Image caption Victor Spirescu had drunk alcohol and taken cocaine before the gate-crash on 15 January

A man dubbed the “poster boy” for Romanian migration to the UK died in a automobile crash after taking cocaine and driving in excess of 100 mph while disqualified, an inquest has heard.

Victor Spirescu was the first Romanian to arrive in the UK to work when EU regulations changed in 2014 and was met by a media scrum at Luton Airport.

Milton Keynes Coroner’s Court sounded the 33 -year-old was not wearing a seatbelt when he died on 15 January.

He croaked of multiple fractures.

Image caption Victor Spirescu( right) was greeted by politician Keith Vaz( left) at Luton Airport on 1 January 2014

The court sounded Mr Spirescu, who was living in Milton Keynes, was driving a black Mitsubishi Galant with his friend, Eugen Condurache, in the fare seat.

In a witness explanation, Mr Condurache indicated that they are driving to the stores to buy cigarettes when Mr Spirescu told you he would indicate him a “proper doughnut” – a manoeuvre where a vehicle is spun 360 stages, leaving a hoop of tyre marks.

He read Mr Spirescu was not wearing a seatbelt and was walking between 100 -1 10 mph when the car initiated to roll on Chicheley Hill, Newport Pagnell, at about 04:00 GMT.

“He was calling in a panic. He knew something was going to happen, ” Mr Condurache said.

The car then crashed into shrubs and Mr Spirescu was thrown out of the vehicle.

A passer-by stopped and announced emergency services, but Mr Spirescu succumbed at the scene.

Victor Spirescu: The appearance of Romanian immigration

Romania assembled the EU alongside Bulgaria in 2007, but restricts were imposed by some level of member states on beings from these countries.

In Britain, prospective boss had to apply for work permits and Bulgarian and Romanian migrants for an “accession worker card”. Low-skilled workers were restricted to existing quota schemes in the agricultural and food processing sectors.

On 1 January 2014, these restrictions were hoisted and Romanians and Bulgarians were free to work in the UK.

There was a media hysterium provoked by claims Britain would be inundated with migrants but on the day journalists found only one person recruiting the two countries from Romania – Victor Spirescu.

He was greeted by the Labour MP and then Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee Keith Vaz.

“I don’t come to rob your country. I come to work and then going to go, ” Mr Spirescu remarked. “Here you offer a lot; in Romania it’s extremely cheap.”

His face was portrait in various newspapers the following daylight who labelled him the “poster boy” for Romanian immigration.

Andy Evans, forensic conflict examiner for Thames Valley Police, said the car’s MOT had expired and Mr Spirescu was disqualified from driving at the time.

Pathologist Dr Jenish Patel spoke Mr Spirescu’s cause of death was multiple ruptures, with his intake of cocaine and booze contributing factors.

Senior coroner for Milton Keynes Tom Osborne said it was “fortunate no other vehicles were involved” in the crash.

Mr Osborne inferred Mr Spirescu succumbed as a result of a road traffic collision.

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