Princess Diana’s former private secretary, who worked closely with the beloved icon for eight years, said the late princess would have empathy for her son Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle as they deal with what’s turned out to be a controversy-ridden week leading up to their wedding.

Patrick Jephson spoke to Fox News about the recent headlines that have harassed Markle and Harry, throwing a darknes on their upcoming nuptials. Much of the buzz surrounds Markle’s father, who is said to have undergone nature surgery and will be skipping the marry following a gossip that began with staged paparazzi photos he apparently went paid to pose for.

“Princess Diana was well known for being very warm-hearted, empathetic, astute … and would have had gigantic tendernes for Harry and Meghan as they go through what is likely going to be one of “the worlds largest” stressful weeks of their lives, ” he said. “She would also know that given that this is a lifetime commitment that Meghan is returning to this role, the tensions will continue and be repeated.”

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Jephson began working for Prince Charles and Princess Diana during their marriage as an equerry, a military officer of the British royal household, for two years. Diana personally asked him to stay on after their separate and he grew her first- and only- private secretary and chief of staff during her lifetime. He worked closely with her until Diana died on Aug. 31, 1997, in a car crash.

Jephson, who knew Harry when he was a boy, accepts Diana would have plenty of helpful admonition for Markle, a biracial American actress who has previously been married and is smashing impediments by joining the royal family. He said Markle should focus on her royal responsibility firstly and being glad second, as that is how Diana created her sons William and Harry.

“The lesson, perhaps, one of numerous that she leaves for Meghan and Harry is that if you can find fulfillment and contentment in your work your chances of being glad are much better, ” he said. “When she was working hard, learning happenings, applying her endowments, utilizing her profile for good justifications, when she was overcoming challenges, when she was able to do her job … that payed her gargantuan fulfillment, job satisfaction and that for a large component helped to compensate for the unhappiness in her private life.”

A look at the British Royal Family

Diana famously strove in her happy wedlock to Prince Charles before their 1996 divorce. He said he can see why some people equate Markle to Diana.

“I could see some similarities in that they’ve both had, in their private lives, personal obstacles to overcome — divorced mothers, a failed union — and had to struggle to assert themselves and were successful in developing their own firebrand and their own humanitarian program, ” he noted.

But he said that doesn’t aim Harry’s bride is just like his late mom.

“They’re not similar in that when Diana came into the royal business she was 19 years old, and when Meghan is[ coming into it ], she is the age that Diana was when Diana croaked. There’s plainly an enormous difference in the maturity and life know and perspectives with which they come into the imperial business.”

He contemplates Diana would have wanted Markle to help Harry navigate the difficulties that come with his unique lifestyle.

“William and Harry were the center of her universe, and I would guess that what she would hope is that any bride either of them select would help them in shouldering the remarkable headache of being responsible that destiny has put on their shoulders. They have been born into the most extraordinary lives and their whole lives are dedicated to their royal duties and therefore their development partners will ideally understand their responsibilities and … stir them glad, ” said Jephson, who recently published “The Meghan Factor: A Royal Expert’s Insights on America’s New Princess – and How She Could Change the Windsor Dynasty Forever.”

The formal imperial aide-de-camp said Markle has the opportunity to make a big impact on the royal family when Queen Elizabeth, who is 92, is greater the monarch. It’s been reported Queen Elizabeth will renounce the throne if she is still providing when she is 95.

“The monarchy within foreseeable future will undergo a tremendous change when Queen Elizabeth’s predominate comes to an end, and she is replaced by King Charles and Camilla, and this is a prospect that a lot of parties view with mixed feelings, ” he said. “It will undoubtedly mark an historical alter in the royal landscape. There will be with Prince Charles quite a evolve monarch, and it will most likely be all the more important for William and Harry and their families to retain and arouse support for the royal family and the empire among the royal family. And that is where Meghan may leave a longstanding line on national human rights institutions of the monarchy. If she gets it claim, she will be seen as a great royal resource and as a great connection with younger subjects.”

Jephson items some of the opportunities and pitfalls the “re coming with” joining the royal family in his work. He has some words of wisdom and forewarning for the “Suits” actress as she becomes royalty.

“She has already accompanied herself with some political positions and some controversial cases. For the British royal family, her focus is to act as a badge of harmony above politics. All concerns in involvement in public policy has to end. Controversy and royalty do not combination, ” he said.

He said Markle needs to adapt to a new kind of fame in order to learn success.

“[ It’s important] for her now to learn the distinction between luminary and royalty because their own lives up until now has been centered on developing and promoting her luminary. Royal status is very different even though in some ways it may not search different. Celebrity is something you might win; royal status is conceded … and it lasts a lifetime. And to do it properly you are required to set the best interests of the autocracy above every other consideration.”

Jephson said Markle and Harry, as well as two brothers Prince William and his wife Kate, charged with the responsibility of their own futures.

“For William and Harry, whatever era to date challenges they will inevitably encounter, job opportunities now lies before them to have long, glad magnificent lives … in which they use their profile and their experience and their exuberance to serve the treetop and an interminable listing of good campaigns, ” he said. “Their future is in their hands.”


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