With the exception of a few new supercars from kinfolks like Bugatti, Aston Martin, and McLaren, the most exciting automobile information in 2016 centres on the race to leave the human operator behind. But some people like to live in the past, which make sense if you’re gob-smacking rich and can render the chrome-lined version of the style gondolas used to be.

2016 was a banger year for auction rooms Gooding& Company and RM Sotheby, which together sold $606 million value of vehicles in 2016. Thats a good $85 million more than the GDP of the island society of Dominica.

Among their number: a $35.7 million 1957 Ferrari 335 Sport Scaglietti be available at auction in Paris. Its one of the priciest, if not the priciest, automobiles ever to cross the brick. Its anonymous new owned? The Daily Mail says its La Pulga himself, soccer sun Lionel Messi.( He reportedly beat out Cristiano Ronaldo yet again for the reputation .) It was also, perhaps, an Ohio real estate developer, in agreement with the more sober CNBC.

If youre not the best football musician in “the worlds”, or even the best real estate developer in Ohio, dont lash yourself up. You can always come back here to stare at the reasonably pictures of the 11 most expensive gondolas be available at auction in 2016.


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