David Lowerys live-action family film evades predictability with bleak subplots and a good balance between sight and sentiment

Lonely kid befriends fantasy individual. Grownups discover fantasy creature. Kid must keep beast, before saying goodbye. Kid hears. Kid develops. Fin.

A kids fantasy from chairman David Lowery, Petes Dragon drags an orphan called Pete and a dragon called Elliot through a reliable number. The make is role ET, segment Jungle Book, division Peanuts. Its sweetened and soulful and Spielberg-ish, but with a bitter blotch.

Pete( Oakes Fegley) is five years old where reference is and his parents are involved in a gondola crash that kills mum and daddy and leaves the boy wandering the groves alone. He bumps into Elliot, a 70 ft parcel of fire-breathing fluff. Elliot, a puppyish dork, attaches importance to Pete instantly.


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