They Did Surgery on a Grape… and it’s spinning the internet into Jack Torrance-style madness.

The viral “dank” meme infected Reddit this past week. It’s apparently based on people posting a screengrab of a video about a surgery that was performed on a grape, then layering in the headline, “They Did Surgery on a Grape.”

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A separate user then updates that previous post with another redundant “They Did Surgery on a Grape” headline/caption. The process then repeats itself over and over and over, until we have something that looks like:

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They did surgery on a grape

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It is, as all dank memes should be, equally as ridiculous as it is brilliant.

The original video was published in April 2013 by Palos Health to show off the da Vinci Surgical System, a robot known for performing cervical and ovarian surgeries on women… until now.

A Reddit user speculated that the meme was so fruitful because it was satirizing internet clickbait culture; mocking how so often, the title, subtitle, first sentence, and first comment of a post will all say the same thing.

It could also just be that people think the idea of a grape getting surgery is silly AF.

Either way, the memes are strong with this one. See some of the best ones (below):

Me_irl from me_irl

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Wow they did surgery on a grape

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We’re sorry.

[Image via YouTube/Edward Hospital.]

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