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This Miata was donated by: Vengrenyuk
See this vehicle complete in autocross on his channel.

The Mazda Miata is like a Harley Davidson Sportster 1200; it defines an entire phylum of automobiles. Do you desire an enjoyable cars? Right here's your Mazda MX-5 Miata. There are folks who dive Miata's as their only setting of transportation, as well as they work. How they endure East Shore slosh winters months, I aren't sure. I do know that the Miata is the unclean cheat-code of cars. No one can bust you for owning a Miata since the little bugger is ideal. UGH. You're simply a # 1 winner at all times. It just pests me that the Miata has no charming mistakes. Yes it's small … ok … yea it's a little slow-moving for a sports car. It's simply, it take no grand risks. It's a ham sandwich with lettuce, cheese, as well as tomatoes.


  1. bad dragon lol… make more in depth stuff in your future videos that only
    creeps like myself would know

    • Wow that’s very nice! I have the 2 seater with these bagage compartement
      things behind the seat. I sometimes think it would be cool to have
      backseats but since the car already got a Miracle Crossbar installed and
      also got a semi roll cage with the car that I am thinking about installing,
      these seats would become useless anyways ;D

    • Yeah, the previous owner gave me the original compartment too if I don’t
      want the seats anymore. The car also have a Sparco racing seat lol. I’m the
      only one that knows how to drive manual anyway so no one is able to drive

    • I suppose your american right? I am always baffled about the fact that so
      many people in the US never drove stick. In every European country I know
      of, you have to make your drivers test in a manual car or else you get an
      “idiots licence” that only allows you to drive automatics and nothing else.
      funny enough I (coming back to the RX-7) also got a seat rail for a bucket
      seat with the car, but right now the stock seats are good enough for me.

    • Yes, I live in the USA where people are lazy and entitled lol. That’s nice.
      Get a bucket seat so you won’t be swaying side to side when drifting lol.

  2. i can thank this video for giving me the drive to go and buy a used miata
    as my first car.
    haven’t regretted it one bit.

    only thing it’s done against me is having an alternator belt fault, but
    that fault is on me mainly because it was already in bad shape before we
    bought the car (by the time it failed the belt was shredded almost

    • If you don’t mind a word of advice:
      Right behind/to the outside of the seats (under the carpet near the
      heardrest) you find a drainage-hole.
      The “channel” that drainage hole leads into tends to clog up, leading to
      water standing in a box of unprotected metal in a place you can’t see.
      Look in there with a flashlight every now and then, to avoid a nasty
      suprise with rust.

  3. Lmao. I foun a 95 Miata for $2195 at this dealership but the problem is I
    don’t even have enough for a down payment. The struggle of being a broke 18
    year old. Lol.


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