1. 70 MPH driving into a static object. How about driving into another car
    going 70 MPH that weighs 3 times as much. You do the math.

    • +Aimless6 Again you don’t see how less of protection in that smart car is
      from the passengers from the vehicle hitting in the rear. If you want this
      deathmobile then fine. But don’t blame anyone when you are impaled from

    • All cars are made solid to impact only to a certain point. That point is
      used in NCAP test and others for all cars regardless brand or size. And
      even this car is holding up to it. Anything above is just a bonus. The
      video showed an extreme situation where any car would perform poorly. And
      bigger cars would probably perform even worse (again – in this situation)
      since they have a bigger mass which will force the total weught further
      into the barrier before starting to reduce velocity and other things.
      I am not protecting the car. I would not buy one. But I am always trying to
      keep a ballance between my personal opinion and real facts while trying to
      maintain a ballanced view on things from different angles even when I don`t
      like the thing discussed (here it is the Smart) . And because of all that I
      can surely say it is an OK car for its size and performance.

    • +John Crusader I’m basing the fact about how much material is between you
      and the other vehicle. There is practically none in a smart car when you
      get reared ended.

    • I totally understand what you mean. I am just wondering if you understand
      the difference between a regular every-day-driving possible accident and
      this extreme demonstration that is most likely to happen from zero to one
      time max. So if you get rear ended in a daily commute the car will absorb a
      lot of the force given from the car behind and probably “jump” away because
      of the high weight difference. There is not much material on all sides,
      true, but there is also a point of where your body won`t be able to handle
      the G forces applied from a crash so where is the point to create more
      crumple zones when the impact itself will kill you? Then again – it is what
      it is a small city car. To die in one you probably have to fall off a
      bridge or drive into a tunnel that suddenly breaks down on you. But if you
      take it outside the city then the odds are slightly against you. On a
      highway even more. This car is not ment to drive fast but it won`t hold you
      back trying. But the same is with electricity. You are not ment to touch
      wires. But nobody is holding you back not to try it 🙂

  2. Honestly, that thing looks terrible. The person driving it would have lost
    their legs but I don’t think a person driving a conventional car would fair
    any better

  3. Please do not forget that this is a direct concrete impact. In reality you
    are less likely to hit a concrete wall at 70 mph with that car. It is a
    city racer and usually you hit other cars (softer impact, less speed) or
    some barricade like a pole or whatever. Then you will most likely hit the
    brakes before impact which also lowers speed and impact force. So yeah this
    is pretty impressive for car with almost no crumple zone. Where I live I
    see a lot of them but on the highway pretty much none. Only from time to
    time but suicide ready people are everywhere present 😀

    PS: The old Corsa did well too since it an old car probably with a lot of
    rust, wear and tear which will lower the safety features a bit so I was
    positively surprised. Still not buying either one of them but it is nice to
    know about it.

    • If I drive an insanely expensive car that is my dream car, I’d rather die
      with the car, no joke. I don’t got much going for me otherwise. Yes, I’m
      the sunshine in the rain, right?

    • Maybe that’s what you want, but not me. I want to be able to crash thru a
      fence, drive across the yard, over a retaining wall, thru the other fence,
      and keep on going. All cars should be built to be able to crash thru a
      brick wall and keep on going. At the very least, they should be built as
      strong as NASCAR.

    • I suppose legs, or lack of them, would be the least of your problems. With
      damage to brain and broken neck you’d have other, more pressing issues.

  4. With all due respect this test is bullshit.

    Put an SUV sized vehicle head on with this thing at the same speed

    Everyone in the car DEAD


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