We all have those paints we wish we didnt have, whether it was a horrible haircut your mummy formed you get in the 80 s or the time you thought Glamour Shots were your key to particular reputation. Dont feel bad. We all have them.

But unlike the common person who can try tohide the evidence or, at the least, merely accepts the humiliation from family and friends, personalities often have to deal with the whole world examining those fires. Yes, at the time the photographer persuaded you that Baby, youre a virtuoso! Yet looking back, maybe not so much.


Jake Gyllenhaal

Is he in a public shower?


Jennifer Garner

Don’t you detest it when you forget to button your shirt and put one across pants and then your bare skin get stuck on a plastic sofa? Ugh. The worst .


Jennifer Lopez

The real question isn’t,” Why is J-Lo covered in child lubricant/ honey and put on a carpet with dry ice in the background ?” but rather,” How are those offstages fixed ?”


Melissa Joan Hart

You’re no longer a teenage voodoo. You’re young adults seductress retaliating the fact only certain parts of your hair are either crimped or curled.


Kate Beckinsale

The shirt speaks,” Librarian after effort ,” but the “hairs-breadth” alleges,” There’s a feather duster/ spider about to ingest your intelligence .”

Work your magic!


Demi Moore

Via: BuzzFeed

And yet, it still stirs more gumption than all this crimped whisker and bowings. Prows in the ears, parties. Bows!

Say, “Cheesy!”


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