A lot of Mazdas of all sizes and shapes,
We did the Miata Which is why this franchise is.
The RX-8 was an enhanced RX-7,
which had been terminated given that 2011.

It can be found in all shades It was available in all tones,
turd brownish, magenta As well as gunmetal grey.
Naturally aspirated with side exhaust ports,
the engine was the 210 horse power kind.

They stated it was sleek.
They claimed it was sophisticated.
Yet it was truly simply built
on an MX-5 chassis.

Its style was developed through design competitors,
in The U.S.A. and Europe,
in the Mazda practice.
And also Japan,
allow us not neglect them.
Like America's ignored Robin Wright Penn

. The vehicle was designed by Ikuo Maeda.
A man who enjoyed cars,
and also perhaps paella.

The 50:50 front-rear
weight circulation
makes this the official cars and truck of Gunman: Absolution.

Your buddies all will wonder,
while drinking their Coors,
when you open the freestyle suicide doors.
They provide very easy gain access to
to seats in the back.
Because drunkenly banging
takes all one's tact.

A symbol of cash culture made show:
That's how to describe the RX-8 best.
For this is just what Mazda planned to purvey
making you feel King of all you study.

However this is a shadow?
A method of the mind?
A king of the road?
Why, you are no such kind!

This cars and truck attracts bros
. This auto attracts schmoozers.
This automobile draws in victors,
as well as losers.

This child seat much below old Honda Fits.
However it seems like you're drooping like senior tits.

Fronts lights don't go up,
nor do they drop.
They do not make noises.
They don't make a noise.

As a sports car it's not high,
neither is it as well reduced,
yet we can not fit rollbars
for track day,
my brother.


  1. so much missinformation in this video.
    “repairing a wankel is not as simple as changing piston rings”
    yes, it is exactly that simple, and probably even simpler, because of how
    simple it is to dissasemble and reassemble a rotary engine. oh, and it
    doesnt blow up

    “the oil dipstick is right next to the exhaust”
    no it is at EXACTLY the opposite side of the exhaust

    “if you shut it when its cold, it will flood”
    yes, it could happen in the early days of the rx8, but after a fast update
    of the cpu by the dealer, it is not an issue anymore

    “it is an improved RX7”
    no it is not, it is a totally different car in terms of setup and
    behaviour. rx7 was much closer to the term of a “supercar”, while the rx8
    is a comfortable sports car.

  2. “the clutch uses brake fluid” uhh, it may just be a coincidence but every
    standard car I know uses brake fluid in the clutch master cylinder

  3. The issue with these cars is driver error more often than not. BUT worse
    than that boy racers abuse them because they are cheap.

  4. The RX-8 I owned for a while was a very nice machine! It’s just a pity it
    was never offered with Mazdas 2.3 Turbo 4. I love rotaries, but just having
    the option would have saved the RX-8

  5. I bought one of these a while back. It was fun as all heck. I was
    embarrassed about the interior though. So ugly. Oh yea, it has a wankle!


      Seriously, they are a lot of fun. You have to really take care of it, more
      than almost any other consumer car, but if you are in to that sort of
      thing, it is definitely worth it in my opinion.

  6. Two things:

    1. Never let a valet drive your car.

    2. The RX-8 is in no way an improvement or evolution of the RX-7.

    RX-8 owners wished that they had a sports car.


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