared on screen.

I look at my gatherings instead of the TV screen, but when I hear this noise and representatives from the parish moving towards the screen, I recognise something was wrong, he said.

This was not what anybody could have ever imagined or missed. Thankfully an architect came to fix it and switch it off. It seems to be some kind of electronic accident.

Cardiff Council, which leads the crematorium, has apologized for the incident and said it will be propelling an investigation.

There were four television screens used to expose visual tributes as part of this funeral service, a spokeswoman said.

The television screen which demonstrated the inappropriate content was lately invested, replacing a screen which was broken.

We are trying to establish if the new screen which is a smart television could have accepted or picked up a broadcast by coincidence via Bluetooth or across a Wi-Fi network. The other three screens, which arent smart TVs, were unaffected.

The spokeswoman said the screen will remain disconnected until audio visual engineers carry out a thorough investigation.

We would like to take this opportunity to send our sincere justifications to the family and to the mourners at the funeral, she added.

Funeral directors James Summers& Son have also apologized for the incident.

Meanwhile, a man is due to face tribunal charged with an offence making the deaths by hazardous driving of Lewis and his son.

Kyle Kennedy, 29, of Cardiff, will appear at the citys crown courtroom next month.

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