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Jerry Seinfeld and the $121,000 Beetle


Thank you, crazy car people! exclaimed Jerry Seinfeld as he stepped on stagecoach at todays Gooding& Company auction. Next to Sundays Amelia Island Concours, the Seinfeld show was the weekends most eagerly awaited happen. The Show was a lot of 18 autoes mainly Porsches that the humorist was selling from his collection.

By 1 p.m. on Friday, the great Gooding tent braced a standing-room-only crowd. The portable air conditioners were incapable of overcoming the human rights hot loading, so people stood there, fanning themselves and waiting for the personality. Seinfeld did not baffle. His opening position draw applause as did the follow up explanation. I wanted to be with here with you, he alleged, with the people who enjoy these autoes. I want to see joy on the faces of the acquiring bidders. If it could have, the crowd would have hugged him and then kissed him when he alleged, Im not a collector to make money.

Auctioneer Charlie Ross, a sharp-witted Brit who knows how to work a crowd, pounced on Seinfelds warmup act and alleged, OK tribes, he wants to see that excitement when you conjure the paddle, so tells become. As the first car, a 1966 Porsche 911 drove on stagecoach, he reminded bidders that each car sold includes a scene with the superstar. Seinfeld stepped off stagecoach , not to be seen again.

5 autoes at Amelia Island that you’ll possibly never seen again

Brian Rabold, Hagertys VP of Valuation Services, was standing next to me so I asked him whats the Seinfeld Multiple. In other statements, how much more is a car value because it was owned by Jerry Seinfeld. Twenty-five percent, he killed back and then twinkled a knowing grinning. The reality is that the multiple is difficult to nail. A car simply owned by Steve McQueen might fetch redouble the disappearing importance, but if the machine was formerly coveted by the actor it could be worth 10 experiences the disappearing importance. Rabolds team tracks these auctions intently and has been to dozens of auctions. Theres provenance in personality ownership, but how much?

Lot No. 31, that 911, offered the first clue. It sold for $275,000, which is now being $75,000 more than than the Hagerty Price Guide shows the car is merit. The next car, a 2011 911 Speedster fetched a similarly robust cost, $440,000, 10 percent over the high-pitched estimate.

Seinfelds good news remained running. A 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder retrieved $5.3 million, a 1957 Speedster hammered at $682,000 high again and a 1974 911 RSR sold for $2.3 million, nearly a million over the high-pitched approximate. In the cover of an hour, eight autoes had sold for a total of approximately 11 billion dollars. Mr. Seinfeld is surely the master of his domain.

There were nonetheless, glitches. A 1963 356 B 2000 GS netted $825,000, hundreds of thousands lower than the low-grade approximate. The crowd, it seemed, had succumbed to the hot. I discerned an exotic-looking wife containing a toy dog tread among a small group manager for the depart. That was a good buy, alleged Rabold. Theres ever an upside.

Next, a 2000 Carrera GT prototype was bid to a million and then unexpectedly stopped. The low-grade approximate was $1.5 million. Auctioneer Ross became apoplectic, repeating ONE MILLLLLION DOLLARS, and sounding just like Dr. Evil. The crowd was indifferent and the GT was not sold.

The 1997 911 RSR extended for $935,000, which detected ignite. And then the car Id personally sold a kidney for shown, a 1973 Porsche 917/30 Can Am Spyder. Ross started at three million, two million below the low-grade approximate. The paddles stayed still. Ross drooped the dictation to $2.8 million and waited, thoughts perhaps to stare down the crowd. This, he finally alleged, is prodigious. Reckon about this. Im not here to give autoes away. That car, which Seinfeld had obtained four years ago for $4.4 million, does not have any race record. With a race car, provenance is paramount no matter how sinister the engine announces when it idles on the stage. No auction on the block, but the car was afterward sold for$ 3M all in during post-block activity.

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Just when I belief the bidders had moved against Seinfeld, a 1960 VW Beetle trundled up the podium. The Hagerty Price Guide says that the best Beetle might go for 30 magnificent. Person bought Jerrys for $121,000. Are Beetles now the next enormous arbitrage opening? My 401( k) is standing put.

So what does this all symbolize? One auction or one auction does not make a market, which is why the Hagerty Price Guide tracks so many to get a higher-elevation view. Everything here, alleged Hagerty Price Guide Publisher Dave Kinney, is get a little bit of the Seinfeld shine. The personality is known for buying good autoes, so his ownership is a better-than-average stamp.

