Strange & Extreme Off-Road Autos and also makers, part 2.

Songs used: Beyond the Stars by Per Kiilstofte

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Special Many thanks to:

Wanderlust676 Adrian Mind at for enabling me to utilize his image of the Rolligon lorry

Jan Rijpma Dronten at for enabling me to utilize his picture of the Screw-drive vehicle.

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    • +priceman141
      Very Nice series well done.
      I for one didn’t know the Fiat Panda was the World’s first transevrse 4 x4.
      and the sno train..I never knew existed.
      So well done

    • +Matt Field It was basically the first small transverse-engine car to have
      a 4×4 system, so it is strange in the sense that it is the first of its kind

    • It’s no stranger than putting velcro on trainers instead of laces dude. I
      understand no one had bothered with 4×4 on a car like this before and to be
      fair,it should have been obvious why not.

  1. sorry but this could of been done on instagram instead of youtube pictures
    are for sights like istagram and youtube are for videos

  2. i have seen that steam locomotive snow machine thing before. Its located at
    clarks trading post in New Hampshire.

  3. LCC-1 Army Sno Train looks like a great camping vehicle.Steam powered track
    vehicles, I never saw before. The VW 166 Schimmwagon. Fishing, anyone?

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