I dont know if most boys would do that.

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Sixteen-year-oldHunter Hasenjaeger and 17 -year-old Collin Barry never expected to become heroes during their late-night drive home on Friday.

The two Illinois teens were driving toward Interstate 80 just after midnight when they came upon the aftermath of a wreck concerning a truck and two cars.

Instinctively, the teens gathered over and approached the scene where they discovered 27 -year-old Alexis Danley hanging from her stopped vehicle. She was six months pregnant.

In the back seat, the sons could listen a child weeping particularly raucous and screaming.The police hadnt arrived yet, so the teenssprung into action.

As Hunter shined his light into the car opening, Collin climbed into the totaled vehicle. He movement his person, the babys carseat and many belongings that had been shuffled in the clang to successfully draws the newborn out before paramedics arrived.

After rescuing the 1-year-old baby girlfriend, the teenages returned to the mother, Alexis. She was unresponsive and gasping heavily, but they abide by her slope and continued to tell her that her baby was safe and help was on the way.

Alexis was enunciated dead at the background, while the babywho hadnt been harmed at allwas taken to the hospital before being secreted to family members.

Officials guess the accident was caused by 23 -year-old Jacob Kaminski, that were allegedly tried to pass another auto in a no-passing trail. His truck collided with Alexis, before impressing another vehicle.

He was arrested for driving under the influence andpossession of marijuana.

Since Friday, Hunter has visited their own families, fetching meat and a thrust animal for the babe daughter he facilitated rescue.

I didnt even well known identify but I felt a attachment, he told local information. I contemplate I did what any person should have done. Thats just how I was raised.

Both teens saythat the horrific coincidence has opened their gazes to the reality of safe driving and drivingunder the influence.


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