As if drivers necessary another distraction these days.

An Idaho woman who crashed into a deer on the night of March 22 claims the swine was chased in front of her car by a sasquatch.

The unidentified 50 -year-old from the town of Tensed apparently became merely that as she was driving along U.S. 95 near Potlatch and saw a shaggy seven- to eight-foot-tall individual running after the deer on the side of the superhighway, the Moscow-Pullman Daily News reports.

The woman told police that, after hastening by, she took a look in her rear-view reflect and next thought she knew the deer ran into the road and slammed into her Subaru Forester.

Uninjured, she left the country to pick up her husband at work, and then reported the incident to the Benewah County Sheriffs Office.

Police encountered no evidence of a sasquatch at the stage of industrial accidents, which is not far from Moscow Mountain, the point of several alleged sasquatch/ bigfoot sightings over the years.


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