You definitely didn’t want to be going shotgun in this truck.

A pickup stolen from an Aberdeen, Id ., dwelling early Sunday morning was discovered four hours later amply impaled on a guard railing on a canal crossing.

A ditch rider working for the Aberdeen Springfield Canal Company was obliging his inspection rounds with his 7-year-old daughter when he came in all the regions of the truck hanging off the side of the crossing with the guardrail flowing through the fare surface of the grille and out the back opening of the empty 1999 GMC Sierra.

The truck had been stolen from a dwelling about 3 miles away at approximately 2:45 am.


According to the Idaho State Journal, there were no skid celebrates leading up to the accident and the motorists side door was open. The auditor, Blake Healy, told the paper that he researched the nearby liquid for a torso, but located no retrace of the trucks bandit. He lives exactly 200 gardens away from the crash website, but didnt know anything had happened.

Police say no other vehicles were involved and no seizes have yet been made as the investigation continues.


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