A protester interrupted Vice President Joe Biden during a discussion Saturday, bringing up the deaths among his son and attributing it to cell phones.

Beau Biden died of psyche cancer in May, at the age of 46. The vice president was unbelievably close to his son, who survived a vehicle clang when he was young that killed his mother — Biden’s first partner — and sister. Biden’s other son, Hunter, also lived that accident.

During Biden’s speech Saturday at the California Democrats State Convention in San Jose, a protester started shrieking that Beau had died due to cell phone radiation. The bunch booed the heckler.

Biden tried to calm the crowd down.

“It’s OK, it’s all right, ” he replied. “It’s OK, it’s OK. My son Beau would enjoy that part.”

Biden too congratulated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who’d won the South Carolina Democratic presidential primary that evening, saying he was “proud” of both her and her competitive Sen. Bernie Sanders( I-Vt .).

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