For years now Brock Turner has been the face of rich, white, male privilege — in one case literally as his mugshot was used as the

Obviously the rapist became infamous overnight, but his scapegoat understandably chose to remain anonymous.

Known merely as Emily Doe since the 2016 court case, the then 22 -year-old writer and artist nevertheless became a voice in the forefront of the minds of women that time with

Doe’s book, Know My Name , will indeed have her real refer on the plow. So she’s sharing it now.

It’s Chanel Miller .

Before the release of the book on September 24, Chanel will give a full interview on 60 Minutes , no alias , no silhouette. She’s ready to set her face, her appoint, everything out there.

The full interrogation is scheduled for Sunday, September 22, but before that they’re offering something special.

Hear Chanel’s strong prey blow statement in full, for the first time in her own spokesperson( below ):

[ Image via 60 Minutes/ YouTube/ Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office .]

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