Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong in a speech designed to unite the Tories behind their leader. Heres how the disaster unfolded

Billed as a addres where Theresa May was fighting for her political life after weeks of leadership movements by senior anatomies in her locker, almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong for the prime minister at the Conservative party conference.

The combination of a escapade, a hacking coughing and the words on the situated collapsing behind her meant that few will remember the policy initiatives she announced on casing, organ donation and energy prices.

Here’s how the disaster unfolded, and how the internet reacted.

The P4 5 prank

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Prankster interrupts Theresa May’s discussion lecture to side her counterfeit P45- video

Simon Brodkin, who had showered fake banknotes on to Sepp Blatter when he was Fifa president,interrupted May to present her with a P45, which he said Boris Johnson had told him to give her.

Simon Brodkin grants the thumbs up to the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/ Getty Images

The tone he handed her was subsequently found on the conference floor.

Robert Peston (@ Peston)

The prankster’s P4 5, identified by May’s lectern pic.twitter.com/ RNVcqY9jXj

October 4, 2017

And the portraits of her being sided her termination paper were readily and rapidly Photoshopped into gags on Twitter.

Philly Boo-yrne (@ PhilipNByrne)

Not sure why but I photoshopped the buster handing May a simulate of Iron Maiden’s Powerslave and it’s good. pic.twitter.com/ AI4BdKXRO8

October 4, 2017

The cough

It wasn’t long after the P45 stunt that May’s voice began to flunk her and she started on an extended coughing fit, which hindered the delivery of much of the speech.

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Great expectorations: Theresa May battles a conference coughing fit- video

At one point the chancellor, Philip Hammond, handed her a cough dessert, and May ad-libbed that you very rarely ensure the chancellor give anything away for free.

The communist-loving bracelet

There was some theme over May’s choice of jewellery for a speech in which she was keen to criticise the politics of Jeremy Corbyn- a bracelet outlining self-portraits by the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

HannahJane Parkinson (@ ladyhaja)

Can I merely point out that Theresa May is wearing a bangle of Frida Kahlo, a member of the Communist party who LITERALLY DATED TROTSKY pic.twitter.com/ CR13geaO7n

October 4, 2017

Maybe this was part of a daring brand-new plan to try to attract the Corbynista youth vote.

Ash Sarkar (@ AyoCaesar)

When the specter of Frida Kahlo coming home to asphyxiate “youve got to” demise for abusing her portrait and everything she ever stood for. #CPC17 pic.twitter.com/ jycxNYM9uf

October 4, 2017

Then the backdrop began to collapse

As if a mansion that her political world was collapsing around her, near the end of her addres, the characters began to fall off the backdrop behind her. First the F from “for”, then the final E from “everyone”.

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Letter F falls off slogan behind Theresa May at Tory conference- video

Philip Sim (@ BBCPhilipSim)

We’ve likewise lowered an E now, which in fact starts to explain some of the points that have happened in the last hour pic.twitter.com/ 6IU6hxhTpR

October 4, 2017

Tom Phillips (@ flashboy)

pic.twitter.com/ SmNKy1dUh 1

October 4, 2017

Marnanel Thurman (@ marnanel)

I had to draw that pic.twitter.com/ jGjEaiMbXX

October 4, 2017

Ross McCafferty (@ RossMcCaff)

Boris Johnson: I’m going to be responsible for the most difficult tragedy at Tory conference

Set designer: View my b r

October 4, 2017

Still, as numerous on social media were keen to point out, with the word “country” part of the backdrop, May possibly got off lightly.

All in all, if you’d written it as an episode of political satire, you’d have probably dismissed it as too much.

Stephen Bush (@ stephenkb)

If you wrote that, the editor “il be going”” the signed falling off seems a bit on the nose, isn’t it ?”

October 4, 2017

Social media users equated the performance to disastrous Tv reveals and seminar discussions of the past.

Oisin (@ OisinDubai)

The last-place age I watched a auto disintegrate like that on TV pic.twitter.com/ R5sg5ZddmP

October 4, 2017

Vix (@ yearof3 9)

“The quiet gentleman is TURNING UP THE VOLUME.” That pronunciation now looks like a nuanced classic.

October 4, 2017

People were puzzled by May’s recited mentions of the’ British dream’

At several moments in the addres, the cabinet of ministers referred tothe “British dream” as if it was as well understood a concept as the idea of the American daydream. On Twitter, that didn’t seem to be the case 😛 TAGEND

Dr Tim Nicholls (@ guessonomics)

Dear The World,

Just to clarify: Theresa May’s ‘British dream’ is a riddle to us. We don’t say that. It’s not a thing.

Love, Britain [?]

October 4, 2017

Doug Robertson (@ flumcake)

Isn’t the British dream the one where we turn out naked and unprepared for an important quiz? Or Brexit, as it’s otherwise known.

October 4, 2017

Dawn Foster (@ DawnHFoster)

Me at the start of the discussion: WTF is the British dream
Me at the end in tears of laugh: THIS, this is the British dream

October 4, 2017

The audience reaction at times was painful to watch