But what the sale does tell us is that world markets abides strong. Harmonizing to Rabold, 2016 is shaping up to be a coasting year, in that the blue chip autoes with good provenance remain highly valued.

Only one of Seinfelds 18 autoes failed to sell and he pocketed $22.2 million. In two hours.

1966 Porsche 911 Base $ 275,000 2011 Porsche 911 Carrera $440,000 1964 Volkswagen Van Campmobile $99,000 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder $ 5,335, 000 1957 Porsche 356 A Base $ 682,000 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RSR $ 2,310, 000 1989 Porsche 911 Carrera $363,000 1990 Porsche 962 C Base $ 1,650, 000 1963 Porsche 356 B Carrera 2 $825,000 2000 Porsche Carrera GT Base no auction 1997 Porsche 911 Cup3. 8 RSR $935,000 1958 Porsche 597 Base $ 330,000 2012 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup $462,000 1973 Porsche 917/30 Can-Am $ 3,000, 000 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo S $1,017, 500 1958 Porsche 356 A GS/ GT Carrera $1,540, 000 1960 Volkswagen Beetle Base $ 121,000 1959 Porsche 718 RSK $ 2,860, 000

How I Almost Died From Date rape, And Why I Didn’t Report It


Warning: Some readers may find parts of this post to be triggering.

I remember what it was like, the blood on my hands. First I felt it gush onto my auto fanny, warm and soaked. I reached between my legs and stroked the outside of my already saturated jeans. It was dark in the car, and I was confused.

It must be my date, I anticipated. I couldn’t accept any other explanation.

There are many grounds that I shifted the car around and returned to his home. One was that I had over an hour to drive home. I needed a restroom instantly, but I’d be lying if I said that was the real reason.

I was persuasion I had nowhere else to go.

In the months leading up to that night, he expended careful words and actions to ensure my solitude, my remorse. There was blood on my hands. I felt like I was the one to blame.

I left a murderous ruby-red trail in the snowfall as I saw my practice across his garden and up a few flights of stairs. Stepping through the front door and past him into his bathroom, I stood there shuddering, totally unsure of what to do. I could still experience the blood hastening down my legs, warm, real. I remember questioning him what was happening to me.

I anticipated I knew what I craved. Until I didnt. Until things increased, and I was lying naked on his lounge, and it had all happened so fast.

He told me it was no big deal, as he removed my shoes, these are so red-hot, you don’t want to ruin them, as he peeled my jeans- the skin-tight ones he told me countless eras that he favor I wear- from my legs and told me to sit on the toilet.

“I’ve identified a date before, ” he shrugged. He was so calm.

That’s not what this is, my foreman said.

“OK, ” is what I said.

I told myself that I had wanted to have sex with him, and in the beginning I conceive I had. I felt like it was my fault, because I had shown for weeks that I was ready. He saw “i m feeling” advantageous, like I was worth something during a experience when I was otherwise lost. He saw “i m feeling” attractive and interesting. It was the first time in “peoples lives” that I experienced sex, and all of a sudden I was doing things I would never normally have done. I felt myself fooling around with him in his auto on our lunch bursts. I felt myself taking off my panties and siding them to him in broad daylight because he wanted to keep them. I felt myself thinking, how did I get here?

“I made condoms, ” he said.

“I’m not going to have sex with you in your auto, ” I said.

It experienced bad, and part of me would prefer it. He was unbelievably charismatic, drawing attention wherever he went. He was towering, dark and handsome, and everyone knew he craved me. I cherished strolling back into work after going to lunch alone with him and having the other girls stare jealously.

I anticipated the only practice to keep feeling that rush was to give him what he asked for. I was in over my foreman. I was so dependent upon him, so relying of him, and so deeply attracted to him. Our chemistry was indisputable, electric.

That night was our first official time. We went to dinner which is something we shared everything, sitting in a corner booth, hugging like those duos I ever rolled my sees at. When we got back to his apartment he asked me inside, and I said yes. After all, I wasn’t allowed to change my recollection. I anticipated I knew what I wanted.

Until I didn’t.

Until things increased and I was lying naked on his lounge and it had all happened so fast. Until he was attempting to probe me and it hurt.

“No, stop.” I supposed, decreasing away.

