Pamela Anderson is the hero we didn’t know we needed!

The former Playboy prototype and current* activist* stopped by The View on Friday and imparted

But Pam’s glowing review of the notorious intruder — who was arrested earlier in 2019 amid disapproval circumventing Wikileaks’ role in leaking feelings documents from the US — was met with contention by John McCain ’s daughter. She sneered:

” He’s a cyberterrorist. I’ll say it. I’m not going to stand by this, it’s ridiculous .”

Meg proceeded to ask the guest about Assange allegedly junking the Ecuadorian embassy during his years-long stay. Pam hindered her cool, responding:

” What would you do if you were locked down a room for 6 years ?”

To which the conservative commentator replied:

” I wouldn’t be a cyber gunman, which he is .”

McCain then shot off a schedule of charges thrown at Assange over the years( including an virtually verbatim mention from her late father-god, who in 2017 said the hacker put people’s “lives in danger” ), but Anderson stood her ground.

When Meghan claimed Wikileaks’ revealings menaced “national security, ” Pam fired back:

“You know who introduced our national security at risk? The military. How many have the American government killed innocently and how many has Wikileaks? The military has put many innocent lives at risk.”

Point to Pam.

In response, Megan could only tell an gathering member applauding on that line of believing to pipe down as she nervously checked her memo again.

Later in the chit-chat, the Fox News benefactor been seeking to redeem herself by expecting Pam if she had no sympathy for the “spies” who were “putting themselves at risk for national security.” The simulation replied:

“Well, there’s nothing proven that[ Assange] applied anyone at risk. They’ve gone through this over and over again … I suppose people like Edward Snowden , Chelsea Manning are heroes.”

Meg tried to counter by saying “so does [ Vladimir] Putin , ” but, by that stage, it was clear Pam was the conqueror here.

See the adept fend off McCain’s swipes( below )!

Let’s hope she stops by again soon!

[ Image via Carmelo Redondo/ ABC ]

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