The Quick and the Angry 6 – Fastest vehicles – behind the scenes as well as constructing from's.


  1. We should get the Tesla Model S P100DL in the next one. After all it’s an
    American car that also happens to be the quickest mass produced vehicle.
    Since it is an electric car, and these characters aren’t the type to give
    up revving, so maybe Ludacris’ character should get it. He is the nerdy one
    of the group and the Model S does have a Ludicrous mode after all.

    • MrArcticShadow Depends on how you define a car being quick. 0-60, top
      speed, fasted around a certain track, 1/4 mile times

    • +Rick te Kronnie
      I’ve always noticed car review magazines distinguish quick meaning
      acceleration and fast meaning top speed. So discounting the boutique car
      makers, cars no longer being produced, and non commercial race cars Tesla
      Model S P100DL is the quickest accelerating mass produced car, unless I’m
      missing something, right?

    • Fastest accelerating all electric car yes. But both the Porsche 918 and the
      LaFerrari can reach 60mp/h quicker. Those are limited production runs

    • +Rick te Kronnie
      It’s amazing isn’t it? Tesla is bringing America back on the forefront of
      car innovation. Take that oil companies! 😛

  2. It’s unusual and emotional to watch Paul and vin laughing about together
    knowing shortly after Paul’s life was taken away

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