The only response I received was an immediate change in position. He grabbed me, flip-flop me onto my hands and knees, and took me from behind. His pushes were vigorous, murderous and it experienced incorrect. It felt like my body was still telling no , no , no, like I was one large-hearted spring, weave as tight as it perhaps could be. I clenched down and froze. There was nothing I could do to change anything because it was already happening.

More importantly, I had asked for it.

And just as quickly as it started, it stopped. “You’re bleeding, ” he supposed, as he stepped away and moved out of the room, still erect. “Are you sure you’re not a virgin? ” He asked, his tone condescending.

“I told you I’ve had sexuality once before.” I experienced defensive, and instantly embarrassed that there were descends of blood on his couch.

“Well, he may have started it, but I finished it, ” he tittered, as I moved into his bathroom and shut the door.

The bleeding seemed normal at first. My period reverted from a few epoches before, I reasoned. But once again, maybe an hour subsequently, I felt myself in that same bathroom. That was after I tried to feign like everything was fine, that I experienced fine. After he asked me to be given foreman because it was my fault he hadn’t finished. I’d done it, to try to cover up how awkward and ashamed I experienced. That was after he put on a recording of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and critiqued the supermodels as I sat next to him, half naked, even though he knew my biography of anorexia nervosa. If they aren’t good enough for him, how could I ever be?

My mind wouldnt allow me to process that something was seriously incorrect. Shock and denial are a deadly combination.

That was after I tried to leave and drag myself home.

I’ll never forget the inside of that bathroom. There was blood everywhere- on me, on him, on the floor. As I sat on the bathroom it moved into the bowl, the torrent so steady it clanged like I was urinating. But my recollection wouldn’t let me process that something was seriously incorrect. Shock and denial are a deadly combination.

It was over an hour before he intimated nonchalantly that research hospitals was right next door, if I actually thought that was necessary. That was after I allowed him to leave me there to run to the accumulation to get tampons, because he said that was all I needed and then I could be on my practice. That was after he made them back and saw sure to mention flirting with the girl who worked there.

“Yes, I think we better go.” I latched onto his recommendations like a lifeline, having been too afraid to deliver it up myself. I had to employ a tub towel in between my legs underneath a duo of his basketball suddenlies, those underneath a duo of his sweatpants, got to make sure I didn’t get any blood in his expensive auto during the three instant ride to the hospital. My clothes were already destroyed.

I remember feeling like I was going to pass out while checking into the Emergency Room. The guy behind the desk asked me for my birthday three times and slapped a mention tag bracelet on my wrist. I remember the adhesive rip at the fuzz on my arm.

I didn’t lose consciousness until I was in an quiz room and the nurse asked me how long it was taking me to go through a maxi pad. The inquiry disorient me. “I have a tub towel in between my legs, ” I supposed, as I slipped off the side of the plot and into blackness.

The oxygen and hydration IVs in each arm made me back around for its further consideration. The muscles in my legs shake uncontrollably as medical doctors on call tried to examine my vagina. “I can’t clear the cavity, ” he supposed. “I can’t see anything.” They brought in more physicians. I was told that I had a traumatic vaginal gash and they couldn’t control the bleeding.

When they questioned me about the make, I told the medical staff that yes, I had sexuality that night, but he had done nothing incorrect. “There must be some gaffe, ” I supposed. This must be some kind of a freak accident. When they asked me if he was bumpy, I supposed no. As the lie punched my ears, I knew that now I wasn’t telling the whole truism, but that didn’t content. If he’d been bumpy he hadn’t made it that way, and they might not understand, I anticipated. Best not to have to explain.

No one offered me a rape kit.

I earmarked him into the hospital room with me while I waited to see if I’d need surgery to stop the bleeding. I refused to call my family or friends, texting exclusively my best friend and roommate, who was panicked because it was the middle of the nighttime and I had never been returned. Panicked, because weeks earlier she had forewarned me that something wasn’t right about him.

First he was perfect and concerned, sickened that he had hurt me. He was how he had been at the beginning- solicitou, interested, caring. Then he was telling me that if I needed surgery his ex-girlfriend was a surgical harbour at that hospital, and wouldn’t that be awkward? Haha. He was bracing my hand, talking to me gently about how everything was fine. He was telling me I looked like a red-hot mental case and asking if he had been able to take my picture.

When I lastly returned home around 5 o’clock in the morning I didn’t just tell my best friend that I was penalty, that he had done nothing incorrect. I believed it at the time. It was a few months ago I admitted to myself that I virtually bled to death. I ceased up requirement session after session of blood and iron transfusions to deliver my blood count back to normal, but that still didn’t aim it was his fault.

