Pull out your leopard print bodycon dress (yes, we all know you saved it from college), order a Bumpit from Amazon, and start a 2009 throwback playlist. The first trailer for the  reunion series has dropped, and it’s time to plan a themed pregame. Every person will celebrate this glorious occasion differently. Maybe you’ll throw on some hoops and a mesh crop top to express your inner JWoww. Maybe you’ll get in some gym, tan, laundry like The Situation, or pretend to be a DJ like Pauly D. Maybe you’ll go the Sammi and Ronnie route and celebrate by spending the entire reunion arguing about the size of your big toe, or maybe you’ll pull a Vinny and just be like, kind of normal and cook for everyone. What we do know is that in true Snooki fashion, you black out while getting dressed and hook up with a rando at the club your friends drag you to before getting punched in the face by a stranger. But like, maybe don’t do a cartwheel if you’re not wearing any underwear. Idk tho. You might be able to pull it off. Snooki is a mother now, after all. 

The show is called , which seems like a shitty idea considering that anytime the cast was in a car in the original show something bad happened. See: a drunken brawl coming back from a club or that time Snooki hit a police officer’s car in Italy. But even crazier is that the show will be on E!, not MTV. So like, if you’re having a bad day, at least you’re not the executive at MTV who let this fuck up happen.

And if you thought that a couple of years, kids, and millions of dollars would mellow the  cast, you’re more wrong than when Angelina showed up at the Miami house. Um hello, this is  we’re talking about here. These people could make drama out of a hot bowl of spaghetti, and that’s def what they came back to TV to do. 

From what we can gather, Snooki wants Jenni or Pauly to get arrested. The Situation looks like Aaron Carter’s mug shot and wears a neck brace. Ronnie is nowhere to be seen in the 15 second clip, but we can only hope there’s a fight between him and Sammi. I swear to god if we don’t get a “Rahhhhnnnn stahhhppp” from Sammi Sweetheart, I’ll lodge a complaint with the network.This shit is not a joke to us. is personal issues.

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