Bosnian gamers have been reminded not to endeavour into minefields .
Image: Getty Images

Bosnian actors of the popular Pokmon Go app have been told to avoid neighbourhoods still littered with landmines from the crusade in the 1990 s.

A charity which deals with demining in the Balkan country, Posavina bez mina, has issued a alert after receiving the reporting of gamers hunting for Pokmon in risky areas.

“Today we received information that some customers of the Pokmon Go app in Bosnia were going to residences which are a risk for[ unexploded] excavations, in search of a Pokmon. Citizens are advised not to do so, to respect demarcation signeds of dangerous minefields and not to go into unknown regions, ” the NGO said.

About 120,000 ours are still to be found in Bosnia, according to another demining group.

As the popularity of Pokmon Go increases of all the countries, several incidents have been reported, from beings descending into a pond to a auto gate-crash .

Two mortals were rescued in California after falling off a seaside cliff while playing the game.

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