If I has indeed craved him to stop I would have shrieked, I anticipated. I would have engaged him off. I would have scratched, bitten, hollered. This wasn’t rape- it couldn’t be. When I was 10 years old my mother was grabbed by a convicted rapist while she was operating through our neighborhood in broad daylight on a Sunday morning. He had nylon over his face and tried to drag her into the lumbers. She hollered and he let her go. That would’ve been rape. The other women sitting in the courtroom where she certified against him, there to recount their own legends- those women were raped.

I have not been raped, is what I told myself, even after all the dust had set. Even after I supposed, “Please leave me alone, ” and he denied. I said it over and over, to which I received a variety of replies.

It was a few months ago I admitted to myself that I virtually bled to death.

“It’s not over until I say it’s over, ” he supposed. Serious, menacing. “We’re connected because of which is something we went through that night, you are familiar with? Like soulmates.” Soft, caring. “You’re crazy. You involve psychiatric help.” Angry. “Don’t you think you owe me an explanation? ” Pleading. “Do you think I don’t care about you? If I didn’t care about you I would have lowered you off at research hospitals that night and driven away.” That one was my personal favourite. That, and when he asked that I recall the now bloodied sweatpants he had so generously loaned me.

Going to work every day became a nightmare. He tapped on my auto spaces in the parking lots. He expended his body to block the doorway if I tried to exit the separate room. He provoked me over company instant messenger. He saw sex rackets if I was forced to walk by his desk. I cease after about a month of this behavior, but it didn’t content. He indicated up less than two weeks later at my new place of work, screaming at me from a street corner. Another week after that, he drove his auto up on the sidewalk to stymie my path as I moved down the street on my lunch separate. A full six months went by before the emails started. The police moved quickly to point out that, “Hey you, I miss your reasonably face, ” is barely menacing in material, but what about situation? What about the fact that I had never thrown him that email address?

I invested my epoches in a constant regime of distress. I had male hires step me to my auto at night. When he lastly had the gall to walk right into the building and ask for me by mention, I had him trespassed and took him to courtroom. In my impact affirmation, the one that got me a restraining order, I expended the word consensual to describe our interaction during the night I was disabled. I was afraid not to. After all, I knew what his solicitor would say.

He’d say here are the instant meaning records in which you say you will have sex with him if he ever get you to his apartment. You’re a tease.

He’d say you play-act sex is acting in his auto prior to this incident. You play-act oral sex on him after the alleged assault. Who would do that? Devote their rapist foreman after the fact?

He’d say you turned over to his house for help. You’re afraid of him now, but were not afraid of him then?

He’d say the defendant sat with you for hours in research hospitals.( His solicitor did use that as attribute protection against the haunt bills .) You explicitly told medical faculty the sexuality had been consensual. You’re a liar.

He’d say here is a text from the following morning say, “Thank you, I had such a great time.” He’d say you interacted with him normally for months after the alleged assault before you hurriedly ceased contact. You’re so dramatic.

So I sat in a courtroom in front of a adjudicator, in front of strangers, in front of my father, in front of him, and described that sex meeting as consensual. I described it as consensual because I was afraid. Because I would never allege anyone of rape if I wasn’t sure, and how could I be sure? I’m still not sure, sometimes.

I didn’t know what to say.

So I haven’t said anything. I’ve stopped silent about what happened. The only trouble is that stillnes has become so, so raucous. I hear it when I read about college rape subjects. It razzes me when I see that people are saying that the status of women who carried her mattress around Columbia as a letter addressed to her rapist could not have been raped for there is Facebook transcripts in which she told me that she wanted to have sex with her abuser. It bellows at me as I read the Stanford victim’s impact statement, alongside claims that her booze sees her at fault for being assaulted behind a dumpster while unconscious.

Now I speak for those who dont yet know they can. For those who are disorient, since they are dont know consent is something that are able annulled at any time, for any reason.

I can no longer give that stillnes live. Instead of impeding me warm at night, it has become deafening. The pressure of it has built inside of me and each time another woman communicates, each time she comes forwards, it threatens to explode. I’ve tried to set it into texts. I’ve written draft after draft, and they’ve saw their practice steadily to the garbage. I could tell the narrative, but not the narration. I couldn’t make anyone is how I experience, because for a long time experience, I didn’t give myself feel.

