Image caption Willie Rennie is to sit down with Mike Russell in an attempt to prevail Scottish government backing for a second Brexit vote

Scotland’s Brexit minister is to meet Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie to discuss endorsement for a fresh referendum on the final Brexit deal.

Mike Russell is to sit down with Mr Rennie to discuss patronage for the Lib Dem campaign for another vote.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said a referendum on the final Brexit deal could attest “hard to resist”.

Mr Rennie called the fulfill a “welcome step forward”, but UK rectors hold they will make a success of Brexit.

Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has also proclaimed her patronage for a fresh Brexit vote.

SNP politicians had already been been critical of Mr Rennie for necessitating two seconds EU referendum while strenuously resisting one on Scottish independence.

However, in an interview with the New Statesman periodical, Ms Sturgeon said the case for a second referendum could germinate, calling the Brexit process “a complete and utter car crash”.

She said: “The exceedingly detail that we have no hypothesi what the final outcome might look like hints there is a event for a second referendum that I think there wasn’t in 2014. It may become very hard to resist.”

‘Build momentum’

In a written reply to a letter from Mr Rennie requesting a meet, Ms Sturgeon said her government was “fully committed to ensuring that Scotland’s attentions are protected”, saying that she would work “across parties and across sectors” to do this.

Brexit is also set to be a key topic at the SNP conference, with two resolutions to be debated and ten periphery happens on the topic organised in all the regions of the three days.

Mr Rennie said there was “support from across the political spectrum for a clearly defined approach to Brexit”.

He said: “There are peers across all parties in the UK who support this position and I urge them to join this movement a build the momentum further.”

Prime Minister Theresa May insists that “the people have decided and we have taken their instruction”.

She told the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester: “Britain is leaving the European Union in March 2019.

“I know some find the process of negotiations frustrating, but if we approach them in the right intent – a flavor of co-operation and affection, with our displays adjusted securely on the future – I am confident we will find a spate that works for Britain and Europe too.”

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