Well, that didnt take long. Serial dater and potential voodoo Taylor Swift has broken up with perfect follower Tom Hiddleston after only three months, with roots telling she was unpleasant with how public he required their fantasy to be. You mean to tell us “its been” Tom’s idea to be disgustingly PDA at all times, andwas the one unpleasant with it? Sure, Jan.Their breakup is nearly 0% surprising, nonetheless, considering that Taylor is a licensed Snake in the Grass, and three months for her is at least half an album’s merit of material.

The legend of Hiddleswift inaugurated all the room back in June, when the two were recognized together only 2 week after Taylor Swift dropped recent automobile accident prey Calvin Harris. Dare we say, looking back, it nearly sounds like a rebound? Ugh, she sucks. The duet were mostly heard doing everything together( including strolling around Rome ), contributing parties to speculate that it was just an elaborate stunt for a music video. Tom, who is clearly the nicegirl in the relationship, said this was not true, and that they were very happy together. Oh Tom, do you not read our website? History clearly shows that this cannot last-place!

Things seemed fine, even uneventful, until a few days ago when Taylor apparently unfollowed Tom on Instagram. It was sort of ambiguous whether this was real or merely a glitch with the website, but either way you knew there was tribulation onward. When Taylor settles her poisonous fangs into an -Alist man, its alone a matter of time.

Now its over for real, even though sources say theyll still remain sidekicks. This might be true, or at the least it will be until Taylor stimulates up some song about how he did her incorrect or tries to take credit for Tom’s biggest movie character somehow. Tbh, Tom seems like a perfect gentleman, so were hoping he writes a anthem about Taylor, because this is gonna be fucking entertainment. Either direction, he should look for a nice girl whos “re ready for” marriage within the next two years, because Taylor still has half of Hollywood to go through before shes ready to settle down. Tom, if you’re learning this, search no further.

As for Taylor, its anyones guess what will happen next. Shell possibly go on next week and proclaim that shes not a boyfriend daughter, to which we will respond by projectile upchuck at the TV. Then shell lay low for a bit, perhaps post some angsty~ Autumn~ Instagrams, get a brand-new cat, and likely plummet a new single around Thanksgiving. The psalm will undoubtedly be about a being, but the real interesting question is whether itll be Calvin or Tomor both. Stay tuned, Taylor has never told us down yet.