It’s been 20 years since Princess Diana croaked at age 36 in a 1997 gondola accident in Paris — and her former bodyguard is still showing on what went wrong that lethal night.

Ken Wharfe was the late British royal’s personal protection officer from 1987 until 1993.

“The biggest flaw was not contacting out of providing assistance, ” the 68 -year-old told Australia’s Now to Desire Wednesday. “You can never move it alone on these events and with an operation like this in a foreign municipality, protecting the most famous person in the world at that time[ this is necessary back-up ]. ”

Wharfe accentuated Diana didn’t given sufficient people watching over her like she once when she was still married to Lord Charles. Wharfe held Diana’s security team are applied to “spend hours preparing the exact execution of her outings, ” leaving no room for error.

“The local police were not hired, the British embassy was not participated, you had a chauffeur who was not a chauffeur, he was a defence adviser within the Ritz hotel and an alcoholic, ” he claimed. “There was no proper liaison with Diana and[ boyfriend] Dodi Fayed about how they were going to project this deviation. Travelling out of the rear entering trying to escape the paparazzi , no one had talked to the press. There was no suggestion of actually setting up a photo opportunity[ for the press parcel] and looking for a police escort.

“All these basic circumstances that we did on a daily basis over a number a years are testified and a well-tried arrangement of protection that never neglected. And hitherto none of these occasions were done! ”

Wharfe should be pointed out that if Scotland Yard was involved in Diana’s outing, they wouldn’t have allowed Henri Paul to drive the car and attempt to flee paparazzi on his own. He too imagined setting up a photo opportunity would have given paparazzi the photos they desired that evening, and a police bodyguard would have ensured Diana’s safety.

Fayed and Paul likewise croaked that night.

Despite the numerous shortcomings, Wharfe wasn’t absolutely surprised that Diana died in a automobile crash.

“When we used to travel down to Highgrove most Fridays on a motorway … there wasn’t a weekend that went by that we didn’t appreciate an accident and she’d say,’ Oh God, one of these days that’s going to happen to me, ’” he claimed. “It’s fairly spooky that she said that.”

Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton previously told Fox News that although there were innumerable scheme theories encircling Diana’s sudden death, the reason for her terrible downfall is a simple one.

“Well, I suppose the paparazzi followed her all of her adult life, so they contributed to her demise, ” he said. “[ But] it wasn’t their mistake. It was the fact that she was being driven too fast … by a male who was procured with medicines and[ alcohol ]. It’s the banality of her demise which I think most people can’t come to terms with.”


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