collapsing a smart automobile to evaluate owner survivability


  1. If that was a lifted truck, the body would have sheared off the frame and
    sliced the passengers in half, messily. North American market trucks are
    not built to the same collision standards as smarts or passenger sedans,
    they kill or maim their occupants. This was done deliberately to increase
    the profit margins on the vehicles, accompanied by political lobbying to
    make it possible. You are just higher up, in a rickety shell of plastic and
    barely bolted on sheet-metal, it’s just an illusion that you are safer.
    I’ve seen a Ford Fusion cut a GMC Yukon in half.

  2. That lady is a total moron. She says it’s got pretensioners and
    demonstrates it by pulling rapidly on the seat belt causing the belt
    limiter to activate and the she talks about force limiters and demonstrates
    it by gently pulling on the belt. It gives the totally wrong impression to
    the people about how those two systems work. Oh, sorry, I just realized
    it’s fifth gear. Their audience deserves to stay ignorant. Keep it up,


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