star KJ Apa was apparently in a car accident early on Thursday, Sept. 21. Harmonizing to Apa was driving himself residence from defined after completing a date of make for. The actor who plays Archie supposedly fell asleep while at the pedal- it was after midnight when the accident occurred. Apa went to the hospital, but was luckily released with no serious injuries. Now fans are wondering, is KJ Apa OK after his vehicle collision?

Elite Daily reached out to Apa’s team for specific comments, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

The 20 -year-old actor was realizing the 45-minute drive from the give to his hotel area in Vancouver when the accident happened. Apa was driving after midnight, following a 16 -hour workday. Reportedly, “hes been” brought to a neighbourhood hospital and later discharged, after observance, without serious injuries. His auto was deemed inoperable from the damage that resulted from the fare area smacking a light-headed pole. Scarier still, his co-star, Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead was supposed to be in the car with Apa, but had clearly changed hopes at the last minute.

Apa was clearly depleted, which has triggered headaches for the establish of. According to WBTV’s policy: Performers are responsible for their own transportation to and from shooting, especially when outside the United States. According to Warner Bros. administrations plan to meet with the actor’s reps to discuss the issue. The studio has not confirmed this, but it seems like the most logical thing to do. We require our people safe and sound.

Apa performances red-headed Archie Andrews on the display and is evenly affection by followers and his shed teammates. Specifically, Apa’s relationship with Cole Sprouse. Archie and Jughead aren’t merely friends on-screen, Apa and Sprouse’s social media histories are inundated with photos of the two.

While the cast seems like they have a great time together, isn’t all pastel smiles like the comics proposed to. The appearance resurrects for the work of its second season this October, and the CW has already razzed fans with a Season 2 trailer that gazes INTENSE. Based on the trailer, this season is going to get freaky where reference is premieres on Oct. 11 — just in time for Halloween.

The opening shot boasts all your favorite reputations: Betty, Jughead, Archie, and Veronica. The four are sitting at their favorite diner enjoying some strawberry milkshakes — delish! Fun fact: Fans of the old-fashioned comics will recognize that the teeny boppers are garmented in the exact same invests their 2D-counterparts sport in the comic books.

However, the trailer takes a surprising turn in the next fire when Archie is on the field with a grease-gun objected at his head by someone in a ski disguise. That intensified speedily. There really is a variety of disturbing fires. Fred Andrews is being reeled out on a hospital stretcher — probably because he got shot by that same ski-masked person in the Season 1 climax. Then Jughead’s voice mentions, “What if the robbery wasn’t the reason? Beings hold grudges. Think of where we live.” Finally, Cheryl Blossom does the most terrifying and glamorous whisker flip-flop of all time while casually standing in the hospital.

There’s a slew of other interesting things: A steamy rain with Archie and Veronica, Archie carrying a firearm, Jughead and Betty kissing in the torrent, and so much more. Honestly, Season 2 “ve got a lot” to explain based on this trailer.

Season 2 seems so, so exciting and love are run. More importantly, though, I’m glad KJ Apa is OK after his auto coincidence. Casting thoughts and love your course, KJ!

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