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‘What’s mum got to get depressed about? ‘ – BBC News

Image copyright Bruce Turner

Bruce Turner’s mum Tina was diagnosed with hollow in 1990 and was hospitalised many times throughout his childhood. Now, at 20 years old, he still contends to understand her situation.

If “youve met” my mum you would think she used the life and soul of the working party. She’s self-confident, full of energy and charisma, but she lives with hollow and where reference is strikes she is none of those things.

In those times she becomes scared and unstable, encounters the worst in situations, and her they are able to enjoy and display pity is taken away. She’ll slammed herself off from the world and won’t get out of bed or speak to anyone for weeks.

It strips her of spirit – so if someone knocked on the door and told her she had won the gamble or their own children had died in a automobile disintegrate, her action would be the same.

I’ve been surrounded by mental illness my entire living and, though I still live at home with my parents in Wilmslow near Manchester, I still can’t get my chief around it.

The first time mum’s depression altered me was when I was about nine, but it was secreted quite well from me, my twinned sister Millie and my younger brother, Jake.

Mum was admitted to infirmary. Dad told us she was poorly but we didn’t understand what was happening. He announced, which was a real stupor, and when she returned he told us to be quiet around the house.

She searched and acted differently. Normally mum was very glamorous but she became a darknes of herself, she stayed in her bedroom and was always in night-wear. Mum has since told me it took all her willpower to even go to the bathroom back then.

Image copyright Bruce Turner

It was a shock to interpreted her so abandoned and she was scared of the people she adoration “the worlds largest”. When her three children were tittering, it would communicate her into a hysterium and sleep became the only era the beasts faded. She often hoped she wouldn’t wake up.

As progenies we went to youth club every Friday. Mum would never take us because she wasn’t “well” so we would ever go with friends.

One Friday night, after she was exhausted from infirmary, she came to pick us up. It was astonishing. I looked at her and thought she was back to ordinary again, but it was only the beginning of her retrieval.

She responds she dreaded doing the pick-up and it took a huge amount of heroism that night.

As we grew up our grandparents continue family life as ordinary as is practicable. Millie now plays football for England and Bristol City WFC and my younger brother, Jake, 18, is a goalkeeper for Bolton Wanderers.

Despite everything, they never missed a practice seminar. Mum has said if she thought her illness had affected us in any way it would have stimulated her battle worse.

Mum has long periods of wellness but, when I was 16, the depression returned and I met it is difficult to cope with.

Image copyright Bruce Turner

This time I knew what was coming but the more I understood, the more I fretted, and I was dreadful that other beings wouldn’t understand.

I threw a defy face on at academy and whenever anyone asked I would say mum was “fine” or treat the truth by saying she had a physical illness.

At that age I ascertained it hard to understand developments in the situation and I was angry. She was admitted to hospital again and again and there was something about not being able to see anything physically wrong with her that reached me question whether it was really there at all.

I thought: “What has mum got to get depressed about? She lives in a nice room with a nice family and working is financially stable.” I didn’t understand how “being sad” could be an illness and would make flippant mentions about how she should just “pull herself together”.

The provokes for mum’s feeling are difficult to understand. She lost a few close family members which she anticipates altered her, but she also says one major episode came as watching the cinema Ray, about the blind pattern and blues musician Ray Charles. It chimes surprising that she could be affected by a film like this, but she said it burst her heart and tip-off her over the edge.

Image copyright Getty Images/ Shutterstock

The pain caused by depression within their own families is enormous, but it’s brought us closer.

It has established me appreciate every opportunity I receive, although I also live with the constant fear of when or if she’ll have another episode.

Mum, who’s 49, is currently well and we hope it remains that channel for as long as possible, but the feeling of its income never going on around here.

The speedy fade-out of the person you enjoy is also possible agonizing and frustrating. It’s the fact they are facing the darkest combat and there is nothing you can do.

I visualize the stigma surrounding mental health needs to be improved and it should be considered like any physical illness. Ignorance can’t be acceptable for an illness where suicide could be the ultimate pain.

