Two Tesla employees, who had been working at home for nearly two weeks, have tested positive for COVID-1 9, are in accordance with an internal email direct Thursday morning by the company’s is chairman of environmental, health, and safety department and viewed by TechCrunch.

The employees is still not symptomatic in the office, and the two are quarantined at home and recovering well, according to the email from Tesla’s EHS department head Laurie Shelby. Their co-workers, who were already working from residence for nearly two weeks as well, were notified so they can quarantine, the email speak. The email did not disclose the locations where the employees were working.

” In both cases, interactions with the individuals had a low likelihood of transmission based on the negligible staff onsite and social distancing weighs we took earlier this month ,” Shelby wrote in the email.

Tesla could not be reached for remark. Business Insider previously reported on the same internal email.

The email has heightened concern among various Tesla employees that TechCrunch has spoken to, as they weigh the risk of coming into work or exploiting paid-time off or unpaid leave to stay at home. Tesla utilizes more than 48,000 parties at its headquarters, factories, marketings and service centers and delivery hubs throughout the U.S. While some employees are able to work from dwelling, the company still has workers at its delivery and service centers, as well as an estimated 2,500 people at its Fremont, Calif. factory.

Tesla suspended production at its Fremont factory beginning March 23, daylights after a shelter-in-place order went into effect in Alameda County due to the COVID-1 9 pandemic. Some basic operations that support Tesla’scharging infrastructure and what it describes as its “vehicle and energy services operations” have continued at the factory, which under normal circumstances applies more than 10,000 people.

The decision to suspend production at Fremont came after a multi-day publictussle between the automaker and local officials in Alameda County over what was considered an “essential” business.

Tesla has also suspended actions at its plant in Buffalo, N.Y ., except for “those parts and affords necessary for service, infrastructure and critical supply chains, ” the company said in a statement. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Wednesday that he plans to reopen the Buffalo factory to produce ventilators, a critical piece of medical paraphernalium used in severe cases of COVID-1 9.

The email comes only two days after reports of at least two positive COVID-1 9 occasions at SpaceX, another fellowship foreman up Musk. The positive actions at SpaceX sent some hires into quarantine, CNBC reported. The fellowship is obliging mitt sanitizer in house and taking other steps to protect anxious workers, according to CNBC. TechCrunch could not reach SpaceX for comment.

COVID-1 9, the disease caused by coronavirus, has ruffled through corporate and industrial America. Manufacturers have suspended production of vehicles, tech business have ordered employees to work from home and metropolitan, county and state governments have issued a variety of orderings to try to slow the spread of COVID-1 9.

For instance, California Gov. Gavin Newsom problem a stay-at-home directive that ordered all nonessential businesses to close and for occupants to simply leave their homes for essential needs like groceries or to visit the pharmacy. Other countries where Tesla has runnings such as New York are also under a stay-at-home order.

Musk’s acts during the pandemic have caused a variety of reactions among employees, commentators and his millions of Twitter adherents. He has appeared scornful of COVID-1 9 in emails to employees and on Twitter, where he has spread misinformation on the disease, including that children are ” basically immune ,” a statement that belies information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In one internal email sent to SpaceX employees, Musk noted that they were more likely to die in a vehicle accident than from the disease.

Even as Musk seemed to downplay the disease, he has also stepped up to donate medical quantities needed by infirmaries and has directed staff members to not come to work if they feel ill or are unpleasant. Tesla employees have received emails from human resources intelligence Valerie Workman that if they could not or were reluctant to come to work they could use PTO or take unpaid time off after they weary their PTO. The email told one employee( who spoke to TechCrunch on condition of obscurity) that they would be not be penalized for their decision or face disciplinary action for attending based on health or impossibility to come to work.

Musk has also donated critical personal protective material to hospitals that are facing a shortage of these quantities, and has committed to trying to help ramp up production of ventilators.


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