This is my most honest history of the behavior that I have been so ashamed of. I was ashamed that I relied him. I was ashamed that I didn’t stand up for myself when I could have. I was ashamed that I couldn’t even find my tone as I bled out all over his floor.

Now I speak for those who don’t yet know they can. For those who are disorient, since they are don’t know consent is something that are able annulled at any time, for any rationale. For those who are afraid date rape is not as raucous as being abducted from the street by a stranger with nylon over his face.

Date rape will only be loud if we make it loud.

I don’t meet blood on my hands anymore, but the eradication of prey shaming is on all of us. Don’t ignore it. Don’t ask the incorrect queries, what were you wearing, how often did you drink, how raucous did you holler? Instead, harbour someone’s handwriting and listen. I signify, actually listen. Don’t made the stillnes live.

Help us keep the conversation going with #MakeDateRapeLoud. If you feel that you’ve been date raped or that you may be involved in an abusive affair, delight consider the following resources 😛 TAGEND

Talk to your family and friends. It may experience as though your marriage is no other one you can turn to, but that’s absolutely no truth to the rumors. Those who are close to you want to help you if you’re in trouble.

Consider speaking to a consultant. Sometimes it’s easier to pronounce candidly with someone who is not close to you. A consultant can give you an unbiased opinion and too add other resources for help. Contact your health insurance provider for further information about your mental health coverage.

Contact RAINN’s( Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) National Sexual Assault Hotline at (8 00) 656 -HOPE( 4673 )~ ATAGEND.

This Fight Over A Parking Spot Turned Into Real-Life Bumper Cars…And NOT The Fun Kind


Driving is often a frustrating event to suffer, and road rage can sometimes get the best of us.

There have certainly been meters when I’ve wanted to crush my auto into another person’s since they are cut me off or tailgated me. However, there’s a huge difference between suspecting doing this and actually going through with it — like these angry females did.

On November 27, an argument about a parking zone broke out between two women in Los Angeles. The exchange immediately turned into a physical engage, but regrettably, the chaos didn’t dissolve there…

Their behavior could have killed someone.

Read More: Watch As A Truck driver With Road rage Expends His Vehicle To Push A Car Down The Highway

While I’m sure that each of them had a right to be angry, was uttering their anger worth noting putting people’s lives in danger and destroying their vehicles in the process? I doubt it.

House Panel Demands Justice In ‘Savage’ Attack On Protesters By Erdogan Guards


The House Foreign Affairs Committee has unanimously passed a resolution calling for the prosecution of armed Turkish government security men who savagely beat, choked and kicked peaceful U.S. protesters in Washington, D.C., in anunprovoked assault earlier this month.

House Resolution 354, passed Thursday, condemned the brutal attack during the May 16 protest and demanded that diplomatic immunity held by members of the security detail be rescinded so they can be prosecuted.

The resolution is a directive to Turkey that we will not allow any foreign government to stifle the rights of our citizens, committee chair Ed Royce (R-Calif.) said after passage of the resolution.

The day Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a warm visit with Donald Trump in the White House, about 20 beefy security men in suits raced into a small crowd of protesters outside the Turkish ambassadors residence on Washingtons Embassy Row and viciously punched and repeatedly kicked several protesters, injuring at least 11, some of them seriously, as D.C.police struggled to fend off the attackers.

Erdogan sat in a black sedan in a driveway when the assaults clearly captured on video were unleashed. Video of his car show him speaking to an aide, who then talks to a second man who moves quickly toward the protesters as the attackers race into the crowd.

Trump, who has a twin-building Trump Towers in Istanbul and often praises Erdogan, hasnt said a word about the attacks. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said the State Department is dismayed by what occurredbut will not take any action concerning the attacks until after an investigation is completed.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has said that American officials should throw their ambassador the hell out of the United States of America.

The Turkish governmenthas complained about the violence directed at its men, a scenario not supported by a number of videos of the event. Police used billy clubs to get the guards off protesters they were assaulting. Because police were overwhelmed by the attackers, only two armed Turkish security officers attached to a security detail were detained at the scene for physically assaulting federal agents, according to the committee resolution. They were released because they held derived head of state immunity due to their position in Erdogans security detail and flew back to Turkey. The State Department did not demand that their immunity be waived for prosecution in the attack, according to the resolution.