If depression alters person you should smother them with cherish, acknowledge the fight and be there for them. Transmit them a “get well soon” poster to let them know you’re thinking about them.

After 20 years of living alongside mum’s battle, I still don’t wholly understand hollow, but I’m getting there.

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    Woods praised the police, firefighters, tow truck drivers and everyone else who helped him.

    Escaped Georgia inmates captured in Tennessee after chase


    (CNN)Two inmates from Georgia suspected of killing two corrections officers in an escape from a prisoner bus this week have been captured after a chase in Tennessee that involved gunfire, authorities said Thursday.

    Donnie Russell Rowe, 43, and Ricky Dubose, 24, were taken into custody after two armed residents held them at gunpoint after they tried to steal a car from a home near the site where they left a wrecked Jeep Cherokee on Interstate 24, Lt. Bill Miller from the Tennessee Highway Patrol said late Friday.
    The wreck followed a chase in which the escapees fired on Rutherford County deputies. Several SUVs were hit, but no one was injured, Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh said.
      The capture put an end to a multistate manhunt that lasted nearly 60 hours after the inmates escaped Tuesday morning in Putnam County in central Georgia.
      While they were on the run, the pair allegedly stole five vehicles, robbed two homes, tied up and terrorized an elderly couple, and led police on a chase where speeds reached 100 mph.
      Miller said the 10-mile chase Thursday on I-24 south of Nashville was hundreds of miles from where they escaped.
      In Georgia, Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills told reporters no one was wounded and the inmates gave up after about 15 minutes in the trees beside Interstate 24.
      “I’m happy. I’m elated, but I’m still tremendously sad about these (deceased) officers,” Sills said about the capture nearly 60 hours
      Sills said Dubose and Rowe ditched a truck they stole in Madison, Georgia, about 260 miles away in Moore County in Tennessee on Thursday. There the two apparently stole a car, which they drove to a house in Bedford County. They robbed an elderly couple there and stole another vehicle.
      Law enforcement officers saw that stolen vehicle and a chase ensued until the escapees crashed and ran from the wreck.
      Shots were fired, authorities said.
      Dubose and Rowe ran from the vehicle to the woods. They were discovered by a homeowner who called his neighbor and they each grabbed a gun. The fugitives lost their weapons in the crash and surrendered, authorities said.

      Tuesday escape

      Rowe and Dubose were on a state corrections bus with 31 other prisoners Tuesday morning when the two somehow got out of what should have been a locked, gated rear section of the bus, police said.
      The men entered the driver’s compartment, overpowered and disarmed Officers Christopher Monica and Curtis Billue while the bus was on State Route 16 between Eatonton and Sparta, police said.
      At least one of the escapees shot and killed the officers, authorities said.
      Monica, 42, a sergeant, worked for the department for almost eight years and leaves a wife. Billue, 58, a 10-year employee, is survived by his father, brother and sister, Georgia Department of Corrections Commissioner Greg Dozier said.
      Rowe was serving a sentence of up to life in prison for armed robbery and aggravated assault in a 2001 case.
      Dubose was sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for armed robbery, aggravated assault and theft in 2014. He also was convicted of theft and identity fraud in cases from August 2010.
      They most recently were housed at Baldwin State Prison near Milledgeville. They and the other prisoners were being transported Tuesday to the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison, some 45 miles west of Eatonton.
      The other prisoners on the bus Tuesday were taken to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and put on another corrections department bus.

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      The Powerball Jackpot Is Large Than The Economy Of A Small Nation


      The multi-state Powerball lottery describing on Saturday will result in a $700 -million payout, shaping it the most significant U.S. raffle jackpot in history.

      How much is $700 million?

      Here are some eye-popping qualities of comparison:

      1. It is more than the gross domestic product of nine different countries.

      The sum value of all goods and services produced in each of these countries is less than $700 million:



      The Federated State of Micronesia


      The Marshall Islands


      Sao Tome and Principe



      Rep. Darrell Issa( R-Calif .) may be the wealthiest is part of Congress, but his fortune does not hold a candle to the record $700 million Powerball jackpot.

