The only thing more amazing than this photo of the status of women in a wedding dress ogling appropriately badass at the scene of a car accident is the fib behind it.

Photo by Marcy Martin, used in conjunction with allow.

Her name is Sarah Ray. She and her husband, Paul, are both paramedics. That’s her responding to a accident. In the middle-of-the-road of her bridal.

Harmonizing to an ABC News report, Sarah and Paul got the summon between the opening ceremony and the reception and immediately took off for the background.

“Ray, 29, said she received a request Oct. 3 — an hour after her 4 p. m. ‘I do’s’ — that her father-god and grandparents had been involved in a crash a few miles away.

Ray, who has been a paramedic for five years, told me that she and her groom jump-start into a automobile and raced to the situation without a second thought.”

While in her wedding dress, Sarah expedited the main victims, which included her father and grandparents.

According to the Rays’ boss, Chief of Emergency Medical Services Jimmie Edwards, Sarah and Paul started helping rescue workers immediately.

“As I understand it, when Sarah arrived at the background, she grabbed her wedding dress and the footpath up in her handwritings and stepped right up in the back of the ambulance to make sure everybody was OK, ” Edwards told Upworthy.

Sarah and Paul’s boss couldn’t have been prouder.

“This is a testament that parties that work in EMS are always on duty. It is a testament to the willingness to help others, ” Edwards did.

Harmonizing to Edwards, Ray’s grandmother and leader were banged up in the disintegrate but have since recovered.

Wedding or no, for Sarah and Paul, it was just another daytime at the agency.

Photo by Highway Patrol Images/ Flickr.

Sarah credits her coworkers for taking charge of the scene, and adds she and Paul were just doing their jobs. As for Edwards, he had nothing but kudo for his newlywed lieutenants.

“It exemplifies what has become a paramedic is, ” he announced.


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