The police, the U.S. Secret Service and the State Department are continuing to investigate.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/resolution-erdogan-protest-detail_us_592777b9e4b01b9a5937b744

Las Vegas police enunciate vehicle disintegrate that left one dead and 36 injured was purposeful


Woman in custody after automobile leads into pedestrians on Las Vegas Strip in what police answer was intentional act

One person has died and 36 are disabled, six critically, after a automobile ran into groupings of pedestrians on the Las Vegas row in an accident police have described as intentional.

Officials said the driver organized the sidewalk at two or three detached places, firstly mowing down pedestrians outside the Planet Hollywood resort and casino, before returning to the road and then driving back on to a footpath in front of the Paris hotel.

The driver, the status of women in her 20 s who has not been identified, was in custody after reportedly attempting to leave the scene of the accident on Sunday evening.

A three-year-old child who was in the car with her was unharmed, approvals said.

We know this was not an act of terrorism, Las Vegas police captain Brett Zimmerman told reporters at a press conference late Sunday night.

We have determined that this is an intentional act.

Las Vegas police investigate following a industrial accidents that disabled dozens of pedestrians. Picture: David Becker/ Reuters

Officials said the woman was driving a 1996 Oldsmobile four-door vehicle with Oregon licence illustrations. She is expected to be charged within the next few hours.

Roads were closed as emergency vehicles attended the stage on South Las Vegas Boulevard.

Police lieutenantPeter Boffelli said the vehicle was in the northbound roads of Las Vegas Boulevard near Bellagio Way when it drove up on to the sidewalk, striking dozens of pedestrians.

Of the 37 people who were taken to the hospital, one has died, six were in critical condition, four were treated and released, and 26 are still receiving hospital care.

This is a huge tragedy that has happened on our Strip, Boffelli spoke.

Clark county fire chief Greg Cassell said here call for help came in at 6.38 pm and 70 emergency gang proletarians were sent to the scene.

Surveillance cameras on the Strip would be key to the investigation, officials said.

LVMPD (@ LVMPD) December 21, 2015

Deputy Chief Zimmerman: This was not an acts of terrorism. Initial investigation emerges this was intentional. pic.twitter.com/ EPxJnmUWdk

The driver left the stage, but she has since been taken into imprisonment and is being interviewed and experimented for booze and controlled substances.

The crash occurred on a busy elongate of the Las Vegas Strip across from the dancing water fountains of the Bellagio hotel and casino, where tourists army sidewalks as they tread from one casino to another. The Miss Universe pageant was being held at the Planet Hollywood at the time of the crash.

The Las Vegas metropolitan police department said on Twitter that it was investigating a multiple hurt auto-pedestrian crash.

LVMPD (@ LVMPD) December 21, 2015

Major accident on S. Las Vegas Blvd ., delight avoid paying neighborhood. SLVB shut between Harmon and Flamingo while we investigate. #LVMPDnews

University Medical Center in Las Vegas said it was treating 11 patients. An 11 -year-old boy was reported to be in a serious condition.

Danita Cohen, spokesperson for UMC, said the victims traumata include chief traumata, slice and shattered bones. Some of the victims are from Montreal, Canada, and were in need of French translators, she spoke.

Other patients were taken to Spring Valley and Sunrise hospitals.

The crash occurred in front of the Paris hotel and casino and Planet Hollywood on South Las Vegas Boulevard , north of Harmon Avenue. Police cautioned Las Vegas inhabitants to expect retardations on the row for several more hours.

Reuters and Associated Press contributed to this report .

SoftBank Takes $4 Billion Stake in U.S. Chipmaker Nvidia, Sources Say


SoftBank Group Corp. has quietly amassed a $4 billion stake in Nvidia Corp. making it the fourth-largest shareholder in the graphics chipmaker, according to people familiar with the situation.

The Japanese company, which just closed its Vision Fund, disclosed it owned an unspecified amount of Nvidia stock when it announced $93 billion of commitments to the technology investment fund on Saturday. A holding of 4.9 percent, just under the amount that would require a regulatory disclosure in the U.S., would be worth about $4 billion.

A stake in Nvidia fits with SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son’s plans to become the biggest investor in technology over the next decade, with bets on emerging trends such as artificial intelligence. Under its founder, Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia has become one of the leaders of the charge by chipmakers to provide the underpinnings of machine intelligence in everything from data centers to automobiles.