      Cop Spends Halloween With Kids After Their Mothers Die In Tragic Crash


      A state trooper took some girls out for Halloween fun upon discovering their parents died.

      Nathan Bradley of the Georgia State Patrol responded to a car accident on October 31, he wrote on Facebook.

      A mother and father were killed, and it was up to Bradley to break the news to their four children, CNN reports.

      He went to their Morgan County, Georgia house and found the parents’ 13 -year-old sondressed as Freddy Krueger, 10 -year-old daughterin a vampire costume, 8-year-old son as awizard and 6-year-old sondressed as a Ninja Turtle.

      But before Bradleycould explain what happened, hediscovered the children’s closest relative was a grandmother who lived in south Florida.

      It would take her seven hours to get there, meaningthe children were in Bradley’s custody.

      On Facebook, Bradley wrote,

      I instantly fell ill. Not merely would these children discover they lost both parents, but would expend their Halloween in a county incarcerate until soul could tend to them; it simply wasn’t right … I wanted to preserve these kids’ Halloween and the ones to come.

      Bradley asked the deputy coroner, who was with him at the children’s room, for endorsement to look after the four children until their grandmother arrived, and the request was granted.

      So, he didn’t tell the children and took them to eat at McDonald’s and Burger King, sayingthey were going out to meet their grandmother.

      The girls gleefully chatted with the trooper about their passion of “Law& Order: Special Victims Unit, ” their father’s eight years of military service and being homeschooled by their parents.

      Bradley then took the children on a tour of his post where they watched the movie “Monster House” and were greeted by three local residents who heard about the gate-crash and raised sugar, toys and more movies.

      The sheriff of Morgan County too called and opened the oldest babe a miniature deputy’s badge.

      When it was time for bed, Bradley asked the girls if they’d like to sleep in the post’s bedrooms until their grandmother came.

      After being tucked into bed, Bradley said the 10 -year-oldtold him,

      You transformed an F-Minus day into an -APlus night!

      The girls found out about their parents the following morning.

      It will cost $ 7,000 to haul the victims’ was continuing to Florida, so Bradley started a GoFundMe page on Tuesday to cover the funeral costs.

      By Thursday, over $210,000 wasraised.

      Of the kids, Bradley told WSB-TV,

      I care a lot about them and I want to watch them attain. I don’t crave this misfortune to shadow the rest of their lives.

      He said he plans to stay in touch with the children.

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      Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore pronounces 51 -year-old Jason “Jace” Alexander pleaded guilty Tuesday to promoting a sexual conduct by “childrens and” owning an obscene concert by a child.

      Prosecutors announce digital documents depicting children engaged in sexual congress were found on computers at the director’s Dobbs Ferry, New York, home.

      He could face up to seven years in prison when he is sentenced on May 3.

      Alexander had directed more than a dozen episodes of “Law& Order” since the mid-1 990 s. He too did work on “The Blacklist” and “Rescue Me.”

      Celebrity Mugshots

      Celebrity Mugshots

      Police launch criminal inquiry into Grenfell Tower blaze


      Calls made for ban on cladding used on building as it emerges similar materials are illegal in the USGrenfell Tower fire latest updates

      Police have launched a criminal inquiry into the Grenfell Tower blaze as it emerged that cladding panels similar to those likely to have been used on the 24-storey building have been widely prohibited on tall buildings in the US since 2012.

      Under the US building code, the use of metal composite panels without a fire-retardant core has been banned since 2012 on buildings over 50ft (15 metres) tall in various circumstances including where exterior walls are required to have a fire-resistance rating, as well as in restaurants, care homes, hospitals and concert halls.

      The death toll from the fire currently stands at 17, and police have said it will rise. Of the injured, 30 people remain in hospital, 15 of whom are critically ill.

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      Richard Hammond is ‘not dead’ after fiery gate-crash during filming for ‘The Grand Tour’


      Richard Hammond is back to his joking self after a fiery automobile accident in Switzerland on Saturday.

      The Grand Tour host posted an upbeat video named Im not dead from his hospital bed thanking supportive fans, the emergency and medical personnel that expedited him, and co-host James May for sidling him a bottle of gin.

