The southern hip-hop star had been promoting his latest single, a tribute to his deceased father, in a deprive sorority and was assassinated in a traffic accident on the way back

The Atlanta rap star Shawty Lo was killed in a fiery car gate-crash in the early hours of Wednesday after his vehicle left a freeway and impressed trees.

The artist, whose real mention was Carlos Walker, has now come to fame as a talented force in the southern hip-hop gesture that rose up to rivalthe rap situations of New York and Los Angeles in the last 20 years.

He formed the group D4L in 2003. Their hittings, such as Laffy Taffy, helped fuel the snap dance fad, then became an award-winning solo artist.

Tributes began pouring in, especially from the music world, on Wednesday, as the word spread that Shawty Lo was at the wheel of his Audi when it was involved in a lethal crash.

RIP to a real one, hip-hop artist Ludacris posted on Twitter.

Rapper 50 Cent, with whose enter company Shawty Lo had worked with, posted: My condolences to his family, he had a lot of mouths to feed. The rapper had 11 children with 10 girls.

Authorities reported that Shawty Lo was driving on a road near south-west Atlanta when the car left the road, Interstate 285, and impressed trees before erupting into flames.

The driver was shed from the car and killed, Fulton County patrols corporal Maureen Smith said here on Wednesday.

Despite some initial reports of a hit-and-run incident, it afterwards emerged that no other vehicles had been involved.

Two female fares were taken to infirmary, but their harms were not regarded life-threatening, the police added.

Smith said the driver was later defined by the Fulton County medical examiners bureau as Carlos Walker, 40, confirming that he was known by the stage name of Shawty Lo.

He was a good person. He was a friend. Lo was a legend he is definitely going to be missed, his director Johnnie Cabbell told the Guardian on Wednesday afternoon.

He said he did not know why the accident had happened, but he had been told that the rapper forgot power of the rotation and went over a guardrail.

We are trying to find out what happened, he said.

Cabbell said Shawty Los father had died earlier in the month and his funeral had been held merely four eras prior, on Saturday.

The artist had just preserved a brand-new lyric in tribute, Letter 2 My Father, and had been preparing to release the ballad and the video.

Cabbell “re just saying that” just before the crash, Shawty Lo had been at the Blue Flame, a deprive squad in Atlanta, promoting his new single.

Despite his recent bereavement, Cabbell said Shawty Lo was in good spirits when he spoke to him Tuesday evening.

I talked to him before he went to the association. He asked me to come with him and I told him I was too tired. Perhaps if I had gone with him it would have gone differently he might have left a bit earlier, Cabbell said.

He belief the rapper had left the golf-club around 3am, he said, although reports calculate the incident happened closer to 2.20 am.

Shawty Lo won the rookie of the year trophy at the BET hip-hop apportions in 2008, as well as solo ten-strike of the year with his single Dey Know.

He was also very open about the most controversial parts of his life.

He mentioned in interviews and social media posts that he had been arrested 28 days in his life and had four convictions.

At one point he said he accepted the fact that some of the crimes were murderous and drug-related had expenditure him a smudge on VH1s reality series Love& Hip Hop Atlanta.

Shawty Lo is also well come close to having his own TV recognise on the Oxygen channel, called All My Babies Mamas, that was planned to feature the 10 mothers of his children.

But there used to be strong protests and the programmes was scrapped before it aired.

He left 11 boys behind and he took care of all of them. He had just lost his father, and now he goes. We are just praying for his mother, Cabbell said.

Shawty Lo too talked about his strives with diabetes.

Carlos Walker was tolerate in the Bankhead area of Atlanta in 1976. Fans posted clips on social media Wednesday of his interviews and performances.

The snap craze was controversial with some hip-hop purists, but its force on the bang and spread of the genre in the 2000 s was significant.

He participated along the way with numerous hip-hop luminaries and is particularly remembered for his vibrant rap with Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy on the latters amount Gucci Bandana.


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