( CNN) On Wednesday, CNN hosted a multi-hour town hall with leading Democratic presidential candidates about how they would deal with the climate crisis, which numerous people feel is an existential threat to humankind.

On Thursday, the Trump administration moved to roll back long-planned new standards for light bulbs, which is, if not the most consequential move, at least a signal that it still isn’t interested in doing anything about electrical efficiency.

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reportedthat the Trump administration has opened an antitrust investigation into four automobile business — Ford, Honda, BMW and Volkswagen — that agreed with the state of California to raise their gasoline economy standards in coming years. As the eighth-largest economy in the world, there’s a good chance that California’s standards could de facto become the nation’s. The investigation comes after Trump made a big show in July of untying a similar and more stringent agreement the Obama administration had obligated with vehicle companies.


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