SoftBank spokesman Matthew Nicholson declined to comment. In announcing the Vision Fund’s capital commitments, SoftBank said the fund will have the right to acquire several investments including its Nvidia stake.

SoftBank shares reversed losses and closed mostly unchanged on the news. Nvidia shares rose as much as 3 percent in New York Wednesday to an intraday record high of $141.07.

Depending on when the shares were acquired, Son may have made a savvy wager. Nvidia’s stock tripled last year and is up 28 percent again this year, giving the company a market value of more than $80 billion. Its worst annual gain since it started rallying in 2013, was the 25 percent run up achieved in 2014.

Nvidia, which is the biggest maker of graphics chips used by computer gamers, earlier this month countered concern among analysts that its share price appreciation had outrun its ability to grow profit by reporting earnings that beat estimates and forecasting a further improvement. The results showed that gains are being driven by progress expanding into new markets, such as automotive and data centers.

Son set up the planned $100 billion Vision Fund so he can pursue even more ambitious deals than he’s been able to do on his own. He has invested in startups in China, India and the U.S. and acquired control of larger companies such as U.K. chipmaker ARM Holdings Plc and U.S. wireless operator Sprint Corp.

SoftBank invested $5 billion into the Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing last month in the largest-ever venture fundraising. This month, the Japanese company put $1.4 billion into the digital payments startup Paytm in the largest funding round from a single investor in India’s technology sector.

Son has made the U.S. a particular focus after meeting with President Donald Trump in December and pledging to create 50,000 new jobs in by investing $50 billion in startups and new companies. That month, SoftBank contributed $1 billion to a funding round in OneWeb Ltd., a satellite startup based at Exploration Park, Florida near Kennedy Space Center. In March, SoftBank invested $300 million in WeWork Cos., a U.S. startup that rents out office space and desks to small businesses and freelancers.

Read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-05-24/softbank-said-to-take-4-billion-stake-in-u-s-chipmaker-nvidia

Where the Kardashians, Justin Bieber and more go for extravagant car intends


( CNN) When it comes to over-the-top habit automobiles, one company stands above the remainder in terms of prestige and honour.

The Los Angeles-based West Coast Customs squad prides itself on impressive one-off vehicles that seem to defy the limitations of the agreement and reasoning.

This is where you go for elaborated coat positions, uncommon interiors, and groundbreaking abstractions that wouldn’t look out of place in “Mad Max” universe or the Batcave.

Where -Alisters go for scandalous car designs

A Day in The Life Of El ChapoaEUR( tm) s Son, As Told By his Facebook


It’s like Breaking Bad, but real. El Chapo’s son- Ivan Archivaldo Guzman- has disclosed what it is actually like to be in a drug cartel, through paints posted on hisFacebook .

While the page hasn’t been confirmed as surely belonging to El Chapo Jr, it is believed to be genuine. It to coincide with pharmaceutical cartel activity across Mexico, and it peculiarity paints that have also been posted on Guzman’s Twitter account.

Plus, when El Chapo himself fled from prison earlier this year, the page supposedly belonging to his son posted this 😛 TAGEND

So for now, we’re going to assume that it’sreal.

From what we’ve heard on the Facebook, we imagine that a day in living conditions of El Chapo’s son travels something like this 😛 TAGEND

8am : Wake up, and eat breakfast off a table make use of coin. Then hand out announced coin to the ‘ plebes ‘( lower ranks) who have been doinga particularly good job.

10 am : Ride to a nearby airfield in a very expensive vehicle, then take a private aircraft to task. Enjoy the views over Mexico.

12 pm : Stop for lunch. Go party with your ‘ plebes ‘: got a few beers, toss a few grenades…

2pm : Never thinker employment. Head home, and relax withyour cats.

Not a bad life .

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A president with expensive tastes is proving no guarantee for luxury assets.

Even Donald Trump is having trouble getting a good price for his Ferrari. A 2007 F430 F1 Coupe once registered to Trump Towers left the sales block without meeting its reserve price at a Florida auction last month.

As sales of the Italian supercars — which make up what portfolio manager and car collector Sean Gambino refers to as the “most robust” end of the classic car market — stagnate for the first time since the financial crisis, pricey Manhattan condos are lying unsold and European Impressionists can’t be shifted.

From automobiles to art to property, here’s a look at how luxury investments are holding up.

Liquid Assets

The Liv-ex Benchmark Fine Wine 100 Index fell 0.5 percent to £302.69 in April, ending a 16-month winning streak.

