This is the man who built up Britain's most expensive vehicle clean– from his mum's GARAGE. Auto fanatic Gurcharn Sahota, 30, started cleaning up neighbors' electric motors free of charge with a bucket as well as sponge when he was a teen. Gurcharn has now developed his own Formula 1 style pit garage where rich chauffeurs pay up to ₤ 7,000-a-time for a luxury cars and truck clean. He travels with up to 100 various cleansing liquids that need unique clearance at personalizeds. The wax alone he uses costs a great ₤ 8,200 a tub.


  1. He’s been known to use bald eagle eyeball fluid (aqueous humour) as
    protective coatings/wax. Don’t fret, bald eagles have two eyballs and you
    can safely harvest the fluid with very little damage to the birds.

    • Well that’s good. As long as it only hurts the endangered species a little
      bit……for a good shine I can deal with it. Anymore than mild to medium
      suffering is unacceptable and I for one won’t stand for it.

  2. I usually don’t comment and I truly respect everyone’s business, but the
    title of this video has nothing to do with the actual video.. plus the
    hardest thing I’ve ever did it was to find a car wax (a really good one)
    that is more expensive than $150…. well, unless it’s a 150 lbs tub or has
    a gold and diamond encrusted container but that is irrelevant to the
    quality/formulation of the wax. No natural wax or natural combined with any
    sort of polymers are in that price range… nor they should be….
    It would be nice to see more details about your techniques and the
    products… more accurate videos like Larry has on AMMO NYC…


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