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Occasion: SuperSprint

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    • NWBackcountry thats true islamitic people had slaves but not like the
      americans etc the muslim in the time of prophet muhammad(peace be upon him)
      actually fed them gave them clean clothes a place to life they treated them
      like on of themselves not like america people of europe did with slaves
      from africa

    • corect . I have never ever seen an arab person working as … a builder as
      an example. they behave like their brothers , the jewish people. they have
      the same mentality . 2 criminals working together and pretending they are
      different . wtf?

    • when our oil finish how are you going to live ? on solar energy? the main
      energy point is from the whole middle East with it’s oil plus the wealth
      does not come from oil old Arabs are just billionaires from the moment
      they’ve been born (not all of them obviously) plus they’re working on
      restoring the energy after the Oli finishes, good luck with that 👍 BS :
      you and me will be dead when it finishes it was estimated about a hundred
      years so….

  1. When oil run out…….. Back to stone age. They depended on oilllllll top
    much. They need find another source of income (no service). Or they will be
    baked like bacon(no oil no electricity no aircon)

    • +Shan Tv some african country like, drove some english people away from
      their place. So when they were leaving they left buildings, hospitals,
      trains, etc. And after they got their liberation they went back to tribe
      life, like, every hospital thing was lost and they went back to live like
      back then.
      maybe we shouldn’t interfere at all

    • 6Kyubi6 VG enough y do people relate those poor people to africa what about
      syria there are familys, kids suffering the war and hopless go help them out


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