David Lowerys live-action family film forestalls predictability with stark subplots and an appropriate balance between spectacle and sentiment

Lonely kid befriends fantasy being. Grownups discover fantasy creature. Kid must protect mortal, before saying goodbye. Kid learns. Kid flourishes. Fin.

A kids fantasy from head David Lowery, Petes Dragon drags an orphan announced Pete and a dragon called Elliot through a reliable number. The solution is area ET, place Jungle Book, place Peanuts. Its sugared and soulful and Spielberg-ish, but with a bitter blotch.

Pete( Oakes Fegley) is five years old where reference is and his mothers are involved in a automobile accident that kills mum and father and leaves the boy strolling the groves alone. He bumps into Elliot, a 70 ft bundle of fire-breathing flub. Elliot, a puppyish dork, attaches to Pete instant.


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