If you don’t think Summer Roberts from” The O.C .” deserves some prime real estate in the TV Characters Hall of Fame, then, as Newport Beach’s resident HBIC would say, ew .

Of course, she was brought to life by Rachel Bilson, who was originally set to appear in just a few episodes, until she stole the goddamn show with her runway walk in the pilot.

Somewhere after Marissa shot Trey and before Ryan’s fledgling cage-wrestling occupation, the quality of the appearance dipped, but Summer ever remained in fashion. And, like true fans, we watched till the bitter, earthquake-ridden terminate.

Still, when” The O.C .” was canceled after a shortened fourth season in 2007, a generation mourned the loss of a series that taught them to dread Tijuana alleys and roar on clue to the lyric “Hallelujah.” The final season was likewise, of course, the first without Marissa Cooper( Mischa Barton ), who died in the weapons of Ryan Atwood after a fiery auto clang. Cue a season of brooding.

According to Bilson, the death of Marissa Cooper was one of the reasons why behind the cancellation.

” I think that we went through a lot of storylines on’ The O.C .’ We considered a lot in the amount of occasion we had ,” Bilson told HuffPost during a Build Series interview.” I’m sure that it was a part of it because everyone desired Marissa .”

” The attributes that[ builder Josh Schwartz] formed actually bided with parties ,” she added.” It was such a recreation present to do and I’m just happy that it still resonates .”

Bilson coincidentally encounters herself in a similar place on “Nashville,” which killed off lead actress Connie Britton halfway through the current season. Bilson recently joined the CMT reached as a series regular, playing Alyssa, a Silicon Valley marketing expert who knows absolutely nothing about music, but a lot about going things done.

”’The O.C .’ is different than’ Nashville’ since they are genuinely reworked it ,” Bilson said, equating the two reveals.” There’s so many different attributes and storylines that have true-blue devotees viewing on to that it has a longer life span .”

You might be able to take the girl out of” The O.C .,” but apparently you can never escape Luke of” Welcome to the O.C ., bitch” prominence — Chris Carmack, that is — because he too stars on “Nashville” as Will, an openly lesbian singer.

” I hadn’t seen him in, maybe, 12 years. He’s just the most wonderful person and “its like” no time has passed ,” Bilson said. “[ We remembered] a bit, but he has a brand-new baby now, so it was mostly talking about kids’ trash .”

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As for going the rest of the Newport Harbor gang back together, Bilson says there haven’t been any official exchanges about a reboot, even while many of the sequence’ contemporaries are being brought back to life.

” I think that Josh make that work close. We leave it where it is. Sometimes when you return[ demoes] back perhaps you’ll be thwarted and maybe it won’t be what you’re expecting. You can still have that nostalgic find toward the thing you like so much.

” RocketDog flip-flops and denim skirts should stay in the early 2000 s and never recall .”

Watch Rachel Bilson full Build interview below.