“After a sustained period of recovery from the end of 2015, boosted by sterling’s decline against the dollar and euro, the market is facing some resistance," said Liv-ex director Justin Gibbs.

The index is composed of French and Italian vintages. How 2016’s Bordeaux are priced –- and received -– will determine the next move, Gibbs said.

What growers and buyers are saying about the 2016 vintage

After sustaining an extensive post-crisis run of losses, “the sense that wine prices can also decline is stronger in the minds of collectors," according to Tommy Keeling, an analyst at International Wine & Spirit Research. Among spirits, Keeling expects malt whiskey to perform best this year, followed by cognac.

Coupe de Coeur

Bidding for a Ferrari once owned by the president stopped at $240,000 at the April auction, $10,000 below its expected lower bound. The lot did end up changing hands in a private sale for $270,000, according to a statement from the auction-house — yet that price still fell short of estimates.

Gambino, a portfolio manager at Heron Bay Capital LLC, says he was recently on the opposite side of a similar transaction. “I had a broker looking at two cars for me but we passed on both, and both did not sell," he said of the pair of automobiles, a 1974 Porsche Carrera 2.7 and an early 1970s BMW 3.0CS. “The reserve was too high."

The dip in Ferrari prices is reflected across the market for high-end collectibles more generally, with the overall Hagerty Collector Car Index extending its slump in 2017.

According to Brian Rabold, vice president of Hagerty Valuation Services, there’s a divergence taking place in the upper and lower ends of the market.

He says the sell-through rate for vehicles valued above $100,000 has fallen from 69 percent to 64 percent, while the rate of those below $100,000 has increased by a similar margin over the last 12 months.

“Over the next year we expect growth at the top of the market to continue to slow down while more affordable first-tier substitutes will continue to excel," Rabold said. He sees demand shifting from Porsche to BMW, from Datsun 240Z to Datsun 280Z and from Ferrari Testarossa to Ferrari 456, for example.

Elevators, Me & You

A narrowing in the fortunes of high- and low-end segments is taking place in property, as in classic cars. Consider Manhattan apartments: the cost of renting one with a doorman fell for the seventh consecutive month in April compared with the year before, while the cost of one without the perk rose to a record.

The price of luxury rents in Trump’s home town fell 6.7 percent per-square-foot between December and March of 2017. And that’s no seasonal trend: prices rose in the first quarter of both the preceding years.

“Nobody is drinking the Kool Aid anymore,” Darren Sukenik, broker at Douglas Elliman, said in an interview. “When it was go-go times and people were just throwing money around, people bought into that dream,” he said, adding that the slowdown was most acute in the market for homes above $20 million, which is sustained by speculative buyers.

Fine Art

The record-setting $110.5 million sale of a Jean-Michel Basquiat at a Sotheby’s auction last week is one sign that after a difficult year, parts of the art market may be flouting the trend evident elsewhere in luxury. The untitled Basquiat canvas set a record for American artists at auction, and led a week that saw auction houses accrue an unexpectedly sturdy $1.6 billion in sales, according to artnet.

Art sales tumbled 14 percent last year, the main reason behind Knight Frank’s luxury investment index posting its weakest performance since 2009, according to the firm’s 2017 wealth report.

Returns for the asset class come down to what kind of art one is investing in, argues the editor of Knight Frank’s report, Andrew Shirley. That’s shown in the stratospheric returns on the Basquiat — which was bought for $19,000 just over 30 years ago.

"Across most sectors of the luxury-investment universe buyers are becoming more circumspect about paying over the odds for their acquisitions, and art is no exception," said Shirley in an interview. "For example, the performance of Old Masters has been quite muted for several years now, with contemporary art more in vogue," he said.

Read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-05-24/trump-s-ferrari-sale-spotlights-a-struggling-luxury-asset-market

10+ Times Karma Taught Assholes A Valuable Lesson


Ever thought about eating something from the work fridge that didn’t belong to you? Perhaps you’ve considered stealing somebody else’s parking space, or maybe you’ve been tempted to beat the traffic by driving down the outside lane and cutting everybody else up? Well before you go ahead and do whatever nefarious thing you’ve been contemplating, just remember that karma is watching you, and it won’t let you get away with it! Don’t believe us? Then check out this list compiled by Bored Panda to see for yourself how everything that goes around eventually comes around. Don’t forget to vote for the most satisfying! (ht: 22words)

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