Steve Wilkos made a name for himself protecting talk-show host Jerry Springer and his guests from impairment, but now he’s the one retrieve from injuries after a serious auto accident.

According to Darien Times, a gondola impressed various poles and a tree before objective up on its line-up in Darien, Connecticut on Sunday. Police in the area told the local paper that the move was injured in the gate-crash and taken to a neighbourhood hospital for medication. The crash itself remains an open investigation.

TMZ hsa since confirmed that the motorist of the car was none other than Wilkos. He was transported to the hospital but has ever been dispatch. He told the outlet that, despite being pretty beaten up, he’ll be OK. In fact, make is set to begin on “The Steve Wilkos Show, ” where he’s been the legion since 2007, in just a few days.

Wilkos says that he usually wears glass when he drives, but didn’t using them to on at the time of the accident. In reality, he alleges that he was contacting for them when he touch the curbing and strike poles and a tree. The former Marine and police officer is saying that he neither boozes nor does drugs.

In a rather sad co-occurrence, Wilkos reports that his audio guy and his wife were killed during a separate car collision in the area that same day.

Reps for Wilkos did not immediately respond to Fox News’ is asking for comment.