Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, called theKeech Hospice in Lutonthis week and set out to comfortsome of the peoples of the territories there.

Three young men Ben, Thomas and Richard Hines spoke to Prince William about the death of their baby. She died of cancer last June at 40.

The hospice has since offered services to the young men, including counseling and music rehabilitation, according to the Telegraph.

Despite this help, failing a mom is, of course, still a damage. Its a trauma that Prince William knows all too well. His mother, Princess Diana, tragically died in a auto clang in Paris in 1997 when Prince William was 15 years old.

Her death shook the world, producing Prince William and Prince Harry to have to carry out some of their initial mourning in public, including at her funeral.

Ben Hines, 14, spoke to Prince William about his mother. He said that his mother was wonderful and she took care of him and his brothers. He said,

I miss her so much.

Prince William “ve spoken to” Ben from the heart. He said,

I know how you feel. I still miss my mother every day and its 20 times after she died.

But, hetold Ben, Time stimulates it easier.

Prince William turned to the brothers and their father-god, Gary. He represented them all promise to talk to and be open with each other. This is especially important since, as Prince William said, followers do not tend to be great sharers.

Gary Hines, the leader, said that he was going suffocated up when his son, Ben, was speaking about his mother. He realized Prince Williams caution. Gary said,

He imparted Ben his absolute attention. You could see that it impress a chord with him.

This display of maintenance is important for men, like Prince William was saying, who tend to keep things more bottled up. And it was especially poignant as Prince William was connecting with and comforting strangers, which is something that made his mother so internationally beloved.

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