We guess when “youve had” Taylor Swift money, it’s easy to keep a sense of humor about this kind of thing!

On Tuesday morning in Rhode Island, the driver of a slip vehicle resulted police on a high speed chase that ended in Watch Hill — yes, at Taylor’s house.

Apparently the car — which didn’t even have registration plate — was the topics of a traffic stop in Hopkinton when the motorist bolted.

After about 12 miles, the operator swerved to avoid hitting a car and disintegrated into a gate which just happened to be the one around the home of one Taylor Alison Swift!

Not the very best practice to get an autograph./( c) Rhode Island Police

Despite the severe damage to the car and the entrance, the operator was surprisingly fine. 19 -year-old Shykeim Lewis has been charged with receiving stolen goods, evading police, and clogging an officer.

How did Taylor respond to the scary news that criminal matters had gate-crashed a automobile into her home?

She made a joke!

When a devotee chronicle posted the story on Instagram , Taylor couldn’t help herself, explaining 😛 TAGEND

” Nothing good starts in a getaway car .”


Taylor is so … speedy!/( c) Instagram

Considering Taylor almost never remarks on IG posts anymore, you can understand how swiftutation is freaking out!

For those not in the know, that’s a reference to her song Getaway Car !

Hey, why has only one extensive catalogue if you can’t utilization it as joke ammo when something CRAY happens, right ?? LOLz!

Here’s Tay performing the song live in 2018 btw 😛 TAGEND

Could YOU be so ready to shake it off if a theft auto crashed into your residence ??

[ Image via Nicky Nelson/ WENN/ Rhode Island Police/ WJAR .]

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