      Hammond was filming a segment for the Amazon show that involved him driving an electric Rimac Concept One in a mound climbing episode in the town of Hemberg when he lost govern of the 1,088 hp supercar, gate-crashed through a picket rail and threw it down the side of the hill, where it purposed up sitting on its roof.

      The incident and its consequence were captivated on video.

      The 47 -year-old was dragged free simply minutes before the million-dollar automobile burst into flames, according to May.

      While calling Hammond in research hospitals, May did the world a privilege and gathered the plug out, but he was still working.

      Hammond was involved in an even more spectacular accident in 2006 where reference is flipped a rocket-powered lag racer at an airfield and suffered material psyche hurt that gave him into a coma for two weeks.

      The wedded parent of two was airlifted to the hospital in accordance with the gate-crash and will be operated on for a fractured knee before being released.

      The accident will likely be featured in Season 2 of “The Grand Tour” when it debuts this October.

      The Sustainable City: Is off-grid living the way forward for Dubai?


      (CNN)The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will not run out of oil any time soon. According to the most recent data set available, the Emirates has proven reserves equivalent to 98 billion barrels — enough for the nation to rank seventh globally.

      According to World Bank figures, the UAE consumes 18.4 tons of CO2 per capita per year — nearly four times higher than the global average. But the nation is moving away from crude solutions and swapping them for ones of the eco variety.
      In January, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai and UAE vice president, announced a new energy strategy and $163 billion of investment in alternative energy over the next three decades.
        These changes, taking place on a macro level, will gradually transform Dubai. The Emirates’ aim is to produce 50% clean energy by 2050 — 44% of that from renewables — and increase energy efficiency by 40%.
        The UAE has already embarked on huge government-funded green housing projects — Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, for example, has funding commitments of $15 billion. But private companies are also playing a part.
        Dubai-based developer and civil engineer Faris Saeed is already working on a model of what future “green” communities might look like. His company Diamond Developers has constructed The Sustainable City, a 2-million square foot off-grid complex built to consume zero net energy — the first of its kind in the emirate, the company claims.

        Sunshine city

          Can the ‘City of Wonders’ become sustainable?

        The Sustainable City’s 500 homes, located 18 miles from Dubai City, are powered by solar panels capable of achieving 10 mega-watts at their peak.
        Regional expert and author Jim Krane says Dubai’s “300-plus sunny days a year” make solar energy a “very predictable resource.” Yet while the rooftops soak up rays, houses are orientated to avoid direct sunlight inside, keeping interiors cool.
        As part of the community’s award-winning model, all water is recycled on site, the complex is car-free, and the community grows its own vegetables between 11 biome greenhouses.
        On top of this, the site features a 161,000-square foot plaza with retail space, offices and eateries.
        “We created … a DNA for sustainability where we deal with the social, environmental and economical (at) the same time,” says Saeed.

        Global inspiration

        “We have never claimed that we invented anything here,” Saeed adds of The Sustainable City. “It’s the way of thinking, the creative way of linking things together.”

        Going green

        To succeed, citizens need to commit to such projects. But it’s possible, even in places that were not built from the ground up to be eco-friendly. Places like Sonderborg, Denmark.
        The city has implemented ProjectZero, a plan to transform itself into a zero-carbon locale by 2029. Using 2007 as a baseline, the 76,000-strong population has already cut emissions by 35% by introducing high-tech solutions including electric vehicle charging points, but also education programs to help citizens make greener choices.
        Education is also one of Saeed’s goals. He plans to build a school at The Sustainable City to teach future generations about the impact of sustainability. “We developers have a lot of things to do and we have a huge impact we can make,” he argues.
        Buying a slice of sustainable living in Dubai isn’t cheap. House prices at The Sustainable City start at $1 million, but so far two thirds of the properties have been sold, while others are rented.
        “Developers are afraid always from the extra cost, and people will not afford or people won’t buy their products,” Saeed argues.
        “We’re trying to prove here that you can make your profits … and still you can do something which you will be proud of, your kids will be proud of, and all the world will like it.”

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