Why are badass maidens so often attracted to such shitty busters? This is basically an age old-time question. Like I’m pretty sure Matthew requests Jesus this in one of those fractions the Catholic Church cut out of The Bible. And if you’re a 21 st century woman who has attended even one day of college, you’ve maybe felt yourself expecting this question to yourself. Like, what is it about a dude with a shitty tatoo who professes not to like you in public that can be so alluring? Unfortunately, your adoration of fuckboys maybe stanch back to some deep psychological shit that all started when you first started watching non-animated video. Fuckboys were, and continued to be, all over TV, setting the lowest possible the criteria for nostalgic ties-in. You fell in love with these busters, who not only were shitty lovers, but also prepared impractical beliefs for what a high school boy should look like, given that they were all like 30 in real life. Would any of your TV quashes make good boyfriend IRL? Of course not. Are they always the hottest buster on the appearance? I mean, perhaps, depends on the appearance. But something about these people exactly screams: “Yeah, babe, don’t text me back! ”

Whether you’re still longing for fuckboys or you’ve matured out of that period in your life, I think we could all benefit from taking a moment to acknowledge the top 10 TV fuckboys who got you here today. Also, these are just the scripted display fuckboys. Reality TV fuckboys is a whole different roster. I’m looking at you, Jax.

10. Ryan From ‘The Office’

Ryan started the fire…in our pants. Okay, maybe not. But B.J. Novack, even though he wasn’t technically the hottest being on this list, attested all of the most wonderful excellences of a traditional post-college fuckboy. Ryan casually mentions he was in a frat, dabbles with identity questions for about six seasons, and is generally a little shit to all women. Ryan was literally the perfect fuckboy flattery to Kelly’s delusional dater. Hell, even Michael had a subdue on Ryan. He’s our little old boy boy.

9. Kevin Volchok From ‘The O.C.’

Spoiler alert: This person killed Marissa Cooper, which is a classic fuckboy move. He’s likewise responsible for a large amount of my psychological damage editions, so thanks for saying that. He was the perfect “Fuck you, Mom” that Marissa needed, and what’s a bigger “fuck you” to your mama than dying in a automobile accident after you guys become good? This is a perfect speciman of why you should never leave a hot person reputation Ryan for a person whose mention sounds like Russian rascal from a Disney movie. I kind of get it though, Marissa. He was super hot and she used tired of dating nice guys. Just be forewarned, side effects of dating a fuckboy can literally include death.

8. Jess From ‘Gilmore Girls’

Before Milo Ventimigila was drawing us cry on , he was preparing us shed the remote at the Tv on. Rory could be annoying AF, but I do visualize she made a respectable selection in dropping her boring-ass small town boyfriend for a big city bad boy. I make, he ceased up being the worst lover of all time and her mama detested his guts, but we all need at the least one of those working in our lives. Jess did attest, though, that fuckboys can be rehabilitated, but by that item, they won’t be dating you.

7. Damon Salvatore From ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Okay, so def got boring when Damon goes all in on Elena. That’s because one of the most part was watching Damon slay, literally and metaphorically. He’s hot and he’ll likely kill you, how does that not acquire him the perfect fuckboy? Likewise, you are able get lost in those seeings, amirite. Likewise, Damon was predominantly driven by revenge for the first duet seasons so his bad aims ever characterize him for fuckboy status.

6. Joey Tribbiani From ‘Friends’

What we wouldn’t give to be Joey’s bedtime penguin pal. Joey was the traditional actor/ dumb-ass archetype of fuckboy. He wasn’t the brightest bulb, but he could build you laugh, and I guess that was probably enough for the horny 90 s/ early 2000 s betch with a low-pitched appreciation of ego importance. Joey had a hard time deciding if it was easier to give up sex or meat. Honestly, same bro. Joey’s the only Friend who never genuinely gets a serious tie-in in all regions of the entire line. That attains appreciation, actually, because a real fuckboy always situates bros before hos. And sandwiches before bros before hos.

5. Barney Stinson From ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Would you be pee-pee if you found out you were just another daytime in Barney’s “Perfect Month”? Meh, maybe, depends on how good the copulation was though, right? Barney is honestly the original fuckboy because he, more than any of these other dudes, pathologically lies to women to get them into bed. I intend, he has a literal “Playbook” on it–we’ll ignore how serial killer-y that is for the purposes of this list. Not even Robin, in all her Cool Girl( tm) -insisting, Wannabe Guys’ Girl-being glory could convert this fuckboy into a non-fuck guy. That speaks publications to Barney’s dedication to the fuckboy life. It absolutely selected him. Too, major props to Neil Patrick Harris, a homosexual family man, for drawing this fuckboy with such subtlety and accuracy.

4. Lucas Scott From ‘One Tree Hill’

Are you perplexed that Lucas is on the schedule because he seems like such a nice guy? Well, in that case, you’re a complete idiot and likely deserves to get played. Kidding, largely. What kind of a dude ricochets backward and forward between two best friend in the world for years? A textbook fuckboy, that’s who. Exactly because he loves his mummy and has a mettle malady doesn’t mean he was a good lover. C’mon girl, don’t make all that poetry and shit chump you. He’s a feelings yet devious fuckboy, and those are the most dangerous kind.

3. Kelso From ‘That 70 ‘s Show’

Sure, T had abundance of funny minutes, but let’s be honest, you really watched to visualize Ashton Kutcher in some tight-ass breathes. Kelso adoration Jackie, but that didn’t to be stopped from remaining it in every other 70 ‘s-era female with a pulsing. But honestly, it’s not Kelso’s fault–no one has that kind of facial bone formation and feathered whisker and isn’t a a player. Congrats to him and Mila on identifying their daughter “Wyatt.” I guess you’re truly counting on those good genes to shield her from any disapproval.

2. Tim Riggins From ‘Friday Night Lights’

Tim Riggins would have you grumbling “Texas forever” and you wouldn’t even be mad about it when he didn’t text you back the next day. Tim was the guy you hope would sit next to you with you after video games at the Dairy Freeze, but would sit by his football friends because he likely doesn’t recollect your figure due to his extreme and very serious alcholism. Tim had no lessons and you kind of desired him for it. I necessitate, can you think of more of a fuckboy move than plagiarizing your paraplegic best friend’s lover? That’s cold, buster.

1. Chuck Bass From ‘Gossip Girl’

Is it any stun that the Mother Chucker himself is number 1? His refer is his own catchphrase. The guy slept with just about all the girls on the prove. Did Nate also have some fuckboy calibers? Sure. But they actually pale in comparison to Chuck’s skills and attractiveness. He told Blair they couldn’t seeing each other because he hadn’t demolished “his fathers” hitherto. Wait, what? That sounds like some grade-A fuckboy bullshit combined with some odd Marvel supervillain drama. Whatever. He can still get onto. After all, he’s Chuck Bass.